Top Best Cities for Vegan Foods

1. Glasgow, 2. Wellington, 3. Zurich, 4. Paris, 5. Taipei. Are you a vegan who likes to travel in a city where vegan food is available at every corner of the street? Then Toplist has some good news for you: there are indeed places like that in the world! Toplist would like to introduce to you some of the best cities for vegan foods.

  1. Glasgow
  2. Wellington
  3. Zurich
  4. Paris
  5. Taipei


Multiple vegan pubs and bars can be found in Glasgow! This beautiful city was voted the most vegan-friendly town in the United Kingdom by PETA a few years ago. Even now, it is still regarded as one of the greatest locations to live in as a vegan. Hence, Glasgow deserves a spot on our list of the best cities for vegan foods.

There are many options to choose from. You may get a beer and vegan food at famous vegan pubs like Stereo, a complete breakfast or lunch at Soy Division, or some delicious delicacies at Mono! Even cafeterias, such as Saramago Café, offer a vegan variant of haggis patties (haggis is an extremely non-vegan Scottish meal), which arrive with pea, chips, mint puree, and tartare sauce. It is such a heaven on earth for vegans!

If you already live in Glasgow, then it is great! But if you are a tourist who wants to find a good hotel to stay in this vegan-friendly city, then we recommend Blythswood Plaza Hotel, one of the most vegan-friendly (and also so high-quality) hotels in this city.

Country: United Kingdom

top best cities for vegan foods

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top best cities for vegan foods


New Zealand, which is famous for many meat-related cuisines, never comes across to people’s minds as a country for vegans. But surprisingly, in recent years, it has surged in Google Search results as one of the most searched places for vegan foods! This is great news for New Zealand citizens (or those who afford enough money to travel to this country). You have another amazing option for summer holiday destinations this year!

And which city from New Zealand makes the cut, by the way? Most of you might have thought of Auckland. But instead, it is Wellington that makes it onto our list of the best cities for Vegan foods, which might come as a huge surprise to lots of you! But there are reasons behind its popularity; after all, Wellington has twice as many restaurants as Auckland (16 versus 4). Also, Wellington has 3,7 vegan eateries per person, whereas Auckland has just 1,1.

One of our highly recommended restaurants in Wellington is Sweet Release. Visit it for the best vegan delicacies ever!

Country: New Zealand

top best cities for vegan foods

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top best cities for vegan foods

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Similar to New Zealand, Switzerland, with lots of its meat-heavy food, never crossed our mind as a heaven for vegan foods. That is why its sudden popularity these years comes as a surprise to many people! Hence, it would be a crime to overlook Switzerland – and the Zurich city – when it comes to the best cities for vegan foods. If you can afford enough expenditure for a lengthy trip to Switzerland, do so right away, and we are certain you will not regret it one bit!

No longer are the days people can only see non-vegan restaurants in Zurich. In fact, this city is now a proud host of fifteen completely vegan eateries! Also, here is a lesser-known fact: Hiltl, the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant, is actually located in Zurich (which expanded to Tibits in London; however, this branch sadly had stopped its operation during Covid). Still not believe us? As per the Guinness Book, Hiltl is the most ancient vegetarian restaurant in continuous operation, having begun in 1898. Not bad for the city’s heritage!

If you do not know which restaurant to visit first, then we suggest you check out Hiltl first. In case you want some more modern eateries, then visitDapur, a 100 percent vegan Indonesian restaurant in Zurich.

Country: Switzerland

top best cities for vegan foods

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top best cities for vegan foods

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A few decades ago, France (and Paris in particular) may not have been considered by many as the most vegan-friendly nation. Luckily, the capital of France is undergoing a miraculous transformation! When we first visited Paris in 2016 as a vegan, it was difficult to locate plant-based food. But now, that has improved tremendously over the last six years. From Hank’s vegetarian burgers to Cafe Ginger’s vegan meals, Paris is becoming increasingly plant-based!

There are tons of options to choose from. You may enjoy some brunches at Le Jardin de Carolina, where they allow you to order a multi-course brunch buffet with delectable specialties such as a garbanzo and rice pancakes with cashew cream. It is also possible to enjoy ‘hard-boiled egg’ style avocado, and pancakes with hazelnut spread for special occasions!

For those who like French pastries, we suggest you visit VG Bakery, a typical French pastry business that is entirely vegan (they also deliver some gluten-free options). In fact, it is the number of vegan and vegetarian eateries in the 9th arrondissement of Paris that has earned it the nickname “Veggietown’!

Country: France

top best cities for vegan foods

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top best cities for vegan foods

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And here comes another favorite city of many vegans: Taipei! Taipei is, without a doubt, one of the greatest places on the planet for vegetarians – just as it was when we visited it a few years ago!

What has made Taipei one of the greatest locations for vegans? Even as far back as 2015, we were able to find vegetarian and vegan restaurants almost everywhere. Many vegans even exclaimed that they could not live anymore if one day Taipei stopped being a vegan-friendly haven.

In this city, you can find the vegan versions of almost every classic Taiwanese cuisine, most of which are available at Brother Su. Or, you could enjoy a gourmet meal at the vegetarian eatery Yu Shan Ge. Most customers are extremely pleased with how Yu Shan Ge serves the meals. Its typical menus begin with six dishes and might be a bit pricey by local standards, but certainly much cheaper than a similar dinner in London or New York.

Country: Taiwan

top best cities for vegan foods

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top best cities for vegan foods

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