Top Best French Clothing Brands

1. Saint Laurent, 2. Chloé, 3. Lacoste, 4. Jacquemus, 5. Sézane, 6. Maje, 7. Zadig & Voltaire, 8. Matches, 9. Ba&sh, 10. Veja, 11. Petit Bateau. French fashion has long been celebrated for its quality, elegance, and timeless style. If you're looking to elevate your wardrobe with some of the best French clothing brands, then look no further than the following list.

  1. Saint Laurent
  2. Chloé
  3. Lacoste
  4. Jacquemus
  5. Sézane
  6. Maje
  7. Zadig & Voltaire
  8. Matches
  9. Ba&sh
  10. Veja
  11. Petit Bateau

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent is one of the best French clothing brands for those who discerning shoppers. The brand offers an array of stunning dresses made from luxurious materials like silk, satin, and velvet, complete with intricate details such as lace, beadwork, and embroidery. Their jackets are edgy and stylish, available in leather, bomber, or blazer styles, and featuring unique design elements like studs, zippers, and embroidery. For pants, Saint Laurent offers a variety of tailored options in high-quality materials like leather, wool, and cotton, with unique design elements such as zippers, pockets, and embellishments.

Their products represent the confluence of craftsmanship and sustainability, with a holistic approach towards design, development, and manufacturing. They select materials and suppliers responsibly, ensuring fair working conditions for artisans, and working to minimize environmental impacts at every step of the way. From using sustainable and traceable materials in their iconic Le Vestiaire ready-to-wear pieces to making sure that their small leather goods use offcuts generated by cutting larger hides in their ateliers. Even the trimmings of their backpacks are made with recycled nylon from waste such as old fishing nets recovered from the ocean.

They prioritize the use of alternative energy and have a goal to reach 100% renewable sources by 2022. In addition, seventeen of the company’s sites have earned environmental certifications, including stores that have attained Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum status, the highest level awarded. Additionally, they use environmentally-friendly and duly certified materials for their packaging, eliminating single-use plastics and providing employees with reusable cups and water bottles.

Founded: 1961

Headquarters: Paris, France


top best french clothing brands

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Chloé is a French luxury fashion brand with a long history of providing women with stylish, high-quality clothing, accessories, and fragrances. The brand is known for its romantic, feminine, and bohemian aesthetic, which features flowing fabrics, delicate details, and soft colors. Chloé’s clothing line includes dresses, blouses, pants, skirts, jackets, and coats, while their accessory line features bags, shoes, belts, sunglasses, and jewelry. The brand also offers a range of fragrances for women that are fresh, floral, and sophisticated.

Chloé’s products are generally of high quality, utilizing premium materials and attention to detail in their designs. While the brand’s prices may be higher than some other brands, customers feel that the quality and design of the products justify the cost.

Its mission statements and committees show the brand’s commitment to ethics and sustainability. Focusing on fostering an organizational culture of integrity and ethical decision-making, Chloé ensures that all employees conduct business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, the brand evaluates and approves sustainability strategies, driving sustainability performance in all aspects of the company’s decisions.

Chloé is a great choice for discerning shoppers who appreciate a romantic and bohemian aesthetic, as well as a commitment to ethics and sustainability. With a wide range of stylish and high-quality products, Chloé is a leading French clothing brand that has stood the test of time.

Founded: 1952


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Lacoste is a high-quality French clothing brand that epitomizes elegance and style. Founded in 1933 by tennis legend René Lacoste, this brand has become synonymous with premium materials and timeless designs.

Lacoste offers a wide range of products for both men and women, including clothing, shoes, accessories, and fragrances. Their clothing collection includes classic pieces like polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, dresses, and skirts, all made from high-quality materials like cotton, wool, cashmere, and leather. Plus, they use innovative technical fabrics to create sportswear that is perfect for any activity.

While Lacoste’s color palette tends to stick with classic hues like white, black, navy, red, and green, they also incorporate brighter colors like pink, yellow, and orange for a fun and playful look. It’s true that Lacoste’s products may be on the pricier side, with a classic polo shirt costing around $90 and a leather handbag costing upwards of $200. However, the brand’s reputation for quality and durability justifies the investment for many customers.

As a responsible fashion player, Lacoste is committed to creating a more sustainable fashion industry. They’ve implemented an innovative and ambitious co-construction approach that involves all of their partners and takes into account their entire ecological impact. Their Sustainable Elegance approach benefits people, local communities, and the planet, and is a testament to the brand’s commitment to making a positive impact.

Founded: 1933

Headquarters: Troyes, France


top best french clothing brands

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Jacquemus is widely regarded as one of the best French clothing brands. Founder Simon Porte Jacquemus has a unique perspective on French fashion that sets him apart from his peers. Rather than designing solely for Parisian women, he creates clothing for all French women. The late Valérie, his mother, serves as a muse for his collections, and her personal take on fashion is a constant source of inspiration.

Jacquemus has an unmistakable personal approach and storytelling style. Each collection tells the story of a specific Jacquemus girl, and the designer’s greatest talent is creating cinematic worlds for these women. From the glamour of “La Bomba” in the South of France to the vibrant colors of a Marrakech marketplace in the recent “Le Souk” show, Jacquemus transports customers to another world.

Jacquemus products are characterized by minimalist designs that are both creative and individual. The brand often uses bright colors and unique textures, combined with small details like buttons and fancy handbags, to create a difference. Special designs, such as jackets with skirts, bow shirts, flared skirts, or tight shorts, add to the brand’s appeal. The fabrics used are always soft, such as wool, cotton, or silk, providing the wearer with comfort and sophistication.

Jacquemus also provides excellent customer service. Free shipping is available for orders placed on the website, and products can be exchanged or returned if they do not match the size or description on the website. Fashion experts are available to advise customers on coordinating or selecting products that suit their style. Customers can contact Jacquemus via email or live chat for support and answers to questions.

Founded: 2009


top best french clothing brands

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Sezane is the best French clothing brand you need to know about. Sezane’s collection includes a variety of pieces such as dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, and outerwear. Their range of accessories including bags, shoes, jewelry, and scarves will perfectly complement any outfit. What sets Sezane apart is its focus on versatility, allowing customers to mix and match pieces to create their own unique style.

Sezane uses only premium materials like silk, cotton, wool, and leather to ensure durability and comfort. But the brand goes beyond just using high-quality materials. They incorporate sustainable options into their collections like organic cotton and recycled polyester. This commitment to sustainability is a trait that many customers appreciate and look for when choosing brands to shop from.

At Sezane, you’re not just buying clothes – you’re buying into a story of commitment and co-creation. Every collection is inspired by Paris and the people who call it home, making each piece an ode to liberty. Sezane is also committed to sustainability and works with ateliers around the world that share this commitment. Through its solidarity program, Sezane supports DEMAIN, an endowment fund committed to helping children access education, culture, and equal opportunities.

Founded: 2013


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Maje is a French clothing brand founded by Judith Milgrom that has gained recognition for its bold, modern, and urban fashion. The brand offers a range of premium apparel, including dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, pants, shoes, bags, and accessories. Maje’s feminine and sophisticated designs are often characterized by intricate details such as lace, embroidery, and ruffles, showcasing the brand’s attention to detail and high-quality construction.

Customers appreciate the versatility of Maje’s products, which come in sizes ranging from XS to XL, catering to different body types. Although the brand’s prices may be higher than some other brands, customers feel that the quality and design of the products justify the cost. Maje releases new collections each season, offering a range of styles and colors to choose from, and its products have been featured in fashion magazines and worn by celebrities.

Maje’s commitment to digital inclusion is also evident through its AudioEye certification, which ensures an accessible user experience for all users. The brand is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, offering easy returns within 30 days and free standard shipping on every purchase. In addition, Maje Forward, the brand’s rental service, provides customers with unlimited access to a revolving wardrobe for a flat monthly fee, along with unlimited box exchanges and complimentary dry cleaning.

Founded: 1998


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Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire is a top French clothing brand that is beloved by celebrities and fashionistas for its edgy and sophisticated designs. The brand has a strong presence on Instagram with over 1 million followers, and their collections have been featured in prestigious fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

The brand offers several collections such as Spring/Summer 2021, Fall/Winter 2020, Spring/Summer 2020, and Fall/Winter 2019, which are all popular among stars such as Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kate Moss. The brand’s commitment to high-quality materials and exceptional design is evident in every collection.

Zadig & Voltaire also offers excellent customer service, providing customers with information on tracking their orders and accepted payment methods. Additionally, the brand gives its customers detailed instructions on how to care for their products, from leather goods and cashmere to merino wool and knitwear.

Zadig & Voltaire offers a variety of unique and innovative fashion collections that are designed to free women from constraints and allow them to express themselves through style without limitations. The brand’s women’s wardrobe is made with high-quality materials, and they provide detailed care instructions to help maintain the longevity of their products.

Founded: 1997


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Matches is one of the best French clothing brand that offers modern luxury and a wide range of established and innovative designers. At Matches, you’ll discover over 650+ designers including Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent – all curated to fit the fashion point of view of confident global customers. Whether you join Matches online, in-store, via their app, or at their retail destination, 5 Carlos Place, they aim to offer the most personal luxury shopping experience in the world.

Matches offers a vast collection of clothing including dresses, tops, pants, skirts, outerwear for women, as well as shirts, jackets, pants, and suits for men. They also have a range of activewear and swimwear. But Matches goes beyond just offering a broad selection of products. As part of their commitment to responsible business practices, they work with sustainability consultancy Eco-Age to reduce their environmental impact throughout their supply chain.

In addition to joining The Fashion Pact, which is a collaborative pledge and call to action addressing climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and ocean pollution, Matches has taken steps towards reducing their environmental footprint. They worked with their packaging providers and sustainability consultants to minimize their environmental impact by using FSC certified materials with water-based finishes and avoiding unnecessary plastic. Even their smallest packaging components such as parcel envelopes and packaging notes are made of FSC certified materials.

Founded: 1987


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Ba&sh is an iconic French clothing brand that has become known worldwide for their feminine and bohemian style. Founded by two best friends, Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, the brand focuses on creating a dream wardrobe for women of all ages and backgrounds. With over 400 stores around the world, Ba&sh continues to remain distinctly Parisian in its design, with a focus on soft, flowing fabrics, delicate prints, and elegant designs.

Their product offerings are diverse and include dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, jackets, as well as accessories such as bags, belts, and jewelry. What sets Ba&sh apart from other fashion brands is their commitment to using eco-friendly materials and sustainable production techniques, including organic cotton and recycled polyester. This not only supports the environment but also ensures that their products are of high quality and designed to last.

Customers appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship found in every one of Ba&sh’s clothing items. Their prices may be higher than some other brands, but customers feel that the quality and design justify the cost.

Whether you’re looking for chic cocktail dresses or easy vacation pieces, polished workwear or casual weekend attire, Ba&sh has something to offer for everyone. The brand’s four pillars: style, lifestyle, friendship, and commitment are reflected in the beautiful interconnected, thoughtfully designed, and distinctly Parisian Ba&sh world.

Founded: 2003


top best french clothing brands

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Veja is a French clothing brand that has been reinventing sneakers since 2005 by mixing social projects, economic justice, and ecological materials. The brand uses Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton for the canvas and laces, Amazonian rubber for the soles, and various innovative materials conceived in recycled plastic bottles or recycled polyester. Veja’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond just materials, as they produce their sneakers in high-standard factories in Brazil and manage the logistics of their stores and e-commerce through a professional and social inclusion company.

Veja’s attention to detail and commitment to sustainable practices is evident in every step of their manufacturing process. The brand takes longer than other big brands to design their sneakers, creating designs that will be stylish and timeless in 10 years. Since the launch of the Veja project in 2004, the brand has purchased close to 1,400 tons of organic and fair trade cotton directly from producer associations in different regions of Brazil and the Peruvian coast.

This brand commits to working directly with organic cotton producers. The brand pays 50% of the harvest in advance to support the communities, showcasing their dedication to social responsibility. The brand sets up 2-year contracts with farmers, guaranteeing that they will buy their cotton at a mutually agreed-upon price, covering the agroecological cotton production costs and allowing producers to earn a fair income. Additionally, Veja pays 50% of the harvest upfront to support the communities, even during the COVID19 pandemic.

Founded: 2005


top best french clothing brands

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Petit Bateau

If you’re looking for the best French clothing brand, Petit Bateau is a good option for you. For over 130 years, this brand has been a staple in the fashion industry, supporting thousands of families with their high-quality and sophisticated designs. Petit Bateau values the opinions of their customers and encourages them to share their experiences with the community.

From baby and children’s clothing and underwear to women’s and men’s collections, Petit Bateau has something for everyone. Their products are made with quality fabrics and feature simple yet stylish designs, including their classic horizontal stripes and polka dots.

Petit Bateau has gained recognition from prestigious fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, and has collaborated with many celebrities to promote their brand. Some of the famous names that have represented the brand include Vanessa Paradis, Lou Doillon, Inès de la Fressange, Gaspard Ulliel, Audrey Tautou, Marion Cotillard, Diane Kruger, and Chiara Ferragni.

With over 1 million views on their YouTube channel and more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, Petit Bateau is a brand that is loved and shared by many. Plus, their loyalty program rewards customers with 1 point for every euro spent and offers free exchanges and returns in participating stores.

Founded: 1893


top best french clothing brands

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