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Top Best Anime Father Characters

1. Byakuya Ishigami, 2. Minato Namikaze, 3. Soichiro Yagami, 4. Jukai, 5. Maes Hughes, 6. Edward Newgate, 7. Shiro Fujimoto, 8. Orsi Orfai, 9. Gendo Ikari, 10. Spirit Albarn. Within the colorful realm of anime, we frequently honor fearless heroes, fierce heroines, and mysterious villains. Though many anime series have unsung heroes, we have a special place in our hearts for the caring and encouraging fathers who offer direction, comfort, and a hint of wisdom. And here are the best anime father characters.

  1. Byakuya Ishigami
  2. Minato Namikaze
  3. Soichiro Yagami
  4. Jukai
  5. Maes Hughes
  6. Edward Newgate
  7. Shiro Fujimoto
  8. Orsi Orfai
  9. Gendo Ikari
  10. Spirit Albarn

Byakuya Ishigami

Senku Ishigami’s adoptive father was Byakuya Ishigami. When the Earth’s surface began to mass-petrify, he was an astronaut living on the International Space Station. You don’t often come across someone who values their child so highly. Byakuya never gives up on his son Senku and never doubts his ability. He believes in him to the very end.

Senku was adored by Byakuya, who was a devoted and helpful parent. To give Senku the resources he needed to further his love of research, he even sold his car. He was a kind man who was prepared to put in a lot of effort to ensure Senku had a bright future. A teacher to the very end, he knew Senku would be able to find the record buried under his grave stone, so he sent his son a coded message in The Hundred Tales passed down to his successors in Ishigami Village.

And Byakuya Ishigami really put his money where his mouth was, working nonstop and even having to sell his car to pay for Senku lab supplies. completely aware that he would rank among the greatest in the future. He had faith that his son would survive, even in the face of overwhelming odds and the seeming end of humanity. He left a heartfelt note for his brilliant son in the future, along with some insightful educational advice.

Anime: Dr. Stone

top best anime father characters

Trash Zuma

Minato Namikaze

On this list of the greatest anime fathers, Minato Namikaze is most likely the youngest. He is Leaf Village’s fabled fourth Hokage. He is wed to fellow ninja Kushina Uzumaki. Naruto is the fortunate son of Minato. Following Naruto’s birth, the village was invaded by Nine Tail Fox. He imprisoned the Nine-Tails inside of him in order to preserve the village and Naruto’s future.

Though this was the only way to keep Naruto safe, he didn’t want him to live a lonely existence. Their relationship is unbreakable even if they didn’t spend much time together. To save his son and the village, Minato gave his life. He is the epitome of what a wonderful father and savior should be.

Even though Minato Namikaze and Naruto shared a physical appearance, Jiraiya and Tsunade thought differently about Minato’s attitude. They saw him as a very calm and humble man. He was known for being extremely astute and smart and for never acting without a purpose. To be honest, Minato holds himself responsible for his demise for a number of reasons: he was powerless to spare Obito from the destiny that ruined him, Konoha from the challenges that followed his passing, and even his own son Naruto from the torturous and challenging existence he endured as a jinchūriki orphan.

Anime: Naruto

top best anime father characters

The Amagi

Soichiro Yagami

Light Yagami’s father, Soichiro Yagami, is a police officer who serves as the Japanese Task Force’s first leader and the Chief of the NPA. He is also listed as one of the best anime father characters. Kind and with a strong sense of justice, Soichiro is a father. He takes great pride in his work as a detective. He adores his son dearly. Even so, he gave up half of his life to save his daughter Sayu Yagami’s. Talking to his son on his deathbed, Soichiro expresses his belief in him. He is undoubtedly a guy of justice and a caring father.

Soichiro Yagami didn’t spend much time with his family because he was frequently away from home. He did, however, live by the maxim “justice first, family later” in part. He struggles with whether or not to comply with the Mafia’s demands and exchange the Death Note for Sayu when they kidnap his daughter.

His predicament stems from having to decide between his parental responsibilities and his duties as an officer. As the Chief of the NPA and a police officer, he feels that it is improper to provide the Death Note to the Mafia and that there is too much risk involved. In the end, though, he chooses to act like Sayu Yagami’s father rather than an officer when he makes the transaction.

Anime: Death Note

top best anime father characters

Kitsune’s Trove


A middle-aged guy named Jukai travels the world treating ill people as a traveling physician. He is particularly adept at creating prosthetic limbs from a deceased person’s body. Jukai formerly worked for a terrible ruler who ordered him to carry out a number of horrific acts, but he abandoned all of them in search of a path to redemption. He gave a little boy prosthetic limbs after seeing that he was missing several bodily components. He was taken in by Jukai, who named him Hyakkimaru. He treated him with kindness and even taught him how to survive in a world full of monsters, despite his terrible history.

Following that incident, he was seen to have a kind and altruistic nature, taking care of people without expecting anything in return. He is, nevertheless, extremely committed and a workaholic, going so far as to sacrifice his own sleep in order to provide prosthesis to the unfortunate or disfigured dead on the battlefield. Kaname, his former foster son, once more began to believe that his death would be the consequence for all of his transgressions after realizing that he was the one who had tortured and crucified his parents.

Jukai appears to have bonded closely with Hyakkimaru when he was a newborn, much like he did with his previous foster son. But because he created a whole body for him, reared him, and gave him battle training, their link was more pure.

Anime: Dororo

top best anime father characters

Anime Empire

Maes Hughes

Colonel Roy Mustang’s closest friend and greatest ally, Maes Hughes was stationed at the Central City Investigations Office and secretly supported Mustang’s candidacy for Führer. As a loyal husband and virtuous soldier, Hughes was usually well-liked by the other characters, and the drama really began when he was murdered. Hughes received a two-rank promotion following his passing, making him a Brigadier General.

Maes started working as an investigator officer in the center city after leaving the military. His humorous infatuation with his wife and children is well-known. This father has a happy, awkward disposition. When it comes to expressing his love for his family, Maes is pretty daring. However, his peers frequently find him irritating because of his constant display of adorable photos of his girls! Little Elicia started to miss him a much when he died away, demonstrating Maes’ unwavering love for his daughter.

Of course, his idolatrous fixation with his wife Gracia and his three-year-old daughter Elicia is his worst and most obvious character flaw. Maes Hughes is always carrying one or more of these photos with him, and he generates a lot of trouble for himself by showing out these images to colleagues and peers as a source of inspiration or as a token of appreciation for a job well done. No wonder why he is considered as one of the best anime father characters.

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

top best anime father characters


Edward Newgate

The captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, Edward Newgate, also referred to as “Whitebeard,” was well-known for being the “Strongest Man in the World” and, following the passing of Gol D. Roger, the “Man Closest to One Piece.” Edward has gotten older. Whitebeard Pirates was founded by him as well. The only other pirate who has come anywhere near the fabled One Piece Treasure is him.

Edward’s disposition is empathetic. As well as his subordinate crews, Whitebeard regarded each and every one of them as his “sons”. Edward Newgate said that the one thing he wanted more than anything was a family before he even had a crew, demonstrating his deep affection for his crew and junior crews.

Along with this, he has a fiery mentality that comes out when he fights opponents. He grew fond of Luffy Monkey D and started helping him accomplish his goals. Edward is a lonely man on the inside, which is why he treats Luffy and the other members of his crew like the greatest father ever. Because he thought of the pirates as his children, he even pardoned them when they came to kill him. As a result of his fatherly care of each member of his crew, Whitebeard took a strong position against killing crewmates; the crew came to refer to him as “Pops” or “Old Man” with affection.

Anime: One Piece

top best anime father characters


Shiro Fujimoto

One of the characters in the manga/anime series Blue Exorcist and one of the best anime father characters is Shiro Fujimoto. He raised Yukio and Rin Okumura as his adoptive children. After becoming possessed by Satan, Shiro regained control of his body, killed himself with a knife, and shielded Rin from Satan.

He is renowned for having unmatched exorcist abilities. At True Cross Academy, Shiro is a Paladin, an honorable designation. He was cruel and impolite before meeting Rin and Yuki’s mother, Yuri Egin, who transformed him. He took over and made the decision to raise Yuri’s children as his own after she passed away. Even when Rin made crude and juvenile remarks, Shiro never gave up on him. In order to keep his kids safe, Shiro gave his life when Satan gained control of him. He truly is the epitome of a devoted father.

Shiro Fujimoto has a protective nature and a good heart, despite her mystery. Despite being a Paladin, he is not ruthless when it comes to Demons because he is friends with Kuro, a cat sith, and is Rin’s adoptive father, making him one of the few individuals who can soothe Rin. He claims he injured his ribs so a busty nurse could take care of him, yet despite being a priest, he can be childish, joke about, and like ladies with large breasts. He may have passed on some of his personality traits to Rin and possibly Shura.

Anime: Blue Exorcist

top best anime father characters


Orsi Orfai

In addition to being Asta and Yuno’s foster father, Father Orsi Orfai is a priest in Hage. Raising orphans has been his lifelong passion. He is a loving but stern father who does his utmost to provide his kids with the best care possible. Orsi is an extremely sentimental father who breaks down in tears most of the time when his kids are around. When his kids were given the title of Magic Knights, he broke down in tears, demonstrating his compassion and love for all kids. Every orphan on the planet needs him because he is the greatest anime father ever.

It’s evident that Orsi views the orphans as his own children. He is a decent, sincere, and diligent man who works hard to inculcate integrity and virtues in the kids under his care. He is thrilled that Asta and Yuno have risen quickly through the ranks of the Magic Knights and that they have donated the majority of their monthly earnings to the local church, which has allowed them to fix the ancient building and buy food so that everyone can eat substantial meals every day.

Despite his good qualities, Orsi Orfai is nevertheless very conceited, quickly angered, and exaggeratedly dramatic; he demands to know why Asta never brings him up in his letters home.

Anime: Black Clover

top best anime father characters

Random Anime

Gendo Ikari

The primary antagonist of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series as well as one of the best anime father characters is Gendo Ikari. In addition to being the commander of NERV and the primary organizer of the Human Instrumentality Project, he is also Shinji Ikari’s absentee father and the principal leader of the campaign to eliminate the Angels. The strong mechas known as Evangelion were founded by Gendo.

Although he is fortunate to have a son named Shinji Ikari, he was unable to spend quality time with him due to a lack of affection. Following his wife’s disappearance, Gendo fell into a delusional and shocked state that he never fully recovered from. Fully engrossed in his obsession with finding her, Gendo buried the majority of his feelings, turning into an emotionless, icy creature that could only show compassion to his adopted daughter.

Shinji is a victim of his father’s harsh and merciless behavior. Gendo Ikari is a nice father despite coming out as severe because he wants his son to live a lavish life. In the process of trying to bring his departed wife back, he hurts Shinji. Gendo’s apology to his kid for turning his life into a living tragedy makes him the greatest father figure in anime history! When Shinji learns his dad’s genuine motivations, he forgives him.

Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

top best anime father characters

The Vile Eye

Spirit Albarn

As the father of Maka Albarn, who was transformed into a death scythe by his ex-wife, Spirit Albarn—also referred to as Death Scythe—was the late Death’s demon weapon partner. He is the most potent weapon in death’s arsenal, as his moniker suggests. Spirit, who is thirty-one, has the appearance of an adolescent.

Ge serves as Meister Academy’s Death Scythe, a formidable Shinigami. Spirit Albarn is a very awkward father. Most of the time, he acts foolishly, which makes his daughter Maka Albarn hate him. The fact that Spirit is a really loving and passionate parent who yearned for his daughter’s acceptance and love even before he cheated on his wife may be his greatest redeeming feature. Despite Maka’s obvious hatred for him, Albarn never gives up on her, demonstrating his love and concern for her as a father. When it comes to his daughter, he is incredibly sensitive and will rush to her defense even in everyday conflict situations.

Additionally, Spirit Albarn has strong opinions about parental love and is so sensitive to it that, in spite of the risks, he was willing to change into a weapon and grab hold of Medusa Gorgon’s collar in order to express his disgust, even though it left him speechless and unable to say what he had intended to say in the first place. It is therefore clear that Spirit deliberately tries to be a good father to Maka, even when others find his attempts to do so dubious and dehumanizing.

Anime: Soul Eater

top best anime father characters

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