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Top Best BL Manhwa (Webtoons) with Cold MC

1. Painter of the Night, 2. Killing Stalking, 3. Blood Bank, 4. H&H Roman Company, 5. Love is an Illusion, 6. Out of Control, 7. Sign, 8. The Summit, 9. A Guy Like You, 10. Jinx. There are many engrossing tales in the realm of BL manhwa (webtoons) that center on fascinating people and their nuanced relationships. The main character who is chilly and aloof is a common character archetype that frequently grabs readers' interest. Here are some of the best BL manhwa (webtoons) with cold MC.

  1. Painter of the Night
  2. Killing Stalking
  3. Blood Bank
  4. H&H Roman Company
  5. Love is an Illusion
  6. Out of Control
  7. Sign
  8. The Summit
  9. A Guy Like You
  10. Jinx

Painter of the Night

The intriguing manhwa “Painter of the Night” transports readers to the seductive and forbidding realm of 18th-century Korea. It is one of the best BL manhwa (webtoons) with cold MC. This historical play, which Byeonduck both wrote and drew, examines the nuanced connections between art, desire, and social expectations. The protagonist of the book is Na-kyum, a gifted young painter who becomes caught up in a perilous web of deceit and lust. His run-in with the intriguing Lord Kim Chun-ji, a powerful nobleman with a reputation for being dark and enigmatic, lays the stage for a turbulent and forbidden affair.

Na-kyum uncovers a world of covert ambitions, power battles, and social taboos as he probe further into the world of art and the inner workings of the aristocracy. In addition to examining themes of power dynamics, self-discovery, and the effects of violating social standards, the manhwa digs deeply into the nuances of their relationship. “Painter of the Night” breaks rules and upends traditional storytelling with its breathtaking visuals and captivating plot. It combines romance, drama, and erotica against a well portrayed historical context to provide readers a visceral and emotional experience. It’s crucial to keep in mind that “Painter of the Night” contains mature and explicit material, including sexual scenes and themes. It is meant for sophisticated audiences capable of appreciating and participating in the complicated and challenging nature of the story.

Author/Illustrator: Byeonduck

Genres: Yaoi/BL, Historical, Drama, Romance, Mature

Chapters: 123

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top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc

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top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc

Killing Stalking

Koogi is the author and artist of the psychological suspense manhwa “Killing Stalking”. That is one of the best BL manhwa (webtoons) with cold MC. Readers are taken on a scary trip inside the convoluted relationship between two seriously troubled people by this dramatic and disturbing novel. Yoon Bum, a disturbed young guy, and Oh Sangwoo, a charming and seemingly ideal person, are followed throughout the manhwa. Yoon Bum develops a crush on Sangwoo and starts pursuing him before learning a terrible secret. As the narrative progresses, it explores the depths of their twisted relationship, which is marked by deception, brutality, and psychological torture.

The movie “Killing Stalking” examines topics including trauma, obsession, and the hazy boundaries between victims and perpetrators. It takes readers on a thrilling rollercoaster trip that will have them on the tip of their seats and continually challenge their preconceptions. Please be aware that “Killing Stalking” includes unsettling and explicit material, including themes of abuse, violence, and sexuality. It is meant for mature viewers who can handle the story’s graphic and psychological elements.

Author/Illustrator: Koogi

Genres: Psychological Thriller, Horror, Drama, Suspense, Mature

Chapters: 67

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top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc
top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc

Blood Bank

The fascinating manhwa “Blood Bank” by Silb is written and drawn. This fascinating tale goes into the world of vampires and humans, examining the difficulties they encounter and the intricacies of their interactions. The manhwa is centered on the lives of One, a human, and Shell, a vampire who works at the Blood Bank. The lives of the two characters are unexpectedly entwined when they come into contact. Love, desire, power, and the hazy lines between the supernatural and natural realms are some of the topics that “Blood Bank” explores.

The narrative takes readers on a trip through the complex relationships in vampire culture and the difficulties that both vampires and humans encounter. It examines the challenges of preserving relationships in a society where trust and survival are ever in jeopardy. “Blood Bank” presents a distinctive fusion of romance, fantasy, and drama thanks to its gripping plot and gorgeous artwork. It offers a novel take on the vampire subgenre while engrossing readers with complex world-building and character growth. Please be aware that “Blood Bank” includes serious themes, including violence and sexual situations. It is meant for older viewers who can understand the intricate concepts and handle the graphic material.

Author/Illustrator: Silb

Genres: Vampire, Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Mature

Chapters: 61

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top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc
top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc

H&H Roman Company

Popular manhwa serial “H&H Roman Company” enthralls fans with its distinctive fusion of fantasy, romance, and adventure. It is one of the best BL manhwa (webtoons) with cold MC. The manhwa, which was produced by a superb group of authors and illustrators, is set in a society in which people and fantastical animals live together. The H&H Roman Company, a well-known company that specializes in managing supernatural matters, is the focus of the narrative. The people that make up the firm are a diverse collection, each with unique skills and qualities. The group sets out on exciting missions under the charming and mysterious Roman to defend both the magical and human realms from numerous dangers.

The rich graphics of “H&H Roman Company”‘s art style are aesthetically spectacular and bring the story’s fantasy elements to life. The manhwa skillfully blends emotional moments with action-packed scenes to provide readers with a satisfying reading experience. “H&H Roman Company” has a devoted following and keeps readers interested in the realm of manhwa thanks to its captivating plot, well-developed characters, and stunning artwork. Fans of fantasy, romance, and adventure should read it because it takes them on a compelling trip to a place where the common and exceptional come together.

Author/Illustrator: Unavailable

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure.

Chapters: 52

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top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc
top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc

Love is an Illusion

The well-known manhwa series “Love is an Illusion” is renowned for its intriguing plots and endearing characters. That is one of the best BL manhwa (webtoons) with cold MC. The Fargo-authored manhwa has a devoted following and has become as a popular romantic novel. The protagonist of the tale is Kangun, an attractive and wealthy businessman who is well-known for leading a playboy lifestyle. But when he is unexpectedly tasked with caring for a little kid called Seyeon, everything is turned upside down. Kangun discovers himself having unexpected feelings for the boy’s uncle, Hanhae, as he attempts to adjust to his new duty as a guardian.

As Kangun and Hanhae’s relationship develops, “Love is an Illusion” addresses themes of love, family, and personal development. The manhwa skillfully captures the complexity of their feelings as well as the difficulties they encounter in a culture that frequently frowns upon same-sex unions. With intricate character designs and emotive images, Fargo’s artwork in “Love is an Illusion” is aesthetically pleasing and well communicates the feelings of the characters. The manhwa maintains a mix between humorous and touching scenarios to keep readers engaged and emotionally committed in the narrative. “Love is an Illusion” has won readers over with its examination of love and self-discovery because to its intriguing plot, well-developed characters, and charming artwork. Fans of romance and LGBTQ+ topics must read it.

Author/Illustrator: Fargo

Genres: Romance, LGBTQ+.

Chapters: 116

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top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc
top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc

Out of Control

An exciting manhwa series called “Out of Control” blends science fiction, thriller, and mystery themes. The gripping storyline in this manhwa by Bboong keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The protagonist of the novel is Yuri, a talented hacker who lives in a society where cutting-edge technology is used on a daily basis. Yuri is caught up in a hazardous scheme involving significant firms and covert groups as her life takes an unexpected turn. Yuri learns startling revelations about her identity and the world she thought she knew as she ponders the riddles surrounding her life.

Readers are taken on a fast-paced adventure in “Out of Control” that is full of exciting action scenes, surprising story turns, and challenging issues. The manhwa investigates the moral ramifications of technological advancement, the effects of corporate greed, and the battle for individual freedom in a dystopian future. The “Out of Control” artwork by Bboong is aesthetically striking and has dynamic images that vividly depict the high-stakes action and future atmosphere. The manhwa skillfully combines elaborate character designs, rich settings, and action-packed battle sequences to produce an immersive visual experience.

“Out of Control” has a loyal following thanks to its compelling plot, captivating world-building, and stunning artwork. The book continues to captivate readers with its fascinating tale. It offers a fascinating examination of a dystopian future where the border between people and technology blurs, making it a must-read for fans of science fiction, action, and suspense.

Author/Illustrator: Bboong

Genres: Sci-fi, Thriller, Mystery.

Chapters: 82

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top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc

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top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc


Popular Korean comic “Sign” belongs to the “boylove” subgenre, commonly known as BL or Yaoi. It is a genre where male characters engage in love or sexual relationships. Manhwas with LGBTQ+ themes and relationships, such as “Sign,” is written expressly for those who like reading them. In “Sign,” two male protagonists explore their romantic affection for one another and form a strong emotional bond. The story frequently focuses on their individual quests for understanding and acceptance as well as the difficulties they encounter navigating their social interactions.

Boylove manhwas frequently features a variety of topics and subgenres, such as slice-of-life, drama, romance, and even fantasy or paranormal aspects. They are renowned for their nuanced plotting, intriguing character creation, and the examination of nuanced relationships and emotions. The boylove genre is intended for older audiences because of its explicit content and concepts, despite the fact that “Sign” may have a distinctive plot and cast of characters. It is important to approach these stories with an awareness of and respect for the LGBTQ+ community, even though their goals are to provide representation and examine various relationships.

Author: Ker

Genres: Mature, Smut, Comedy, Drama, Romance , Slice of Life

Chapters: 115

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top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc
top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc

The Summit

Popular boylove manhwa “The Summit” has drawn interest from readers who enjoy the subgenre. The journey of two male characters as they negotiate their relationship and personal development is followed in this manhwa. Han Jihae, a gifted teenage pianist, and Lee Dongjun, a fascinating and intriguing character, are central to the plot of “The Summit.” When Jihae, who has experienced pain in the past, is given the task of tutoring Dongjun, their paths intersect. Their bond grows stronger as they spend more time together, resulting in a developing romance.

The manhwa explores issues including self-discovery, moving over trauma, and the difficulties people confront in same-sex relationships. In order to help the protagonists negotiate their emotions and pursue acceptance, it tackles the emotional challenges and social constraints they face. “The Summit” is renowned for its gripping narrative, richly detailed characters, and beautiful artwork that vividly depicts the feelings and relationships. It has won over readers’ attention with its intriguing story turns and moving passages, making it a well-liked work in the boy-love genre.

It is critical to approach boylove manhwas like “The Summit” and others with an awareness of and respect for the LGBTQ+ community. While it is important to recognize them as works of fiction and keep in mind the realities of actual people, these stories seek to portray and explore varied relationships.

Author: Lee Young Hee

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life

Chapters: 54

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top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc

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top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc

A Guy Like You

Popular boylove manhwa “A Guy Like You” has developed a devoted following among genre aficionados. The mystical mystery, romance, and themes of personal development are all explored in this manhwa. Follow the journey of Go Siwon, a young guy in “A Guy Like You,” as he begins to encounter weird and unpleasant events after moving into his new apartment. He soon learns that his home is haunted by the ghost of a guy by the name of Han Jihae. They develop a close bond that goes beyond the realms of life and death as Siwon looks into the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Jihae’s death.

The manhwa explores their complicated connection as Siwon and Jihae deal with supernatural elements, unearth Jihae’s previous secrets, and face their developing affections for one another. It tackles the importance of human connection as well as themes of love, loss, and redemption. The film “A Guy Like You” is renowned for its compelling narrative, moody visuals, and the complexity of its characters’ emotions. It combines aspects of romance, mystery, and the paranormal to produce a distinctive and captivating story that hooks readers.

It is crucial to approach “A Guy Like You” with knowledge and respect for LGBTQ+ themes and relationships, as with any boylove manhwa. The manhwa tries to provide representation and explore many experiences, but it is important to recognize that it is a work of fiction and keep in mind the experiences of actual people.

Author: Js / Waje

Illustrator: Waje

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Tragedy

Chapters: 85

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top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc
top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc


Popular manhwa serial Jinx has grown a sizable fan base in the Korean comics industry. Manhwa, a term used to describe South Korean comics, has its own distinctive aesthetic and narrative strategies. In specifically, Jinx concentrates on the Boys’ Love (BL) subgenre, which examines romantic connections between male protagonists. Two major characters who become involved in a thrilling and emotional journey of love, self-discovery, and personal development are at the center of Jinx BL’s story. The show frequently explores the complexities of human emotions and the difficulties the characters confront as they manage their budding romance.

The combination of romance, drama, and occasionally even humor offered by Jinx BL results in a gripping story that enthralls readers. The manhwa’s illustrations frequently have lovely character designs and rich backdrops that help the story come to life. The appeal of Jinx can is ascribed to its compelling narrative, likable characters, and capacity to deal with LGBTQ+ themes in a courteous and sensitive way. Readers who value diverse representation and enjoy learning about various facets of romance and relationships have found it to be appealing. Overall, Jinx BL is a mesmerizing manhwa series that has developed a devoted following as a result of its intriguing plots, enduring characters, and capacity to explore the complexities of love and personal development.

Author: Mingwa

Genres: Yaoi/BL, Drama, Romance, Mature

Chapters: 34

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top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc
top best bl manhwa (webtoons) with cold mc