Top Best Chicago Summer Festivals

1. Lollapalooza, 2. Northalsted Market Days, 3. Pitchfork Music Festival, 4. Chicago Blues Festival, 5. Ribfest, 6. Lincoln Park Wine Festival, 7. Ravenswood on Tap, 8. Bucktown Arts Fest, 9. St. Patrick’s Day, 10. World Music Festival Chicago. In Chicago, every month is festival month since the city hosts yearly events that feature top-tier performers, chefs, and artists. The city has distinctive celebrations and festivals throughout the year that will appeal to a wide range of tourists. The greatest festivals in Chicago provide an abundance of entertainment, which is a crucial aspect of the city's personality. So don't wait to discover the Best Chicago Summer Festivals.

  1. Lollapalooza
  2. Northalsted Market Days
  3. Pitchfork Music Festival
  4. Chicago Blues Festival
  5. Ribfest
  6. Lincoln Park Wine Festival
  7. Ravenswood on Tap
  8. Bucktown Arts Fest
  9. St. Patrick’s Day
  10. World Music Festival Chicago


One of the Best Chicago Summer Festivals is the famed Lollapalooza. Every August during the 4-day spectacle, the event draws over 160,000 visitors to Grant Park, which is located in the shadow of downtown Chicago. The top-notch performers, who perform in genres including EDM, reggae, heavy metal, and alternative rock, appeal to music aficionados of all tastes. Numerous outstanding visual artists, culinary vendors, and VIP experiences will be present in addition to the music.

Upgrade to a cabana if you’re feeling upscale to avoid the huge throng and take advantage of the best viewing areas. It might be difficult to get to and from the event, so consider using an Uber or the CTA system of public transportation. The Chicago location of the original and flagship Lollapalooza often experiences rapid ticket sales.

Less than three hours after festival organizers unveiled the roster for the four-day music event, the one-day passes were all gone. Due to this issue, some who are unable to purchase the passes attempt to obtain them through alternate channels like Craigslist and StubHub. This is a typical technique, although the costs on these websites are frequently much higher.

Location: Grant Park, Chicago, US

Event time: July

Capacity: 100,000

Ticket price: $125

top best chicago summer festivals


top best chicago summer festivals

Northalsted Market Days

One of the most welcoming Best Chicago Summer Festivals in the United States is Northalsted Market Days. The week-long celebration, which takes place in the Chicago neighborhood of Northalsted, sometimes known as “Boystown,” is a riot of color. Numerous original artists and craftspeople are featured, along with DJ booths, live music, food trucks, and inventive drinks. To enjoy this high-energy celebration with 100,000 other like-minded guests, make sure to look your best and fill up on coffee.

It may become quite hot in August in Chicago, so be prepared with drink, sunscreen, and lightweight beachwear. Bring $10 in cash as well for the admission donation that is community-focused. The CTA Red, Brown, and Purple lines are the best ways to get to Northalsted Market Days because parking might be difficult to get by.

You should take public transit because of the excessive car traffic. You may look up hotels close to the Red, Brown, and Purple Line Stations of the CTA. These trains stop two blocks from the event at the Belmont station. cab services Additionally, there are taxis, Uber, Lyft, and Divvy bikes for rent in Chicago. Please be aware that the Addison & Halsted Southeast corner is the designated Ride Share pickup and drop-off area.

Location: N. Halsted Street, between Belmont and Addison, 3400 N Halsted St. Chicago IL

Event time: Wed, January 5, 2022 thru Fri, January 7

Ticket price: $10

top best chicago summer festivals


top best chicago summer festivals

Pitchfork Music Festival

Serious music fans may enjoy jam sessions and a gorgeous summer day in Chicago at the Pitchfork Music Festival. You won’t find crazy crowds or fireworks here; instead, you’ll discover a carefully chosen roster of outstanding bands with a strong emphasis on the indie subgenre.

There are several delectable food stalls, non-profit booths, and even a pop-up craft fair present in addition to the over 40 acts who are ripping up the stages. On the lush hills of Union Park, the Pitchfork Music Festival is held every year. Bring a lawn chair so you may rest your feet after dancing for a while. Although a number of CTA stations converge in the park, biking to the event is a popular local custom that you should try.

The Pitchfork Festival features food, drink, artwork, and concert posters from local, regional, and international merchants in addition to music. Additionally, CHIRP Radio, a community radio station in Chicago, organizes and runs a record fair as part of the Pitchfork Festival.

Location: Chicago’s Union Park

Event time: July 15-17

Ticket price: $151

top best chicago summer festivals
top best chicago summer festivals


Chicago Blues Festival

For years, the Chicago Blues Festival has been a mainstay of the city’s music industry, bringing in top-tier Motown, funk, and soul performers to honor these distinctive musical genres. This event, held in Millennium Park, will have you doing the “boogie-woogie” throughout the course of a June weekend.

With a diverse lineup of piano experts, soul singers, funk folklorists, and occasionally even a harpist, you’ll find some one-of-a-kind, unanticipated jewels. Purchase food and beverages from the neighborhood vendors to support this fantastic celebration. Also, have a look at the several informational stations that highlight the development and history of blues music in Chicago.

The Chicago Blues Festival promotes the rich musical history of Chicago-born music while highlighting the genre’s contributions to soul, R&B, gospel, rock, hip hop, and more. The festival’s broad program celebrates the blues’ past, present, and future. Since the Great Migration from the South, and notably the Mississippi Delta area, in search of progress and better professional opportunities for musicians, Chicago has a long and illustrious history with the blues.

Location: Millennium Park, Michigan Ave. & Columbus Ave.

Event time: June 9–12

Ticket price: Free

top best chicago summer festivals
top best chicago summer festivals


Chicago hosts the annual Ribfest to bring together barbecue enthusiasts from all over the world at Irving Park. It is one of the Best Chicago Summer Festivals. There should be something for every member of the family with more than 60 local merchants smoking, grilling, and slathering up your favorite meats.

Ribfest, which is typically held in mid-June, is more than simply a culinary attraction. It is a well-known music event that attracts both local and international artists. A kids’ square and playground, picnic games, and even People’s Choice Awards for things like the Best Ribs are all available for family enjoyment. After the celebration, walk off the excess in Horner Park, which is located along the Chicago River.

Ribfest Chicago, which has been covered by regional and international media, invites all Chicago-area restaurant BBQ chefs to compete for the honor of “Best Ribs” and “People’s Choice.” Despite the fact that ribs are king, Ribfest Chicago is also a well-known indie music festival with two stages that play unique music from top local and international bands.

Location: DuPage Event Center and Fairgrounds in Wheaton, IL.

Event time: June 17 through June 20

Ticket price: $188 to $235

top best chicago summer festivals
top best chicago summer festivals

Lincoln Park Wine Festival

The Lincoln Park Wine Festival, the city’s finest event for tasting wines from all over the world, is held at Jonquil Park each June. With over 90 wineries participating, you may try a delicious Malbec from Argentina, a dry Pino Grigio from New Zealand, and a crisp Chenin Blanc from Spain all in the same day. Just be sure to accompany your wine selections with a delectable cheese platter or hors d’oeuvres from one of the participating neighborhood eateries.

A wide range of jazz and rock bands will accompany the Lincoln Park Wine Festival, igniting your Friday night. The pricing structure for tickets is tiered; the more you spend, the more tasting tickets you receive. If you didn’t buy enough tickets in advance, don’t worry; you can always buy more there. The CTA subway or ridesharing are the best ways to get to the park. The highlight is the several varieties that will be featured during paid wine tastings.

Location: Jonquil Park, 1001 W. Wrightwood Ave Chicago Illinois

Event time: Fri, October 7, 2022 thru Sun, October 9

Ticket price: $40–$50, VIP $99

top best chicago summer festivals
top best chicago summer festivals

Ravenswood on Tap

The Chicago festival for craft beer enthusiasts is Ravenswood on Tap. Due to its high number of breweries, the festival strip in the charming Ravenswood neighborhood, where Band of Bohemia and Empirical Brewery are local favorites, is appropriately named “Malt Row.” Spend the day drinking from a wide variety of beers while exploring the charming tree-lined boulevards with companions.

Ravenswood has a strong neighborhood presence, with scores of local eateries, artists, and musicians expressing their heritage and talents. Every year in mid-June, the 2-day Ravenswood on Tap festival expands in scope thanks to the entry of new artisan distilleries. Although you may purchase drink tickets in advance, you need bring cash because credit cards are not accepted.

Bosphorus, Deep Field Aromatics, Folk That, Ground Up Press, Nomadic Ant, Six Point Pet, and more are just a few of the vendors. Axe tossing, activities, homebrew samples from Gnome Brew, drop-in dancing lessons from The Hive, and unique Malt Row merchandise are all available.

Location: 1770 W Berteau Ave Chicago, IL 60613 United States

Event time: June 11 – 12

Ticket price: $8

top best chicago summer festivals
top best chicago summer festivals

Bucktown Arts Fest

Visit your neighborhood and take in Bucktown Arts Fest, a community-driven art event. The festival was started in the 1980s by four local artists who wanted to share and celebrate their work. Since then, it has become a popular Chicago destination. The event is entirely operated by volunteers, and admission is free. The neighborhoods of Bucktown and Wicker Park receive full financing, development, and support for arts education.

The festival’s highlights include ceramics mainstay Bella Joy Pottery, whose colorful coffee cup designs make excellent gifts for the holidays, and Mosaic Art Professionals, where you can get hands-on instruction in creating a mosaic pattern. A plethora of delectable food trucks, beer tents, and booths for local organizations are scattered across the festival grounds and accompany the performances.

The Bucktown Arts Fest is a community festival of the arts that is managed entirely by volunteers and is nonprofit. All festival revenues go to activities for arts education in Holstein Park and in the Bucktown and Wicker Park neighborhoods.

Location: across from Holstein Park in Senior Citizens Park

Event time: August, 27-28

Ticket price: $15

top best chicago summer festivals


top best chicago summer festivals

St. Patrick’s Day

Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day is a genuine spring carnival, with everyone dressed festively in green attire to honor the city’s strong Irish American past. Start your day by taking in the spectacular sight of the Chicago River being dyed a distinctive brilliant green. Following this is the outrageous St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which has bagpipers, marching bands, magnificently adorned floats, and of course, Irish step dancers.

The real appeal of St. Patrick’s Day is the chance to hang out with friends while drinking a few pints of Guinness and savoring delectable food in Irish pubs. The ancient Galway Arms and whiskey-focused Lady Gregory’s are two local bars you must visit. Because of the festival’s popularity, it’s crucial to reserve lodging much in advance.

Outside of the festival, think about getting the affordable Go Chicago pass, which grants you access to the city’s renowned tourist sites. Make sure to arrive early for a good perspective and to observe the unionists at work from different boats. A large crowd of onlookers line the Chicago Riverwalk along the bridges between State and Columbus as the river dying gets underway early.

Location: Balbo and Columbus Drive proceeding north to Monroe Street

Event time: Saturday, March 12, 2022

top best chicago summer festivals
top best chicago summer festivals

World Music Festival Chicago

The city of Chicago gave the Chicago World Music Festival its full support when it was formed in the late 1990s. The initial plan was to introduce Chicagoans to international artists. It was intended to educate and inspire a new generation of dancers and musicians.

The focus of the many years of showcasing international musicians has not just been on well-known figures in pop culture, but has also been on giving a stage and a voice to people who may not otherwise have the means to reach such a large audience. The Chicago World Music Festival brings together people from all around the world to showcase traditional music.

The festival honors all people’s cultures, histories, and diversity in addition to music. The Chicago World Music Festival, which began in 1999, has developed into a beloved addition to Chicago’s extensive past. More than 80 different nations send musicians to play on this stage.

The festival lasts between five and ten days, with the main activities taking place over many weekends between August and October. It is a full month to appreciate the numerous musical delights the planet has to offer. The atmosphere is uplifted during the major events, especially on the weekends.

Location: Millennium Park and the Navy Pier

Event time: August

Ticket price: $150

top best chicago summer festivals


top best chicago summer festivals


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