Top Best Beaches in Nigeria

1. Bar Beach, 2. La Campagne Tropicana Beach, 3. Coconut Beach, 4. Tarkwa Bay Beach, 5. Lekki Beach, 6. Eleko Beach, 7. Akodo Beach, 8. Kuramo Beach, 9. Ibeno Beach, 10. Ifoko Beach. One of the most soothing and interesting places is the beach. There are several gorgeous and breathtaking beaches in Nigeria. Beach soccer, beach volleyball, boating, horseback riding, swimming, running, having a stroll along the beach, and sleeping on the beach are all popular activities for people of all ages. Today Toplist would like to recommend to you 10 best beaches in Nigeria. Hope that you will choose a satisfactory destination for this summer.

  1. Bar Beach
  2. La Campagne Tropicana Beach
  3. Coconut Beach
  4. Tarkwa Bay Beach
  5. Lekki Beach
  6. Eleko Beach
  7. Akodo Beach
  8. Kuramo Beach
  9. Ibeno Beach
  10. Ifoko Beach

Bar Beach

Bar Beach is a prominent beach in Lagos, located on Ahmadu Bello Way along Victoria Island. It is notable for its sand and bars and stretches from the Institute of Oceanography in the west to the Eko Hotel in the east.

Concrete blocks serve as artificial levees to keep the Atlantic at bay, which frequently floods its banks in a hostile manner. Bar beach attracts people from all walks of life who come to enjoy the cool Atlantic wind on hot and humid days. There are no coconut trees or plants in the area, but fresh fruits are always on sale, so it’s not a bad site for fruit lovers. There are definitely exciting activities for sport enthusiasts such as horseback riding along the shores, swimming, volleyball, beach soccer among other popular beach sports. On a beautiful day, you may be tempted to plunge into the water to swim or surf, but these activities are strictly discouraged because of the strong boiling currents.

Location: Almadubello way, Victoria island, Lagos.

top best beaches in nigeria

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top best beaches in nigeria

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La Campagne Tropicana Beach

La Campagne Tropicana Beach is one of Lagos’ most popular beaches, including activities such as swimming, canoeing, trekking, hunting, and ocean fishing, as well as relaxing. It’s a 65-acre quiet sanctuary just an hour’s drive from Lagos State’s Victoria Island.

Here have a five-star resort features a freshwater lake, a walkable mangrove forest, a savannah, a long sandy beach, and the warm Atlantic Ocean. Canoeing, hiking, hunting, horseback riding, beach volleyball, beach football, snorkeling, and ocean water fishing are just a few of the activities available at this interesting location. There are also villas with African themes where you can stay while on vacation.

Location: Ikegan, Ibeju, Lekki, Lagos State

top best beaches in nigeria

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top best beaches in nigeria

Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach is located near Badagry, a coastal town in Lagos State. About twenty kilometers between the Nigerian border and the Republic of Benin lies a wonderful beach surrounded by coconut trees. Coconut Beach, which is accessible via the Lagos-Badagry expressway, is surrounded by holiday resorts where visitors may relax while visiting the beach and enjoy the kind of tropical heat that can be found there.

Coconut Beach is a great place to visit if you want to have a good time. Revelers are frequently faced with the choice of either enjoying the ocean wind or watching it rage and roil. At whatever time of day, waves surge and rise against the beach’s pebbled shores. The tall coconut trees create an enchanting sight. The sun appears to be sitting on the horizon’s edge, where sky and water collide, producing a colorful contrast.

This beach is recognized to contain traits that are comparable to those seen on numerous beaches in Lagos State. Music and other musical jamborees are played on the beach to entertain various fun-seekers. During the Christmas or yuletide season, it is a perfect destination for those looking for a good time. On weekends, it is generally packed with tourists and revelers. Coconut Beach is a good choice for fun-seekers who want to have a wonderful experience away from home because it provides shade and a tranquil environment for visitors and tourists.

Location: Lagos-Badagry expressway, Lagos

top best beaches in nigeria

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top best beaches in nigeria

Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa Bay is a man-made island that was created as part of the Lagos harbor construction. The island was made up entirely of sand excavated from the Atlantic Ocean. It acts as a shelter for the Harbour, making Tarkwa Beach much quieter in terms of waves than other Lagos beaches, making it safe for swimmers and surfers. Tarkwa Beach is located on a beautiful and peaceful beach off the coast of Lagos, off the outskirts of Lagos Island. It is a sandy island that serves as a home for some of its residents as well as a tourist attraction for hundreds of visitors who go to this beautiful island every day.

Tarkwa Bay is normally less crowded, quiet, and free of the usual noise that may be found at major public beaches.
The majority of Tarkwa Bay’s people are fisherman, traders, artisans, and manufacturers of natural palm oil, palm wine, coconut oil, and other products.

Location: Tarkwa Bay, Lagos Island

top best beaches in nigeria

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top best beaches in nigeria

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Lekki Beach

The Lekki Peninsula has various beaches, the most famous of which is Lekki Beach, which is just a few miles from the city center. Lekki Beach is another of Lagos’ beautiful beaches that continues to attract international visitors. Rentable beach shelters made of palm fronds and umbrellas keep the sun at bay while also providing a spot to eat food and refreshments sold by local vendors.

The beach in Lekki also houses a resort, giving you the best of both worlds. It is the epitome of a luxurious beach retreat. You may participate in a variety of activities while being near to the beach. You can enjoy golfing, swimming, tennis, and relaxing at a health spa near the beach. There are also plenty of possibilities to go shopping and see live music and performances. If you wish to combine business and pleasure, this location allows you to do so. It features private conference, dining, and banquet facilities that can accommodate any event. It’s also ideal for a business getaway. There’s no need to be concerned if you have any food-related queries. You can get exquisite meals here, from intercontinental to local dishes. This beach allows you to relax and unwind at the beach.

Location: Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki Lagos.

top best beaches in nigeria
top best beaches in nigeria

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Eleko Beach

Eleko Beach is a palm-fringed beach with few tiny privately owned beach cottages located only 45 minutes from Ikoyi. On weekdays, the beach is calm, but on weekends, it is bustling with vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, prawns, and a variety of arts and crafts.

Visitors can rent a beach cottage for the day and have a grill prepared for them. A tiny local market also sells fascinating items such as arts and crafts. To get there, you can either drive or take a drop cab. First-time visitors to this Lagos beach should expect to encounter a large number of residents out for a good time.

Along the shore, there are numerous restaurants and bars. Eleko Beach provides peace of mind and calm, making it excellent for people wanting privacy, and it is conveniently located near Victoria Island, Nigeria’s economic center, as well as the famed Lekki Conservation Centre.

Location: km 56, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos

top best beaches in nigeria

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top best beaches in nigeria

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Akodo Beach

Akodo Beach is a privately-managed beach in Lagos State that offers pleasure seekers and picnickers an alternative to the hustle and bustle of traditional beaches. This modern beach is a favorite among tourists to Lagos beaches.The beach is lined with coconut grooves, providing a wonderful view, and it features reasonably priced recreational areas where fun seekers can sit and relax.

The beach, which is located along the Lagos-Epe Expressway, features well-appointed chalets, amusement parks, and a tranquil swimming beach, as well as superbly decorated apartments and suites and a relaxing atmosphere ideal to communing with nature. The most well-organized beach in Lagos, Akodo Beach, attracts premium clientele, particularly from the corporate class.

Location: Ibeju-Lekki Local Government OffLekki-Epe Expressway, Akodo, Lagos.

top best beaches in nigeria

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top best beaches in nigeria

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Kuramo Beach

This beach is known as being similar to the Bar Beach since it gets the name from a feature that is on its border. Kuramo Beach, located next to the Le Meridien on Victoria Island, is a recently built tourism destination by the Lagos State government.

Kumaro Beach includes a few small cabins a short distance from the water that the government rents out at a reduced rate to stimulate productivity in the region. Individuals rent the cabins and convert them into stores selling drinks and food to beachgoers. The products are mostly Nigerian, yet the beach attracts both expatriates and locals, who occasionally bring their own picnic baskets, but for those who don’t, the stores provide everything they need. Weekends are busy in Kuramo because this is when most families have time to spend together.

Location: Victoria Island, Lagos

Ibeno Beach

Ibeno Beach spans for roughly 30 kilometers along the Atlantic coast of Nigeria’s Akwa Ibom State, from Ibeno to James Town. It is said to be West Africa’s longest beach. Ibeno’s gorgeous coastline offers a wealth of natural resources for tourism, water sports, beach soccer, and general boating.

The limitless white sand dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see along the Atlantic coast are unaffected by the raging surf. According to legend, Ibeno indigents first settled in the area around 1200-1500 BC.

Visitors seeking cover after sunbathing or strolling about the area will appreciate the attractive array of trees placed along the beach, which give excellent protection from the sun’s scorching rays. The beach offers a panoramic view of the Gulf of Guinea, where strewn gas flares from ExxonMobil offshore oil facilities produce a dazzling display of flaming tongues of fire on the water.

Location: Eket, AkwaIbom

top best beaches in nigeria

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top best beaches in nigeria

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Ifoko Beach

Ifoko Beach, which is not man-made, is one of the most popular beaches in Port Harcourt. This beach is well-known because it is well-kept in terms of cleanliness and other amenities by locals.

The majority of the inhabitants rely on the sea for their living because they are fisherman. Tourists have a great time here since local restaurants serve freshly caught seafood. Visitors to Ifoko Beach can take a long walk down the beach and take in the unusual landscape. At Ifoko Beach in Port Harcourt, visitors can see wildlife in the rainforest.

Location: Elem Ifoko, Port-Harcourt

top best beaches in nigeria
top best beaches in nigeria

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