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Top Best Apps for Charitable Giving

1. Strava, 2. Givelify, 3. Charity Miles, 4. ShareTheMeal, 5. Double Good, 6. Blood Donor, 7. WowApp, 8. WoofTrax, 9. Coin Up, 10. Gone for Good. If you're looking for a convenient way to support charities, you can easily do so by installing and using available apps. Let's explore the best apps for charitable giving that link charities with generous individuals through various activities and fundraising methods.

  1. Strava
  2. Givelify
  3. Charity Miles
  4. ShareTheMeal
  5. Double Good
  6. Blood Donor
  7. WowApp
  8. WoofTrax
  9. Coin Up
  10. Gone for Good


Strava is a popular fitness app and social platform designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to track and share their workouts. It allows users to record various activities such as running, cycling, swimming, and more using GPS technology.

While Strava itself is not a charity app, it does have some features that can be used in charitable events or campaigns. For example, individuals or organizations can create virtual challenges or events on Strava to raise funds for charities. Participants can join these challenges, and their activities logged on the app can contribute to the overall progress of the fundraising campaign.

Many fundraising platforms and charity events allow participants to connect their Strava accounts to their fundraising pages. By doing so, the activities recorded on Strava, such as running, cycling, or other fitness activities, will automatically appear on the fundraising page, showing the progress and efforts of the participant toward the charitable cause.

This integration between Strava and fundraising pages serves as a way to showcase the physical activities undertaken by participants as they work towards their fitness goals while simultaneously raising funds and awareness for the chosen charity

With Strava, fundraising become more fun and exciting!

Developer/Publisher: Strava, Inc


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  • iOS: (5.2K Ratings)
  • Android: (810K Ratings)

top best apps for charitable giving

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Givelify is a mobile app designed to simplify the process of giving and donating to nonprofit organizations and churches. The app provides a convenient and secure platform for users to make donations to their favorite charitable causes or places of worship. With Givelify, users can browse through a list of registered nonprofits and religious organizations, easily select the organization they wish to support and make a donation using their smartphones.

The app’s key feature is its ability to store payment information securely, making future donations quick and hassle-free. Givelify also allows users to track their donation history. By using this feature, people can easily follow the progress and track how and where their donation ends up, providing transparency and accountability for their contributions. Additionally, the app enables organizations to create fundraising campaigns, set goals, and share them with their supporters, encouraging more people to contribute to their causes.

Givelify aims to make giving accessible and efficient for both donors and organizations, promoting a culture of philanthropy and supporting various charitable endeavors. Whether it’s supporting a local charity or donating to a place of worship, Givelify provides a user-friendly platform for users to make a positive impact through their contributions. As for the aforementioned pros, Givelify has become one of the top-rated charitable giving apps.

Developer/Publisher: Givelify


  • iOS: (64.1K Ratings)
  • Android: (33.8K Ratings)

top best apps for charitable giving

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Charity Miles

Launched in 2011 with the vision of combining physical activity with charitable donations, Charity Miles became one of the best charitable giving apps. It allows users to earn money for their chosen charities by walking, running, or cycling by installing the app on iOS and Android devices.

Charity Miles partners with corporate sponsors who pledge to donate a certain amount of money for every mile completed by users. When users walk, run, or cycle using the Charity Miles app, their physical activities are tracked and the app calculates the distance covered. The corporate sponsors then contribute funds based on the distance recorded by the users.

Users have the option to choose from a list of participating charities within the app. The distance covered during their activities translates into real donations for the charities they select. This means that the more users doing physical activities with Charity Miles app, the more funds are raised for their chosen charitable causes.

The app’s concept of earning money for charities through physical activities motivates users to stay active while making a positive impact on various causes they care about. By combining fitness and philanthropy, Charity Miles provides a unique way for individuals to contribute to charitable organizations and support meaningful initiatives through their everyday exercise routines.

Developer/Publisher: Charity Miles


  • iOS: (62K Ratings)
  • Android: (7.6K Ratings)

top best apps for charitable giving

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top best apps for charitable giving


ShareTheMeal is an incredible app that encourages users to raise money and donate to a variety of charities all around the world in order to address social issues and help those in need. The app presents donation topics such as supporting Rohingya refugees during the Covid-19 pandemic or aiding children in Yemen, offering users a range of donations ranges to participate in, such as contributing $0.8 per day or $5.6 per week, allowing individuals to give based on their heart and capacity.

The app’s primary goal is to connect people with kind hearts to needy situations globally. Its association with the World Food Programme (WFP) ensures transparency, as statistics on how each donation is utilized are provided for each cause, fostering trust and accountability.

ShareTheMeal’s impact has been substantial, with nearly 190 million meals given away as of July 2023. Its recognition as one of the App Store’s best apps of 2020 and being hailed as a top social impact app at the Google I/O event in 2017 highlights its effectiveness and importance in addressing hunger and poverty.

Overall, ShareTheMeal is a profoundly humane platform that empowers users to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing adversity. To use the app, users need an international payment card or a PayPal account, ensuring a seamless and secure donation process. By leveraging technology and the power of collective compassion, ShareTheMeal offers an inclusive platform for individuals to contribute to global efforts in combatting hunger and supporting vulnerable communities worldwide.

Developer/Publisher: United Nations


  • iOS: (282 Ratings)
  • Android: (36.7K Ratings)

top best apps for charitable giving

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Double Good

Double Good platform was created with the aim of assisting coaches and organizers in fundraising effortlessly for kids in need. By using the Double Good app, teams can sell popcorn for a four-day period by sharing a link with friends and family. The best part is that the teams keep 50% of the sales, making it a highly effective fundraising tool. Double Good takes care of the rest by shipping made-to-order popcorn directly to buyers, eliminating the need for paperwork or product handling.

In 2017, Double Good expanded its commitment to helping kids by establishing the Double Good Kids Foundation. This foundation focuses on providing equipment, education, and experiences for children with special needs. Through the Foundation, Double Good has sponsored events like the Exceptional Athlete Gala at the USASF Worlds Championships in Disney World and supported initiatives like Surfers Healing, a surf camp for children with autism, by providing surfboards and life jackets.

Since its inception, Double Good has made a significant impact by helping organizations raise over 90 million dollars, creating positive change, and improving the lives of countless children in need. Indeed, the Double Good fundraising app is an excellent choice for sports teams seeking a fast and stress-free fundraising solution.

Developer/Publisher: Double Good


  • iOS: (16.5K Ratings)
  • Android: (3.4K Ratings)

top best apps for charitable giving

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top best apps for charitable giving

Blood Donor

American Red Cross Blood Donor app is a powerful tool that facilitates and encourages blood donation, saving lives across the United States. Developed by the renowned American Red Cross organization, the app serves as a convenient platform for users to locate nearby blood drives and donation centers, making it easier for them to find opportunities to donate blood in their communities.

With the ability to schedule appointments directly through the app, donors can streamline the process and reduce waiting times at blood drives. Blood Donar also provides users with a digital blood donor card, containing essential information about their blood type and donation history.

With its ‘Blood Journey’ section, the app allows donors to track how their blood donation progress is going, including which hospitals it goes to and when it is tested or used. It provides valuable information about the donor’s blood type and medical results.

By utilizing innovative technology, the Blood Donor app effectively encourages people to donate blood, plasma, and platelets, fostering a sense of connection and impact in the lifesaving process. This user-friendly app plays a vital role in promoting and facilitating blood donations, making a significant difference in the lives of patients in need of critical blood supplies.

Developer/Publisher: American Red Cross


  • iOS: (2.3K Ratings)
  • Android: (‎10.4K Ratings)

top best apps for charitable giving

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top best apps for charitable giving


WowApp is a software application with a unique mission of combining charity and income generation for its users. It connects people and offers a range of services while also allowing users to earn rewards for their activities on the platform.

WowApp offers various features, such as messaging, voice and video calls, and social networking capabilities. Users can also engage in activities like playing games, taking surveys, shopping, and reading news to earn currency. WowApp has its own digital currency called WOWCoin, where approximately 100 WOWCoins are equivalent to 1 US dollar. Thus, 1 WOWCoin is valued at 0.01 USD. The amount of WOWCoin each user receives may vary depending on the size of their contacts within the application.

A portion of about 70% of the revenue generated from advertisements and in-app purchases is distributed back to the users as rewards. Users can choose to redeem these rewards for cash, donate them to charities, or use them for in-app purchases.

WowApp’s unique approach to combining communication, charity, and income generation makes it an interesting platform for users who are looking to contribute to social causes while earning rewards for their activities on the app.

Developer/Publisher: YouWowMe Limited


  • iOS: (61 Ratings)
  • Android: (7.8K Ratings)

top best apps for charitable giving

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top best apps for charitable giving


Giving animal charity while walking your dogs is possible with WoofTrax app, which launched in 2013 with the aim of spreading the love for shelter pets. Basically, the app supports local animal organizations every time users walk their dogs.

WoofTrax is easy to use and encourages people to support their favorite organization while taking their dogs for a walk, regardless of the distance or location. By tracking the distance walked, the app donates money to the chosen organization.

The app can be easily accessed through smartphones, and users can select from a wide range of organizations nationwide to support it. Even non-dog owners can participate by choosing a default dog or walking with someone who has a dog. WoofTrax ensures transparency in donation processes, notifying users when donations are made.

All donations are made through sponsors and organizations, making it free for users to download and use. It offers an incentive for users to keep walking and accumulating miles to support their chosen cause. Overall, WoofTrax provides an enjoyable way to contribute to local animal organizations and positively impact their work. Conveying a meaningful message, WoofTrax is one of the most popular charitable apps, especially among pet lovers.

Developer/Publisher: WoofTrax, Inc


  • iOS: (‎453 Ratings)
  • Android: (3K Ratings)

top best apps for charitable giving

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Coin Up

Coin Up is a mobile app that allows users to effortlessly donate their spare change to various charitable organizations. With the Coin Up app, users can link their credit or debit cards to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar. The difference between the actual purchase amount and the rounded-up amount is automatically donated to the user’s chosen charity.

The app provides a wide range of nonprofit organizations to support, covering various causes such as education, healthcare, animal welfare, environmental conservation, and more. Users have the flexibility to choose the charity that aligns with their values and passions.

First, users need to select the nonprofit organization that resonates with their values and causes closest to their heart. Then, decide whether they want to round up everyday purchases to the next dollar or set a fixed monthly donation amount and safely add their credit or debit card to the app, and Coin Up will transfer the donations to the chosen charity.

Coin Up aims to make charitable giving simple, convenient, and accessible for everyone. By harnessing the power of micro-donations, the app empowers individuals to make a positive impact on the causes they care about without any extra effort or burden on their wallets. It allows users to contribute to charity effortlessly, turning everyday transactions into meaningful acts of kindness and social responsibility.

Developer/Publisher: Coin Up, LLC


  • iOS: (15 Ratings)
  • Android: (17 Ratings)

top best apps for charitable giving

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Gone for Good

Gone for Good is a mobile platform in the UK that facilitates the donation of gently used items to charitable organizations. It is the ideal app for decluttering your property.

The app simplifies the process of donating unwanted goods to a charity of your choice. By using Gone for Good, you can actively support important charitable causes and prevent reusable items from ending up in landfills, thus promoting a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to clearing stuffs.

To use the app, users simply take a photo of the item they want to give away and answer a few short questions. The app then matches the item with the appropriate charity and arranges a pick-up time for the donation.

One of the unique features of Gone for Good is its ability to track the donation during the shipment process, ensuring that the intended charity receives the item. Moreover, donors have the option to choose the ‘Gift Aid’ feature, which allows the charity to receive additional financial support from the donation.

By using Gone for Good, individuals can easily declutter their homes while supporting charitable causes and promoting sustainability by preventing reusable items from ending up in landfills. The app offers a convenient and ethical way to clear out clutter and make a positive impact in the community.

Developer/Publisher: Gone for Good

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top best apps for charitable giving

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top best apps for charitable giving