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Top Best Desk Lamps to Buy

1. LEPOWER Eye-caring, 2. BenQ eReading, 3. Ikea Forsa, 4. Dyson Lightcycle Morph, 5. OttLite Dual-Shade. For most students who self-study at home, the best desk lamp is critical. This Toplist recommendation will introduce you to some of the best desk lamps to buy currently available. If you are in dire need of one, this article is for you!

  1. LEPOWER Eye-caring
  2. BenQ eReading
  3. Ikea Forsa
  4. Dyson Lightcycle Morph
  5. OttLite Dual-Shade

LEPOWER Eye-caring

If you are in dire need of the best desk lamps to buy, do not overlook the LEPOWER Eye-caring table lamp. It is an economical desk light that appears more stylish than the $25 pricing tag may imply. Hence, LEPOWER Eye-caring lamps have become extremely popular among users. Its matte finish provides a balance between classic and contemporary styles, making it suitable for a number of situations. In addition, its adjustable neck allows for practically any lighting direction you could want.

Because the light of this LEPOWER Eye-caring lamp does not have an integrated LED, you will need to purchase your own bulb. During your purchase, remember to pick a lightbulb with a programmable temp set that can adjust to your preference. Another option is a smart fluorescent bulb with hue and scheduling capabilities.

Another tactic is to use any extra lightbulb you store around the home. It might be a LED light bulb rated between 4 and 6 watts; an energy-saving bulb rated between 8 and 16 watts; or an incandescent bulb rated between 20 and 40 watts.

Ratings: 4.6 stars (from 9880 reviews)

Price: $21.99

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top best desk lamps to buy

Source: Amazon

top best desk lamps to buy

BenQ eReading

The BenQ eReading Desk Lamp is one of the best desk lamps to buy, because of the extent to which it can be customized. You may modify the tone of its illumination to be more chilly or warmer – depending on whether you are concentrating on your study or just leisurely reading some books. In addition, it can self-adjust due to built-in advanced devices that can sense the amount of ambient illumination.

Furthermore, the broad LED head of the BenQ eReading Desk Lamp provides excellent coverage, allowing you to see things clearly across the tabletop. It is also quite adaptable, with a ball joint linking the headpiece to the stands. There are also two additional segments on the stand that may be modified.

If your workplace is mildly toned, the lamp is available in a variety of colors to match such settings. Our only reservation is that the large head may be a hindrance on a tiny desk.

Ratings: 4.7 stars (from 938 reviews)

Price: $183.20

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top best desk lamps to buy

Source: Review Geek

top best desk lamps to buy

Source: BenQ America

Ikea Forsa

Ikea has always been well-known for its diverse array of furniture alternatives. However, in fact, Ikea does not only offer furniture; this giant Swedish retail chain also sells almost all you need to set up a workplace from your own home, and equipment for home education. For instance, the Ikea Forsa light (stylized FORS) is a popular option since it is available in a range of hues and charges less than $30.

The Forsa desk lamp from Ikea is crafted from sleek steel ,and it boasts a long and flexible arm. In addition, its spherical shade is adjustable, so you should find it easy to locate the precise angle you want. And, unlike other desk lamps that lack an integrated LED, Ikea provides a lightbulb with the Ikea Forsa, alleviating the trouble of locating an appropriate replacement bulb on your own. There is no assembly necessary, and you may plug it in immediately.

Ratings: 4.8 stars (from 18 reviews)

Price: $29.99

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top best desk lamps to buy

Source: IKEA

top best desk lamps to buy

Dyson Lightcycle Morph

Dyson Lightcycle Morph earns a spot on the list due to its creative design and cutting-edge technology. When paired with a smart device, this lighting automatically changes its brightness based on the time of day – and may also be modified in terms of thermal and brightness through the settings underneath the lamp head.

It boasts a three-point revolve motion for further versatility, and the head may even be screwed into the stems for storage or to generate a lower ambient light level. You may pick from pre-set programs such as Study, Relax, and Precision, or make your own customized mode using the heat and brightness settings. In addition, the lamp incorporates a motion sensor, which, when activated, will turn it back on when you sit at your desk.

The main disadvantage of Dyson Lightcycle Morph is the price, which is rather high for a light – as well as the fact that it requires Bluetooth connectivity and does not support Wi-Fi. As a result, you have no control over it after you leave the house.

Ratings: 3.9 stars (from 13 reviews)

Price: $29

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top best desk lamps to buy

Source: British GQ

top best desk lamps to buy

Source: Youtube, Dyson

OttLite Dual-Shade

Most of us often aim to buy a single desk light for our desks. However, just ask yourself this question: why purchase a single desk light when you can have two integrated into one? Indeed, the OttLite Dual-shade Desk Lamp combines two prongs of integrated LED illumination with touchscreen and temperature settings in a single base. With these contemporary and upgraded layouts, you may direct light to two distinct workplaces – such as your laptop and documents – which you are reviewing concurrently.

For only $40, the OttLite Dual-shade Desk Lamp is among the finest multitasking desk lamps currently available on the market. After all, it is extremely compact and lightweight, providing a contemporary aesthetic to an intelligently adept fixture.

If you often want some lighting in several locations on your desk – or just wish that your existing desk lamp had better coverage, this is likely the best option (or lamp substitute) on our list for you.

Ratings: 4.8 stars (from 12 reviews)

Price: $54.99 – $64.99

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top best desk lamps to buy

Source: OttLite

top best desk lamps to buy

Source: Cymax