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Top Best Cocktail Bars in Boston

1. Mahaniyom, 2. Gracie's Ice Cream, 3. Drink, 4. Yvonne’s, 5. Shore Leave. The Boston cocktail scene has grown in recent years and is now thriving with diversity and sophistication in some of our city's best bartending hotspots. Whether you're looking for a strong classic, a meticulously handcrafted concoction, an internationally inspired glass of wine or a playful slushie, you won't be disappointed. This is a list of the top 5 best cocktail bars in Boston that you should not miss.

  1. Mahaniyom
  2. Gracie’s Ice Cream
  3. Drink
  4. Yvonne’s
  5. Shore Leave


Mahaniyom takes first place in the list of best cocktail bars in Boston. Mahaniyom, tucked away in Brookline Village, provides an inviting neighborhood hangout for artfully crafted Western cocktails with an innovative Thai twist. Among the fun fusion drinks available at this bar are a chrysanthemum-infused gin and tonic and a rambutan-flavored martini. While the cocktails are reason enough to visit, round out your experience by ordering a few authentic Thai tapas to snack on while you sip.

They are a group of people passionate about great Thai food. Their dream is to create homegrown Thai food and craft cocktails that evoke what they call “hometown flavors” for friends and the community to enjoy. Their team includes people who have been in the restaurant industry for many years, including alumni from Shojo and Thai restaurants in Boston and on the West Coast.

Google Rating: 4.5/5.0

Address: 236 Washington StBrookline02445

Contact: 617-487-5986


top best cocktail bars in boston

top best cocktail bars in boston

Gracie’s Ice Cream

Gracie’s Ice Cream ranks second in the list of best cocktail bars in Boston. Earnest Drinks, located inside Gracie’s Ice Cream, is not your typical cocktail bar. It serves a full menu of cocktails, including alcoholic versions of your favorite parlor drinks. A Guinness stout float, a pandan and whisky frappe, or a Red Bull vodka slushie are all options. Although the allure of a sweet and boozy frozen beverage is difficult to resist, don’t overlook the Young Sirens Wail (a strawberry-whisky punch) or the refreshing Chris #2. (chilled Lillet, vodka and grapefruit).

By day, they’re a coffee shop, and by night, they’re a cocktail bar, all hidden inside Gracie’s Ice Cream in Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Consider ice cream in the front and a party in the back. Grab a cocktail before a show, or spend the night at the bar exploring their seasonal cocktail menus. While you’re here, order a hot dog or Best of Boston double mushroom vegetarian “steak” & cheese, a latte, and finish with some house-made ice cream.

Aaron Cohen, the brains behind the city’s Bacon and Beer Festival, and co-owner Ben Dryer have opened an outré ice cream shop in Union Square, cementing the neighborhood’s reputation as a haven for all things artisanal. The shop offers high-end flavors like Salty Whiskey, Guinness, and Black Raspberry Chip, with new flavors arriving on a regular basis. Top your scoop with the house-made Magic Shell, and definitely skip the cup in favor of a toasted Fluff cone.

Address: 22 Union SquareSomerville

Contact: 617-764-5294


top best cocktail bars in boston

top best cocktail bars in boston


For the personal approach to mixology, this underground bar has firmly established itself at the top of local and national cocktail enthusiasts’ must-see lists. Master bartenders present patrons with an ear to listen to each imbiber’s preferences, crafting artisinal tipples from their stock of premium spirits and mixers rather than a menu. Drink, a bar entirely dedicated to the craft of the cocktail, combines time-honored techniques and classic prohibition-era cocktails with modern innovation and the finest artisanal ingredients. Drink also has a thoughtful selection of white, red, and sparkling wines, as well as a variety of craft beer styles.

The interior of Drink, designed by Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz, reflects the rough­elegant industrial feel of the Fort Point neighborhood while also honoring the building’s fantastic history as a wool warehouse. Drink’s bar weaves throughout the room, creating six corners for guests to comfortably gather and enjoy some great tasting cocktails, inspired by the importance of community. They don’t want to limit your cocktail options, nor do they want you to waste time flipping through a thick book of endless lists. If you don’t have a favorite drink in mind, tell your bartender a few likes (or dislikes) and they’ll make you the perfect cocktail.

Address: 348 Congress StBoston02111

Contact: 617-695-1806


top best cocktail bars in boston

top best cocktail bars in boston


Yvonne’s ranked 4th in the list of best cocktail bars in Boston. How to replace Locke-Ober, the revered downtown wood-paneled institution that hosted a million three-martini lunches? To begin, Yvonne’s has preserved what is important: the 19th-century mahogany bar and the same clubby ambiance. But the new supper club, named after Locke Ober’s former members-only club downstairs, has a decidedly modern vibe. Crispy tater cubes, chicken quinoa meatballs, baked oysters, and popcorn brulee are among the inventive small plates. Cocktails on a grander scale (i.e. scorpion bowl-sized) like the Moscow Mule are lovingly crafted and best enjoyed in the separate Library Bar, a tome-tiered respite that invites you to imbibe like a Brahmin.

The new Yvonne’s space beneath the Library offers playful pop cultural references that comment on modern society, as well as a truly exclusive and intimate dining experience. Reservations for the Gallery, which has only seven tables, are extremely limited and only available by special request. The entrance is hidden behind a secret bookshelf at the back of the Library Lounge, away from Yvonne’s boisterous main floor. Guests can enjoy Yvonne’s award-winning menu and bar, including an exclusive selection of wine and champagne, downstairs among a small and intimate circle of VIP patrons.

Address: 2 Winter PlBoston02108

Contact: 617-267-0047


top best cocktail bars in boston

top best cocktail bars in boston

Shore Leave

Thanks to this South End watering hole, your tropical paradise is only a T ride away. Shore Leave’s bar menu features a variety of Tiki cocktails, including classics like the Mai Tai, Blue Hawaii, and Painkiller, as well as other creative, deliciously fruity concoctions that you’d love to slurp down while sunbathing on the beach. The interior is designed to give the impression of being on an exotic vacation, complete with a bamboo-accented bar and jungle-inspired design touches. Shore Leave’s tropical cocktails, named after a sailor’s leisure time on dry land, transport you away from the hustle and bustle.

They hope that this space, music, and, above all, their Shore Leave family make every moment here feel like watching the sun set with your feet in the sand. Shore Leave, located just off the main drag and just below the street in Boston’s South End, invites you to join us on our daily vacation. The team behind Bar Mezzana, which is located across the street, has created a Tiki destination in the South End. Chef Colin Lynch’s menu includes a variety of Pacific Rim dishes, including Asian and California-inspired fare. Tiki’s cocktail menu combines classics (Mai Tai, Zombie) with inventive, multi-component concoctions. The interior is designed to look like a tropical oasis, complete with a long, bamboo-accented bar and jungle-inspired design elements.

Google Rating: 4.4/5.0

Address: 11 William E Mullins WayBoston02118

Contact: 617-530-1775


top best cocktail bars in boston
top best cocktail bars in boston