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Top Best Beaches in Chicago

1. Oak Street Beach, 2. North Avenue Beach, 3. Foster Beach, 4. Ohio Street Beach, 5. Montrose Beach, 6. Kathy Osterman Beach, 7. Leone Beach Park, 8. 12th Street Beach, 9. Belmont Harbor Dog Beach, 10. Rainbow Beach Park. Chicago is well-known for its cuisine, especially for its deep-dish pizza, hot dogs, and jazz music. Al Capone is a mobster icon, but did you know Chicago has some lovely beaches? Although the shorelines are a popular weekend destination during the warmer months, Chicago is known for its frigid and icy winters. The sandy shores of Lake Michigan are among Chicago's numerous summertime delights, and they rank high on the list. Let's look at the best beaches in Chicago .

  1. Oak Street Beach
  2. North Avenue Beach
  3. Foster Beach
  4. Ohio Street Beach
  5. Montrose Beach
  6. Kathy Osterman Beach
  7. Leone Beach Park
  8. 12th Street Beach
  9. Belmont Harbor Dog Beach
  10. Rainbow Beach Park

Oak Street Beach

Spending some time at Oak Street Beach will make it simple to convince yourself that you are in the Caribbean. This spot is ideal for swimming, renting chairs or bikes, playing volleyball, and taking in the stunning views beyond the horizon thanks to the white sand beach and crystal blue seas.

The beach is accessible from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm; it’s an excellent spot to see the sun set. Only when the lifeguard is on duty between the hours of 11:00 am and 7:00 pm everyday are you allowed to swim. Get off at Clark/Division if you’re using the rail; buses are also available. Due to the beach’s proximity to the action in town, a wide variety of cafés, bars, restaurants, and lodging options are accessible on foot.

Take a break and enjoy Oak Street Beach for a few days. Seek out Jeff Zimmermann’s vibrant painting “You Know What You Should Do” at the Oak Street Beach underpass on your route to this stretch of sand; it serves as a warning to refrain from feeding wildlife and trash.

Location: North Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois

Google Rating: 4.8/5.0

top best beaches in chicago

top best beaches in chicago

North Avenue Beach

One of the best beaches in Chicago is North Avenue Beach, which is located in Lincoln Park. A distinctive beach house with more than 22,000 square feet on the beach offers activities for people of all ages and some of Chicago’s greatest views. Visit Castaways Bar & Grill for some beachfront burgers, ice cream, and delectable beverages on their rooftop if you want to enjoy lunch on North Avenue Beach.

In addition to renting bikes, you may also hire paddleboards or wakeboards on the beach. Wander through the many stalls offering apparel, sandals, and other interesting trinkets. North Avenue Beach, which is always busy in the summer, has a peculiar beach house designed to seem like an abandoned ocean ship.

It also houses NAB Sports, a unique facility where sports like roller hockey, dodgeball, and fitness courses are just a few of the options. Other activities along the beach include chess, yoga, and people-watching; the atmosphere is one of “see and be seen.” The volleyball courts, a snack, or a bike rental are all available to visitors. You should claim your space on the sand as soon as you can since North Avenue is one of the busiest beaches in the city.

Location: Lincoln Park at 1600 N

Google Rating: 4.6/5.0

top best beaches in chicago

top best beaches in chicago

Foster Beach

Foster Beach draws a diverse range of individuals due to its excellent location, yet it is not the busy Chicago beach one might imagine. For picnics, family reunions, birthday parties, and other events, the park attracts many of visitors. The Chicago Full Moon Jam is one of Foster Beach’s distinctive events. Flamenco dancers, musicians, and other fascinating events are brought by the jam.

You can discover a beautiful place to unwind in isolation with fantastic views of Chicago if you follow the route and move towards the hill. This well-liked Edgewater destination has a beach house with food concessions, bike rentals, as well as a dog beach just next door for everyone’s beloved four-legged companions.

Near Foster Avenue and Lake Michigan in Lincoln Park, at 5200 N. Lake Shore Drive, is where you’ll find Foster Beach. A beach house with food concessions, bike rentals, and bathrooms are among the amenities. The swimming distance is parallel to the coast at the boat line from Center Tower to the northern end of the beach. There is a pay and display parking lot and an ADA accessible beach walk available.

Location: 5200 N. Lake Shore Drive (at Foster Ave. and Lake Michigan) in Lincoln Park

top best beaches in chicago
top best beaches in chicago

Ohio Street Beach

The beach at Ohio Street is fantastic for people of all ages. This is considered one of the best beaches in Chicago. A magnificent panorama is created when natural beauty and man-made characteristics are juxtaposed in front of skyscrapers. The Magnificent Mile is a 10-minute stroll from this beach. It’s wonderful to swim, kayak, or canoe in this water.

The beach is large and wide enough to accommodate everyone, even on the weekends during the summer when it gets crowded. Nearby amenities include restaurants, bathrooms, and other buildings. This is a fantastic location to take a quick swim in Lake Michigan. Ohio Street Beach, which is close to Navy Pier and protected by the shoreline’s bend, offers calm seas for open-water swimmers and breathtaking views of the city. The Lakefront Trail makes it simple to reach the shore, which faces north.

Locals from the high-rise buildings nearby love to unwind at the Ohio Street Beach. In the open water, expect to see individuals swimming laps. People may always be in shallow water just feet from the barrier thanks to the beach’s special placement. The beach is small and quite crowded in the summer, so if you want to get some rays, go there early because the sun usually sets behind the buildings by 3 o’clock.

Location: 600 North Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60611

top best beaches in chicago
top best beaches in chicago

Montrose Beach

Some people could consider a beach with free WiFi to be the nicest thing ever, while others visit the best places to disconnect from technology. It’s a good choice to have, either way. Now, if necessary, you may work outside, on the beach. Others might go on an adventurous beach day by renting kayaks or jet skis. Let’s visit Montrose Beach to sample delectable drinks, fresh seafood and other specialty foods, as well as live music.

Take advantage of the north end of the beach, where dogs are permitted, if you have a dog and wish to take it to the beach. Due to the ecology of migratory birds, the south side is a fantastic location for bird watching. Many visitors vouch for Montrose Beach as best beaches in Chicago. This well-liked Uptown beach has a fenced-off section for dogs where they may run around.

Visitors may also swim in the lake, relax under an umbrella, or play volleyball elsewhere. Are you a kiteboarder? This place also permits that. In the spring and fall, migratory birds congregate in a region to the south of the beach, so don’t leave any unattended nibbles on your blanket.

Location: 4400 N. Lake Shore Drive (Montrose Ave. at Lake Michigan) near the Uptown neighborhood

top best beaches in chicago
top best beaches in chicago

Kathy Osterman Beach

Although it is not the largest beach in Chicago, Kathy Osterman Beach, formerly known as Hollywood Beach, is a lovely place to unwind and spend the afternoon. Locals are the major visitors to this beach. This beach has bicycle parking for your convenience if you like to ride your bike. In addition to a fishing pier, volleyball court, seats, and shallow water perfect for swimming, the area has restrooms.

Due to its proximity to Lincoln Park, Kathy Osterman Beach hosts a variety of events during the summer. The beach is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., although lifeguards are on duty from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The beach, called Kathy Osterman Beach after a popular former alderman, is situated in Edgewater and contains a silver LEED-certified beach house that was finished in 2010.

The conventional architecture of this 2,750 square foot comfort station was influenced by Chicago Park District structures constructed at the turn of the 20th century.

Location: 5800 N Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, IL 60626.

Google Rating: 4.5/5.0

top best beaches in chicago

top best beaches in chicago

Leone Beach Park

Daily hours of operation for Leone Beach Park are 6:00 am to 11:00 night. The largest beach in Chicago may be found here, and it is part of the Rogers Park neighborhood. For sunbathing and relaxing, Leone Beach Park is fantastic. Metered parking is available in two distinct parking lots. In 1966, Sam Leone, a park employee, was honored with the name Leone Beach Park.

Place yourself in the heart of Chicago and gaze out at the expansive vistas. The lush, grassy space here is ideal for naps in the afternoon, yoga, and meditation. There is a kayak launch and a large expanse of sand at this Leone Beach Park. You shouldn’t be shocked if you see junior lifeguard program participants practicing in the lake.

Therefore, if you’re ever in the region, consider stopping by just as the sun is setting because it’s tranquil and soothing. A portion of the beach called Loyola Park is also accessible by foot throughout the winter, when you can check out how awesome the ice is!

Location: 1222 W Touhy Ave, Chicago, IL 60626, America

top best beaches in chicago
top best beaches in chicago

12th Street Beach

Want to stroll around a gorgeous beach? An excellent area to take a leisurely stroll is 12th Street Beach. On Chicago’s Museum Campus, in Burnham Park, is where you’ll find the beach. It is a wonderful area to swim and is available from May 25 to September 3. Paid parking is provided, and Del Campos, a wonderful Mexican eatery, serves you both Mexican cuisine and hot dogs.

On-site bathrooms are available. If you have a paddle board, this would be the spot to bring it because the water is always calm. Visit this beach on the Near South Side of Chicago, which is a part of Northerly Island Park, and then stroll across to the Adler Planetarium for a variety of summertime programs.

One of the few locations to get a snack on Northerly Island is the Del Campos food stand, where queues frequently form. The 12th Street Beach is located in the Museum Campus area, hidden behind the Adler Planetarium’s watchful gaze. The tiny patch of grass provides a welcome respite from the city’s crowded sights and bustling traffic.

Location: 1200 S Linn White Dr, Chicago, IL 60605, US

top best beaches in chicago
top best beaches in chicago

Belmont Harbor Dog Beach

What dog parent wouldn’t want to spend time with their dog playing in the waves? Dogs love to hang out at the beach. For you and your dog, Belmont Harbor Dog Beach is the ideal location. Because it is less crowded than other dog beaches and parks in Chicago, it is fantastic. This beach would be a fantastic place to start if you wanted to test the waters.

Wrigley is close enough for you to stroll to Belmont Harbor Dog Beach. It is advised that you should bring your dog here first before taking them to a larger beach like Montrose if they are not accustomed to being around other dogs. Even though it was a little beach, everyone enjoyed it, and the dogs all played nicely and loved the sea. There were no seats in the sand area, but it was clean and the dogs were all nice to people.

The dock area does extend into the ocean before you reach the beach, which makes it difficult for dogs to leave the area. It’s shallow, not too rough to swim and dive, but there are too many tiny dogs, which only bark aimlessly and attempt to pursue larger dogs.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Google Rating: 4.3/5.0

top best beaches in chicago
top best beaches in chicago

Rainbow Beach Park

In the southern portion of Chicago, Rainbow Beach Park offers stunning views of the Chicago cityscape in the distance. One of the few parks that provides free WiFi to tourists is this one. You’ll be connected whether you want to work on the sand or just unwind. Swimming is excellent at Rainbow Beach Park, where lifeguards are on duty throughout the summer.

Children will love the wealth of animals that surrounds the beach park even if this beach is not pet-friendly. People who want to go on picnics can utilize the grill. A gym, handball court, and fitness facility are also included. The Rainbow Beach Victory Garden, one of Chicago’s oldest public gardens, is located next to this South Side beach, which is a portion of the 142-acre Rainbow Park.

The Rainbow Beach Dunes, a natural area overseen by the Chicago Park District and home to flora and species endemic to the beaches of Lake Michigan, are located on the beach’s northern end. If you kayak, canoe, or sunbathe while the city skyline is in the background, stop at Hot Girlz Grill, a concession stand run by six young Chicago women between the ages of 17 and 21, for a burger, nachos, hot wings, or a snack.

Location: 3111 East 77th St. Chicago, IL 60649

top best beaches in chicago
top best beaches in chicago