Top Best Frozen Food Companies In The USA

1. Stouffer’s, 2. Tyson, 3. Amy’s, 4. Bubba Foods, 5. Hot Pockets, 6. Lean Cuisine, 7. Marie Callender’s, 8. Hungry Man, 9. Healthy Choice, 10. Smart Ones. In the United States, frozen cuisine has become one of the most popular and delightful foods. There's a reason why men and women congregate in the frozen food department of supermarkets to buy their evening meal. Frozen foods are foods that are preserved in cold regions at the time of manufacture and can be utilized at different periods. Whether a person is worried about their health or simply enjoys frozen meals, here is a list of the greatest frozen foods in America as well as the top supermarket frozen food selections.

  1. Stouffer’s
  2. Tyson
  3. Amy’s
  4. Bubba Foods
  5. Hot Pockets
  6. Lean Cuisine
  7. Marie Callender’s
  8. Hungry Man
  9. Healthy Choice
  10. Smart Ones


Nestlé presently owns the Stouffer’s frozen prepared food brand. It sells its goods throughout the United States and Canada. Lasagna, macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, ravioli, and salisbury steak are among popular Stouffer’s dishes. Under the brand name Lean Cuisine, it also makes a range of low-fat items.

Stouffer’s is a well-known corporation. It was established in the year 1922. This well-known corporation prefers to hire Michigan State University alumni, with 11.5 percent of its employees having attended the university. Do you want to find out about some more fantastic areas to work in the United States? Our complete ranking of the Best Companies to Work For in the United States can be seen here. Stouffer’s is a significant manufacturing corporation based in the United States with 8,620 people and $1.9 billion in yearly revenue.

The Cottage Creamery Company, founded by James Stouffer and his son Abraham in Ohio in 1898, is where Stouffer’s brand began. It started off as a dairy firm and rapidly grew into a huge success.

The business model shifted in the 1900s, with eateries focusing in sandwiches and baked Dutch apple pie. The business would sell ready-to-eat meals that customers could take home and cook themselves.

Stouffer’s expanded their name beyond of Ohio shops once they entered the food business, and in 1946 they began selling frozen foods. Stouffer steadily gained control of the microwavable foods industry over the following two decades, until the brand was bought by Nestlé, a food and beverage production behemoth, in 1973. The Stouffer brand, which has been around for more than a century, is still the most popular frozen dinners in the United States.

Founded: 1922

Headquarter: United States


top best frozen food companies in the usa



Tyson is a meat processing company that is well recognized for its frozen meat products. Tyson, which was founded in 1935, owes much of its success to World War II rationing, which prohibited the sale of chicken. Their brand offered the meat that was in high demand.

From this point on, Tyson’s brand grew gradually to become a major player in the frozen food business. Their frozen chicken nuggets, strips, and patties, which come in a variety of flavors, are their most well-known product. Tyson also owns a number of additional frozen food brands, including: Jimmy Dean, Hillside Farm, Ballpark, Wright, State Fair.

For years, Tyson has been one of America’s major food manufacturers, and it has appeared on the Fortune 500 list several times. Despite being a tremendously prominent meat producer, Tyson is just the second largest frozen dinner brand since non-frozen food accounts for the majority of their earnings.

Despite this, Tyson is a significant enough supplier to be regarded one of the most popular frozen meal brands in the US.

Founded: 1935

Headquarters: Springdale, Arkansas, United States


top best frozen food companies in the usa



Amy’s frozen dinners are one of the few privately-held brands on the market today. Andy and Rachel Berliner launched the company in 1987, and it is still family-owned today. Amy’s is a brand of organic and non-GMO frozen food products that the couple named after their newborn daughter. This is one target Amy’s brand has excelled in achieving.

Amy’s Kitchen employs people from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. 36.5 percent of the company’s employees are women, while 46.2 percent are ethnic minorities. Amy’s Kitchen personnel are significantly deficient in political diversity, despite their variety in other areas. With 94.0 percent of employees belonging to the Democratic Party, it has an extraordinarily high percentage of Democratic Party members.

Pizza, burritos, soup, and vegetarian burgers are among the more than 250 items available at Amy’s. All of their goods maintain their original quality and cater to certain diets such as gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. Amy’s goods were popular because they achieved something that none of their competitors did: they used high-quality ingredients while remaining quick and handy frozen meals. Amy’s Kitchen profited as consumers began to value these traits in their meals, and they became one of America’s most popular frozen dinner companies.

Amy’s Kitchen, based in Petaluma, California, is a major participant in the manufacturing business, with 2,400 workers and a $213.7 million annual sales.

Founded: 1987

Headquarters: Petaluma, California


top best frozen food companies in the usa


Bubba Foods

Bubba Foods, founded in 2000, is a frozen burger manufacturer in the United States. Bubba Burger, their main product, is made with whole muscle USDA Choice chucks and has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

Bubba Foods, which was founded in 2000, is a well-established firm that enjoys hiring Chadron State College alumni, with 33.3 percent of its employees having attended Chadron State College. Bubba Foods has established itself as an excellent place to work in Colorado, ranking 12th on Zippia’s list of the Best Companies to Work for in Loveland.

Their distribution began in grocery shops in the Southeast and gradually spread to other areas. They may now be found in American supermarkets all around the country. The firm attributes its success to explicitly disclosing the contents of its goods on the packaging in order to gain the respect and trust of its customers.

Bubba Foods has steadily expanded into huge grocery store chains, making it one of the most popular frozen supper brands in the United States.

Founded: 2000

Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida


top best frozen food companies in the usa

Hot Pockets

Hot Pockets is a microwaveable turnover brand from the United States that often contains one or more varieties of cheese, meat, or veggies. Chef America Inc. is the company that created Hot Pockets. Nestlé has been producing them since April 20, 2002.

Hot Pockets, a hand-held snack, has become a frozen dinner staple in many families. Chef America Inc. created the brand when brothers Paul and David Merage came up with a way to mix a sandwich and a calzone that would stay crispy after being microwaved for minutes.

The Hot Pockets brand was sold to Nestlé in 2002, and the frozen meal category was estimated to be worth $2 billion. Hot Pockets changed its brand multiple times in the 2000s, removing artificial flavors and lowering salt levels in their goods in order to promote a healthy image to consumers.

Despite the fact that Hot Pockets’ early income projections were not met, it remains one of the most popular frozen meal brands in the United States.

Founded: 2002

Headquarters: United States


top best frozen food companies in the usa

Lean Cuisine

Nestlé sells Lean Cuisine frozen entrées and meals in the United States and Canada, while Vesco sells them in Australia (under a license deal with Nestlé). The brand originated as a line of low-fat, low-calorie Stouffer’s items. Traditional meals, ethnic foods, pizzas, whole-grain Spa Cuisine entreés, and panini are all examples of Lean Cuisine today. In the United States, Lean Cuisine’s headquarters are in Solon, Ohio, a Cleveland suburb.

In 1981, the Lean Cuisine brand was created as a healthier alternative to Stouffer’s frozen foods. According to FDA naming standards, Lean Cuisine must include less than 10 grams of fat, 4.5 grams of saturated fat, and 95 milligrams of cholesterol.

Their product range evolved from ten dishes that met this criteria to over a hundred different frozen meals. All Lean Cuisine meals must also fit below a certain calorie range, which is generally between 200 and 300 calories.

Lean Cuisine takes advantage of the growing demand for diet solutions in the frozen meal industry. Stouffer created the brand in order to satisfy this previously unsatisfied demand. Because of this strategy, Lean Cuisine has grown to become one of the largest frozen supper brands in the world.

Founded: 1981


top best frozen food companies in the usa

Marie Callender’s

Marie Callender’s is a dessert-oriented frozen food company. The brand was founded by a woman with the same name who started a small pie company out of her home. Callender’s husband and son eventually bought the firm wholesale in 1948, allowing Marie to make over a hundred pies each day at one time.

Marie Callender’s is a tiny hospitality firm based in San Diego, California, with only 175 workers and $4.2 million in yearly revenue.

Marie Callender launched its first restaurant outlets in the 1960s, expanding the menu to include supper options. These menu items evolved into the frozen Marie Callender products that may now be found in supermarkets. These product rights were sold to Conagra Foods for $140 million in 1994 and have remained one of the country’s leading frozen meal trademarks.

Founded: 1948

Headquarters: Mission Viejo, California, U.S


top best frozen food companies in the usa

Hungry Man

The Hungry Man line of frozen dinners offers generously portioned microwaveable meals to satisfy even the most voracious appetites. Despite the fact that healthier food alternatives are becoming more popular, the highly unhealthy Hungry-Man brand, which is heavy in calories and saturated fat, continues to do well.

Hungry Man’s success may be due to the demographic they target: young guys, regardless of market conditions. Hungry Man has branded his frozen meals to communicate the concept that their meals come in large portions and are delicious. These are the two key characteristics that young guys who aren’t very health-conscious seek in frozen meals. Hungry Man has grown to become one of America’s largest frozen supper businesses by focusing solely on this specific market.

Founded: 1899
Headquarters: New York

top best frozen food companies in the usa

Healthy Choice

ConAgra Goods owns the Healthy Choice brand, which sells refrigerated and frozen foods. It was formed after then-ConAgra CEO Charles “Mike” Harper had a heart attack in 1985, according to ConAgra’s official business history. He came up with the concept for a range of healthier frozen foods after being forced to drastically change his diet.

Conagra Foods created the Healthy Choice frozen food segment after its CEO, Charles Harper, suffered a heart attack. Harper was motivated to produce healthier choices from Conagra after being forced to drastically adjust his diet. In 1989, Healthy Choice was founded.

The brand is a direct rival to other healthy frozen meal providers such as Lean Cuisine. Their goal was to make people’s access to quick and healthy food easier. Healthy Choice also sells cold meats, soups, and side dishes in addition to frozen dinners.

Founded: 1985

Headquarters: Chicago, IL


top best frozen food companies in the usa

Smart Ones

Smart Ones is a frozen food brand that promotes healthful ingredients, flavor, and convenience, particularly for people who are trying to lose weight through portion management.

Smart Ones was a Kraft Heinz Company brand that arose as a result of the profitable nature of healthier frozen meals. It was originally intended to be a Weight Watchers subdivision that included frozen dinners. From breakfast and supper to snacks and desserts, the brand provides a wide range of frozen items.

All of their goods are made with the goal of using high-quality ingredients while keeping flavor and convenience in mind. The company also capitalized on the weight-loss craze by sticking to portion control in its goods. Smarts One’s brand was dramatically improved after obtaining support from Oprah in 2015.

Smart Ones has established itself as one of the most popular frozen meal companies by capitalizing on the desire for healthier alternatives and establishing a reputation for dependability via significant endorsements.

Founded: 1992


top best frozen food companies in the usa