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Top Best Camping Stoves

1. Coleman Classic Propane, 2. Camp Chef Everest, 3. Coleman Triton, 4. Eureka Ignite Plus, 5. Jetboil Genesis Basecamp, 6. Eureka SPRK+ Butane, 7. GSI Selkirk 540, 8. Camp Chef Outdoorsman, 9. MSR WindBurner Combo System, 10. 2X Rainier. If you plan to go camping for a few days with your family or friends, a conventional stove might not be the best option for meal cooking. No worry, though, as the market has a sector of contemporary stoves that is tailored specifically for camping trips. Check out Toplist’s recommendation of the best camping stoves right away!

  1. Coleman Classic Propane
  2. Camp Chef Everest
  3. Coleman Triton
  4. Eureka Ignite Plus
  5. Jetboil Genesis Basecamp
  6. Eureka SPRK+ Butane
  7. GSI Selkirk 540
  8. Camp Chef Outdoorsman
  9. MSR WindBurner Combo System
  10. 2X Rainier

Coleman Classic Propane

This item opens our list of the best camping stoves. For many years, hikers have relied on Coleman stoves due to their simplicity and dependability. And now, the brand has released the Coleman Classic Propane, which is their entry-level camping stove that is on sale for less than $50. In comparison to the more costly Coleman Triton (which also appears on this list), the Coleman Classic Propane is clearly the less expensive alternative. Bear in mind, though, that this item is neither sturdy nor durable (which is understandable, given the price tag).

Our test of its cooking performance confirms our first impressions. The Classic is marginally less powerful than the Triton and suffers from inconsistent flame performance over the spectrum – despite the PerfectFlow label. But do not worry though; at roughly $50, it is still a sufficient burner for any recreational outdoor activities, easily serving up to 10 people. Also, while it lacks the dexterity of a high-end device, this stove is more than capable of boiling hot water, frying steaks, and grilling vegetables.

Ratings: 4.8 stars (from 19,314 reviews)

Price: $53

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top best camping stoves

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top best camping stoves

Camp Chef Everest

Camp Chef Everest is among the most renowned and well-established models in the field of camping stoves, which offers an unmatched hybrid of cooking power, ease, and excellent durability. In terms of productivity, you have two huge burners that provide lots of heat (about 20,000 BTUs each) and also include a great simmer mode for cooking more complex and varied dishes.

When you combine useful elements together – like a handy strap and locking lid, wind-blocking side shields, a nickel-coated grilling grate, and a manageable 12-pound weight – you will have an exceptionally well-appointed and competent design.

Along with the normal Everest model, the Camp Chef Everest now offers an improved 2X version. For an additional $43, the Everest 2X will lead to minor increases in wind sturdiness, as well as a somewhat more contemporary appearance and feel. However, considering the similarities in production and overall performance of both versions, the majority of campers will find the price difference unjustifiable.

Ratings: 4.7 stars (from 3244 reviews)

Price: $149.99

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top best camping stoves
top best camping stoves

Source: Overton’s

Coleman Triton

The Coleman Triton stove combines excellent cooking power and dependability with a sub-$100 price tag. Two powerful, fully customizable 11,000 BTU burners are mounted on the tabletop and operate on a normal 16-ounce propane canister. With a good simmer control and a strong output at full power, the Coleman Triton is one of the few burners in its budget range capable of cooking a variety of dishes. And last but not least, the Triton’s 11-pound heft and manageable dimensions make it simple to travel and store in a vehicle or at home.

How about Coleman Triton’s drawbacks? In our opinion, professional cooks may choose to switch to more polished equipment with more accuracy, such as the Ignite Plus or Camp Chef Everest seen above. Also, the cooking area of this product is limited in comparison to premium countertops. Having said that, it is still spacious enough for most meals and can easily handle two 10-inch pots side by side.

Ratings: 4.7 stars (from 3211 reviews)

Price: $84.99

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top best camping stoves

Source: REI

top best camping stoves

Eureka Ignite Plus

Eureka Ignite Plus is among the most well-rounded models on the market, including a sturdy structure, precise simmer control, and a spacious 23-inch cooking surface capable of accommodating larger pots and pans.

Unlike many of its more affordable competitors, the Eureka Ignite Plus has a push-button ignition, which protects your hands from strong blasts of flame and speeds up the preparation process. That is a feature that many people appreciate while setting up their camps. When all of the aforementioned components are added together, the Eureka resembles a high-end desktop camping stove.

However, we still have to mention that the Eureka Ignite Plus falls short in one critical area: value. For $65 less, you may consider the Coleman Triton, which has a higher output per burner at 11,000 BTUs. Also, the Camp Chef Everest above provides double the BTUs at the same price. But in comparison, the Triton omits the push-button ignition, while the Ignite Plus features a more durable design that will withstand frequent usage and abuse.

Ratings: 4.7 stars (from 273 reviews)

Price: $123.96

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top best camping stoves

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top best camping stoves

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Jetboil Genesis Basecamp

Jetboil has always been well known for its lightweight hiking stove systems. And with its latest model, the Jetboil Genesis Basecamp System, the brand made a significant entrance into the camping sector.

The idea behind this Jetboil Genesis Basecamp model is unique: it is the first all-in-one camping system. Two burners, a pan, and a pot are included, and everything nests nicely for compact storage. Apart from a 16 oz. propane container, the whole weight of the stove is below 9 pounds, which is less than practically every stove on our list. Even better, the simmer control and output of the burners are outstanding – and by catering to good storing space for their saucepans, there is minimal fuel waste.

Despite these glowing reviews, the system’s $390 price tag seems excessive – particularly when compared to cheaper alternatives such as the Eureka Ignite Plus. The Ignite Plus costs only half as much (even less), has the same burning power, and is only approximately 2.5 pounds heavier. For $200, the Jetboil brand does offer the Genesis HalfGen System for people who want to consider other options. However, this model contains just one burner, and is thus less adaptable.

Ratings: 4.5 stars (from 90 reviews)

Price: $389.95

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top best camping stoves

Source: Backpacking & Camping Stoves

top best camping stoves

Eureka SPRK+ Butane

To begin, this Eureka stove is not designed for serious camp cooks or large-group cookouts. However, the Eureka SPRK+ Butane is a reasonably priced single burner that works well when used sparingly or as a backup. The stove fits a small teapot or kettle (up to 12 in.) and works excellently for its size. In addition, we like the adjustable feet it provides, which help level the device. The item also comes in a slightly recessed shape for added wind protection.

As the name implies, the Eureka SPRK+ Butane is powered by butane – which is not as prevalent as green propane canisters. Also, since butane has difficulty operating in low temps (around and below zero), it is less adaptable than the gas and liquid-fuel systems on our list. Nonetheless, the SPRK+ is a very well-rounded butane model, easily outperforming Coleman’s renowned model “Butane Insta-start” in terms of heat intensity, weight, and weather protection.

Overall, this is an excellent option for taking along on your trips, especially if your meals are handled over a campfire. But keep in mind that you will have to use extra tools for immediate tasks like boiling water.

Ratings: 4.6 stars (from 48 reviews)

Price: $59.95

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top best camping stoves
top best camping stoves

GSI Selkirk 540

One of the most recent burners on the market, GSI Selkirk 540 is a direct rival in both price and performance to the Eureka Ignite Plus and Camp Chef Everest.

To begin, here is some excellent news: this burner is one of the most economical options ( at $140) and is packed with modern features, like push-button ignition, micro control valves for fine-tuning the flame, and enough capacity for two bigger pans or pots put side by side. Even better, the GSI Selkirk 540 mastered the intricate details with an integrated and easy-to-grab handle, a powder-coated body, and enough windscreens to prevent mild breezes.

So, where is Selkirk lacking in comparison to its rivals? The first shortcoming is the lack of a cooking area, which is a few inches less than what the Ignite Plus and Everest provide. Also, the Ignite can link to a secondary Eureka or Jetboil burner to maximize efficiency and speed while cooking more complex meals. The GSI, on the other hand, does not boast such settings.

Ratings: 4.2 stars (from 46 reviews)

Price: $139.95

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top best camping stoves

Source: GSI Outdoors

top best camping stoves

Camp Chef Outdoorsman

When it comes to burner performance, you will not find a better value for your money than these Camp Chef Outdoorsman stoves. Each of the two heaters generates a massive 60,000 BTUs, making them an excellent match for large-group camp gatherings or even emergency usage at home. Also, the stove is fast to erect, and its robust legs are independently adjustable (and also detachable) to accommodate uneven terrain.

However, in order to keep the price low, the Camp Chef Outdoorsman has to sacrifice several attributes: there is no drive lighting, and the grills are less covered and more open to wind than those found on more luxury models.

It is important to note in the original draft, we had intended to feature the Camp Chef’s Explorer in this article, which has a very similar general appearance with the Outdoorsman but is $75 less expensive. The Explorer, on the other hand, is less efficient with three 30,000 BTU heaters and was difficult to find, and that is why we decided to omit it in the end. Both stoves are essentially straightforward, but their simplicity makes them ideal for a variety of Camp Chef accessories, such as a BBQ box, skillet, or pizza oven.

Ratings: 4.4 stars (from 29 reviews)

Price: $199.95

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top best camping stoves

Source: Camp Chef

top best camping stoves

Source: Youtube, Survival Mindset

MSR WindBurner Combo System

Many people have used MSR stoves on backpacking trips all over the globe. However, their lightweight and compact designs make them unsuitable for vehicle camping. The MSR WindBurner Combo System is a solution to this problem. This entire kit contains one of MSR’s most powerful canister burners – the WindBurner – as well as a 2.5-liter pan and an 8-inch griddle for group cooking. The attachments will directly connect to the stove, allowing for efficient cookery and equal heat distribution in windy circumstances.

To be precise, the MSR WindBurner Combo System cannot match the production or overall culinary capabilities often seen in the standard camping stoves mentioned above. The device has a single tiny burner, requires WindBurner-specific saucepans, and produces far less heat. It also has a shorter burn period than a propane-powered stove. Still, what this WindBurner stove does really well is that it bridges the realms of hiking and car camping: this device can accommodate the tiny 1-liter pot (available separately) and then pull out the cookware required for camping.

Ratings: 4.4 stars (from 13 reviews)

Price: $279.95

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top best camping stoves
top best camping stoves

Source: Overland Kitted

2X Rainier

This item rounds up our list of the best camping stoves. While the majority of tabletop stoves on our list contain two normal burners, 2X Rainier deviates from the norm, by including a single heat source on one end, and an integrated aluminum griddle and spatula plate on the other. This may significantly speed up and improve the efficiency of preparing multi-component meals.

For instance, you may boil water for tea or coffee on one end of the oven, while cooking sausage and bacon on the other. Additionally, the remainder of the layout is well-thought-out, with robust windshields, a carbon steel pan, auto ignition, and adjustable flame.

As is the case with most fusion designs, adopting the 2X Rainier as your main camp stove entails certain trade-offs. Notably, the grill component consumes around two-thirds of the cooking area, which may be inconvenient if your dinner requires more than one pan, pot, or kettle. For optimum adaptability, we suggest purchasing a regular two-burner stove (such as Camp Chef’s Outdoorsman seen above) and exchanging auxiliary tops.

Ratings: 4.5 stars (from 13 reviews)

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top best camping stoves


top best camping stoves

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