Top Best Affordable Japanese Watch Brands

1. Seiko, 2. Casio, 3. Orient, 4. Citizen, 5. Knot, 6. Lorus, 7. Hajime Asaoka, 8. Pulsar, 9. Credor. The Japanese watchmakers have started producing some of the best watches the world has ever seen, and not only that, but they’ve covered all price categories as well. Here is a list of the Best Affordable Japanese Watch Brands taking the industry by storm.

  1. Seiko
  2. Casio
  3. Orient
  4. Citizen
  5. Knot
  6. Lorus
  7. Hajime Asaoka
  8. Pulsar
  9. Credor


Seiko is unquestionably the most popular and well-known Japanese watch brand in the world. Seiko is a watch company with a long and rich history that has been responsible for numerous inventions and breakthroughs. This brand is best known for producing cheap clocks that provide excellent value for money.

Kintaro Hattori, a 21-year-old entrepreneur, founded a shop selling and repairing watches and clocks in central Tokyo in 1881. Hattori began his career in Tokyo by founding a business and selling and repairing watches and clocks. In 1892, he purchased an idle factory and dubbed it the Seikosha factory. “Seiko” means “exquisite”, “minute”, or “success” in Japanese, and “sha” means “house”. Hattori manufactured his first clocks in this factory, and this was the beginning of the Seiko watch brand.

Seiko now produces a plethora of various watch models in a variety of styles and designs. That being said, there is enough to select from, and there is a Seiko watch for everyone, whether mechanical, quartz, or digital. Seiko has also developed a number of subsidiary firms, the most well-known of which is Grand Seiko, which focuses on producing luxury and special timepieces (at substantially higher prices than its ordinary watches).

Founded: 1881

Founder: Kintaro Hattori

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

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top best affordable japanese watch brands

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top best affordable japanese watch brands


Casio ranks 2nd on the list of the Best Affordable Japanese Watch Brands. Casio is another well-known Japanese watch brand all around the world. Casio is also a brand that is connected with various digital gadgets such as calculators and musical instruments, in addition to watches.

Tadao Kashio created the company in 1946 in Japan following World War II. The founder began by manufacturing mechanical parts. When his brother, who specialized in electronics, joined, they began producing calculators in 1949. Casio was so successful with this that in the 1950s, the business produced the first electronic calculator in Japan. Casio’s calculators went on to become hugely popular all across the world as a result.

Casio produced its first watch in 1974 and afterward specialized in quartz timepieces. These clocks were well received by the market, and Casio has since established itself as a well-known watch brand. When it comes to watches, Casio is best recognized for its quartz timepieces rather than mechanical watches. Casio now produces a diverse selection of timepieces in a variety of styles, designs, and implementations. G-Shock is the most successful subsidiary brand of the firm, and it is well-known for its usefulness and durability.

Founded: 1946

Founder: Tadao Kashio

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top best affordable japanese watch brands

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top best affordable japanese watch brands


Orient is a Japanese watch brand that is well-known and respected for producing high-quality and affordable mechanical watches that provide excellent value for money. Orient was founded as a firm in 1950, but its history dates back to 1901 when Shogoro Yoshida created a wholesale shop called “Yoshida Watch Shop.” Orient now manufactures all of its timepieces in Japan and is one of the few manufacturers in this price range that manufactures its mechanical movements in-house. The brand is also responsible for a slew of advancements and inventions.

The Orient Ray is one of the most popular Orient watches. This watch features a 41mm stainless steel case with a classic and sporty dive-inspired design. It has all of the classic design aspects you’d expect to find in a diving watch, and while it has exceptional attention to detail, it stays faithful to classic dive watch designs. Besides, Orient 2nd Gen Bambino Version 2 is another popular affordable automatic dress watch on the market. It has a sleek, elegant design, great attention to detail, solid automatic movement, and an elegant and refined look on the wrist. Overall, Orient has done an excellent job of paying close attention to every element of this watch without making it cluttered or overly busy. All of this adds up to the perfect dress watch.

Founded: 1950

Founder: Shogoro Yoshida

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top best affordable japanese watch brands

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top best affordable japanese watch brands


Citizen is another well-known Japanese watch company that is known for producing high-quality, low-cost timepieces. Citizen was established in 1930 by Japanese and Swiss businessmen and was the first company to be incorporated in Switzerland. Under the direction of Swiss watchmaker Rodolphe Schmid, the business established a factory in 1912.

Citizen manufactures goods other than watches, such as calculators. Citizen, like most other Japanese watch brands with a long history, is responsible for a number of inventions, including the world’s first multi-band atomic timekeeping watch in 1993 and a sort of quartz watch with an ultra-high frequency (262.144 kHz). Citizen watches are now among the cheapest Japanese timepieces.

The Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive is one of the most reasonably priced dive watches available. It boasts a beautiful and sporty style, excellent performance and durability, and is reasonably priced. It sports a matte dial and huge applied markers with plenty of luminous material. The hands are also broad, which contrasts nicely with the dial. It has a date window integrated at 4 o’clock and is suitable for everyday use. All in all, this watch is a terrific sports option for people looking for a fashionable and robust watch at a reasonable price that also performs well.

Founded: 1918

Founder: Kamekichi Yakamazi, Rodolphe Schmid

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top best affordable japanese watch brands

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top best affordable japanese watch brands


Knot is another Japanese watch company that sells a variety of affordable timepieces. The brand, which was established in 2014, is noted for its minimalist designs and high-quality craftsmanship. Knot watches are created and made in Japan, and their designs are frequently simple and elegant, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese aesthetics. The brand’s timepieces are also noted for their low prices, making them affordable to a wide spectrum of customers.

Knot offers a variety of watches, ranging from traditional analog to sophisticated digital versions. Quartz movements, which are noted for their accuracy and dependability, are frequently used in the brand’s watches. Knot also offers a variety of interchangeable watch bands, allowing users to personalize their timepieces. Knot is a well-known Japanese watch brand that produces inexpensive and fashionable timepieces. While the brand may not provide the same level of elegance and status as some other Japanese watch brands, it is an excellent choice for individuals searching for a high-quality watch at a reasonable price.

Founded: 2014

Founder: Hiromitsu Endo

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top best affordable japanese watch brands

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top best affordable japanese watch brands


Lorus, a Seiko subsidiary, is home to numerous basic yet stunning timepieces and is one of the most budget-friendly brands on this list. Lorus, like Pulsar, was intended to serve the more fashion-forward youth with less money to spend on a watch. As a result, you’ll find a variety of fairly modern styles, mostly with quartz movements. Despite their simplicity, many of these have water resistance ratings of 5bar or 10bar, and some even have a different construction.

They also have a number of different titanium watches that represent excellent value for a material that is generally reserved for considerably more expensive timepieces. Lorus has lately entered the mechanical space with the release of a few automatic watches that use automatic Seiko movements. One of their timepieces’ flaws, as with many low-end watch brands, is the band. The standard straps and bracelets are understandably inexpensive, with the latter likely to pull hairs. However, these are easily replaced, making Lorus a go-to choice for individuals on a low budget.

Founded: 1982

Founder: N/A

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top best affordable japanese watch brands

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top best affordable japanese watch brands

Hajime Asaoka

Hajime Asaoka is a Japanese watchmaker and the founder of his own watch brand, Hajime Asaoka. Asaoka began his work as a designer and engineer in the automobile business before shifting his focus to watchmaking. Asaoka launched his watch brand in 2005, and the company’s timepieces are noted for their high-quality craftsmanship and unusual designs.

Hajime Asaoka is a well-known watchmaker who creates a variety of unusual and inventive clocks. The brand is well renowned for its utilization of traditional Japanese techniques and materials. For example, Urushi lacquer and Damascus steel are employed to make unique and ornate dials and casings.

Hajime Asaoka watches are designed and manufactured in Japan, and they frequently contain complicated mechanical movements developed in-house. The company is dedicated to producing watches that are both beautiful and functional. Asaoka is particularly noted for his attention to detail and dedication to traditional watchmaking processes.

Founded: 2005

Founder: Hajime Asaoka

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top best affordable japanese watch brands

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top best affordable japanese watch brands


Pulsar is a lesser-known watch brand when compared to Seiko and Citizen, but it is nonetheless known for producing high-quality timepieces. This Japanese watch company has a lengthy and interesting history as well. Pulsar was the world’s first electronic digital watch, but it is now a division of Seiko Watch Corporation of America. Surprisingly, Pulsar was a brand of the Hamilton watch manufacturer in 1970.

The first Pulsar watch was introduced in 1972 by Hamilton Watch. Pulsar is likely best recognized for being worn by James Bond, which greatly aided the company in developing a brand and becoming known in the digital watch sector. Today, Pulsar watches offer a range of styles, from classic analog watches to modern digital designs. The brand is known for its affordability, and Pulsar watches are often considered a good value for the price. Pulsar watches are widely available in many countries around the world, and the brand is well-regarded for its quality and reliability.

Founded: 1972

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top best affordable japanese watch brands

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top best affordable japanese watch brands


Credor is the last brand on the list of the Best Affordable Japanese Watch Brands. This is a Japanese watch brand formed in 1974 as a subsidiary of Seiko Watch Corporation. The company has acquired global renown for producing high-end luxury timepieces, which highlight the expertise, craftsmanship, and new technologies of Japanese watchmaking.

Credor’s product line consists of exquisite and fashionable timepieces. They are aimed at discerning watch enthusiasts who value quality, precision, and exclusivity. These watches are available in a variety of collections, each with its own distinct features, such as the Eichi II with its grand feu enamel dial and handmade movement, and the Signo GCBK999 with its 18k white gold case and mother-of-pearl dial.

Mr. Miura, Credor’s founder, began his career as a Seiko watch artisan and developed a passion for watchmaking that inspired him to create the company. Miura’s objective was to make watches that were precise, dependable, and exquisite, showcasing the precision and craftsmanship of Japanese watchmaking. His passion and vision are still at the heart of the company today.

Founded: 1974

Instagram: N/A


top best affordable japanese watch brands

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top best affordable japanese watch brands