Top Best Beaches in Ecuador

1. Montanita beach, 2. Mompiche Beach, 3. Los Frailes beach, 4. Canoa beach, 5. Atacames beach, 6. Tortuga Bay beach, 7. Puerto Lopez beach, 8. Salinas beach, 9. Same beach, 10. Garrapatero beach, 11. Puerto Egas beach, 12. Rabida beach, 13. Puerto Cayo beach, 14. Manta beach. Snow-white sandy beaches, Amazonian jungle, and the breathtaking Andes – all in a small package. Ecuador found a way to keep a variety of natural wonders contained. Are you going to find a place in this wonderful country for a one-of-a-kind trip? Use the top 14 best Ecuadorian beaches listed in this article.

  1. Montanita beach
  2. Mompiche Beach
  3. Los Frailes beach
  4. Canoa beach
  5. Atacames beach
  6. Tortuga Bay beach
  7. Puerto Lopez beach
  8. Salinas beach
  9. Same beach
  10. Garrapatero beach
  11. Puerto Egas beach
  12. Rabida beach
  13. Puerto Cayo beach
  14. Manta beach

Montanita beach

Montanita is a small resort in the village of the same name in western Ecuador that is well-known throughout the world. Today, the resort serves as the primary surfing destination for the entire country. The resort is well-known for its breathtaking scenery, high waves, and stunning sunsets.

The 5 km long beach line is surrounded by exotic plants and large boulders, inviting you to take a walk in the fresh air in the evening, morning, and throughout the day.

The beaches are long and wide, with fine golden sand. Water is clear, warm, and clean. The waves are too high and too long for true professionals; beginners should practice on the opposite beach. On the beach, there is a surfing school for self-motivated tourists. Those who want to can learn to stand on their boards and ride their first waves.

The beach is always crowded, with most visitors being surfers. Only in bad, cool weather is the beach deserted. On weekends, there are more vacationers; in addition to tourists, locals visit the beach. Montanita is a place for young people; families with children looking for a quiet vacation should avoid this beach.

Location: Santa Elena

top best beaches in ecuador

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Mompiche Beach

Mompiche is a well-kept surf beach with a well-developed infrastructure, located on the grounds of the eponymous small fishing village in the province of Esmeraldas in northern Ecuador.

The beach is surrounded by tropical forests and lush vegetable growth. The beach and the ocean bottom are both sandy. Water is clean, clear, and warm. The wind is constantly blowing, and large waves are breaking. The beach’s distinguishing feature is the abundance of wooden houses erected by fishermen in the area. Restaurants and cafes serve delectable local cuisine of seafood and freshly caught fish as infrastructure.

The beach is crowded, reasonable, and well-liked. The beach line is long and wide, with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and water sports. Tourists reserve rooms in hotels on the beach and in the city. The cost of rooms varies. Take a taxi or a bus to the beach. The resort is popular with both locals and tourists from all over the world.

Location: Esmeraldas

top best beaches in ecuador

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Los Frailes beach

Los Frailes is the best resort in Ecuador’s continental region. The beach is located in the province of Manabi and is part of the Machalilla National Park.

The beach’s edge and bottom are covered in fine white sand. The beach is shallow, and the water gradually deepens. There are no strong winds or waves. The water in the ocean is clear, clean, calm, and warm. The beach is ideal for families with children. The resort is crowded and popular with both locals and tourists from all over the world. Arrive in Los Frailes by bus before taking a rented transfer or taxi. There are no hotels or apartments along the beach. Infrastructure is underdeveloped. Near the beach, there are shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants serving local cuisine.

Los Frailes is a popular beach with beautiful scenery. Los Frailes is surrounded by a never-ending forest of evergreen trees, high hills, and cliffs. There are observation decks and trails for walking among strangely shaped trees in the dead tropical forests. There is no other vegetation, nor are there any palm trees.

Location: Machalilla National Park

top best beaches in ecuador

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Canoa beach

Canoa is a well-known surf spot in Ecuador. White fine sand covers the beach and the ocean bottom, and perennial tall palm trees with broad foliage grow around the perimeter. Kanoa Beach is a long stretch of sand with a wide beach line and steep banks. It is a long walk to the sea, and there is always a strong wind blowing, causing high, rattling waves. A type of sandy beach is popular among active people who want to participate in water sports. Surfing and parapenting – skydiving from the resort’s steep ocean shore – are available. Surfing was practiced in both winter and summer due to the perfect high waves.

There are rooms in hotels of various comfort levels near Kanoa beach: the minimum price of a room in a budget hotel is $30, while expensive resorts of premium class offer different accommodation options starting at $200 per night and up. To get to the beach, take a bus, a pre-arranged transfer, or a taxi. In the immediate vicinity of the resort, there are numerous trees, herbs, flowers, and shrubs. Near the beach, there are numerous restaurants, shops, cafes, and bars serving fresh fish and seafood. Horseback riding and hiking are popular activities.

Location: Canoa

top best beaches in ecuador

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Atacames beach

Atacames is a large and popular Ecuadorian beach. The province of Esmeraldas, near Quito, is located in the country’s north.

The resort is crowded, making it ideal for resting noisy companies and those who prefer active tourism. The majority of beachgoers are locals, with a few tourists thrown in for good measure. Beaches suitable for quiet beach holidays can be found to the north and south of the resort. The beach line and bottom in Atacames territory are covered with fine golden sand, the entrance to the water is gently sloping, and the beach is shallow. The water in the ocean is clear, clean, and warm.

Arrive at the resort by bus, taxi, or rented transfer. For visitors staying in beachfront hotels, it is only a few minutes’ walk to the beach. The cost of lodging varies according to the level of comfort of the apartments, rooms, and service. Budget prices start at $30 per night and go up to $100 per night. Along the beach’s perimeter, there are authentic cane and coconut huts that provide unforgettable views of the Pacific Ocean. Atacames is a popular beach among teenagers. There is a vibrant nightlife and a wide range of entertainment options.

top best beaches in ecuador


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Tortuga Bay beach

Tortuga Bay Beach is a tranquil beach on the shores of the same-named bay, 2 kilometers from Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Cruz.

The resort is unique because there are many iguanas and turtles on the coast, and in the water, a variety of small sharks, fry, and albatrosses walk among the stones. In the bay, eagles fish. The coast is split into two beaches: Playa Mansa Beach and Playa Brava Beach.

Playa Mansa Beach is suitable for a beach vacation; you can swim; Mansa is a calm stretch of beach with no waves. The water temperature is +22 degrees Fahrenheit, and the shore is flat.

Playa Brava Beach is known for its large waves and strong currents. Brava beach is a surfers’ paradise. It has a long coastline. You’ll have to walk a long way to get to the water. Renting equipment is effective.

Employees and rescuers control the order along the coast. On the beach, towels and clothes are hung on special hangers. They travel to the coast by foot or boat. Walking the road will take between 30 and 50 minutes. The path is asphalt and very comfortable. Along the way, there are beautiful local landscapes, information stands, and signs. Tourists enter their personal information at the beach entrance. There is no admission fee. In addition, there is a store where you can purchase drinking water.

Location: Santa Cruz Island

top best beaches in ecuador

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Puerto Lopez beach

Puerto Lopez is a popular beach in the eponymous fishing village on Ecuador’s Pacific coast.

The beach’s edge and bottom are covered in fine white sand. The water is crystal clear and blue. The beach is shallow and the entrance to the ocean is smooth. Long waves rise on some parts of the beach – this is a popular spot for surfers – while others are calm and quiet. The beach is long and wide, with plenty of room for all vacationers. Tourists reserve rooms in hotels near the beach and in the village. The cheapest room has a nightly rate of $20. You can get to the beach by bus, taxi, or transfer.

Near the village, there are several interesting places to visit:

  • The ruined port from which visitors can watch humpback whale games in the spring, summer, and autumn
  • A park with a dolphin skeleton and a structure dedicated to it
  • A fish market.

Those who want to spend their time actively engage in horseback riding, surfing, going on excursions offered by various tour operators, traveling to nearby islands, and visiting the national park.

Location: Puerto López

top best beaches in ecuador
top best beaches in ecuador

Salinas beach

Salinas Beach is a sandy beach popular with both wealthy tourists and locals. The infrastructure is in good shape. There is plenty of entertainment, restaurants, attractions, and other establishments to keep you entertained and cozy during your stay. The long coastline allows all visitors to enjoy their vacation without interfering with one another. Because of the landscape, noisy Salinas beach resembles Miami beach: skyscrapers, palm trees, an endless ocean, and a sandy coast. During the year, up to one million people visit the beach.

The beach at Salinas is a vibrant and modern South American resort with excellent service. It is situated on the Pacific Ocean in the city of the same name. The beautiful coast is covered in fine golden sand. The ocean’s water is turquoise and crystal clear. The coastline is both long and broad. Tall palm trees with broad leaves line the perimeter, providing shade for tourists seeking relief from the hot sun. Around the beach, there are numerous lagoons, reserves, and attractions.

Salinas hosts fishing tournaments for dorado, black marlin, and other species. Yachting areas can be found near the beach. Coastal waters are home to hundreds of different species of fish and mollusks, which divers enjoy watching. Clear water allows for up to 15 metres of visibility. Every year, the resort hosts competitions in surfing, tennis, volleyball, and other well-known sports. La Chocolatera is deserving of special mention. It is located on the outskirts of Salinas, on the western end of the Pacific coast, and features lagoons, lush vegetation, and a naval base. The water of the Pacific Ocean within the cape has an unusually dark color due to several currents that converge and raise sand from the bottom. There are numerous hotels, apartments, nightclubs, and other businesses.

On the beach, there are beautiful sunrises and romantic sunsets. Here you can unwind, learn about the history of the area, and become acquainted with Ecuadorian culture. The fashionable Salinas beach on the Pacific coast is a welcoming resort with many colorful attractions. People of all ages and income levels can unwind here.

Location: South of Ibiza

top best beaches in ecuador

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Same beach

Same is a quiet and peaceful beach in the Esmeraldas province’s northwestern corner. Sua is nearby, and it’s where daily tour operators take groups of tourists to see humpback whales.

The beach is made of sand. The entrance to the water is gentle, and the seafloor slope is gentle. The water is crystal clear. The water is a brilliant blue. Because of the location, there are no waves or wind. The resort is surrounded by lush vegetation and high hills. Sand zones give way to rocky zones, and the coast is littered with shells.

Numerous restaurants serving regional cuisine and sports fields serve as infrastructure. The town has a large demonstration screen where people can watch movies and videos. The nightlife is thriving here. There are numerous nightclubs, bars, and other establishments in the town near the beach. Those looking for a place to eat late at night will find a restaurant that serves fish, crabs, squid, and other seafood. The main draw is the seaport, through which ships carrying a variety of products pass. A breathtaking view of the long coastline, the endless ocean, high green hills, and protected areas with many animals and birds can be seen from the coast of Same.

top best beaches in ecuador

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top best beaches in ecuador


Garrapatero beach

Garrapatero Beach, located near Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Cruz, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

The coastline is broad and long, stretching for 3 kilometers and surrounded by mangrove forests. Snow-white fine sand covers the beach and the bottom. The forests are home to a variety of exotic animals and birds. The beach is relaxing and inviting. Tourists will find it to be a true tropical paradise. The seafloor slope is smooth, and there are no waves or winds. The water is crystal clear and clean. The resort is appropriate for families with young children.

The shuttle bus will take you to Garrapatero Beach. Swimming equipment can be rented for those who enjoy beach activities. You can go scuba diving here if you have a canoe, mask, or snorkel gear. Many people prefer to dive from a yacht. The conditions are ideal for scuba diving and swimming. There are numerous areas where you can sunbathe and observe the local wildlife, such as iguanas and penguins. A small lagoon near the coast is home to mockingbirds, Caribbean ducks, reels, and flamingos.

top best beaches in ecuador

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Puerto Egas beach

Puerto Egas Beach is an unusual black sand beach on the archipelago of Santiago Colon. Tourists visit to see the traces of volcanic activity and to enjoy the unusual landscape.

There are numerous deposits of volcanic tuff along the coast, which result in the formation of an unusual black sand. Puerto Egas is a popular beach in the Galapagos Islands for a relaxing and comfortable stay. There are many animals and birds in the resort that you can enjoy watching. Outdoor enthusiasts can be found scuba diving and walking along the tunnels and rocks that run around the perimeter of the beach.

The coast is long and wide, with frozen black lava on the sides that formed bays and caves that became home to a variety of animals.

If you’re looking for a beach vacation, the continental part of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands can be visited all year; however, the months of December to May are the best time to go because the water warms up and the rainy season cools off the sweltering heat.

Location: Santiago Colon

top best beaches in ecuador

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Rabida beach

Rabida Beach is a small popular beach on the same-named island, which is located south of the island of San Salvador. Jervis is another name for this area.

Rabida, with an area of 5 km2, is the archipelago’s geological center, located at an elevation of 367 meters above sea level. Because of the original red sand on the coast, the beach is crowded. This feature draws tourists from all over the world to the Galapagos Islands. The sand’s color is caused by a high concentration of volcanic soil and iron oxides.

Back-trees, cacti, and small shrubs can be found near the beach. The lagoons are home to iguanas, flamingos, and pelicans. The western coast of the island is home to sea lion colonies. The weather is scorching. The ocean’s water is clear and warm. The beach is well-known and popular. Sea taxis transport people to the coast (speed boat). During a storm, there are waves and wind. Typically, the weather is calm and ideal for a relaxing beach vacation.

Location: San Salvador Island

top best beaches in ecuador


top best beaches in ecuador

Puerto Cayo beach

Puerto Cayo is a well-known beach in Ecuador’s Manabi province in the southwest. The resort is situated on the grounds of the eponymous small fishing village.

The beach and the bottom are covered in fine white sand, and the water in the ocean is blue, clean, and transparent. The wind is constantly blowing and the waves are rising on the beach. Due to the natural features of the resort in Puerto Cayo, surfers and athletes who prefer different watersports visit on a daily basis. Divers and snorkelers frequently visit the uninhabited island of Pedernales, which has white corals and is located opposite Puerto Cayo. Perennial tropical forests grow along the beach’s perimeter, and many walking and trekking trails lead tourists to nearby waterfalls. In this location, there is an observation deck from which tourists can watch humpback whales play in the summer and autumn.

Infrastructure is gradually being developed and improved. Puerto Cayo is a peaceful, quiet, and sparsely populated beach. Tourists can sunbathe, swim, fish, and participate in water sports such as bodyboarding, kitesurfing, and surfing.

Location: Manabi

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top best beaches in ecuador


Manta beach

Manta is a beach in the province of Manabi, on the territory of the same-named city, with a long promenade Essenico. Restaurants, cafes, bars, markets, souvenir shops, and various forms of entertainment are concentrated along the beautiful promenade. The coastline and seafloor are both covered in gold fine sand. The entrance to the water is smooth, and the beach is shallow and crowded.

Throughout the year, the resort attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. In the city, there are numerous nightclubs, restaurants serving high-quality cuisine, and hotels of varying levels of comfort. The beach infrastructure improves with each season. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, and sea fishing are popular beach activities for those who enjoy watersports and outdoor activities. To get to the beach, take a bus, taxi, or the suburban electric train.

The port and the “Central Bank Museum,” which houses archaeological finds from various centuries, are among the local attractions. Many tour operators offer excursions and tours to the city. Manta is well-known for its coffee, and visitors to the resort should try the aromatic local beverage. Tourists can rent boats, yachts, and go on boat trips in the port. Near the beach, there is a large tropical forest with paved paths for walking.

top best beaches in ecuador


top best beaches in ecuador

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