Top Best Beaches in Korean

1. Haeundae Beach, 2. Hamdeok Beach, 3. Jungmun Beach, 4. Naksan beach, 5. Gyeongpo Beach, 6. Sokcho Beach, 7. Jeondongjin beach, 8. Mallipo Beach, 9. Daecheon Beach, 10. Gwangalli Beach. The beach is always among the first chosen resting places and must come every time summer knocks on the door. Korea has 3 sides bordering the sea (East, West and South), so 12/18 provinces in this country (except for the capital Seoul, Sejong, Chungbuk, Daejeon, Daegu and Gwangju) all have sea. Below is a list of the 10 most beautiful and famous beaches of Korea that Toplist would like to suggest to you. If you are looking for a place to relax this summer, these are all places worth visiting for your trip.

  1. Haeundae Beach
  2. Hamdeok Beach
  3. Jungmun Beach
  4. Naksan beach
  5. Gyeongpo Beach
  6. Sokcho Beach
  7. Jeondongjin beach
  8. Mallipo Beach
  9. Daecheon Beach
  10. Gwangalli Beach

Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach is one of the Busan’s most popular beach. It’s around 1.5 kilometers long and 30 to 50 meters wide. It is one of South Korea’s most beautiful and well-known beaches.

Haeundae is the ideal place to spend the hot summer days in South Korea, with its blue waters ideal for swimming and white beach. Thousands of people visit Haeundae Beach in Busan each year. At dusk, a celebratory atmosphere pervades the beach and its environs, as various performers (singers, magicians, and stuntmen) arrive to entertain the crowds.

Every year, a rising number of Korean and foreign visitors go to Haeundae Beach. The beach is getting increasingly popular, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Korea during the summer.

Besides swimming, here is a list of interesting activities you can participate in when coming to this beach:

– Check out the shows at night on the beach

– Haeundae Sand Sculpture Festival

– Dongbaek Island

– Go on Catamaran Tour

– Busan Aquarium

– Haeundae Sky Capsule

– Haeundae Street Food

Location: Busan, South Korea.

top best beaches in korean

Photo: Istock

top best beaches in korean

Photo: afuncouple

Hamdeok Beach

Jeju Island is a must-see location in South Korea. It is a 1,849-square-kilometer island known for its seaside resorts as well as its volcanic scenery, which features stunning craters and lava tunnels. Spending a few days on the island during your visit to South Korea will allow you to unwind and create amazing memories with friends, family, or as a couple.

Hamdeok Beach is one of Jeju Island’s most stunning beaches. The emerald hues of the waves will make you fall head over heels in love with Hamdeok right away.

In Hamdeok, there is always something to do: concerts, sporting events, nightlife, and the beach, which is popular with both locals and visitors. There are various hotels, restaurants, and cafés in this area of the island, making it easier to participate in water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and occasionally surfing. The location is also great for camping with family or friends.

Here are some suggestions for activities and places you can join while visiting the beach

– Café Delmoondo: Its location on a small dune. It sits between the first two beaches. The café is very often full. The spot is indeed magical to admire the blue sea.

– Hike the hill on the right side for a perfect panorama of Jeju

– Black volcanic rocks: Beautiful small rocky islets are connected to the land by a small bridge, and you can admire the black rocks formed by lava, so characteristic of Jeju Island

Location: Jeju Island, South Korea.

top best beaches in korean
top best beaches in korean

Jungmun Beach

Jeju is home to a number of stunning beaches. Jungmun is one of Jeju’s most popular beaches. It is one of South Korea’s nicest beaches. The three-color sand of Jungmun is particularly well-known (black, white and red). The dark volcanic stones that characterize the island complement these colors well. Furthermore, the water is turquoise. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll be greeted by a postcard-worthy scene. You can also rent a catamaran from Jungmun to explore Jeju’s beautiful shoreline.

This vibrant sandy beach stretches about 560 meters and is 50 meters wide. It’s ideal for swimming with the family because the bottom is relatively shallow. A natural sea cave called Haesikgul is located to the right of the beach and is well worth a visit at low tide if you want to take some unique shots. The average depth of the water in this area is 1.2 meters. Despite the sandy bottom, however, this is not the finest “bathing” beach for kids. On Chunmun, the depth begins abruptly, the underwater currents are strong, and the waves are high.

Jungmun Beach offers a variety of water sports such as parasailing, water-skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, surfing and yacht trips. Plenty of activities to spend unforgettable vacations!

The Korean Federation for the Environmental Movement has recognized this coast as the best unpolluted beach among 44 beaches in South Korea.

Location: Namjeju, South Korea.

top best beaches in korean

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top best beaches in korean

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Naksan beach

Naksan is a beach in the northeast of the South Korean province of Gangwon-do, in the same-named hamlet, a short distance from Sokcho. This quiet and peaceful beach is a good choice for people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city. Beautiful views of nature abound, including light sand, blue sky and water, and rocks overgrown with green pine trees.

The length of the beach is about 4 km. It has a clear sea with clear but cold water that washes its coast. The entrance to the sea is gentleand the bottom is sandy. Naksan Beach is popular among surfers, kitesurfers, and bodyboarders who like energetic beach activities, such as surfing, kitesurfing, and bodyboarding. On the shore, the ebb and flow is barely apparent. A vacation to Naksan Beach is ideal for a group or family outing with children, as well as a romantic getaway for two.

Evening celebrations with fireworks and carnival performances, attractions and noisy entertainment, such as riding a Viking ship or pony discos riding in illuminated carts and playing loud music, are hosted in the northern portion of the beach. The beach’s southern section is quieter and more private. People gather here early in the morning to view and photograph the sunrise over the sea.

You can travel to Naksan beach by boarding a bus from Yangyang, the closest town. Every 20 to 50 minutes, a bus will arrive.

Location: Yangyang, South Korea

top best beaches in korean

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top best beaches in korean

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Gyeongpo Beach

Gyeongpo Beach is the largest beach on the East Coast, and it’s about a kilometer from the Gyeongpodae Pavilion, which is noted for its sunrise views. Gyeongpodae Beach is particularly well-known for its fine, fluffy white sand, which is ideal for barefoot beachgoers. The beach is also noted for its lovely pine forest, which is encircled by sand.

Banana boats, jet skis, water-skiing, and other water sports activities are available in Gyeongpodae. The Gyeongpo tourist car can take you around Gyeongpodae to see the sights if you wish to relax. The ‘Summer Music’ festival takes place every year between the end of July and the beginning of August. This festival allows you to enjoy concerts by famous groups while enjoying various activities.

We also recommend visiting one of the coastal cafés on Gangneung coffee street, as Gangneung is recognized for its coffee culture. Relax and unwind with a cup of coffee and a dessert!

This is 6 things to do at Gyeongpo Beach for a perfect summer that Toplist want to recommend to you.

– Stroll around Gyeongpo Lake

– Admire Gyeongpo Pavilion

– Have a coffee at Terarosa

– Try Chodang Soonbudu at te Chodang Dubu Village

– Visit the Gyeongpo Aquarium

– Indulge in the Freshest Seafood

Location: Gangneung, South Korea

top best beaches in korean

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top best beaches in korean

Sokcho Beach

Sokcho isn’t Korea’s largest beach, but it is one of the most well-known. It measures 450 meters in length and less than 100 meters in width. On the country’s east coast, the beach is close to a bus station. The beach is easily accessible and, as a result, fairly popular during the summer due to a convenient traffic crossing and its natural location. Every year, a great number of people go to Sokcho Beach because of the soft beach, hot springs, mountains, and freshly caught seafood.

The beachfront area has changing rooms, football fields, volleyball courts, and a rescue station. Among the most popular activities among locals are water attractions, camping sites, and seeing the dawn on New Year’s Day. The national park, golf courses, spa centers, and gorgeous lakes are all nearby of the beach.

Buddhist temples and festivals are particularly deserved of attention. These are Sokcho’s historical and cultural landmarks, and the festivals will dazzle visitors with theater performances, parades, and competitions. Tourists can sample freshly caught seafood, raw fish snacks, and stuffed squid in grocery stores, the fish market, and local eateries. Anyone may find something to do here, from lonely travelers to touristy gourmets.

Location: Sokcho, South Korea

top best beaches in korean

Photo: Agoda

top best beaches in korean

Jeondongjin beach

South Korea’s famous east coast is ideal for both summer vacations and the country’s traditional New Year celebrations. The white sand of Jeondongjin Beach, which runs parallel to the railway down the coast, contrasts well with the clear blue water. Rare rocky outcroppings are ideal for divers and completely safe for everyone else.

The beach region is ideal for any form of holiday, including romantic dates, weddings, and family vacations. Visitors will be able to witness a wide variety of sea creatures here.

At the area surrounding the beach, there are various hotels where one can stay the night or rest in a spa center. As a result, riding the “rail bicycle,” as locals refer to it, isn’t the only reason to visit the beach; there are other activities that can be enjoyed for extended periods of time. Local restaurants that provide unique Korean food are also open at night.

The beach’s location is also very convenient, since it is located in the same-named town, just a few kilometers outside Gangneung, making it easy to reach by bus, taxi, or hired car. The walk from the train station to the white beach is worthwhile because several recreation zones are easily accessible. All necessary amenities, such as a parking lot, locker rooms, and showers, are provided for free.

top best beaches in korean

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top best beaches in korean

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Mallipo Beach

Mallipo Beach, located 18 kilometers west of Taean on the west coast, is one of Taean’s Eight Scenic Views. It provides stunning views for individuals who enjoy magnificent scenery. The Taean National Marine Park includes this beach.

The remaining seven sights, including Halmi-Harabi Rock, Anmyeon Pine Forest, Sindu Dune, Anheungseong Fortress, and Gauido Island, are all easily accessible from here.

Mallipo Beach is known as a surfing hotspot. Consider a stunning blue sea, a spectacular sunset, and powerful waves. Mallipo Beach is also known as “Malifornia” because of its resemblance to California. The sandy bottom and decent quality waves make it suitable for novices. It’s also quite close to Seoul, making it an excellent weekend getaway from the city.

Mallipo is still a beautiful length of beach, despite the fact that it is experiencing more and more development every year. It’s also a 15-minute walk to Cheollipo Beach, which is quieter, and adjacent to the Cheollipo Arboretum. In the following section of this article, we’ll discuss Cheollipo.

Location: Taean, South Korea

top best beaches in korean

Photo: This is Korea Tour

top best beaches in korean

Daecheon Beach

Daecheon Beach is a lively, young beach in Chuncheon Province on South Korea’s west coast, about a 2-hour drive from Seoul. Boryeong Mud is a site where a mud festival is conducted every year in July for two weeks. This beach, however, is not vacant at other times of the year. Clean sand, breathtaking sunsets, panoramic views of the Yellow Sea and the pine forest, and well-developed tourism infrastructure attract millions of tourists and locals.

Daecheon’s coastline strip is 3.5 kilometers long and 100 meters broad. During peak season, the beach can accommodate up to 500,000 people.

The beach’s coast is wide and without natural shade, and it is covered in white shell sand. The sea is calm in the Daecheon area, and the seabed is sandy. The beach’s coastline strip is known for its shallow water and broad region of low tide, which is why older people and families with children frequent it.

Of the available beach activities, Daecheon visitors can ride:

– water-skiing;

– on bananas;

– on jet skis

– on boats;

– on kayaks.

ATVs, horses, and carriage rides are also available along the coast, as well as windsurfing and surfing on windy days. The conquerors of the waves, who ride rather violently, fill the beach during the dead season.

The beach transforms into a young party in the evening, where you may drink, dance, and watch the beautiful fireworks.

Daecheon Beach is easily accessible from Seoul by train or bus.

Location: Boryeong, South Korea

top best beaches in korean

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top best beaches in korean

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Gwangalli Beach

For a long time, Gwangalli Beach was overshadowed by Haeundae Beach, but after the completion of the Gwangan Bridge, it has become one of the most popular beaches not only in Busan, but also in South Korea. With nearly 12 million visitors in 2019, this popular beach was the third most frequented beach in South Korea, according to the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

Gwangalli Beach is 1.4 kilometers long and lined with more than 300 fashionable cafés and eateries. The lights on Gwangan Bridge make the vista from the beach spectacular at night. You can’t help but feel romantic as buskers play music down the shore. In order to make the beach a better place for visitors and locals, smoking is not allowed over the whole beach area.

Gwangalli Beach is known for its fashionable eateries with spectacular views of the Gwangan Bridge. These hip cafés have attracted people from all around South Korea, as well as overseas influencers, thanks to the growing popularity of social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. In addition to these popular cafés and restaurants, Gwangalli Beach has recently attracted more people by offering a variety of maritime activities such as jet boats, bandwagons, paddle boats, and windsurfing, to name a few.

Location: Busan, South Korea

top best beaches in korean
top best beaches in korean

Photo: Visit Busan


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