Top Best Diving Sites In Reunion (France)

1. Grand tombant de La Possession, 2. L’ecole, 3. Wreck Of The Sea Aventure, 4. The Barge, 5. Cap La Houssaye, 6. Hai Siang, 7. Passage Of The Hermitage, 8. The Chimney, Cap Homard, 9. Antonio Lorenzo, 10. Pointe Au Sel. Reunion Island is a unique island, both on land and below, where divers will discover spectacular drop-offs, coral barriers, powerful currents, historical wrecks, and incredible underwater buildings. However, diving in Reunion allows divers to see a diverse and rich fauna in addition to the underwater terrain. Toplist has compiled a list of the best diving sites in Reunion Island to help you better understand the dive spots.

  1. Grand tombant de La Possession
  2. L’ecole
  3. Wreck Of The Sea Aventure
  4. The Barge
  5. Cap La Houssaye
  6. Hai Siang
  7. Passage Of The Hermitage
  8. The Chimney, Cap Homard
  9. Antonio Lorenzo
  10. Pointe Au Sel

Grand tombant de La Possession

The “Grand tombant de la Possession,” a massive V-shaped rocky shoal on Reunion Island, is a fantastic scuba diving spot. This is one of the best diving sites in Reunion. The beautiful drop down to the east is made up of two shoals and drops fast to a depth of about 60 meters. This slope also has a lot of asperities and little fissures. The plateaus on the west side, on the other hand, are less defined, but the drop-off is just as dangerous. The site is noted for its enormous pelagic species, including wahoo, tuna, schools of jacks, and banana tuna, and you may even be able to dive with sailfish swordfish, which is extremely stunning. You might come across a large grouper that is pleasant and laid-back!

The dive site ‘Le great tombant de la possession’ is located at the eastern port’s exit and is accessible no matter what the weather conditions are. Divers will see lionfish, moray eels, snapper, kingfish, groupers, and a variety of other fish.

Divers are often accompanied by a variety of marine life during their safety stops at this location.

Region: The Port

Type of diving: Falling

Location: To the right of the East port exit

Recommended dive level: Advanced open water divers and more experienced dive

Depth of the dive site: between 38 and 60 meters

Time to destination: 20 minutes

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

top best diving sites in reunion (france)


L’ ecole is a lovely flat with black sand that gradually becomes stony before giving way to massive scree at a depth of forty meters. It is also one of the best diving sites in Reunion. This rocky world is also a lovely playground for scorpion fish and moray eels, which divers can be seen throughout the site. You might see enormous balistes, a large loach, and pelagic like jacks or tuna further down in the blue. Deep dive and reef diving are also possible at this location.

This dive spot is only suitable for experienced divers. With low current, the water visibility is good (10-30m/33-98ft). The site’s depth ranges from 40m/131ft to 50m/164ft.

Scuba diving is available all year at L’ecole. In the winter, the air temperature is around 29°C/84°F, and in the summer, it is around 24°C/75°F. From January to March, the average water temperature is around 27°C/81°F, while from July to September, it is around 23°C/73°F.

Geographical situation: Off the port

Recommended dive level: Advanced open water divers or more experienced divers

Depth of the dive site: About 35 to 45 meters

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

Wreck Of The Sea Aventure

The Sea Venture, which is 49 meters deep and completely upside down, is a fantastic wreck dive in Reunion Island. It is considered one of the best diving sites in Reunion. The two massive propellers, which toad fish use to hide by imitation, are still in excellent condition and are particularly striking. The ship’s hull is pierced, and enormous flying carcasses and beautiful lobsters abound. To examine the wreck, it’s best to bring a dive lamp. As you turn around, you’ll be able to look out into the blue, hoping to spot gorgeous pelagics like sea bream, tuna, and even sharks.

The Wreck of the Sea Venture is a salt water dive site in Bermuda that may be reached by boat. 2 scuba divers have given this dive location a 4.00 out of 5 rating. 41-50ft/12-15m is the maximum depth. The visibility is 36-40ft/11-12m on average. The wreck is presently upright in 45-50 feet of water near Eastern Blue Cut, with the top of the ship rising to roughly 10 feet, making it acceptable for divers of all skill levels.

The Sea Venture is thrilling because, while being only 75 feet long, it has four floors and numerous interesting sections, cabins, and stairs for divers to penetrate and explore, far more than the Hermes.

It’s also in perfect condition. When people go diving, they want to witness a Hollywood-style wreck, but they don’t necessarily realize that shipwrecks are named wrecks for a reason: they’ve been smashed to bits! Having another destination relieves some of the strain on the more historically significant wrecks.

BIWI received the Sea Venture as a gift.

Region: Saint Paul’s Bay

Type of diving: Wreck diving

Geographical situation: Directly in the bay

Recommended dive level: Level 2, PE40 or Advanced Open Water

Depth of the diving spot: From 40 to 49 meters

Distance with boat: 20 minutes

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

The Barge

A little sailboat, about 10 meters long and ringed by imposing anchors, awaits you on a stunning bed of black basaltic sand for an out-of-the-ordinary excursion. Beautiful torpedo rays frequent this small oasis of life in the middle of a vast dark desert. Stone fish, antennaries, fish drivers, leaf fish, and other reef fish are all likely to be encountered. You can even cruise dolphins with a little luck while diving in Reunion. The location is brimming with activity. In addition, it is well-known in Reunion for night diving. Amateurs, take note.

The Barge diving site is located north of Hurghada, on the little island of Gubal. It is known for the Gubal Barge wreck, also known as the Bluff Point wreck. It ranks as one of the best diving sites in Reunion. The wreck’s history is unknown, however locals claim it was a barge that sank during the Arab-Israeli War in 1973. The wreck itself is only partially covered with brown, gritty sand, with barely a few sections of the hull remaining. The appeal of this dive site, however, is that it offers fantastic night diving chances with a diverse assortment of marine life that has made this wreck their home.

It is possible to dive during the day, but it is not particularly interesting. The entire dive scene changes dramatically at night. Cuttlefish and octopi, as well as an incredible number of shrimp that are easily recognized at night because their eyes reflect torch lights, are frequent visitors. Divers will be able to see the larger fish that seek their prey around the barge’s remains as the region becomes heavily covered with shoals of reef fish.

Recommended dive level: Advanced Open Water

Depth of the diving spot: 25 meters

Distance from the coast by boat: 30 minutes

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

Cap La Houssaye

This dive location, located north of the Marine Nature Reserve and offering a genuine playground for beginner divers, is ideal for learning to scuba dive in Reunion. Reefs, sandy bottoms, faults, drop-offs, and a small cave measuring about 6 meters are all present. Excellent diving with plenty of surprises, including a tiny cannon and a herbarium towards the east. However, the fauna is not forgotten, as you may see lobsters, catfish, mollusks, beautiful reef fish, and even turtles. Perfect for passing your free time on the island of Reunion.

Cap La Houssaye is one of the best diving sites in Reunion! Is the treasure of the pirate La Buse hidden there? Nobody is aware! In any event, at a depth of 6 meters, a cannon from the 18th century is visible on the bottom. The true value of Cap La Houssaye is its water environment, which is very diverse in terms of species. Cap La Houssaye is an excellent spot to begin: the first bubbles astonish you. Even the most seasoned divers can never tire of it!

They’ve been colonized by hard and soft corals, which are home to a variety of tropical fish, including angelfish, triggerfish, butterflies, surgeonfish, scorpion fish, crabs, and more. Pelagic fish such as dogtooth tuna, king mackerel, barracuda, and others can also be found there. It’s also able to observe benthic life, which includes sand moray eels, ghost fish, gobies and shrimps, tropical turbot… Sea turtles, both hawksbill and green, are frequently seen at the gathering! Finally, stingrays and devil rays round out this remarkable array of creatures.

Cap La Houssaye is also an excellent spot to learn about night diving, which is a must for experienced divers who will be transported to another world! The depths of the dives at Cap La Houssaye range from 2 to 17 meters.

Type of diving: Reef diving

Location: South of the Bay

Minimum diving level: Try diving

Depth of the diving spot: between 4 and 18 meters

Distance from the coast by boat: 40 minutes

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

Hai Siang

This dive location – Hai Siang, with its exotic Asian name – is a diving wreck on Réunion Island that is only open to expert divers. The wreck was purposefully sunk in the 1980s, and its name translates to “wild pig” in Taiwanese. It was a gigantic lobster fishing boat that was nearly 50 meters long, but it was surrounded by a teeming population of snappers, scorpion fish, and stingrays. Divers occasionally come across big pelagics. The wreck diver will be captivated by its majestic structure above anything else. Before the massive metal structure is seen, divers descend into the blue to uncover its intimidating mat. On this dive site, the currents can be very powerful.

The Hai Siang shipwreck lies about 200 feet beneath the sea off Reunion Island’s western shore. The 196-foot Formosan boat was confiscated and sunk as an artificial reef in 1980 after being used as an illegal fishing vessel. It has now grown teeming with marine life, including eagle rays, mola mola, sea turtles, and both hard and soft corals.

Region: Saint Gilles les Bains
Type of diving: Wreck and drift diving
Location: Opposite Cape Egrets
Recommended dive level: Level 3 confirmed
Depth of the diving spot: 54 meters

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

Passage Of The Hermitage

The Hermitage and Saline Les Bains are separated by this spectacular dive in Reunion – Passage Of The Hermitage. It is also one of the best diving sites in Reunion. The Hermitage lagoon, which begins south of Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, is often regarded as Réunion Island’s best snorkeling spot. The coral reef was carved out by a massive valley. Plankton and nutrients are abundant in the pass. Although visibility is not always ideal because to currents and plankton, this true underwater restaurant boasts a particularly dense fauna.

Its gin-clear, shallow waters filled with corals, protected from the surf by a coral reef, make for superb snorkeling. Hundreds of tropical fish and occasionally juvenile sea turtles can be seen while swimming on the surface of the ocean. There is also a lovely cave to explore.

The exploration area is between the beach and the coral reef, which is about 350 to 500 yards away. The water gets shallower as you move to the right, and there is less coral to observe. The further you go to the left, the closer you will get to the channel, which is a dangerous region due to strong currents.

Region: Saint Gilles les Bains

Type of diving: Diving

Location: In front of the lagoon of the same name

Level: Level 1 and Open water diver

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

The Chimney, Cap Homard

The Chimney is regarded as one of Reunion’s greatest diving spots. You will get the opportunity to dive down a massive basaltic rock chimney at this diving site on Reunion Island. This lobster-filled chimney reaches a depth of roughly 22 meters. Enjoy the descent by properly setting your BCD and buoyancy. A spectacular arch at the foot of the chimney will allow you to explore minor fractures and canyons before emerging onto a stretch of white beach.

Parrotfish, tuna, barracudas, moray eels, snappers, groupers, and gorgeous gorgonians are among the abundant marine life. In the event of a heavy current, this dive can be a little challenging.

Diving type: Fireplace dive

Location: North of Saint Gilles

Level: Level 2 and Advanced open water diver

Depth of the diving spot: 15 to 30 meters

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

Antonio Lorenzo

The Antonio Lorenzo is a huge longliner that was purposefully sunk on a sandy location to create an artificial reef and is one of the top diving wrecks on Reunion Island. And the game has been won because there are now a lot of Lutjans, antennas, leopard rays, stingrays, and even lion fish.

The Antonio Lorenzo shipwreck is located at a depth of 40 meters, not far from the ‘Le Grand Tombant de la Pointe au Sel’ dive site. Off the Kerguelen Islands, a Chilean longliner was caught unlawfully fishing… At the request of the French Diving Federation, it was purposely sunk in 1999 over 38 meters of water. It has since slid a little on the sandy bottom and is currently resting on its side, around 50 meters away. The coral is slowly forming on top of it, but the fish population has settled in.

Region: Saint Leu

Location: South of Pointe des Châteaux

Diving level: Level 2, Pe40 or Advanced open water

Depth of the diving spot: 40 meters

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

Pointe Au Sel

The Salt-head drop-off, also known as Le Tombant de la Pointe au Sel, is an underwater coral formation that stretches from 25 to 70 meters deep. The massive drop-off begins at 25 meters and ends at 71 meters, making it the best diving spot on La Réunion! This iconic diving site, which is likely one of the best on Reunion Island, is hiding a tremendous secret. The shoal is suitable for advanced open water divers, while level 3 divers with a competent dive computer can descend to 60 meters.

Go down the cliff and look out into the blue for pelagics and other mega fauna, such as schools of trevallies, tunas, barracudas, and, if you’re lucky, manta rays, sharks, or whale-sharks! The more pelagics and the stronger the current, the more spectacular it becomes!

You can dive with whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, tuna, and marlin when the current is strong. You might even get lucky and dive with hammerhead sharks between October and November.

Region: Saint Leu
Type of diving: Diving on Tombant
Geographical location: Off the salt peak
Level: Level 2, Pe40 or Advanced open water
Depth of the diving spot: 20-80 meters

top best diving sites in reunion (france)

top best diving sites in reunion (france)