Top Best Fashion Design Schools

1. Fashion Institute of Technology, 2. London College of Fashion, 3. Westphal College of Design & Media Arts, 4. Royal College of Art, 5. Kent State University, 6. Accademia Moda e Costume, 7. Istituto Europeo di Designs, 8. Paris College of Art. Are you into fashion design and wish to become a forerunner in this sector? Then do not hesitate to invest in the best fashion design schools. Check out some prominent names below!

  1. Fashion Institute of Technology
  2. London College of Fashion
  3. Westphal College of Design & Media Arts
  4. Royal College of Art
  5. Kent State University
  6. Accademia Moda e Costume
  7. Istituto Europeo di Designs
  8. Paris College of Art

Fashion Institute of Technology

The Fashion Institute of Technology is one of the most prestigious public institutions in New York City. It is a globally renowned college for designing, fashion, art, marketing, and business. Many students concur that it is one of the best fashion design schools. The institute is renowned for its rigorous, original, and adaptive academic programs, experiential opportunities to learn, academic and industrial relationships, and dedication to research, creativity, and entrepreneurial jobs.

First, the authorities established the Educational Institute for the Fashion Industry to advance industry education. The Foundation then secured a charter from the N.Y State Board of Regents in order to build a “fashion school of technology and design.” The institution was housed on the top 2 floors of the Academy of Textile Trades when it first opened in 1943 with 100 students, and slowly developed into what the school we all know today.

The institute is composed of artists, designers, and business experts that thrive on cutting-edge research. Their community delivers a wide range of innovative research and analysis. The students have access to amazing resources both at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and around New York City.

Founded: 1944

Headquarters: New York, U.S

Acceptance Rate: 59%

top best fashion design schools

Source: ArtNexus

top best fashion design schools


London College of Fashion

The London College of Fashion is a renowned worldwide source of fashion education, research, and consultation due to its long history and response to changes in design practice. The College’s activities revolve around the creation of new ideas. Its faculty and students question social, political, and ethical concerns via fashion, as well as a historical and cultural practice. The College’s purpose to “Fashion the Tomorrow” is reinforced through its forward-thinking marketing and economics curriculum. Its ties to the worldwide fashion and leisure sectors also play a role.

Future fashion designers, textile technologists, and cosmetic researchers will profit from The London College of Fashion’s ongoing focus on the future, which involves finding new methods of working, assessing new markets, and gaining new skills.

And this is not a standard finishing school, either. The College has the insight to recognize the talents required by the fashion industries at the moment, and it designs the curriculum accordingly. For instance, the semester ends in April, with just enough time for the students to make their preparations for the season’s balls, parties, and social gatherings.

Founded: 1906

Headquarters: London, U.K.

Acceptance Rate: 23%

top best fashion design schools
top best fashion design schools

Source: University of the Arts London

Westphal College of Design & Media Arts

At Westphal College of Design & Media Arts, media is taught in a unique fashion. Its master’s degree programs provide students with the skills necessary to excel in sectors that are extremely competitive. The school’s graduate degree in TV and media management focuses on fashion and television shows on all devices and platforms. It invites industry experts into the classroom, both online and in-person, and provides hands-on training and networking opportunities.

The curriculum emphasizes “flipping the classrooms”. It combines seminar education and practical learning with the analysis of media dynamics, responsibilities, history, morality, technology, audiences, income models, and the need to tackle the most serious problems of our day.

The curriculums are rigorous and combine a solid basis with individual artistic direction, cultural sensitivity, strong technical abilities, and a grasp of leadership and professional practice. Westphal College of Design & Media Arts strives to retain a personalized approach to its students’ education, despite the fact that its college enrolment has surpassed 2,000.

Founded: 1891

Headquarters: Philadelphia, U.S

Acceptance Rate: 77%

top best fashion design schools

Source: The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage

top best fashion design schools

Source: TeenLife

Royal College of Art

The Royal College of Art (RCA) began as the Govt School of Design in 1837. In 1967, the RCA was granted a Royal Diploma and university status; today, it is the most prominent postgraduate art and design institution in the world.

The mission of The Royal College of Art is, as cited by the school’s announcements, “to advance learning, knowledge, and professional competence – especially in the fields of visual arts – in the theory and procedures of artwork in their connection to commercial and industrial processes and social developments.” The College also covers other topics relating to these aforementioned fields via teaching, research, and collaboration with businesses.

The RCA Library is an invigorating and vital resource that informs and enhances your study, research, teaching, and studio practices at the College. Its holdings comprise more than 70,000 volumes on art and design, as well as supplementary themes that represent the whole scope of RCA activity. The College also has active subscriptions to a range of periodicals and publications, in addition to a library of older titles.

Founded: 1837

Acceptance Rate: 27.2%

top best fashion design schools

Source: The Independent

top best fashion design schools

Source: Art & Education

Kent State University

Kent State University, another contender on our list of the best fashion design schools, aspires to be a society of leading change whose combined dedication to study inspires epic thought, critical voices, and irreplaceable contributions to the progressive movements of both fashion and society. Through the power of exploration, learning, and artistic expression in an open atmosphere, the school contributes significantly to improving lives and communities.

The school’s five research corporate strategy institutes/initiatives in Design and Global Comprehension are built on the strengths of different authors and researchers, as well as professional specialists and experts. The authorities have successfully gathered intellectuals from various backgrounds to address pressing fashion trends (and consequently, social issues) from a variety of perspectives.

The terrible violent events of May 4, 1970, did have a tremendous effect on Kent State University, the US, and other countries. Since 1971, the institution has promoted nonviolence and other liberal principles as a national leader. The university is also known as the School of Conflict and Peace Studies today.

Founded: 1910

Headquarters: Ohio, U.S

Acceptance Rate: 84%

top best fashion design schools

Source: Kent State University

top best fashion design schools

Accademia Moda e Costume

Throughout the years, Accademia Moda e Costume has distinguished itself as a pedagogical center of excellence, with a long history of educational professionals for the Entertainment and Fashion Industries. The famous worldwide chart “The Best Fashion Colleges in the World 2019” by The Business insider has ranked the Accademia as one of the Top 3 Fashion Universities in the World for its Degree and Diploma Courses in Fashion Designs (BoF).

The Accademia Moda e Costume provides courses that are legally recognized by the Italian Education Ministry, Universities, and Research, in accordance with the governing body for Artistic Higher Education. Culture, Design, and Craftsmanship – along with a laboratory approach – are the cornerstones of the school’s educational purpose; the goal is to help students launch their careers by assisting them in recognizing and establishing their creative identities. Many notable personalities in the Costume and Fashion Design industry are Accademia alumni, who return to their old institution in search of fresh and youthful talents.

Founded: 1964

Headquarters: Rome, Italy

Acceptance Rate: 73%

top best fashion design schools

Source: Academia Costume e Moda

top best fashion design schools

Source: Claudia Palmira

Istituto Europeo di Designs

Since over fifty years ago, Istituto Europeo di Designs has operated in the domains of fashion, design, visual communication, and management teaching and research. Today, the Istituto Europeo di Designs (IED) is a continually developing worldwide network that awards first-level academic degrees and organizes three-year courses, master’s programs, continuing professional development, and advanced training programs.

The school also receives The Global Students’ satisfaction Awards, an award that lets students from across the world choose the top colleges for 2021. Universities earning a score greater than 4 (out of 5 stars) in any eight award categories are presented with Badges of Excellence. And IED has successfully earned one award for its exceptional qualities.

For IED students who are concerned about where to stay, a specialized office within every IED city staffed by competent personnel would be delighted to present a vast selection of booking accommodations, as well as answer any concerns you may have concerning your housing choices. IED offers a variety of accommodation alternatives to suit all budgets and preferences. It has arrangements with nearby houses that provide a variety of accommodation kinds. The school chooses hosts based on the quality of their hospitality and care for its students.

Founded: 1966

Headquarters: Milan, Italy

top best fashion design schools

Source: iED Istituto Europeo di Designs

top best fashion design schools

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Paris College of Art

The Paris College of Art offers a dynamic exchange of ideas, methodologies, and practical experience. Curiosity, exploration, and zeal for learning are characteristics shared by its students and teachers. In 1981, the academic programs of Paris College of Art started as Parsons Paris. Parsons Paris, founded by Parsons Schools of Design, offers a full-time design and art degree in partnership with the American Universities of Paris. Media Design, Fine Arts, Cinematography, and Environmental Design were offered as majors at the school’s founding.

Internships and expert projects are an integrated component of the arts, design, and design management curriculum at Paris College of Art. Through these experiences, students advance their creative abilities, gain exposure to the professional areas of their respective fields of study, and become representatives in the creative fields.

Students begin job preparations the moment they pick a vocational college of design and art for their long-term career; hence, the Career Center office collaborates with the school’s academic leaders to assist all students in honing the skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive markets.

Founded: 1981

Headquarters: Paris, France

Acceptance: 84%

top best fashion design schools

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top best fashion design schools