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Top Best Bars For Singles In Los Angeles

1. Mama Shelter, 2. The Lincoln, 3. Everson Royce Bar, 4. The Bungalow, 5. Break Room 86, 6. Desert 5 Spot, 7. Las Perlas, 8. Melody Lounge. Dating in L.A. It can be as hard as being single in L.A., but there are plenty of other Angelenos riding alone feeling your pain (and maybe a glass of brandy). From beach hangouts to happy hour spots in Downtown, the bars of L.A. there are many other singles who are willing to socialize. For a sense of class, stop by a bar full of friendly faces and start a conversation about your favorite bottle or glass, or stop by an old school bar for a party. Here is a list of the top 8 best bars for singles In Los Angeles that you should not miss

  1. Mama Shelter
  2. The Lincoln
  3. Everson Royce Bar
  4. The Bungalow
  5. Break Room 86
  6. Desert 5 Spot
  7. Las Perlas
  8. Melody Lounge

Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter is first on the list of best bars for singles In Los Angeles. What happens when you turn a 1950s diner into a French-themed cocktail bar? The answer is The Friend Bar, Silver Lake’s most aesthetically ridiculous party venue. The decorative theme is perplexing but deliciously alluring, with a pink tile floor, baby blue wall paneling, plants everywhere, and a pinball machine at the door to greet you. The drinks are strong, the disco ball is bright, and the atmosphere is sure to spark a conversation with any fellow bargoer. Not interested in visiting the Eastside? The Little Friend in Venice, curated by the same minds, has a more Westside vibe.

The Friend’s identity complex is embraced by hordes of Silver Lake faithful who turn this place into a raging singles party every weekend night, smacking of gay bar, hospital cafeteria, and a spot for 6th grade softball parties. The cocktail program is shaky, but the beer and wine list, as well as the French snacks prepared by Iron Chef alum Eric Greenspan, are excellent. Croque Monsieur, charcuterie, and a Nutella banana crepe?


  • The scene: Full disclosure: the bubble gum French diner ambiance will bother some people. But gamers will find some funky charm in the modern art music posters and the disco ball. Whatever waste the decor lays to your spiritual stability, you’ll be hard pressed to find a drinking environment like this anywhere else in L.A. Beards, bangs, leather, skinny jeans and mustaches are out en masse, mixing, drinking, laughing and even swing dancing after café tables make way for a dance floor. The outfits range from tragically hip to just tragic. This is no high-intensity Hollywood lounge with industry climbers trying to out-cool each other. Neither the crowd nor the music are oppressive—they’re almost inviting.
  • Good for: Comfortable booths along the perimeter invite large groups, while tiny, French café tables dotting the floor invite dates and deep discussions on literatureand politics. Some of the six bar stools will still be available between 7-8pm, where you’ll have quick access to the three elegant rows of booze, bolstered by mirrors and served by cheery staff dressed in black-and-white striped shirts worn by French mimesand 1930’s death row inmates.
  • Drink this: Navigate the cocktail menu with care—a handful of recipes are in need of recalibration to kill a strong hint of medicine. Luckily at least three standouts border on spectacular: The Player ($12) could be a holiday drink that you crave year-round: spiced whiskey, egg whites, lemon and orange served up and dusted with cinnamon. It can comfort any bruising your day might deliver. The Hustler ($12) is The Friend’s contribution to L.A.’s mezcal craze. It expertly blends smokiness and sweetness with vanilla, lime, agave and a kick of habanero right to the back of your mouth. The Artist ($12) is a masterful balance of Jack Daniels, honey, apple, ginger and cinnamon served on the rocks. Bring a chaperone because these go down easy.
  • Tips : Arrive early to grab street parking on Hyperion that will disappear after 8:30pm. Remember the great menu of bites to enhance your drinking experience:avocado toast, charcuterie or duck confit crepe for savory, profiteroles and Nutella crepes for sweet. Want some fresh air? A back door by the bathroom leads to a covered, outdoor area with seating, tables and kids who know how to find the coolest spots before the rest of them.

Adress: 2611 Hyperion AveLos Angeles90027

Contact: 323-522-6835

Opening hours: Daily 7pm-2am

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Website: mamashelter.com

top best bars for singles in los angeles


top best bars for singles in los angeles


The Lincoln

The Lincoln ranks 2nd on the list of best bars for singles In Los Angeles. You could be forgiven for thinking you were looking for a swanky cocktail bar in the wrong place if you were walking down a section of Venice’s Lincoln Blvd that is home to little more than auto body shops, liquor stores, and an Orthodox synagogue. But, just as you start to wonder if your GPS has misguided you to “Lincoln Liquor Locker” rather than your intended destination, the familiar sight of a bouncer appears, and The Lincoln calls you home. When you enter The Lincoln, you’re immediately in an enclosed open-air patio with industrial light fixtures hanging over reclaimed wood tables dotted with ubiquitous succulents.

Inside, the post-industrial theme continues, with designer Matt Winter’s (Melrose Umbrella Company, Power House) creative hand visible in the seamless integration of modern elements and a warm vintage aesthetic. The Lincoln’s design, in keeping with the neighborhood, evokes the feeling of a renovated repair shop and is peppered with automotive references, the most obvious being the rusty old Lincoln on display at the bar’s back. It’s a diorama encased in glass and surrounded by antique auto mechanic artifacts that an Imagineer could easily imagine as a focal point alongside a Disney attraction. The Lincoln, which is whimsical but refined, stylish but not pretentious, innovative but oddly familiar, is one of favorite pit stops on this side of town.

  • Good for: Small group outings and celebrations, cocktail-fueled catch-ups, entertaining out-of-towners, classy but casual dates and Venetians who like to keep their bars within biking distance. Even if you’re not a local, it’s worth the mileage.
  • The scene: Start-up employees, trust fund beach bums and, well, a bunch of presumably normal people between the ages of 21 and 50. It’s a friendly crowd, at least—during visit, fellow patrons passed the Stranger Smile, the Door Hold and the Bathroom Line Small Talk tests with flying colors.
  • Drink this: With whiskey, housemade B&B, lemon, cinnamon honey and earl grey tea, the aptly named Grandpa Cal’s Old Tyme Cure-All was the menu’s unanimous winner. Complex yet comforting, it’s a cold take on a hot toddy that will remind you of your own grandparents’ prescription of choice. The Hot Route’s combination of mezcal, cucumber, watermelon shrub and smoked sea salt makes for smoky, sweet and summery sipping, while the similarly refreshing Menthylamine is a dainty blend of gin, mint, lime and egg white finished with an herbaceous spritz of atomized Fernet Branca. For those after something with a bit more bite, the spirit-forward Ol’ Horizon is an excellent closer, bringing tequila, aperol and both sweet and dry vermouths together with a dash of lemon bitters for a drink that’s smooth, strong and straight to the point. All cocktails are $12.
  • Tips: Arrive between 7 and 9pm and you’re likely to have The Lincoln more or less to yourself—plus your pick of an abundance of available couches, bar stools and high tops for which there is table service. As the night unfurls, seating becomes increasingly scarce as a line begins to form outside.

Adress: 2536 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles

Contact: 310-822-1715

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 7pm-2am; Sun 2-10pm

Website: hotellincoln.com.au

top best bars for singles in los angeles


top best bars for singles in los angeles

Everson Royce Bar

Everson Royce Bar ranks 3rd on the list of best bars for singles In Los Angeles. It’s difficult to know what to expect behind the imposing orange door to E.R.B. (Everson Royce Bar, technically speaking). The concrete exterior of the downtown Arts District haunt appears to be purposefully unremarkable. A large neon sign above the door simply says “BAR”; a small plaque beside it says “everson royce bar, est. 2015,” which confirms the bar’s identity. The bar is not only busy, but also bright; the large, elegant space is bathed in soft light, illuminating its features in a warm and inviting manner. A large patio out back provides plenty of space for drinking, dining, and stargazing through the twinkle of overhead light strings.

The warm atmosphere of E.R.B. extends to its service as well; despite a packed house, the bar felt remarkably personal. It turns out that the guy walking around as if he owns the place does, and he’ll even deliver your drinks. Not only did Silverlake Wine co-owner Randy Clement answer all of questions about the cocktails and food, but he also shared some insight into the inspiration behind the bar and its predecessor, Everson Royce, a wine shop in Pasadena: they’re named after Clement’s twin sons, Everson and Royce. It wasn’t just us or him—beyond table, they noticed Clement and his staff treating every customer as if they were a VIP. Simply put, this place knows how to make a girl feel special, and in this town, that goes a long way.

  • Good for: Girl’s night, date night, first date, work drinks—all of the above. With a welcoming atmosphere, excellent cocktails, an extensive selection of wine by the glass or bottle and a respectable line-up of draught, bottled and canned beers, there’s really something here for everyone. It fills a needed niche in the Arts District, plus there’s reasonable on-site valet, which is a nice alternative to parking on a dimly-lit industrial street.
  • The scene: This place was hopping at 9pm on a Friday night, with the patio full and nearly all the seats at the bar and indoor tables occupied. E.R.B.’s upscale yet casual vibe seems to cater to the cool and sophisticated—30+ patrons whose tattoos show that they still have an edge, but whose quiet sense of relief tells you they were lucky to get a sitter tonight. The music, too, seems to cater to a slightly older crowd; they heard at least two Garbage songs in the rotation, and they didn’t mind one bit.
  • Drink this: Varnish alumn Chris Ojeda adds a whole lot of credibility to the cocktail list here, and the eight concoctions he’s brought to the menu do not disappoint. There are refined standards like the Mamie Taylor ($13) with scotch, ginger and lime, and the Fancy Free ($13), an Old Fashioned variation with maraska liqueur, but the Infanté ($12), a tequila tipple with lemon, almond, nutmeg and rosewater stole hearts with its combination of tart, sweet and lightly perfumed flavors. The Business ($12) was another favorite that Bee’s Knees fans should enjoy—lime replaces lemon in this delightful mingling of gin, citrus and honey. The Paper Plane ($13) was the most unexpected joy of the evening. Seeing bourbon, aperol and amaro in the ingredients, they expected a spirit-forward heavyweight of a cocktail, but were pleasantly surprised by the light, bright and dangerously downable creation that arrived
  • Tips: With former Osteria Mozza chef Matt Molina in the kitchen, E.R.B.’s food offerings are elevated far beyond your typical bar grub, like the steamed buns ($10), melt-in-your-mouth roasted pork belly, cucumber pickle and hoisin wrapped in pillowy warm bao. The kitchen is open til 1am, which is great if you’re feeling a bit peckish. Bear in mind that when the menu says “Bites,” it means it—if you skipped dinner, you’ll probably still end up at Jack in the Box on your way home.

Adress: 1936 E 7th St, Los Angeles, 90021

Contact: 213-335-6166

Opening hours: Daily 5pm-2am

Website: erbla.com

top best bars for singles in los angeles


top best bars for singles in los angeles


The Bungalow

The Bungalow ranks 4th on the list of best bars for singles In Los Angeles This is what you expected LA to be like: an endless summer with margaritas flowing and the ocean just steps away. Brent Bolthouse’s most recent (and first Westside) venture is also his most laid-back. The Bungalow, located on the grounds of Santa Monica’s Fairmont Miramar, is a boho retreat decorated in Baja-Cali style, making a night of drinks feel like a house party. This is what you expected LA to be like: an endless summer with margaritas flowing and the ocean just steps away. Brent Bolthouse’s most recent (and first Westside) venture is also his most laid-back. The Bungalow, located on the grounds of Santa Monica’s Fairmont Miramar, is a boho retreat decorated in Baja-Cali style, making a night of drinks feel like a house party.

With this indoor/outdoor bar and lounge, Brent Bolthouse brings Hollywood to Santa Monica’s Fairmont Hotel. Consider a tree house hideaway by the Pacific, complete with an outdoor fire pit, ocean views, a pool table, dart boards, a ping-pong table, and pricey specialty drinks that set the tone (and get you in the mood) for a Baja vacation. It’s a wild weekend house party on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as Sunday afternoons, but if you want to avoid the sleaze, go on a weeknight.

  • Good for: Without a doubt, time your arrival to sunset. There’s nothing like a round of drinks downed while watching the sky turn a gorgeous pink-gold. So what if they owe the colors to the city’s smoggy atmosphere?
  • The Scene: The Bungalow has a split personality. Tuesday through Thursday, it’s an all-ages—21+, of course—assortment of Westside locals and casual good vibes, but come Friday and Saturday, Hollywood-style lines—with the crowd to match—spill across the courtyard.
  • The Playlist: Just as changeable as the crowd. You’ll get anything from mellow surf tunes to classic Hendrix. Bolthouse himself occasionally makes an appearance on the turn tables.
  • Drink This: If they’re going to call it Bitchin’ Sangria ($10) it had better be good. This tasty concoction is elevated by a seasonal mix of fruits from the nearby Santa Monica Farmers Market and the addition of pisco.

Adress: 101 Wilshire Blvd,Los Angeles90401

Contact: 310-899-8530

Opening hours: 5pm-2am Tue-Sat; 2-10pm Sun

Rating: 4.3/5.0

Website: thebungalow.co.za

top best bars for singles in los angeles
top best bars for singles in los angeles


Break Room 86

Break Room 86 ranks 5th on the list of best bars for singles In Los Angeles. Break Room 86, like most of the Houston brothers’ bars, requires some effort to find the entrance. Head to the back of K-Line Town’s Hotel, where a line is likely to form behind a group of tough guys guarding a mowhawked model in acid washed jeans and a fanny pack. She’s the key to getting in. Forget about the solid 30 minutes you spent standing next to a dumpster—you’ve made it.

Entering Break Room 86 is a bit of a challenge. Begin by going to the back of Koreatown’s LINE Hotel, where you’ll almost certainly find a line already forming. There, you’ll be led through the hotel’s back corridors into a scene complete with a DJ booth made of boomboxes, an old Pepsi vending machine that opens up into a karaoke room (one of four), and vintage arcade games, because, well, duh. On a hidden stage behind the bar, breakdancers and a convincing Michael Jackson impersonator perform throughout the night. You might notice the phone booth from “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” in the corner of your eye. Outstanding work, indeed.

  • Good for: The sort to wear their sunglasses at night, get giddy over Donkey Kong and binge-watch John Hughes flicks. Valiant night owls inclined to down enough sugary drinks to guarantee them a hangover the next day, get their karaoke on, and end the night with a pop tart (or two).
  • The scene: Hip 20-to-30-somethings, some of whom weren’t even born during the decade this bar pays tribute to. Between the buzzy jams and colorful libations, the place exudes a familiar, relaxed vibe. Imbibers share booths, chit-chat with the bartenders and break out their cabbage patch on the dance floor. No one takes themselves too seriously.
  • Drink this: Let’s be real—the ’80s weren’t exactly the golden age of cocktails, but Houston Hospitality beverage director Joe Swifka has made some improvements. The cocktails here are, for the most part, well-balanced and boozy. Some favorites off the menu (all around $14) are the Tiki-style Dr. J!, a deceptively strong tipple made with Irish whisky, rum, lime, orange and pineapple juices, served in a tall glass over ice; the immensely refreshing Ecto Cooler—a concoction of tequila, vermouth, cucumber syrup, sage, lime juice, celery bitters, rimmed with smoked sea salt; and, for fellow coffee drinkers, the toasted pecan bitters, fruit juice and whiskey-rum blend known as the Big Time.
  • Tips: Aside from getting there early, which every Houston Hospitality fan has down pat, don’t miss the Lunch Box for $15. Choose from Cup O’ Noodles, Bagel Bites, Hot Pockets and Reese’s Pieces.

Adress: The Line Hotel, 630 S Ardmore Ave, Los Angeles90010

Contact: 213-368-3056

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 8pm-2am

Website: breakroom86.com

top best bars for singles in los angeles
top best bars for singles in los angeles


Desert 5 Spot

Desert 5 Spot ranks 6th on the list of best bars for singles In Los Angeles. Desert 5 Spot, located in the same hotel as Ka’Teen, aspires to be your favorite relaxed, yet stylish nightlife destination the next time you’re in Hollywood. (This, of course, assumes you want to visit the much-maligned area at all.) Cowboy-chic design inspired by Joshua Tree and Palm Springs, as well as an indoor-outdoor layout similar to the sibling location Bar Lis has definitely put this surprisingly laid-back rooftop bar on the map. However, plenty of fierce neighborhood competition—including Mama Shelter on the next block and the bar’s more stuffy, French Riviera-inspired twin—keeps it from definitively leading the pack.

However, for a more relaxed evening, you might prefer Desert 5 Spot. The vaguely Western bar has an oddly winning combination of breathtaking city views, live rock and country music, and a rare L.A. crowd that genuinely, unironically, enjoys dressing up. The Tinseltown impersonation of a country saloon, named after a Mojave wildflower, has numerous charms, from a blinking pseudo-broken neon sign to the cactus-shaped cocktail glass that holds the mezcal-based Ring of Fire. Weekly line dancing classes on Wednesdays attract country enthusiasts on the week’s slowest day, while Desert 5 Spot’s still-quite-flashy aesthetic appeals to out-of-towners and more casually dressed locals looking for drinks and a view without much hassle.

It’s all good vibes from there once you get to the roof. The house band performs nightly beginning around 10 p.m. within Desert 5 Spot’s open-air interior, which looks nearly identical to the setup at Bar Lis, transforming the area in front of the stage into a small dance floor with a little spillover onto the outdoor patio. Prior to that, the bar’s vibe is more laid-back hangout than upscale hoedown, owing to plenty of open seating areas and tables both inside and out. The bar’s specialty cocktails, which are heavy on tequila and mezcal, are colorful, pricey, and refreshing. The drinks’ whimsical names take inspiration from country music greats like Johnny Cash (the aforementioned Ring of Fire, Walk the Line), Dolly Parton (Jolene, 9 to 5) and Charlie Daniels (The Devil Went Down to Georgia), and there’s even a giant cactus-shaped cooler full of margarita for large groups.


  • The vibe: An upscale, vaguely Western themed casual rooftop bar with live music and a crowd that unironically enjoys dressing up in cowboy boots.
  • The food: None available, though similarly destination-themed Ka’Teen on the ground floor of the hotel offers excellent Mexican small plates for those that can actually snag a table (it’s normally fully booked) or an open seat at the bar.
  • The drink: A breezy, well-curated cocktail menu that leans heavy on tequila and mezcal, as well as a small selection of wine and beer. While the cactus-stemmed Ring of Fire—made with mezcal, chile liqueur and prickly pear—and bright blue Walk the Line might catch your eye around the bar, the 9 to 5 made with cucumber, matcha and celery is a sleeper hit you don’t want to miss.
  • Tips: Lean into the theme with a little Western attire of your own.

Adress: The Tommie, 6516 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, 90028

Contact: 323-410-6370

Opening hours: Weds 7pm–12am; Thurs–Sat 8pm–2am

Rating: 4.2/5.0

Website: desertfivespotla.com

top best bars for singles in los angeles


top best bars for singles in los angeles

Las Perlas

Las Perlas ranks 7th on the list of best bars for singles In Los Angeles. If you like tequila, you’ll love Las Perlas, a fun, colorful downtown bar with one of the city’s most extensive tequila and mezcal selections. This watering hole attracts a more Varnish crowd than Cabo Cantina. While a margarita is always a safe bet, they recommend starting your South of the Border evening with one of the inventive cocktails. It can be sleepy early in the week, so go on weekends when tequila enthusiasts, from locals to cocktail geeks, pack in—especially for live DJ sets, which always lead to tequila-fueled dancing.

Cedd Moses (Seven Grand, The Varnish, Caa Rum Bar) is the city’s craft-cocktail innovator, and Alice would be one of his regulars if they were in Wonderland. Mexican kitsch meets psychedelic rabbit murals at the Downtown den, with an impressive list of tequilas (a mix of Highlands and Lowlands) and mescals (Illegal and a bang-up selection of Del Maguey) in between. Seating is limited inside, but there is an outdoor area accessible through the poolroom. Keep an eye out for unruly cue-sticks.

  • Good for: The psychedelic wall art and hip scene lends themselves to a great Downtown stop for pre-dinner cocktails or weekend drinks with a group, especially if someone in your party is an amateur pool-playing enthusiast with a penchant for Oaxacan libations.
  • The scene: DJ’s and dancing give way to lines at the bar and a bit of a wait for your drinks, with a rowdy Downtown crowd mingling with curious Silver Lake and Echo Park Oaxacan-spirits seekers.
  • The playlist: With drink in-hand, make a go for the old-school jukebox. Anything from the 90’s will do, then let yourself sink into that proverbial rabbit hole.
  • The bartender says: The well-dressed bartender can talk you through the intricacies of mescal and tequila or, if you name a flavor preference and price point, take care of a selection for you.
  • Drink this: Try the signature cocktail, The Spiced Daisy ($13), which, though a touch sweet, is perfectly accented with zippy jalapeño, refreshing cilantro, smoke and the right amount of lime. If tequila’s not in the cards, there are plenty of draft and bottled cervezas from local brews to foreign imports. Go for a “featured beer” if you’re unsure of where to start.

Adress: 107 E 6 St, Los Angeles, 90014

Contact: 213-988-8355

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 7pm-2am, Sun 8pm-2am

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Website: raicillalasperlas.com

top best bars for singles in los angeles


top best bars for singles in los angeles

Melody Lounge

Melody Lounge appears to check every box on list of craft beer bars. The Chinatown dive is a beer geek’s haven, with its off-the-beaten-path location and bland exterior designed to keep outsiders at bay. Those who are hesitant to enter are unaware that this red-hued windowless space—as tight as its customers’ jeans—is home to one of the most impressive selections of suds in town.

Don’t let the mood lighting and blaring vinyl fool you: this is a serious beer bar, with two dozen rotating local brews on tap and refrigerated cases stocked with obscure bottles ranging from wild American sours to caramely Belgians. Imbibers could spend hours sipping 10-percenters from tulip glasses, but eventually they’ll get hungry. It’s a good thing there are plenty of restaurants nearby to satisfy those late-night cravings.

  • Good for: A chill spot to talk beer. This place is a veritable treasure trove of affordable specialty suds. Newbies should stick to the chalkboard tap list of options from local breweries like Eagle Rock, Angel City and Hangar 24, seeking counsel in the wise bartender for guidance. Bottles are the way to go for veterans. There’s no menu for the 100 or so they keep in the fridges off to the side, but given the volume, they probably have what you want.
  • The scene: Beneath the canopy of glowing paper lanterns you’ll find an eclectic crowd kicking back with glasses filled to the brim. The bar is walking distance to Dodger Stadium, so Melody Lounge’s regulars range from pre-gaming baseball fans to neighborhood denizens. DJs spin quirky jams so loud it’s difficult to maintain a conversation, so folks tend to keep to their beers and just sip on.
  • Drink this: It’s best to start the evening with a California craft beer on tap. You can always count on the latest releases from Firestone Walker, Sierra Nevada and Stone, with a few surprises like a hop-bomb called Breaking Bud ($9) from Northern California’s Knee Deep or a sweeter, whiskey barrel-aged Vanilla Porter ($6) from Colorado native, Breckenridge. It’s all about seasonality at Melody Lounge, with gems like New Belgium’s Pumpkick ($6), Sierra Nevada’s Oktoberfest Lager ($6) and Karl Strauss’ Peanut Butter Cup Porter ($9) on draft during mid-October visit. As for bottles, the gal behind the stick was spot-on when she recommended the delicious dark sour ale Tart Noir ($13) from Eagle Rock. Crisp, funky and unabashedly tart—this brew is not for the faint of heart.
  • Tips: It’s worth spending a little bit more for the bottles, especially if you’re visiting with at least one other person. That way, you and your drinking mates can really enjoy a variety of quality beer that doesn’t come around often. By the way, Melody Lounge has a happy hour that goes until 9pm.

Adress: 939 Hill StLos Angeles90012

Contact: 213-625-2823

Opening hours:Sun-Fri 5pm-2am, Sat 2pm-2am

Website: N/a

top best bars for singles in los angeles


top best bars for singles in los angeles


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