Top Best European medical device companies

1. Novartis, 2. Koninklijke Philips, 3. Fresenius Medical Care, 4. Siemens Healthineers, 5. B. Braun Melsungen, 6. Smith & Nephew, 7. Draegerwerk, 8. Coloplast, 9. Getinge, 10. Paul Hartmann AG. While the bulk of the world's largest medical device businesses are situated in the United States, some key players are now working in European nations. Many of these companies have shifted their focus to producing additional ventilators, PPE (personal protective equipment), and diagnostic testing kits as a result of the coronavirus pandemic's particularly severe impact in regions like the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and France. We examine the 10 largest medical device businesses in Europe in 2021, based on total revenue earned, using data from US software vendor Greenlight Guru.

  1. Novartis
  2. Koninklijke Philips
  3. Fresenius Medical Care
  4. Siemens Healthineers
  5. B. Braun Melsungen
  6. Smith & Nephew
  7. Draegerwerk
  8. Coloplast
  9. Getinge
  10. Paul Hartmann AG


It was founded in 1996 when the German medical business Sandoz and the Swiss drug company Ciba-Geigy merged, and it today employs over 103,000 people worldwide. Novartis, based in Basel, Switzerland, is the largest medical equipment company in Europe, with a total sales of $49.49 billion.

Novartis is reinventing medicine to help people live longer and healthier lives. It uses breakthrough science and digital technology to develop revolutionary cures in areas of significant medical need as a leading global pharmaceuticals firm. They constantly rank among the world’s top corporations spending in research and development in their effort to discover new medications. Novartis’ drugs reach roughly 1 billion people throughout the world, and the company is constantly looking for new methods to improve access to its newest therapies. Novartis employs over 125 000 employees from over 140 different nationalities all around the world.

Novartis is best recognized for being one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical businesses, but it also manufactures and distributes a variety of medical technology. The Concept1 inhaler was the first device of any sort to be certified under the European Union’s new MDR regulations in 2019. (Medical Device Regulation).

Founded: 1996
Headquarters: Basel, Baselstadt
Revenue: 49.89 billion USD

top best european medical device companies


Koninklijke Philips

Philips, formerly one of the world’s most well-known consumer electronics businesses, changed its attention to health technologies at the start of the decade. It is a major health technology firm whose mission is to improve people’s health and enable better results throughout the health continuum, from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment, and home care.

They create comprehensive solutions by combining innovative technology with extensive clinical and consumer knowledge. The Netherlands-based company began as an electric light maker in 1891 and has since expanded to include diagnostics, respiratory care, medical imaging, and patient monitoring. Diagnostic imaging, image-guided treatment, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as consumer health and home care, are all areas where the firm is a leader.

Philips’ overall revenue is expected to be $22.68 billion in 2020, with 80,000 people worldwide and operations in over 100 countries. During the pandemic, Philips also created a fast deployed equipment to monitor Covid-19 patients in ICUs (intensive care units).

Founded: 1891

Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Revenue: 19,54 billion EUR


top best european medical device companies


Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care, a global healthcare company established in Germany, is ranked sixth among major medical equipment manufacturers. Fresenius Medical Care is the world’s largest provider of services and products for patients with kidney disease, with over 300,000 workers in over 100 countries. This dedication starts with providing the greatest total therapy for patients with chronic kidney disease and continues with cutting-edge solutions that are redefining healthcare and setting industry standards. To enhance patient care, vertically integrated networks deliver world-class research and data-driven insights, as well as creating home dialysis and patient education campaigns. Its employees are continually looking for new ways to improve their patients’ quality of life. They believe that by working together, we can alter an industry and that everyone of us can make a difference. Going forward, it will be a collaborative endeavor.

Fresenius Medical Care’s revenue will rise by 2% to $21.0 billion in 2020. (17.9 billion euros). Despite the pandemic’s challenges, Fresenius Medical Care has been able to treat more patients at home with dialysis. The company announced its 2025 strategy for 2020, which focuses on three primary areas: renal care continuity, critical care solutions and complementary assets, and holding goods and services. Their health is of paramount importance to them.

Founded: 1996

Headquarters: Bad Homburg vor der Hohe, Germany

Revenue: 17.48 billion EUR


top best european medical device companies


Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers enables healthcare businesses all around the world to provide value by enhancing precision medicine, changing care delivery, improving patient experience, and digitizing healthcare. Siemens Healthineers, a global leader in medical technology, is constantly creating innovative diagnostic and therapeutic imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and molecular medicine products and services. Siemens Healthineers is also diversifying its digital health and enterprise services portfolio.

Siemens Healthineers is still placed ninth among the leading medical equipment companies. Siemens Healthineers is the medical technology business of the Siemens corporation, based in Germany. The company’s revenue dropped somewhat, falling 3% to $17.0 billion (€14.5 billion). This was linked to a decrease in diagnostics as a result of fewer routine testing sessions due to social restrictions implemented to combat Covid-19 spread. On a similar premise, there was minimal development in the imaging and advanced therapy fields. Because CT scans were becoming more important for treating Covid-19 positive patients, the usage of computed tomography (CT) increased dramatically. Moving forward, the company is committed to aiding healthcare professionals in their efforts to expand precision medicine, modernize care delivery, and improve patient experience by empowering them.

Founded: May 1, 2015

Headquarters: Erlangen, Germany

Revenue: 14.46 billion EUR


top best european medical device companies


B. Braun Melsungen

B. Braun is a German healthcare firm based in Melsungen that manufactures technology and equipment for laparoscopic surgery, wound closure, orthopaedics, and a variety of other applications.

B. Braun is one of the world’s major healthcare solution suppliers and manufacturers today. Every service provided by B. Braun integrates all of our knowledge and talents, as well as the company’s profound awareness of consumers’ demands and over 180 years of experience. B. Braun contributes significantly to the protection and improvement of people’s health with its ever-expanding line of effective medical care products. B. Braun offers 5,000 distinct goods in total, with 95 percent of them being created by the firm. B. Braun is a system provider that produces the optimum solution for patients in close collaboration with our clients, contributing significantly to medical developments.

B. Braun also makes portable surgical tools, implants, sterilizing containers, and electrosurgical equipment through its Aesculap subsidiary in the United States. B. Braun Melsungen, which began as a pharmacy selling natural medical herbs in 1839, is currently reported to have generated $8.02 billion in sales and employs over 62,000 people over most of Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Founded: 1839

Headquarters: Melsungen, Germany

Revenue: 7.4 billion EUR


top best european medical device companies


Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew is a medical technology business with a global presence. They create and build technology that pushes the boundaries of life. They assist healthcare practitioners in restoring health and mobility to their patients, allowing them to perform to their full ability. Smith & Nephew, situated in Watford, is now the largest medical device firm in the UK, with a total sales of $4.9 billion.

From their first employee and founder, T.J. Smith, to their current staff, Smith+Nephew is defined by its people. Its products include orthopaedic devices and trauma fixation tools, as well as sophisticated wound care management and ENT (ear, nose, and throat) operations.

In April, Smith & Nephew began producing OxVent machines, a medical ventilator particularly developed for large-scale manufacture, as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, which caused acute shortages of breathing equipment in the UK. It was formed in 1856 and began marketing the Elastoplast bandages and dressings in the 1920s. It today employs over 16,000 people and sells its products in over 120 countries.

Founded: 1856

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Revenue: 4.56 billion USD


top best european medical device companies



Revenue: 2.78 billion EUR (2019)Revenue: 2.78 billion EUR (2019)In the domains of medical and safety technologies, Draegerwerk is a global leader. In 1889, the family-owned business was formed in Lübeck, Germany. Customer intimacy, competent personnel, continual innovation, and a dedication to great quality are the four fundamental pillars of the company’s value-driven culture.

Draegerwerk provides anaesthetic workstations, medical ventilation, patient monitoring, and neonatal care for preterm infants and newborns to its clients. The firm is at the customer’s side throughout the hospital, with ceiling supply units, IT solutions for the OR, and gas control systems. Dräger’s comprehensive hazard management is trusted by emergency response agencies, law enforcement, and industry, particularly for personal protection and plant safety. Respiratory protection devices, permanent and portable gas detection systems, professional diving equipment and systems, and alcohol and drug impairment detection are all examples of this. Dräger creates tailored solutions in partnership with its customers, such as complete fire training systems, training ideas, and seminars.

Draegerwerk employs more than 13.700 people globally and operates in more than 190 countries. Over 40 nations are served by the company’s sales and servicing subsidiaries. It has development and manufacturing sites in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, South Africa, the United States, Brazil, the Czech Republic, and China.

Draegerwerk has a total sales of $3.01 billion and employs over 14,500 people throughout the world.

Founded: 1889

Headquarters: Lübeck, Germany
Revenue: 2.78 billion EUR
top best european medical device companies


Coloplast creates products and services to help people with very personal and private medical issues live more comfortably. Trauma and taboo are frequently related with these illnesses. The more personal the situation, the more important it is to get closer to clients, to comprehend their reality, and to build solutions that are responsive to their unique requirements. This is what we refer to as “intimate healthcare.”

This is made feasible by being close to all customers. We listen to better understand demands and then respond by figuring out new methods to work together more effectively. We set the standard by bringing the most innovative ideas to market first and foremost, in the form of medical equipment and service solutions.

Our focus is on very intimate and confidential medical issues. What motivates and unifies us is our desire to make a significant impact in people’s lives. Our culture encourages lofty goals and unleashes our people’s full potential to accomplish them. Ostomy Care, Continence Care, Wound & Skin Care, and Interventional Urology are all part of our services. We have a global workforce of over 12,000 individuals.

Coloplast has a $2.8 billion annual revenue, employs around 12,000 people worldwide, and was ranked 33rd on Forbes’ list of the world’s most innovative firms in 2015.

Founded: 1954

Headquarters: Humlebaek, Denmark
Revenue: 18.54 billion DKK

top best european medical device companies


The health-care industry is undergoing significant transformations all across the world. The population is increasing, and individuals are living longer lives. Traditional infections, as well as welfare illnesses like cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes, are putting a strain on today’s health-care systems and practitioners. As a result, more individuals will require treatment with less resources available.

We are dedicated to working with health care professionals to solve these issues and to contribute to improving the lives of people throughout the world, both now and in the future. That is why we provide our customers with the knowledge, technology, and resources they need to create the most efficient structures for hospitals and life science institutes, saving lives via improved clinical outcomes.

Getinge now has a total revenue of $2.64 billion, is active in 38 countries, and employs over 10,000 people.

Founded: 1904

Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden
Revenue: 22.5 billion SEK

top best european medical device companies


Paul Hartmann AG

Paul Hartmann AG is the oldest of the European medical device firms on our list, having been started in 1818 as a German cotton mill.

It helps, cares, and protects people in more than 30 countries, but through a network of distributors, their wound care, incontinence, disinfection, and surgical efficiency solutions are available in more than 100 nations. You can depend on professional cooperation, quality, competence, and a commitment for always advancing healthcare everywhere you see the HARTMANN brand and blue oval.

It is expected to generate $2.46 billion in sales by 2020, and it says that its goods are accessible in more than 100 countries across the world. Wound care, which includes post-surgery dressings, continence management, and skin care, which revolves on the MoliCare Skin formula, are the three primary areas of Paul Hartmann AG’s present activity in healthcare.

Founded: 1818

Headquarters: Heidenheim, Germany

Market cap: 2.88 billion


top best european medical device companies