Top Best Korean Translation Apps

1. Papago Translate, 2. Google Translate, 3. GreenLife Korean English Translator, 4. Naver Korean Dictionary, 5. Klays-Development Korean-English Translator, 6. SayHi, 7. Daum Dictionary, 8. iTranslate Free Translator & Dictionary, 9. The Apps Castle Korean English Translator. Looking for the best Korean translation app? These top-rated apps offer accurate translations, user-friendly interfaces, and helpful features for both beginners and advanced learners. Without further ado, check our list right now!

  1. Papago Translate
  2. Google Translate
  3. GreenLife Korean English Translator
  4. Naver Korean Dictionary
  5. Klays-Development Korean-English Translator
  6. SayHi
  7. Daum Dictionary
  8. iTranslate Free Translator & Dictionary
  9. The Apps Castle Korean English Translator

Papago Translate

Naver developed Papago Translate, which functions as a simplified version of the prior option. It is a real translator app that does not include a dictionary. One of the nicest features is the ability to save the terms you search for in a favorites folder, which is beneficial if you are often looking for the same words.

While Naver Korean Dictionary has many features, Papago concentrates on translations. Naver created it as well, and it currently provides translations between 13 languages, including Korean.

Real-time text translation, text recognition, voice input, handwriting, and internet translation are all supported by Papago. Offline translation is also possible. In addition to the first translation findings, dictionary information is accessible. A phrasebook is also useful for travelers.

When it comes to accuracy, Papago outperforms Google Translate; translations in Korean sound more informal and natural, and it can even translate some idioms. It does, however, have honorific translations.

Reasons to try:

  • Very user-friendly and easy interface
  • Plenty of input options
  • Instant, accurate translations and a phrasebook for beginners and travelers
  • In-screen translations via Papago Mini when you copy the text from your other apps
  • Options to translate to both polite and casual form

Available on: iOS, Android, and web browser

Website: https://papago.naver.com/

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of https://papago.naver.com/

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/naver-papago-ai-translator/id1147874819

Google Translate

Without Google Translate, no list of translation apps is complete. Google Translate is the world’s most popular and well-known translation program, and its Korean translations are simply excellent. It supports over 100 languages, with more than 50 of them available offline, including Korean. It allows camera and photo translations (through text recognition), handwriting, and voice input in addition to normal text translation.

Although it is not the most accurate Korean translation, Google Translate has improved over time. Translations tend to favor business or formal phrases, which is beneficial if you want to seem more formal. This may not be the greatest option if you want to sound casual or translate idioms.

Google Translate is excellent for quick, accurate translations, especially if you already have a basic understanding of Korean. If you’re new to Hangul, Google Translate’s romanization feature will come in helpful.

  • Quick, easy translating on-the-go
  • Includes typing, writing, speech, conversation, text recognition, and voice input
  • You can translate to and from many languages and see verified translations when using the webpage
  • Offline access
  • Good, simple interface; no ads to block your view
  • Best for beginners who have yet to learn to read Hangul as it provides the Romanization

Website: https://translate.google.com/?hl=ko

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of https://translate.google.com/?hl=ko

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/google-translate/id414706506

GreenLife Korean English Translator

If you’re seeking a learning tool, GreenLife is one of the greatest Korean translator apps. It not only accurately translates Korean to English (and vice versa), but it also provides sentence correction! What a fantastic idea!

GreenLife’s Translator can translate in several languages, including Korean, English, Italian, French, German, and Japanese, via text, speech, or dialogue. Even better, it offers features that will help you learn. Daily words, crossword puzzles, a vocabulary-building game, a phrasebook, flashcards, and an offline dictionary are all included in the program. Translations can be emailed or texted to yourself to study later. The best part is that with the Pro option, you can have it translate your texts into Korean or English.

This app offers a number of distinct advantages. Aside from translating via text, speech, or conversation, it also suggests adjustments to sentences that include errors. When you enter something for a translation, it suggests several options. It also indicates what grammatical function a word serves in a sentence. You can also utter a sentence and hear its translation, which is a great feature for travelers.

  • Voice recognition for translations on-the-fly
  • Translation history, which you can send to yourself for studying later
  • The ‘word of the day and in-app learning games that help build vocabulary
  • Grammar lessons and sentence correction

Available on: Android

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greenleaf.android.translator.enkr.b

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greenleaf.android.translator.enkr.b&hl=en_US

Talking translator- Translation / Dictionary

You’d be hard-pressed to find a list of Korean translator applications that doesn’t include Naver Korean Dictionary. This multipurpose tool is a godsend, combining a search engine, dictionary, translator, and learning software. This is the ultimate goal of Korean translations. Naver Korean Dictionary is a comprehensive and accurate translator that will present you with a variety of translations and modifications, as well as descriptions of the best scenarios in which to apply each option.

This program, created by the Korean search engine Naver, provides accurate and full Korean-English and English-Korean translations. Aside from the meaning and translation, it also includes a plethora of variations and sentences to assist you in learning how to use it. You can also record your (or someone else’s) voice and then transcribe and translate it.

Naver Korean Dictionary also includes grammar hints, idioms, words of the day, and other resources for learning Korean. Naver is the greatest translator in terms of mixing translation and learning.

There’s also the original Naver app, which is entirely in Korean and has a search tool that allows you to locate information in Wikipedia style. It is language-immersive, including news and articles in Korean. However, it is best suited for advanced students because it is all in Korean.

  • The app is extremely useful and immersive, not just for translations but also for learning Korean.
  • There are numerous sample phrases and variations for improving word context and usage.
  • The translations include audio, so you can hear the correct pronunciation as well.

Website: https://ko.dict.naver.com/#/main

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of https://ko.dict.naver.com/#/main

top best korean translation apps

Klays-Development Korean-English Translator

Klays-Development’s Korean Translator app is one of the most accurate on the market. Its Korean translations are available in both spoken and written formats, with both standard and slang terms included. This means that you will be able to acquire more precise and contextual translations.

What makes this translator valuable? It provides numerous ways to express a word, including slang. While you search “Hello” in Korean, you get numerous results, including (yeoboseyo, “hello” while answering the phone) and the slang variant,여보 (yeobo). That’s a really useful feature. However, if you don’t know that 여보세요 is only used to greet someone on the phone, you might not utilize it correctly because the app doesn’t provide context.

Having access to more casual translations is beneficial for anyone planning to visit Korea. This would be more advantageous for learners who are already familiar with the Korean language and culture.

Aside from text and voice translations, you can keep some of your translations in a ‘favorites’ list. You can return to these at any time and even access the list while offline.

This straightforward tool is ideal for Korean students looking for a translator app that does the job and can aid them in their academics.

  • Best to search for casual speech translations and upper-beginners who have a grasp of the language, culture, and grammar
  • You can save your searches and “favorite” translations for later review
  • Offers many different translations
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Offline access for favorite translations

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=free_translator.koen&hl=en&gl=US

top best korean translation apps

Klays-Development Korean-English Translator

top best korean translation apps


SayHi is an Amazon firm that specializes in conversational translation; simply speak into the microphone, and it will instantly translate your speech.

The app is quite simple to use. To translate into Korean and other languages, all you have to do is press a button and start speaking. It also offers good coverage, with over 90 languages and dialects.

The majority of translations are also reasonably accurate. The translations are clickable, and you can easily copy and share them via email, SMS, or social media. You can also switch between languages, select male or female voices, and adjust the speaking rate.

  • Simple, straightforward, uncluttered interface
  • Quick and accurate translations via speech, perfect for conversing with someone who doesn’t speak your language
  • Accurate text-to-speech

Available on: iOS and Android

Website: https://www.sayhi.com/en/translate/

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of https://www.sayhi.com/en/translate/

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sayhi-translate/id437818260?platform=ipad

Daum Dictionary

Daum Dictionary, created by Kakao Corp., is identical in look and function to the Korean Naver Dictionary. A term search produces a variety of interpretations, translations, and even Romanization. If you enter a sentence, the program will breakdown it into words and provide definitions and translations for each.

Daum does require Korean expertise and is best suited to advanced students. Many advanced learners use this to study the language better from within it. You can translate from English to Korean or vice versa or seek words only in Korean. You can also search for languages other than English, but Daum’s coverage isn’t as extensive as Naver’s.

  • Highly immersive dictionary and translator if you already know Korean
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Verified, accurate results

Available on: iOS, Android, and Web browser

Website: https://dic.daum.net/index.do?dic=eng

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of https://dic.daum.net/index.do?dic=eng

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.daum.android.dictionary

iTranslate Free Translator & Dictionary

Another famous tool that will help you with your Korean studies is iTranslate. It is simple and straightforward to use, and it employs voice recognition and translation technologies to provide accurate translations in real-time.

It distinguishes itself from similar programs by allowing you to offer voice translations from either a male or female voice, giving the conversation a more personal, pleasant feel if you want to create a closer relationship with Korean natives while traveling.

Even better, the app includes romanizations as well as word recommendations when you’re typing, which is ideal if you’re just starting out with Korean. It also allows you to explore recent translations or save a translation for offline use. The software is free to use. However, it has advertisements in the background. To remove them, upgrade to the premium version.

  • Simple, straightforward, uncluttered interface
  • A great option for on-the-go translation needs

Available on: iOS, Android and Web browser

Website: https://itranslate.com/

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of https://itranslate.com/

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of https://apps.apple.com/us/app/itranslate-translator/id288113403?platform=iphone

The Apps Castle Korean English Translator

This simple program has one of the most user-friendly, appealing, and clean interfaces. It can be used offline to translate words, phrases, and idioms in Korean and English.

The Apps Castle Korean English Translator is recommended for students. It has context awareness and is supposed to know which word is acceptable.

Even better, its built-in audio feature allows you to improve your Korean pronunciation. Listen to the translated material and repeat the translations until you can confidently say the words in Korean.

  • Audio translation of text in English or Korean
  • Can be used as a dictionary
  • Offline access for translated words, text, and sentences
  • Easily share with friends and family on social media

Available on: Android and Web browser

Website: http://www.theappscastle.com/korean-english-translator.html

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of http://www.theappscastle.com/korean-english-translator.html

top best korean translation apps

Screenshot of https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tac.english.korean


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