Top Best Diving Sites In Fiji

1. Beqa Lagoon, 2. Yasawa Islands, 3. Somosomo Strait, 4. Kadavu Island, 5. Bligh Waters, 6. The Supermarket, 7. The Mamanucas. Fiji is a world-class location that should be on every diver's bucket list. It is known as the "soft coral capital of the world." Divers gather here because the coral reefs are some of the most colorful on the planet. Fiji has everything you could want in terms of aquatic life. This place is an underwater naturalist's dream, with world-famous shark dives (bulls, tigers, and reef sharks) as well as rays, turtles, and over 1,200 different species of fish. Continue reading to learn about some of the best diving sites in Fiji.

  1. Beqa Lagoon
  2. Yasawa Islands
  3. Somosomo Strait
  4. Kadavu Island
  5. Bligh Waters
  6. The Supermarket
  7. The Mamanucas

Beqa Lagoon

Beqa Lagoon is the most well-known of Fiji’s tourist attractions. Beqa Lagoon, sometimes known as the Pacific’s “Shark Capital,” is located in Pacific Harbour on Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu. This lovely lagoon, located south of Viti Levu, has over 100 different dive sites to select from, offering something for every style of scuba diver. Explore the sunken shipwreck in Carpet Cove or see colorful soft corals at Caesar’s Rocks. Shark Reef Marine Reserve, a protected refuge home to eight different shark species, is also worth a visit for adventurous divers.

Beqa Island is a popular destination for tourists looking to get right into the water without flying to the outer islands. When you dive from your Fiji diving resort, you can explore a range of locations such as pinnacles and bommies, bordering reefs, and even a wreck or two.

While the lagoon diving at Beqa Island is not the greatest in Fiji, it is among the best in Viti Levu, with many satisfied scuba divers returning year after year. It is aslo one of the best diving sites in Fiji. You won’t find the same diversity or quantity of reef fish as in Nigali or the soft corals of Namena in the Koro Sea, but there is plenty of reef life here, including countless fish, sharks, and octopus, as well as some massive fans and healthy soft corals.

If you want to go shark diving in Fiji, this is the best place to go. You may swim with whitetip sharks, tawny nurses, bull sharks, and tiger sharks. Shark dives are conducted every day, and you may expect to see up to 50 bull sharks in a single dive. If you don’t want to dive with bull sharks, you can also dive with tiger sharks, silver tip, grey, white tip, or black tip reef sharks, lemon sharks, and many other species. Shark diving at Beqa Lagoon is something that every diver should do at least once in their lives.

The lagoon boasts about 100 square miles of pure blue water encircled by 30 solid kilometers of barrier reef. This makes it one of the largest barrier reefs in the planet. Because of this geographical characteristic, the water temperature in Beqa Lagoon stays at 26°C for the most of the year, and there are only gentle currents.

top best diving sites in fiji

top best diving sites in fiji

Yasawa Islands

The volcanic Yasawa Islands are home to some of Fiji’s best scuba diving. It is considered one of the best diving sites in Fiji. There are many of diving sites spread among the 20 islands, but Barefoot Manta Island has to be the most amazing. The Yasawa Islands are located north of the Mamanuca Island group and to the north-east of Viti Levu, the major island. The diving in the Yasawa Islands is appropriate for divers of all levels of skill and budgets, from backpacker to eco-lodge to 5 star luxury.

The islands are volcanic in origin and have a spectacular appearance, with peaks varying in height from 250 to 600 meters. Of course, this means that the subaquatic topography will be as dramatic, complete with walls, gullies, and swim-throughs. Add in the fact that most of the islands have surrounding reefs – code for colorful coral reef dives in shallower water and often excellent snorkeling; low populations – code for little pollution and strong visibility; and deep water close to shore – code for a good possibility of spotting pelagics!

Fortunately, there are resorts ranging from ultra-luxury (yes, that is a word) to locally owned and operated all throughout the islands, with a number of resorts in all price ranges having their own dive center, which tends to be small and personal. You may do everything from snorkeling with clownfish, manta rays, and sharks to diving through caverns and swim-throughs to volunteering to remove Crown of Thorns sea stars on the several Yasawa Islands.

top best diving sites in fiji
top best diving sites in fiji

Somosomo Strait

Somosomo Strait, which runs between Taveuni Island and Vanua Levu, is known as the world’s soft coral capital. This is one of the best diving sites in Fiji. The Somosomo Strait, which connects Taveuni Island and Vanua Levu, is one of Fiji’s most well-known dive locations, with dive resorts serving it. The strait is nearly solely responsible for Fiji’s designation as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World.”

Rainbow Reef is a popular dive location with bright sheets of pink and orange corals that live up to their name. The Great White Wall, a 25-meter-deep coral wall that reaches as far as the eye can see, is located on Rainbow’s south side. Divers flock to Somosomo strait for the profusion of marine life, in addition to enjoying the reef. Manta rays, sharks, and even barracudas are frequently seen in the seas. Many divers travel to Somosomo specifically to see the spectacular soft coral blooms that occur when the current is just right. The currents are usually just a gentle helping hand along the way, taking you past some of the most beautiful soft coral proliferations on the world.

Scuba divers are enchanted by the rainbow reefs of Somosomo, which are characterized by large bushes of pink, brown, and orange that spread out to collect passing nutrients and create spectacular displays of color. The grateful corals extend to their best and most fascinating state when the current is present to any fair level, yet without the current, they would retract into hardly discernible balls – and who wants that?

When diving in Somosomo, it’s not all sessile, as the nutrient-rich waters also promise a plethora of pelagic fish species. Expect to see barracudas, reef sharks, and manta rays, especially at a location known as ‘the Zoo.’ The world-famous Rainbow Reef and Great White Wall are nearby, and U.S. Divers magazine named them among the “Top 10 Dive Locations in the World.”

There are also some intriguing places off the coast of Fiji’s ‘Garden Island,’ which you should explore if you plan on staying for several days. There is less current here, but there is still plenty to see, and these places are a welcome break from the Somosomo Strait, where diving can be simply breathtaking.

top best diving sites in fiji

top best diving sites in fiji

Kadavu Island

Kadavu Island, a tropical paradise rich with coral reefs and vibrant marine life, is tucked away from Fiji’s popular tourist hotspots. The Great Astrolabe Reef, the world’s fourth largest barrier reef and one of Fiji’s most prominent dive locations, is located on Kadavu. Soft coral pinnacles and steeply sloping coral walls can be seen right off the coast. The seas are also packed with reef sharks and hammerheads, making it an excellent place for a Fiji shark dive.

Kadavu is one of Fiji’s lesser-known islands, which is precisely why you should visit it. There are no large resorts or fast food restaurants in this area. Instead, you may experience the genuine Fiji, where the quickest mode of transportation is by boat, dive resorts are in harmony with nature, and the actual local culture and kindness of this South Pacific nation show through.

Pristine hard corals in massed color stands abound, surrounded by a diverse array of marine life. Scuba diving in Kadavu is all about the Great Astrolabe Reef, which stretches out into the deep blue distance from the shoreline. The reef is nearly 100 kilometers long, making it the world’s fourth largest barrier reef. It begins near Vunisea on the south side of Kadavu and continues along the south coast before looping around Ono Island and terminating off the east coast of the main island.

The bordering reefs of Kadavu are now as well-known as the island’s barrier reef, and the north coast’s Namalata and Tavuki Reefs are gaining in popularity. These are soft coral pinnacles that are ideal for students and inexperienced divers due to the simple conditions and diverse places. Hard corals and high walls can also be seen on the South Sea Reef, which is located to the island’s south west. The reefs are in excellent shape once again, and the abundance and variety of fish life is extremely rewarding.

The majority of dive sites in and near Kadavu are accessible by short boat journey and have only mild currents. Sea kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling are all popular activities in the numerous bays that dot the coastline. Whatever your standard, whatever your boredom level, these places and amazing untamed reefs and coral life will entice you to join the growing number of scuba divers who believe Kadavu has everything a perfect Fiji dive trip should have.

top best diving sites in fiji

top best diving sites in fiji

Bligh Waters

The Vatu-i-Ra Seascape, or Blight Waters, is named after the little volcanic island Vatu-i-Ra, a national park and bird refuge off the coast with stunning white sand beaches. Bligh Water, which separates the two main islands of Vanua Levu and Viti Levu, is a must-see when diving Fiji. It ranks as one of the best diving sites in Fiji. Although the currents might be dangerous for novice dives, experienced divers will appreciate the pristine waters, tiny passageways, and schools of tropical fish.

It is then, at that precise moment, when Fiji’s famous soft corals are fully extended, reaching out for planktonic food, surrounded by clouds of anthias and reef fishes, and at their most beautiful. When the tide changes, the currents rise, and the ocean begins to flow through quickly, the coral reefs encircling this island, particularly the tight, tiny passages between the fringing and barrier reefs, and through the openings into atolls, vibrate with life and energy.

Although a day trip to Bligh Waters is doable, spending a few days on a liveaboard dive Fiji cruise allows you to see other dive sites in the vicinity.

top best diving sites in fiji
top best diving sites in fiji

The Supermarket

The Supermarket, which used to be a shark feeding site near Nadi in the Mamanuca Islands, has since been abandoned. The Supermarket is in the Mamanuca Group, near Mana Island. It is also one of the best diving sites in Fiji. There are still the telltale marks of boulders heaped up where guests used to kneel to watch the spectacle, and a large number of sharks now call this region home.

As you descend to the dive location, you’ll notice reef sharks circling below you, and as you get closer to the bottom, you may even see a few approaching to investigate. After you’ve had your fill of sharks, head around the corner to see the beautiful coral reef wall, which is home to a variety of marine life including turtles, rays, and reef fish. The corals are in excellent condition and provide an excellent opportunity to learn about Fiji’s unique marine life. It’s also a terrific dive for night diving and underwater photography. The maximum depth is 30m/98ft, with an average depth of 12m/39ft.

Scuba diving is possible all year with water temperatures ranging from 24°C (75°F) to 30°C (86°F). White tip, black tip, and grey reef sharks can be spotted here, as well as schools of barracuda, bannerfish, surgeonfish, groupers, red bass snappers, and green sea turtles on rare occasions.

top best diving sites in fiji

top best diving sites in fiji

The Mamanucas

The Mamanuca Islands are the nearest to Fiji’s international hub of Nadi, which is only a short ferry trip away from the main island. You’ll see plenty of palm-fringed white sandy beaches and magnificent resorts as you travel by the islands that make up this archipelago. The Mamanucas, on the other hand, are rich in underwater treasures.

The Malolo Sea Reef creates ideal circumstances for snorkeling in the lagoon’s colorful coral gardens, as well as beginner diving on protected bommies and pinnacles.Whether you’re vacationing with friends, staying at a luxury resort, or vacationing with the family, it’s the ideal place to try diving for the first time or even learn to dive.

Sunset Reef, a slowly shelving reef ideal for beginning dives seeking for coral trout and Maori wrasse, and Supermarket, which has a decent chance of seeing bronze whaler and reef sharks, are both located within the lagoon. The Sea Reef’s ocean side is known for its wall and drift diving. You’ll discover sheer reef walls at Wilke Wall and a decent chance to see turtles, stingrays, sharks, and even manta rays in Wilke’s Pass, in addition to rolling hills of beautiful corals at places like Big Blue.

top best diving sites in fiji
top best diving sites in fiji