Top Best Japanese Instant Noodle Brands

1. Nissin, 2. Sapporo Ichiban, 3. Acecook, 4. Maruchan, 5. Myojo, 6. Ippudo, 7. Sugakiya, 8. Peyoung yakisoba, 9. Tsuta, 10. AFURI. Instant noodles are a big business in Japan, often occupying an entire supermarket aisle, and are an important part of Japanese cuisine. This is also a commodity that plays an important part in people's lives. This article will introduce readers to famous instant noodle brands in Japan that visitors can refer to enjoy when coming to Japan, stay tuned!

  1. Nissin
  2. Sapporo Ichiban
  3. Acecook
  4. Maruchan
  5. Myojo
  6. Ippudo
  7. Sugakiya
  8. Peyoung yakisoba
  9. Tsuta
  10. AFURI


Nissin is the first company to create instant noodle products and distribute them to the market. Therefore, this has become an extremely famous instant noodle brand and is known and chosen by many Japanese people. Nissan’s outstanding instant noodles products can be mentioned as cup noodles (original cup noodles, seafood cup noodles, curry cup noodles), chicken ramen noodles, Donbei noodles, Raoh noodles, and UFO yakisoba noodles…

Nissin – the company was founded by a Taiwanese businessman named Momofuku Ando during a vacation to Japan. The world’s first and oldest cup-shaped instant noodles are the legendary “Cup Noodles” of Nissin Foods, which first appeared in 1971. By the way, Momofuku Ando, the creator of Nissin Foods, is the same person. First created instant noodles!

Nissin’s cup noodles first came to the United States in 1973 and then quickly spread to countries including Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, the Netherlands, Germany, and Thailand. Currently, Nissin has locations around the globe. Cup Noodles is arguably the best Japanese instant noodle that has conquered the world, with the market now exceeding 40 billion cups sold.

Detailed Information:

  • Headquarters: 1-1, Nishi-Nakajima Yonchome, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan.
  • Founded: 1948
  • Founder: Momofuku Ando
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  • Twitter:

top best japanese instant noodle brands

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top best japanese instant noodle brands

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Sapporo Ichiban

Sapporo Ichiban is a noodle brand that came after a comparison with the two giants Nissin and Maruchan. Sapporo Ichiban is an instant noodle brand that was born in 1966. Although it was born later, this instant noodle brand has grown tremendously, products from this brand are present in many countries around the world gender. Especially in Western countries, California, the US has a noodle factory to serve the people here.

Sapporo Ichiban noodles are characterized by a miso flavor. Miso flavor is a combination of 7 different types of miso. That is what makes Sapporo Ichiban noodles so attractive around the world. To create the miso flavor of Sapporo Ichiban’s noodles, the company’s founder looked to the soup’s hometown: the Ramen Valley in Sapporo City, Hokkaido.

After falling in love with the local flavor of miso, he spent 3 years finding the perfect recipe by combining 7 different types of miso to create the standard flavor of his product. Famous noodle lines from Sapporo Ichiban brand can be mentioned such as miso ramen, Shoyu flavor, Shio ramen… Each of these noodles has a unique feature.

  • Headquarters: 07-0052, 2 of 5 in Akasaka 3, Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Founded: 1966
  • Founder: Takeshi Ida
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top best japanese instant noodle brands

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top best japanese instant noodle brands


In Japan, Acecook is known for its wide range of product collaborations with other brands such as Hello Kitty ramen or Coco Ichibanwa curry instant noodles as well as some less palatable ramen dishes such as non-noodle ramen that are available in Japan. replaced with wakame seaweed. The company always wants to create new and interesting noodle dishes, so this is definitely one of the noodles worth trying. Acecook noodle brand brings a special and unforgettable taste for anyone to taste once. As a fan of ramen, the toughness and thickness of the noodles made the brand.

Acecook has launched many different product lines, perfecting the production process to produce the best noodles, with the most perfect toughness. A famous product line of Acecook is the Mochichi product line. When it comes to Japanese cuisine, texture, and presentation are just as important as taste. This is especially true of noodles. For true ramen fans, they will be impressed by the thickness and toughness of each noodle. Acecook’s Mochichi product line, which includes ramen and yakisoba noodles, claims to have perfected the process to create the perfect instant noodles.

Acecook compared to other brands is widely known in the East. Initially, Kenji Muraoka, the founder of Acecook, sold various types of bread in Sumiyoshi-Ku, Osaka. Umeshin Confectionery, founded by Kenji Muraoka around 1954, began manufacturing and selling a variety of cookies in addition to bread. It may seem odd for a confectionery company to start making instant noodles, but Acecook Umeshin Confectionery has joined the ranks of businesses like Nissin and Toyo Suisan in this endeavor. The company is worth considering as it always seems to offer something new and exciting.

  • Headquarters: Osaka Kamiya Shinmido Building, 1-12-40, Itacacho Ward, Suita District, Osaka City, Japan.
  • Founded: 1948
  • Founder: Murakami Gyeongji
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top best japanese instant noodle brands

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top best japanese instant noodle brands

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Maruchan noodles are not only a famous Japanese instant noodle brand but also a brand known and appreciated by many people around the world. This instant noodle brand started production in 1977 and supplies the market with about 3.6 billion packages of noodles annually. Maruchan’s famous instant noodle products can be mentioned as maruchan siemen, mukashi nagara no chuka soba, red kittune udon and green tanuki ten soba, etc.

With a bowl-shaped design that is larger than the cup of the regular Cup Noodle range, Maruchan Seimen noodles have more broth and a rich topping with vegetables, shrimp, or plump pork chops. This type of instant noodle is also famous for its delicious noodles comparable to fresh noodle products. Diners who want to enjoy high-quality ramen noodles will surely feel satisfied when choosing this Seimen product.

Mukashinagara no Chuka Soba” means old-fashioned ramen and this is the flavor chosen by the manufacturer for this product. With delicious chicken and soy sauce, this noodle brings out the flavor of this product. The classic ramen that the older generations enjoyed as children. Maruchan is not fried in oil and uses 100% Hokkaido flour, which is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a bit of flavor. old taste to nostalgia about the past.

  • Headquarters: Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-8501, Japan
  • Founder: Kazuo Mori
  • Founded: 1953
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Myojo is another big name in the instant noodle industry with 70 years of history going back to the company’s founding as a post-war dry noodle factory. This is also one of the big players in the field of instant noodles in Japan. The company has now expanded with a wide range of instant noodle products ranging from popular ramen, and yakisoba, to low-carb instant noodles.

Charumera is a traditional and oldest product line of Myojo since 1966. With a recipe that has remained unchanged since its inception, Charumera noodles have a special broth made from scallops, and a ” secret spice” brings a delicious signature flavor. The Myojo brand now has a wide range of products in different flavors including soy sauce, fatty tonkatsu (pork bones), and even “Chanpon” – Nagasaki’s special noodles.

In addition to ramen brands, Myojo also has a very popular yakisoba brand called Ippeichan. The brand is especially known for its mustard-soaked mayo packages that come in a box of instant noodles and a rich, delicious special sauce. The brand’s “Yomise no Yakisoba” (nighttime yakisoba) noodles recreate the taste of fresh yakisoba noodles commonly sold at summer festivals in Japan. All three of the flavors: the traditional, the salt, and the mentaiko (spicy cod roe) are well worth a try and a favorite of many.

Headquarters: 3-50-11, Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Founded: 1950

Founder: Momofuku Ando





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