Top Best Foods To Try in Honduras

1. Baleada, 2. Sopa de caracol, 3. Pan de coco, 4. Rosquillas, 5. Sopa catratcha de mariscos con un, 6. Tapado de pescado, 7. Plato típico, 8. Sopa marinera, 9. Candinga, 10. Fried Yojoa Fish. Honduran cuisine is a combination of indigenous cuisines such as Lenca, Garifuna, and Maya. Other dishes include chicken with corn and rice, roast meat with carne asada and chismol, and, to top it off, savory and sweet dishes with coconut milk and coconut. Aside from Caribbean and African influences, the Spanish invasion played a significant role in making local cuisine a global favorite. Learn about Honduras' traditional cuisine in the sections below.

  1. Baleada
  2. Sopa de caracol
  3. Pan de coco
  4. Rosquillas
  5. Sopa catratcha de mariscos con un
  6. Tapado de pescado
  7. Plato típico
  8. Sopa marinera
  9. Candinga
  10. Fried Yojoa Fish


Consisting of a thick wheat flour tortilla filled with mashed fried beans and optionally, various other ingredients such as cheese, eggs, avocados, hot sauce, and Honduran-style sour cream known as mantequilla, Baleada is one of the most famous Honduran dishes.

It is said that baleada had its root in La Ceiba, on the northern coast. Two theories is being told about the origin of the name baleada, one says that it got it name after the external similarities between beans and bullets (bala in Spanish). Meanwhile, some others say that a tortilla maker was shot with several bullets, but then recovered, and began to make tortillas again. Hence, the workers gradually used to say they are going to the baleada (the shot woman).

In spite of the correct theory, baleada is currently among the most loved and low-priced street food items in Honduras that visitors should try.

top best foods to try in honduras

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top best foods to try in honduras

Sopa de caracol

Hungover? No problem. This creamy coconut based soup will sort you out. Sopa de Caracol hey! (like the song) is a specialty of the Caribbean coast. The base is consisted of large pieces of conch cooked in coconut milk with the addition of conch broth, cassava, plantains, and spices such as coriander, garlic, and chili.

To be more flavorful, it is common to add more vegetables, be it onions, carrots, or finely diced tomatoes. It often comprises Yuca, green bananas and different kinds of seafood, in this case, garlic marinated Conch, yummy!

Sopa de Caracol is unequivocally popular throughout the Caribbean region, especially on islands such as the Bahamas and Jamaica.

  • What is it: An exotic soup prepared with vegetables, corn, and some seafood like lobster.
  • What does it taste like: The hotter, the better! You can count on this superb soup whenever you are dubious about which dish is to try out in Honduras.

top best foods to try in honduras
top best foods to try in honduras

Pan de coco

A sweet bread roll filled with desiccated coconut and sugar is known as pan de coco. Pan de coco is a popular snack bread in Honduras and the Philippines, and its name translates to “coconut bread.”

The Honduran version uses coconut milk in the dough preparation and is typically served with stews, its density allowing it to soak up the juices.

Meanwhile, the Filipino version is typically served as a dessert, preferably with a cup of tea. It’s among the most popular Filipino snack which is sold in most local panaderias or bakeries. The bread possesses an indispensable status in food culture, however, Filipinos cannot claim the origin or the monopoly of Pan de Coco.

Although the origins of this tasty treat are unknown, Pan de coco is thought that Spanish settlers brought the recipe from Central America to Southeast Asia in the 17th century.

top best foods to try in honduras
top best foods to try in honduras


Rosquillas are traditional Spanish deep-fried donuts with a hole in the middle and a fluffy texture. They’re usually made during the Holy Week celebrations. Although there are many different types of rosquillas, the classic ones are made with an egg, sugar, milk, oil, lemon zest, flour, baking powder, and anisette, which gives them a distinct flavor.

Rosquillas de vino are a classic variety of rosquillas made with sweet muscat wine (moscatel) and are known as rosquillas de vino. Rosquillas are typically served as a sweet snack after being deep-fried and topped with cinnamon sugar.

In Honduras, however, the rosquillas are made with corn masa and curd cheese, and they are baked rather than deep-fried. Corn masa is the pastry originating from the little village of El Viejo in Chinandega in the Northern Nicaragua. This city is situated adjacent to the Honduran border. The area surrounded the village is sugar country. This part of Nicaragua grows a plethora of sugar cane.

top best foods to try in honduras
top best foods to try in honduras

Sopa catratcha de mariscos con un

Sopa catratcha de mariscos con un is a traditional Honduran dish with seafood cooked with seasonings and corn cobs in coconut milk. Any type of seafood can be used, but the most common choices are fish fillets, crab, shrimp, and conch.

Tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, bouillon cubes, saffron, cilantro, parsley, Worcestershire sauce, achiote powder, and plantains are among the other ingredients of Sopa catratcha de mariscos con un. The soup is cooked until the vegetables are soft. Then, allow the soup to simmer for at least 20 minutes. It is suggested that after adding the coconut milk, you should not look at the soup until you serve it.

Sopa catratcha de mariscos con un is usually served with tortillas and rice on the side, and avocado slices and lime wedges are sometimes added.

  • What is it: An exotic soup prepared with vegetables, corn, and some seafood like lobster.
  • What does it taste like: The hotter, the better! You can count on this superb soup whenever you are dubious about which dish is to try out in Honduras.

top best foods to try in honduras

top best foods to try in honduras

Tapado de pescado

White fish (snapper, haddock, bass), coconut milk, plantains, yucca, squash, yams, onions, and seasonings make up Tapado de Pescado, a flavorful Honduran specialty soup. Due to the use of coconut milk, the soup has a slightly sweet flavor and a creamy texture due to the richness of various vegetables.

Tapado de pescado is so popular that it’s usually sold to tourists on local beaches by indigenous Hondurans known as Garifunas.

  • What is it: A soup using white fish steak along with coconut milk, cilantro, yucca, green plantain, and sweet potatoes.
  • What does it taste like: It is one of their favorite seafood recipes featuring lots of vegetables and fish in perfect synchronization. Also, this nutritious soup tastes better if consumed with sauces.

top best foods to try in honduras
top best foods to try in honduras

Plato típico

Honduran food isn’t usually spicy or hot, but the people use a lot of spices and fresh herbs like oregano, coriander, cumin, and lime juice because they want their food to be flavorful. That is also true of Plato típico (typical dish), a national dish that consists of a variety of foods cooked separately but combined to form a complete meal.

Marinated and grilled beef, pork sausages and cracklings, fried plantain (a starchy, banana-like vegetable), stewed or refried beans, and rice are all included in the dish. Sour cream, fresh white cheese, avocado slices, marinated cabbage, lime juice, and a large number of small tortillas are traditionally served with the dish.

Chimol, a tomato-based salsa with corn, finely chopped green onions, and jalapeos, can also be served on the plate.

  • What is it: A combined meal as grilled pork and beef are served with cooked rice, fried plantains, and stewed beans with traditional chismol.
  • What does it taste like: A wholesome platter to fill your heart with pleasure as the vegetables and meat balance each other’s taste. This is a very common dish, often served on national holidays.

top best foods to try in honduras
top best foods to try in honduras

Sopa marinera

Sopa marinera is a flavorful Honduran soup made with coconut milk and fish or seafood such as crabs and shrimp, as well as plantains, cassava, and coriander. The soup is extremely nutritious because all of the ingredients are cooked for only 15 minutes, preserving the majority of the nutrients.

Some cooks add a small amount of white wine to the soup to bring out its slightly sour flavor.

top best foods to try in honduras
top best foods to try in honduras


Candinga is a hearty Honduran stew that is simple to make. Pork liver, oil, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, stock, and seasonings are used to make this dish. Over low to medium heat, the ingredients are simmered until they are tender.

Specifically, to have a delicious Candinga, you should cook the liver in necessary water for an hour, while the liver is cooking, heat the oil in a frying pan. Then, you should start to proceed to make a sauce with the onion, pepper and finely chopped tomatoes.

Salt and pepper are added to the stew, which is then served with fried plantains, rice, beans, or fresh corn tortillas. It’s usually served with lime wedges on the side so that everyone can season their candinga with a squeeze of lime. The pieces of liver should be as small as possible for a richer flavor.

top best foods to try in honduras

Fried Yojoa Fish

With both an Atlantic and Pacific coast, as well as rivers and lakes, Honduras have a lot to offer. There is no shortage of fresh seafood. Depending on where you get your fish, there are a variety of fish fry restaurants. The concept is the same: Fry! On the picture, fresh water fish from “Lake Yojoa” is served with Tajadas (green banana fries), Encurtido (pickled spicy onions), and, of course, coconut rice and beans, which are to die for.

Fried Yojoa fish is a traditional Honduran dish that comes from the Lago de Yojoa region. The fish is seasoned with salt and spices and marinated for at least an hour. It’s deep-fried the next day and traditionally served with pickled red cabbage, pickled onions, and lime slices, with deep-fried plantains, also known as tajaditos, as a side dish.

The marination process ensures that the flesh becomes delicious, flaky, and easily pulled off the bones, distinguishing the Yojoa fish from other types of fried fish.

  • What is it: A deep-fried fish, marinated with spices and served with pickled onions and lemon slices.
  • What does it taste like: It’s crunchy, tangy, and out of the world. An original dish of the Yojoa province, the savory taste, will enthrall your taste buds just like the way you want.

top best foods to try in honduras
top best foods to try in honduras