Top Best Hair Salons in Oklahoma

1. Lion Salon and Spa OKC, 2. SmartStyle Hair Salon, 3. Bella Vita Spa and Salon, 4. Z Studio, 5. Michael Brothers, 6. Salon Audace, 7. Clary Sage Salon & Spa, 8. Duncan Bros. Salon. Do you want to spruce up your look? Whether you're getting your hair dyed or just getting a haircut, the best hair salons in Oklahoma will make you feel gorgeous. Check out the 7 greatest hair salons in the state, whether you're looking for a comprehensive makeover or just a little pampering!

  1. Lion Salon and Spa OKC
  2. SmartStyle Hair Salon
  3. Bella Vita Spa and Salon
  4. Z Studio
  5. Michael Brothers
  6. Salon Audace
  7. Clary Sage Salon & Spa
  8. Duncan Bros. Salon

Lion Salon and Spa OKC

Lion Salon and Spa OKC, Aveda Lifestyle is committed to delivering great service and is enthusiastic about giving the finest in hair care, skin and body care, customer service, and general wellbeing. The second location opened in 2020 and is less than five minutes from downtown Oklahoma City.

In the year 2020, they will open their second site. Lion is located in the luxury Classen Curve retail district, which is less than five minutes from downtown Oklahoma City. Residents of OKC may spend a day being glammed up with their stylists and estheticians before going shopping at all their favorite stores, or stop by for a blowout before a date night at one of Classen Curve’s numerous fine dining restaurants. Whatever your requirements are, the Lion team has you covered.

Because the Lion Salon staff wants to provide you with excellent service and attention to detail, they believe it is vital to do a consultation to determine your cut and color needs before your first appointment. The service charge is reduced by the consultation fee. Price differences are indicated based on their tiered artisan level system. All service employees at Lion Salon is required to pursue ongoing education. Professionals’ pricing will raise to reflect their increased skill level after they achieve Aveda business promotion standards and finish educational seminars. Promotions are encouraged and rewarded at Lion.

Address: 5740 N Classen Blvd #1, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Phone: 405-340-8190

Website: www.lionsalon.com

top best hair salons in oklahoma

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top best hair salons in oklahoma

SmartStyle Hair Salon

SmartStyle Hair Salon is a full-service hair salon with locations in Walmart stores across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. They provide welcoming and relaxing experiences knowing that you will be served by friendly, professionally trained stylists who will provide you with quality service every time you visit.

SmartStyle consumers will always depart with the style they desire at a reasonable price. SmartStyle is also simple to integrate into your day at a time that works for you because its salons are situated within Walmart. Visit a SmartStyle Hair Salon – and take some time to unwind and enjoy a high-quality salon experience. Each location is staffed with qualified stylists that provide a comprehensive range of hair salon services at a reasonable cost.

Women’s haircuts, men’s haircuts, children’s haircuts, color treatments, perms, styling, and waxing are all available at SmartStyle salons. Hair treatments that involve a shampoo at SmartStyle also include a complimentary basic conditioner and scalp massage. It’s simply one of the ways they’re assisting you in taking some time for yourself.

SmartStyle has a large choice of professional haircare products to keep you looking fantastic in between appointments. Biolage, Paul Mitchell, Redken, DESIGNLINE, Sexy Hair, DESIGNLINE FOR MEN, Nioxin, and other brands are among their product ranges. SmartStyle is honored to be a part of Regis Corporation, the world’s largest hair salon owner and operator.

Address: 7800 Nw Expressway Located Inside Walmart #622, Oklahoma City, OK 73132
Phone: 405-728-7114
Website: www.smartstyle.com

top best hair salons in oklahoma

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top best hair salons in oklahoma

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Bella Vita Spa and Salon

Bella Vita Day Spa & Salon is the perfect place to unwind. Their team is polite, competent, and enthusiastic about what they do best, which is providing excellent day spa treatments. Bella Vita was designed with great care by the proprietors. The vision was to create an elegant one-stop day spa and salon that will cater to all of your requirements. Their hair salon is on the south side of the property, away from any chemical scents, so that guests lounging in the day spa are not disturbed.

When you walk into Bella Vita, the cheerful front desk personnel will greet you. After that, you’ll be whisked away to their day spa, which is decorated in a “Tuscan” motif. The personnel at Bella Vita has been educated to understand the needs of its clients, from occasional pampering to long-term skin concerns and muscular discomfort. When you come to Bella Vita for a hair treatment and the works, you’ll want to make it a spa day. This salon has a great reputation for offering a calm environment with modern conveniences.

It’s everything here in Bella Vita. Their hair stylists are skilled in Keune and Wella hair color, as well as ColorProof, AG, and Morrocan Oil styling products that nourish the hair and assist to balance the scalp’s natural function. With the excellent HydroPeptide range, their Estheticians are glad to educate you on all of your skin care requirements. Make self-care a priority this year.

Address: 10424 S 82nd E Ave (105th & Memorial)Tulsa, OK 74133
Phone: 918.369.8482
Website: https://bellavitaspaandsalon.com/

top best hair salons in oklahoma

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top best hair salons in oklahoma

Z Studio

Z Studio is a Goldwell US salon with a #1 rating. Because of their amazing Artistic Team and award-winning Goldwell US range of lasting color, you’ll appreciate their whole “Art of Hair” experience for weeks following your appointment. The environment at their two handy locations is welcoming, fresh, and alive with activity. They provide convenient parking, on-time appointments, and Tulsa’s greatest staff of experienced stylists that genuinely care about your Z Studio experience.

They feel that “The Art of Hair” entails more than just having exceptional shears and color skills. For their staff, it’s all about giving their clients the finest experience they’ve ever had with a stylist or salon. It’s about pushing oneself to learn, grow, and expand their abilities, goods, and service offerings on a regular basis. They are proud of their work and their staff, and they hope that this is reflected in your visit to one of their salons.

Address: 3511 South Peoria Ave.Tulsa, OK 74105

Phone: 918.743.5353

Website: https://zstudiotulsa.com/

top best hair salons in oklahoma
top best hair salons in oklahoma

Michael Brothers

Michael Brothers has a reputation for being always booked, however he is now taking new customers. He has a fantastic team of accomplished employees, who are said to be some of the best in the Tulsa area. The salon provides a welcoming ambiance, with modern stylists who will take care of your hair while you’re there and teach you how to care for it at home.

Michael Brothers is a well-known and highly sought-after hairdresser in the Midwest. From the socially elite to the CEO to the stay-at-home mom, his ability in color and precise style has earned him a personal favorite of those who cherish excellent hair. Michael brings to Tulsa unrivaled talent.

Michael Brothers Hair believes that everyone has inner and outer beauty. They’ve come to re-energise, purify, recollect, and show your inner beauty. They are dedicated to offering their valued clients with exceptional service, expertise, and goods. Your treatments and styling don’t take place just at their facility. They want you to have amazing hair every day. Their experts will gently educate you on the companies we represent and make product recommendations to help you keep your beauty.

Address: 1148 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK

Phone: 918-584-9400

Website: https://michaelbrothershair.com/

top best hair salons in oklahoma

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top best hair salons in oklahoma

Salon Audace

At Salon Audace, you’ll feel gorgeous and know you’re helping the environment by using biodegradable soaps and detergents, recyclable packaging, and non-disposable goods. They are a contemporary salon where you will get rejuvenated and re-energized, as well as working hard to lessen their carbon impact.

Salon Audace believes that you, and especially your hair, deserve the finest. Salon Audace, founded by award-winning stylist Nathan Andrew, emphasizes ongoing education (for both stylists and customers) and high-end goods, resulting in a best-in-class service experience.

Staying up to date on the newest trends, both in and out of the salon, is only one of the many qualities that distinguish their stylists. Their commitment to their trade and never-ending quest for knowledge, on the other hand, is what truly distinguishes them. A Salon Audace stylist is actually a couture stylist, with an emphasis on continuous education. Premium quality items go hand in hand with couture style. Wella Premium Hair Color, Milbon Hair Care, and SEVEN Style all play a role in giving clients an exceptional experience and educating them on the most up-to-date hair care and styling procedures.

Address: 2001 W. Main St, Ste 115, Norman, OK 73069

Phone: 405-234-0456

Website: https://www.salonaudace.com/

top best hair salons in oklahoma
top best hair salons in oklahoma

Clary Sage Salon & Spa

Clary Sage Salon & Spa is a full-service, locally owned and operated salon and spa on the corner of 71st and 193rd Streets in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Pamper yourself at this local, family-owned, independent salon that cares about your experience when it comes to looking and feeling your best. No matter what you need done to your hair, it has a great reputation.

Clary Sage Salon & Spa in Broken Arrow is owned by Rebecca and her family. She spends her days operating the salon, overseeing a great team, and ensuring that every customer has a positive experience. She likes spending time with her spouse and four children during her free time. A Clary Sage Salon was a wonderful match since it has long been a family desire to establish a business that assists people while also helping the local economy.

Clary Sage Salon & Spa wants you to feel attractive, inspired, and elevated when you leave. They accomplish this by being kind, attentive, and surpassing your expectations. Because, at the end of the day, all they want to do is make the world a more beautiful place by bringing joy to people’s hearts!

Address: 2502 East Kenosha StreetBroken Arrow, OK 74014
Phone: 918-806-8883
Website: https://clarysagesalon.com/

top best hair salons in oklahoma
top best hair salons in oklahoma

Duncan Bros. Salon

Duncan Bros. Salon, which opened in 1969, was OKC’s first unisex salon. They are still industry leaders and award-winning salons, having celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2019. Duncan Brothers Salon has been recognized in the top 20 Goldwell Titanium Salons in the country since 2013, was voted Readers Choice Best Salon in 2018 for the 12th year, in the top three in 2001, and has been featured in salon today and modern salon for over 20 years. They were recognized in the top 10 salons nationwide with TIGI, Toni, and Guy for over 20 years.

Duncan Brothers Salon is distinguished by their attention to detail, design, and education, which is the product of comprehensive and continuous training from industry professionals. Duncan Brothers Salon continues to be chosen and trusted by clientele from all around Oklahoma and the region for this reason. Duncan Brothers Salon also owns The Academy of Hair Design in Quail Springs Mall, which is one of the region’s most well regarded NACCAS-accredited cosmetology schools. The Academy provides students with the chance to learn about hair design, hair coloring, barbering, Eric Fisher’s, Prosper U Business Program, social media, up-styles, cosmetics, and photography in an environment that focuses on all elements and potential of the profession. The Academy of Hair Design’s curriculum provides students with an education that rivals that of New York, Los Angeles, and London.

Address:5625 N Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Phone: 405-840-2767
Website: www.duncanbrossalon.com

top best hair salons in oklahoma

Photo: duncanbrossalon.com

top best hair salons in oklahoma


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