Top Best International Schools In Japan

1. Global Indian International School (GIIS) Tokyo, 2. Tamagawa Academy IB Programmes, 3. The American School in Japan (ASIJ), 4. Columbia International School (CIS), 5. The Montessori School of Tokyo (MST), 6. Jinseki International School (JINIS), 7. KAIS International School, 8. MEES International School. Japan is known for its world-class education by providing professional learning opportunities. If you are looking to discover the best international schools in Japan (kindergarten to 12th grade), continue reading this article and choose the best school for your child from this list.

  1. Global Indian International School (GIIS) Tokyo
  2. Tamagawa Academy IB Programmes
  3. The American School in Japan (ASIJ)
  4. Columbia International School (CIS)
  5. The Montessori School of Tokyo (MST)
  6. Jinseki International School (JINIS)
  7. KAIS International School
  8. MEES International School

Global Indian International School (GIIS) Tokyo

At Global Indian International School (GIIS) Tokyo, they commit to nurturing lifelong learners and providing a balanced, holistic approach to education to promote their mission of becoming a global role model for teaching and learning.

They are ecstatic that you are considering GIIS for your child’s education. they are dedicated to making the admissions process as straightforward as possible. While admissions are open throughout the year, they are still subjected based on availability. New students may enroll at any time during the academic year, with the exception of those seeking admission to the CBSE and IB Diploma Programmes 11 and 12. The school year begins in April, thus this is usually their busiest time. Because the Admissions Team begins assessing new admissions applications in January of each year, they encourage that you plan ahead and finish your admission papers before then to avoid the rush.

Global Indian International School Tokyo is proud of its diversity and welcomes applications from students of all ethnicities. They invite you to take your initial step by making an appointment with one of their admissions counselors, during which you’ll visit the campus while learning more about the school, courses, and extracurricular activities.

Grades: Kindergarten- 12th grade


  • Nishi Kasai Campus: 8 Chome-3-13 Nishikasai, Edogawa-ku, Tōkyō-to 134-0088 Japan
  • Higashi Kasai Campus: 9-3-6 Higashikasai, Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo -1340084 Japan
  • Seishincho Campus: 2 Chome-10-1 Seishincho, Edogawa City, Tokyo 134-0087, Japan

Fee: JPY 259,280/term

Contact: 8135-6765-081

Website: https://tokyo.globalindianschool.org/

top best international schools in japan


top best international schools in japan

Tamagawa Academy IB Programmes

Tamagawa Academy IB Programmes, which has prioritized international education throughout its history through its Zenjin (well-rounded) principles, provides students with the unique opportunity to earn both a Japanese secondary school completion certificate and an International Baccalaureate Diploma as a MEXT Article 1 school. Because of their versatility, students can choose from a wide range of foreign and domestic university possibilities. Tamagawa Academy’s four-year IB Middle Years Program and two-year Diploma Program, both of which are almost exclusively in English, is designed to foster broad perspectives, knowledge, and intellectual curiosity in its students. They encourage students to think globally while also equipping them with the skills and confidence they need to make a difference in the world.

The Tamagawa campus, located just outside of Tokyo and spanning 610,000 square meters (150 acres), provides students with not only cutting-edge technology but also opportunities to interact with nature. Take a walk around the woodland campus, visit the farm, or simply relax and listen to the sounds of nature. Students have access to 305,640 English texts, as well as a number of fully equipped audiovisual spaces and numerous theaters, due to multiple libraries, including a new on-campus University Library.

Grades: 1-12

Address: 6 Chome-1-1 Tamagawagakuen, Machida, Tokyo 194-8610, Japan

Fee: 1,886,000 JPY-1,902,000 JPY

Contact: 8142-7398-601

Website: https://www.tamagawa.jp/

Tamagawa Academy CAMPUS VIEW

top best international schools in japan


The American School in Japan (ASIJ)

The American School in Japan (ASIJ) provides an American-style college-preparatory education. The American School in Japan (ASIJ) is a co-educational, independent day school that serves students from all over the world. ASIJ, which was founded in 1902, provides an American-style college preparation education to students from international families, including those on temporary assignments as well as those who make Tokyo their permanent home. The school offers a standards-based curriculum that leads to a high school diploma in the United States. ASIJ’s curriculum helps students develop the abilities they’ll need to succeed in their future academic efforts, such as Advanced Placement and other advanced topic courses.

ASIJ encourages students to participate in a range of co-curricular activities, including fine arts, athletics, and service-related clubs, in addition to their academic program. These activities contribute to the development of the whole child. ASIJ also capitalizes on its one-of-a-kind presence in Japan by incorporating language and cultural studies that honor the country it calls home. ASIJ is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and is recognized by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) (NAIS).

Grades: Kindergarten-12th grade

Address: Japan, 〒182-0031 Tokyo, Chofu, Nomizu, 1-chōme−1−1

Fee: ¥2,595,000-¥2,750,000

Contact: +8142-2345-300

Website: https://www.asij.ac.jp/

top best international schools in japan


top best international schools in japan


Columbia International School (CIS)

Columbia International School (CIS) provides motivated students with a safe and healthy learning environment in which each student is actively involved in their learning process in small classes. Dynamic and highly qualified teachers support and challenge students to grasp the changing world around them in classrooms that are rich in technology and resources.

Columbia International School also allows students to participate in a variety of activities outside of school, such as social and cultural events, community events, and extracurricular activities. Students will gain skills as responsible global citizens and leaders within the school and wider community as a result of these activities. Columbia International School explores the world around them using the curriculum of the Province of Ontario, Canada, one of the most advanced and respected education systems in the world. Their ongoing development as a learning community is ensured by the school’s effectiveness and improvement frameworks, as well as their regular Canadian and WASC certification processes, as well as enormous support from their parent company.

Columbia International School’s professional learning circles engage all teachers in ongoing learning. Teachers and students can access the most up-to-date material and learning methodologies thanks to their wifi one-to-one laptop environment. Their goal is to create a fun, challenging, and supporting lifelong learning environment where students can develop an appreciation for different cultures and perspectives, as well as superior communication skills and an excellent command of the English language, and the knowledge and skills needed to be successful global citizens in the twenty-first century.

Grades: 6 – 12

Address: Japan, 〒359-0027 Saitama, Tokorozawa, Matsugo, 153 コロンビアインターナショナルスクール

Fee: 558,500 JPY/ term

Contact: +8142-9461-911

Website: https://www.columbia-ca.co.jp/

top best international schools in japan


top best international schools in japan

The Montessori School of Tokyo (MST)

The Montessori School of Tokyo (MST), located in the center of Tokyo, is a well-established and internationally-minded Montessori school that provides a vivid vision of education for your child. MST is Asia’s first accredited Montessori school, with a diverse and highly qualified faculty and staff gathered from all over the world. Their building includes large classrooms, a lovely garden, and a variety of other modern amenities that their students call home.

At MST, learning is seen as a natural, ongoing process that is unique to each individual. Individuals learn in different ways and at varying rates, and they do not follow someone else’s pre­determined schedule or timeframe. Learning is viewed at MST as a process of personal growth and self-­construction that leads to the maximum realization of human potential. A successful MST student will discover their passions and role in the world, all while cultivating a love of peace and a deep respect for humanity and the environment.

Grades: Kindergarten-9th grade

Address: Japan, 〒106-0047 Tokyo, Minato City, Minamiazabu, 3 Chome−5−13

Fee: ¥995,000-¥2,350,000

Contact: +8135-4497-067

Website: https://www.montessorijapan.com/

top best international schools in japan


top best international schools in japan


Jinseki International School (JINIS)

Jinseki International School (JINIS) opens in April 2020 as Japan’s first dual-language British Curriculum residential school. JINIS, located in the beautiful Chugoku Mountains, emphasizes academic success as well as health and wellness via sports including skiing, golf, and horseback riding. The school is located on a 50,000-square-meter property that also includes a hotel, golf course, and a farm that offers students with fresh produce and dairy.

The school will follow the English National Curriculum, with international material supplemented. The curriculum will be rigorous and inventive, with clear objectives and an emphasis on hands-on learning. JINIS students will develop as global citizens and become extremely fluent in both written and spoken English and Japanese as a consequence of a comprehensive and expanded dual-language program.

Students’ independence will be emphasized, allowing them to assume greater responsibility for their education, personal belongings, and self-care. JINIS will give the best pastoral care possible, creating a family environment that will serve as a “home away from home” for everyone.

Grades: 1-6

Address: 5020-77 Tokiyasu, Jinsekikogen, Jinseki District, Hiroshima 720-1603 Japan

Fee: 6,000,000 JPY

Contact: +8184-7853-003

Website: https://jinsekikogen.co.jp/

top best international schools in japan


top best international schools in japan

World Camps Jinseki Summer School

KAIS International School

KAIS International School is one of the most innovative and academically renowned international schools in Japan. They have been servicing the international community since 2006, and are conveniently located in central Tokyo. Students at KAIS learn in small courses in a family-like setting, where they acquire social skills while discovering who they are as individuals.

The school thinks that developing self-awareness, curiosity, and empathy in the adults who will influence the future is critical, and everything they do strives to assist this. Students have greater opportunities to participate in hands-on projects, receive individual attention from instructors, show their work to their classmates, and participate in discussions when class sizes are small. Their dedicated staff of teachers is committed to providing students with the best high school experience possible, both inside and outside the classroom. While the majority of their students move on to elite US universities, they provide their curriculum to its varied student body from a global viewpoint.

Grades: 7-12

Address: 3-chōme-10-60 Kamiōsaki, Shinagawa City, Japan

Fee: ¥1,849,049

Contact: +8135-4210-127

Website: http://www.kaischool.com/

top best international schools in japan


MEES International School

The emphasis on freedom, creativity, problem-solving, and confidence-building distinguishes MEES International School from Japanese education. They want the kids to look forward to coming to a fun and relaxing environment. They will keep your child curious and capable of facing new difficulties by sowing the seed of a love of learning. They give the child responsibility in little steps because they feel that if a child picks an activity on his or her own, the child is more likely to learn faster because it comes from his or her own initiative.

Developing social skills through peer interaction is a crucial element of a young child’s existence. At MEES, they believe that each child is unique. As a result, they avoid inter-child competition. They like to encourage the kids to respect each other’s uniqueness and to praise what they do well. This is how they instill confidence in a small child at an early age. A confident youngster will flourish at what he or she is good at and perform better in more difficult situations.

Grades: Kindergarten-4th grade

Address: 3 Chome-23-6 Sendagi, Bunkyo City, Tokyo 113-0022, Japan

Fee: ¥45,000/month

Contact: +8134-4009-963

Website: https://mees.jp/

top best international schools in japan


top best international schools in japan



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