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Top Best Anime Cat Girls

1. Yoruichi Shihouin, 2. Blair, 3. Eris, 4. Neferpitou, 5. Koneko Toujou, 6. Ichigo Momomiya, 7. Tsumiki Miniwa, 8. Millianna, 9. Himari Noihara, 10. Neko-Musume. Cats hold a unique place in the hearts of otaku since there are anime cat girls in the anime world. Anime cat girls are well-known as nekomimi figures and are cherished by the otaku community. Giving people animal characteristics seems fascinating and adds to the characters' attractiveness. And here are the best anime cat girls.

  1. Yoruichi Shihouin
  2. Blair
  3. Eris
  4. Neferpitou
  5. Koneko Toujou
  6. Ichigo Momomiya
  7. Tsumiki Miniwa
  8. Millianna
  9. Himari Noihara
  10. Neko-Musume

Yoruichi Shihouin

Yoruichi Shihouin is definitely one of the best anime cat girls. She is the former captain of the Gotei 13’s 2nd Division and the previous leader of the Onmitsukid. Marenoshin Omaeda was her Lieutenant. She has given up command of both posts and now works with Kisuke Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi in the Urahara Shop in the Human World.

Yoruichi can entirely turn into a cat. She is a joy to be around and enjoys teasing her friends. Don’t be fooled into thinking she’s simple to deal with; she’s a real badass who specializes in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. Yoruichi’s battles are always entertaining to witness. Yoruichi is bright and humorous, with deep knowledge of Soul Society and its workings as the previous head of the Onmitsukido and captain of the Second Division.

If you hear her speaking in her cat form, you could think she’s a man because she has a manly voice. That’s why she’s frequently misidentified as a male cat. However, when she first transformed into a girl, she managed to terrify the hell out of Ichigo. She was also brave enough to appear naked in front of him. In short, seeing Yoruichi Shihouin on TV is always entertaining.

Anime: Bleach

top best anime cat girls

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Maka Albarn and Soul Eater once mistook Blair, a cat witch, for a real witch. Later, she moved into Maka and Soul’s apartment and started working at Chupa Cabra. On occasion, she assists the DWMA, Maka, and Soul in their respective missions. Blair is renowned for her fashionable appearance and independent spirit. She is self-assured enough to enjoy and not mind being exposed. She has a great soul and enjoys having a good time. Blair will not hesitate to flirt with the lads because she is outgoing, vivacious, and quite daring.

Blair excels at empathizing with others and even extending empathy to those who are struggling. She may sometimes act overly friendly to Soul, yet despite being a cat, she is not at all nasty. Whether it’s safe or not, she’s always looking for some entertainment. She’s a very friendly individual who enjoys having fun and playing. She uses her attractiveness to flirt with Soul, typically by emerging from her cat form wearing little to no clothing.

Because of Blair’s talents, Maka Albarn and Soul Eater had to use trickery to defeat her multiple times in order to keep up with her and defeat them. Death, however, believed that despite her formidable fighting skills, she might be defeated by a single Death Scythe swipe or a single Shinigami Chop. She was able to physically overcome each of the Mizune sisters when she assumed the appearance of a cat.

Anime: Soul Eater

top best anime cat girls

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Megan Byfield


Eris, one of the best anime cat girls, is the Cat Planet Cuties’s major female protagonist. She is a 16-year-old Catian scout who is investigating Earth. She has readily befriended many people and typical cats she has encountered on Earth because she is tall and equipped. Most people do not think she is an extraterrestrial at first, but she proves it to Kio with her technology, ears, and tail. While she is learning Earth’s ways, she is also a skilled warrior who employs methods and technologies rarely seen on Earth.

Eris from Cat Planet Cuties generally dresses provocatively, and she is even daring enough to confess her feelings for Kio. As we all know, the major characters are always popular in some fashion, and she is no exception. She is unique since she is a cat girl. In the anime, she doesn’t belong on Earth and has come from another planet, therefore she may act out of character at times.

Eris is a jewel of a person because she has a clean soul and has nice thoughts for everyone. It doesn’t take much effort to befriend her because she is friendly. Her interactions with Kio are more intimate and emotional, possibly because she is 16 and preparing to compete in her first heat. She chose him as a partner because of his kindness and interest, and she freely offers him her virginity, only to be denied.

Anime: Cat Planet Cuties

top best anime cat girls

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Yohanes Setiawan


Neferpitou is a secondary antagonist in the anime and manga series Hunter × Hunter’s Chimera Ant arc. Because the character’s gender is uncertain, the pronoun “they” will be used in this article. They are Chimera Ants, and they are one of King Meruem’s three Royal Guards, along with Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi. Sometimes they are referred to as ‘female,’ as in the Hunter X Hunter Battle Collection game. At times, they and others use male pronouns to refer to themselves. However, this could also be owing to a paucity of gender-neutral terminology in Japanese.

Nonetheless, as the series progressed, they became more feminine. As one of Hunter X Hunter’s stand-out villains, they deserve an honorable mention as a famous cat-femme rather than a straight-up girl. They were among the first Chimera Ants to master Nen, the series’ mystical power source, and use it to manipulate the living and dead bodies. If that wasn’t enough, they employ their medical expertise to interrogate subjects by directly influencing their brains.

Neferpitou is a chimeric ant with human and cat characteristics. They are largely humanoid, but have cat-like traits including cat ears and a tail. Neferpitou is the most human-like of the chimera ants. Neferpitou was devoted to the King and was willing to die for him. Pitou, the most curious of the three Royal Guards, was easily sidetracked and enjoyed to play, and according to Shaiapouf, would get carried away when having fun. Pitou was a cat Chimera Ant who enjoyed playing with their opponents as a cat would with their prey.

Anime: Hunter x Hunter

top best anime cat girls

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Koneko Toujou

Koneko Toujou would be another best anime cat girl. Koneko Toujou, formerly Shirone, is one of High School DxD’s female heroines. She is a first-year student at Kuoh Academy before becoming a second-year student and member of the Occult Research Club. She is a Nekoshou, a rare type of Nekomata, Kuroka’s younger sister, and Rias Gremory’s first Rook.

She was known at the start of the series for being reclusive and not particularly forthcoming about her emotions. Despite being a complete pervert, she adores Issei and wishes to marry him. Her character evolves during the course of the series. As a result, you will witness significant character growth in her instance. Koneko is a competent individual who excels at hand-to-hand combat and other skills.

Koneko Toujou grew devastated after witnessing her sister allegedly losing control of her Nekomata power and killing her master, forcing her to retreat inside herself and lose most of her emotions. As a result, Koneko was initially quiet and chilly, rarely displaying any sentiments or emotions, even when speaking. She is most concerned for her comrades when they are in danger, frequently donating her strength in combat.

Anime: High School DxD

top best anime cat girls

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Ichigo Momomiya

Ichigo Momomiya, the main protagonist and heroine of the manga and anime series Tokyo Mew Mew, is a character from the manga and anime series Tokyo Mew Mew. She is the first Mew Mew to be introduced, and her DNA has been mixed with that of an Iriomote cat. She, like the other Mew-Mews, was exposed to a weird light that fused her DNA with that of an endangered species.

In her instance, it was the Iriomote Cat that provided her with a slew of new kitty-related features. She makes cat puns, develops cat ears and a tail when stimulated, and transforms into a cat when kissed or kisses someone. Spider-Man got off lightly in comparison to her. Even in her civil form, she is full of energy, agile, and tenacious.

Ichigo Momomiya is kind and up for anything. When she is angry or thrilled, she can go insane. She is very smitten with Masaya. Ichigo adores her pals and cannot handle the thought of anyone being injured. She does, however, have a very bold personality and is quite sociable. She is also incredibly hardworking and courageous. She is an excellent leader of Tokyo Mew Mew. She is a bright, joyful person who is energetic.

Anime: Tokyo Mew Mew

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Tsumiki Miniwa

Tsumiki Miniwa is Acchi Kocchi’s major female heroine. She is also one of the best anime cat girls. She attends Nekoge Prefectural High School, where she studies alongside Io Otonashi, Mayoi Katase, Hime Haruno, and Sakaki Inui. Long hair always draws attention, and it’s apparent that a girl will be admired if her hair is unusually long. Tsumiki has long purple hair that compliments her delicate body. If you believe this girl is incredibly polite and won’t say anything even if you mess with her, you are mistaken, my friends!

Tsumiki, for the most part, is reserved and peaceful. She can, however, be aggressive to the brink of violence, especially when she is the target of Sakaki and Mayoi’s taunting. This is generally exacerbated when the teasing is about Tsumiki and Io’s relationship and how they interact with one other.

Although Tsumiki Miniwa tends not to display her emotions, which makes her appear distant, and she has been shown to rarely smile in comparison to everyone else around her – she genuinely cares about her friends. In the manga, she is considerably more of a kuudere, frequently striking Mayoi over minor teasings and appearing to “bite” Io’s head a lot more than she does in the anime.

Anime: Acchi Kocchi

top best anime cat girls

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Millianna is Erza Scarlet’s childhood companion from their days as slaves in the Tower of Heaven, and she previously worked as one of Jellal’s minions. She is presently a Mage in Mermaid Heel, an all-female guild. It’s a good thing Millianna grew up to be a cat lover, because her cat-like characteristics would have gotten her in trouble otherwise. She has cat’s eyes, nose, and mouth, which she accentuates with whisker-style tattoos and cat ears in her hair. She also wears a small collar with a bell on it and has a multitude of cat decorations in her room.

She works as a mage for the all-female guild Mermaid’s Heel, where she mostly employs rope and tube-based binding spells. This isn’t very feline, as cats are more inclined to entangle themselves. She does, however, scratch opponents with her sharp nails and beat them with her Cat Punch technique. As a result, she still has some kitty-related tricks in her sleeve.

Millianna is a happy, upbeat person. She adores cats and will not allow them to be harmed in any form. She also attempts to imitate cats, from dressing up to meowing. Millianna is connected to her friends and felt very sorry for Erza after the events in the Tower of Heaven.

Anime: Fairy Tail

top best anime cat girls

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Autumn of Snow

Himari Noihara

Omamori Himari’s namesake female heroine is Himari Noihara. She is a cat demon that vowed to guard the male protagonist Yuuto Amakawa from the antagonist Ayakashi when he reaches the age of sixteen. The oath may be traced back to her ancestor, whose life was spared by the Amakawa Family’s ancestor. Her promise to safeguard the main character, Yuuto Amakawa, from the villain Ayakashi, distinguishes her. This pledge is based on a promise made by her ancestor, who was saved by the Amakawa family’s ancestor.

Himari is described as a loving and devoted person who is extremely concerned about her master’s welfare. She does, however, have a more fiery side that comes out when someone she cares about is endangered. She has feelings for her young master and is not hesitant to show him her passionate, seductive side.

Himari Noihara, as a bakeneko, has shapeshifting skills, transitioning from cat to human or in between, the latter being primarily employed for fighting. However, Yuuto’s cat allergies are triggered by both her cat and catgirl forms. Himari, as an ayakashi, has superhuman skills such as speed, strength, endurance, and agility, which easily outperform Rinko’s despite her being the most athletic student in school. No wonder why she is considered as one of the best anime cat girls.

Anime: Omamori

top best anime cat girls

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Neko-Musume is a Kitaro Family member and a cat hanyo. She has a romantic interest in Kitaro in practically all renditions. Neko-Musume has undergone the most transformations of any character in the show. Her typical outfit includes a long-sleeved white top, a pink dress with suspenders, pink shoes, and a pink bow in her hair. Her hair is normally in a bowl cut, and the color varies depending on the series.

She appears human most of the time, but when she is angry or sees fish or rats, her eyes change to gold and cat-like, and she bares her fangs. She, predictably, does not get along with Nezumi-Otoko. In most renditions, she has a crush on Kitaro, who regards her merely as a friend. In the sixth anime, she grows taller and loses her childish characteristics, getting an adult, mature physique with longer legs and more delicate features, as well as red stiletto heels.

When Neko-Musume goes into fight, she appears to be able to regulate her transformations, getting a more monstrous, cat-like face with a wide fanged mouth, yellow eyes, and a flat nose. In this state, she has been completely taken over by cat instincts: despite being able to distinguish between friend and foe, she rarely talks, screaming and wailing ominously and charging on all fours, hitting and scratching violently.

Anime: GeGeGe No Kitaro

top best anime cat girls

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