Top Best Football Youtube Channel in Europe

1. F2Freestylers | Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel, 2. Football Daily, 3. talkSPORT, 4. FIFATV, 5. FC Barcelona, 6. Real Madrid Youtube Channel, 7. Liverpool FC, 8. Man City, 9. PSG - Paris Saint-Germain, 10. Juventus Youtube Channel. Due to the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, the top sports tournaments in the world had to be suspended. However, during this time, there are still many attractive options for sports fans, Toplist would like to introduce 10 football Youtube channels you should follow.

  1. F2Freestylers | Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel
  2. Football Daily
  3. talkSPORT
  5. FC Barcelona
  6. Real Madrid Youtube Channel
  7. Liverpool FC
  8. Man City
  9. PSG – Paris Saint-Germain
  10. Juventus Youtube Channel

F2Freestylers | Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel

F2Freestylers, also known as The F2, are an English freestyle football duo consisting of former amateur players Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch. They are famous for their YouTube channel which has more than 13 million subscribers.

F2Freestylers was created by Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch, the aim is to provide you with the best match play tutorials, live performances, football entertainment, pranks & pranks! They want to inspire everyone to love and play football, no matter how good or bad you are, you can become as good as you want just by working hard and practicing.


Number of subscriber: 13.06M

top best football youtube channel in europe


Football Daily

It is not the channel of any Football Federation or Association. With more than 1.8 million subscribers, the channel is growing more and more thanks to the frequency of posting videos of the channel. True to its name, you can watch football every day. A verified YouTube channel featuring top 10 content, live chat and more. In short, you can rely on Football Daily for the latest video updates, the best matches already, and coming up.


Number of subscriber: 1.85M

top best football youtube channel in europe

You can rely on Football Daily for the latest video updates, the best matches already, and coming up -Screenshot photo


Starting with a team of just two young video producers in January 2013, their YouTube channel has grown from about 20,000 subscribers to nearly 300,000. Until now, the channel has nearly 1 million subscribers and more than 400 million video views. TalkSport recently started monetizing its content through sponsorship, most recently through an agreement with construction equipment supplier Tool Station.

TalkSport’s guide to rapid growth requires cutting occasional corners. Its best performing content to date relies on its use of suggestive imagery of female sports stars. But that’s not the only tactic being deployed. TalkSport digital editor Craig Bloomfield recently discussed with Digiday the five lessons he’s learned from his YouTube experience so far.


Number of subscriber: 910K

top best football youtube channel in europe

“THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING!”😱 Neil Custis says it’s vital Man Utd do something before the MCFC game – YouTube


The official YouTube channel of the football governing body has the most subscribers of any football YouTube channel today. It is popular with football fans by providing interesting coverage of FIFA matches including some special videos of different federations. FIFA TV has also provided great matches of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Portugal 2015. So now, subscribe to the channel now and don’t miss any interesting videos from this channel.


Number of subscriber: 11M

top best football youtube channel in europe

FIFA launches YouTube Channel | Digital Sport

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona has achieved a new twist in digital leadership by becoming the first club to have over 10 million YouTube subscribers. Barca’s leading position on the world’s largest online video service has been solidified by spectacular growth over the past two years, outperforming in terms of followers and videos watched. NBA (14.7 million) is the only sports channel with more followers than FC Barcelona on YouTube. In honor of Barca’s achievement, over the next few days, YouTube presented the club with the Diamond Creator Award, a metal-plated trophy with a glass play button that is given to all channels over 10 million registered.


Number of subscriber: 12.9M

top best football youtube channel in europe

FC Barcelona, first sports club in the world to have over 10 million subscribers on YouTube – FC Barcelona

Real Madrid Youtube Channel

If you’re a football lover and have “white” blood in your veins, you’ll want to watch all of Real Madrid’s matches, although keep in mind that you’ll have to sign up for a paying platform to watch all football matches, especially since DailySport closed, the online service used by many to watch free football matches.

Obviously, the first channel you should subscribe to is the official channel about Real Madrid. It has over six million subscribers and is one of the most watched official channels of a football team in the world. In it you will find summaries of La Liga and Champions matches, historical videos with questions and answers, videos of training sessions… and even a recently created women’s section.


Number of subscriber: 6.92M

top best football youtube channel in europe

The best YouTube channels to watch Real Madrid –

Liverpool FC

Since committing to creating exceptional content for the video-sharing platform in the summer of 2016, the club has added nearly 600,000 new subscribers, with video views doubling in that time. Currently, after 5 years of creating a youtube channel, the number of subscribers has increased to nearly 7 million people.

Features like ‘Inside Anfield’, which takes viewers behind the scenes of the Reds’ home games, have been hugely well received by fans and watch times skyrocket.

The channel also boasts popular series like Kop Kids, Alternative Commentaries, LFC Carpool and new signing vlogs, while every Jürgen Klopp press conference is streamed live.


Number of subscriber: 6.51M

top best football youtube channel in europe

Liverpool FC YouTube hits one million subscribers – Liverpool FC

Man City

December 18 – Manchester City has launched a dedicated channel on YouTube Kids, the first football club to do so. The channel will introduce City-themed children’s content aimed at audiences under 12 years old.

Content will include behind-the-scenes videos and a weekly magazine show called ‘Xtra Time’, where presenters discuss the City’s week on and off the field, along with highlights of Matches and short-form content are ordered separately.

Nuria Tarre, marketing director at City Football Group, said: “We want to continue pushing boundaries beyond our existing platforms to reach new audiences and because YouTube Kids is a number one platform for kids, so this is the right place to share our content. We truly believe in creating a safe and certified environment for kids online, and YouTube Kids provides a trusted way for the younger generation to access our content.”


Number of subscriber: 3.74M

top best football youtube channel in europe

Together: Watch now on YouTube – Manchester City FC

PSG – Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain has more and more fans around the world. As of 1 July 2018, over a million new fans have subscribed to the club’s YouTube channel, making it one of the most watched football club channels in Europe on YouTube with almost 6 million subscribers.

Paris Saint-Germain publishes various content on its club channel, ranging from entertainment, reporting highlights, news, clips and live broadcasts. As of the 2019/20 season, the most viewed videos are A day with …, Laure Report and No Comment with over 30 million views as of August 1 and are a regular trend in France.

The club continues to grow on all social media platforms including on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.


Number of subscriber: 5.91M

top best football youtube channel in europe

Paris Saint-Germain publishes various content on its club channel – StudioFutbol

The PSG Foundation takes control of #PSGTV on a workshop !

Juventus Youtube Channel

Joining less than a month, CR7 helps the reigning Serie A champions become the most viewed football club on the YouTube video sharing site.

In July, Juventus reached about 36.3 million views on YouTube. This is a huge number when placed next to the 18.3 million that the Turin team earned in the first six months of the year on this channel.

The number 36.3 million also helps Juventus surpass Barca, to become the most watched football club in the same period. Barca is ranked second with 31.9 million views, and Real Madrid is third with 24.4 million.


Number of subscriber: 3.51M

top best football youtube channel in europe


Inside Allianz Stadium | Juventus 2-0 Cagliari