Top Best Lakes to Visit in Kosovo

1. Leqinat Lake, 2. Vermica Lake, 3. Batllava Lake, 4. Gazivoda Lake, 5. Radoniqi Lake, 6. Zemra Lake. Kosovo has a variety of characteristics despite not being the biggest nation. There is a lot of natural variety here, from the country's core plains and valleys to the Sharr Mountains in the southeast, the Albanian Alps in the southwest, and breathtaking lakes spread out across the entire nation. And here are the best lakes to visit in Kosovo.

  1. Leqinat Lake
  2. Vermica Lake
  3. Batllava Lake
  4. Gazivoda Lake
  5. Radoniqi Lake
  6. Zemra Lake

Leqinat Lake

Located atop Mount Leqinat in the Prokletije range in western Kosovo, Lake Leqinat, also known as Lake Lienat, is a mountain lake. People traveling to the Rugova Canyon or those who are mountaineering neighboring peaks like Leqinat 2,341 m (7,680 ft) and Guri I Kuq 2,522 m visit this well-known lake in Kosovo (8,274 ft). It is considered as one of the best lakes to visit in Kosovo.

Hiking in Leqinat Lake is a unique experience. Tourists will reach the stunning Kosovo region near the Montenegrin border during this hike. In ideal weather, you can swim across the international border between Kosovo and Montenegro. The boundary is marked by a lovely lake. As far as the eye can see, there are two glacial lakes, valleys, and the saw-toothed peaks of the Accursed Mountains. The hiking trail starts from a gorgeous restaurant and continues along a path famed for its plentiful supply of wild blueberries and mushrooms depending on the season after a 40-minute ride from Peja. At the first of the two lakes, where you may even take a plunge in its frigid waters in the summer, tourists will pause for a brief respite. The group might choose to pause and take in the stunning surroundings or carry on to the second lake from this point. You may go on this hike virtually all year round. This trail might not be the greatest in the winter when it snows because some sections are very steep and unsuitable for snowshoes.

Location: Western Kosovo

top best lakes to visit in kosovo

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

top best lakes to visit in kosovo

Photo: Kosovo Travel Agency

Vermica Lake

Vermica is essentially just a small section of Lake Fierza, and is situated 15 minutes outside of Prizren on the way to Kukes, Albania. However, do not allow this little geographic issue to detract from the stunning scenery or your enjoyment of the available fresh seafood. The Albanian government chose to dam at Fierz in the 1980s in order to flood the valley of the Drini river. This resulted in the formation of Lake Fierza. The communist authorities in Albania and Yugoslavia had not reached an understanding regarding the plan, and a small section of the Drini in Kosovo was also flooded, producing Lake Vermica. The majority of Albania’s electricity comes from Lake Fierza.

The lake’s grassy shores and stunning vista make it the ideal location for a picnic. Additionally, it is the ideal location for fishing. Choose one of the many restaurants lining the lake if you’d like to let someone else catch and cook the food. All of the restaurants offer reasonably priced, decent food, but Restaurant Liqeni has the greatest view. These eateries are particularly well-known for their high-quality, expertly prepared fish. On a warm day, the grassy lake banks are the ideal location for a picnic, though tranquility is not assured because the area can get crowded on the weekends.

Location: Albania

top best lakes to visit in kosovo

Photo: Visit Kosovo

top best lakes to visit in kosovo

Batllava Lake

One of Kosovo’s most significant reservoirs, Batllava Lake is situated in the city of Podujeva. Several kilometers below the dam, the little Batllava river empties into the Llap, providing the majority of its water. The nearby settlement of Batllava is where the name Batllava originates. Pristina and Podujevo rely heavily on Batlava Lake as their primary source of drinkable water, while Orllan, where the lake is situated, does not. Due to the cities’ increasing populations, withdrawal frequently outpaces intake, particularly in the summer. For locals, Batllava Lake is a well-liked vacation spot. As a result, the village’s primary source of income is tourism. The lake is located in the Lab area and is nourished from the north by the Batlava River. Koliq, a settlement, is also quite close to the lake.

Additionally, Lake Batllava serves as a popular destination for watersports, camping, and swimming. On and around Lake Batllava, outdoor activities are not disregarded. You may kayak, windsurf, or go scuba diving. There are numerous trekking options available near the reservoir. Another distinctive feature of the region is the abundance of historic mountain communities. 642 meters above sea level and 5.1 square meters. That’s all for the third best lake to visit in Kosovo we want to mention.

Location: Podujeva

top best lakes to visit in kosovo

Photo: Kosovo Vacations

top best lakes to visit in kosovo

Gazivoda Lake

Liqeni I Ujmanit, also known as the Gazivoda Lake, is a reservoir that lines the Ibar River’s course. The village of Gazivoda is where the lake gets its name. It covers 11.9 km2. Along the north bank is the national highway M-22.3 (Novi Pazar to Mitrovica). The numerous historic mountain settlements, such as Ribarice, Banje, and Rezala in the Kosovar municipality of Zubin Potok, are notably distinctive for the region. There is a bridge that crosses the lake at Brnjak, right by the border crossing. The lake also provides the two power plants, which provide about 92 percent of Kosovo’s electricity, with essential cooling water.

Simply park your car at road level and take a short stroll down to one of the several small beaches that line Gazivoda. Between Tusice and Dragalice, there is a tranquil beach where you may have a relaxing afternoon with a picnic. Gazivoda Lake is a beautiful lake that serves as a recreation area. There are many outdoor activities available on and around the lake. Swimming, diving, kayaking, and windsurfing are all options. The largest and most stunning lake in Kosovo is Gazivoda/Ujmani Lake, which you should unquestionably visit while on vacation there.

Location: Northern Kosovo

top best lakes to visit in kosovo
top best lakes to visit in kosovo

Radoniqi Lake

A man-made lake named Radoniqi Lake may be found in the Gjakova municipality. The lake is the second largest in Kosovo in terms of area at 5.96 km2. It was made in the 1980s and given the name “Radoniqi” for the town that once stood where the lake was made. Around 214,000 people receive their drinking water from the lake, which also serves the municipalities of Gjakova (which has 44 villages), Rahovec (which has eight villages), and Prizren (which has 20 villages). It is Kosovo’s second-largest lake with a surface area of 5.62 square kilometers and a volume of 113 million cubic meters. There used to be a village beneath this lake in the 1980s. The settlement, however, had to be buried under this man-made lake during construction. Naturally, after this occurred, the residents left the town. The very top of a church can be seen at various times of the year when the tide is low because it is still standing. The locals near the lake are well aware of this fact. However, not many visitors are familiar with this lake’s entire history.

Swimming is not permitted in this lake because it serves as a significant portion of Gjakova territory’s drinking water source. Around Lake Radoniq, there are more than 30 places to stay for a vacation. This lake is the perfect location for someone who wants to unwind and take in the scenery because of the crystal clear water and stunning surroundings. Visit Radoniq Lake, one of the best lakes to visit in Kosovo, while you’re on vacation.

Location: Gjakova Municipality

top best lakes to visit in kosovo
top best lakes to visit in kosovo

Zemra Lake

A heart-shaped lake, also known as Zemra Lake or Heart Lake, is one of the most unique attractions. Before you approach there, you will see a genuinely amazing sight in front of your eyes from a distance. It seems sense that you would want to preserve these memories because this location is the best for taking unique, gorgeous images. The Lake of the Heart has an altitude of 2,539 meters, is 400 meters from the Albanian border in Bjeshke and Nemuna, has a maximum length of 150 meters, and a maximum width of 120 meters.

Due to its heart-shaped shape, it is particularly attractive to both domestic and international visitors. Numerous smaller lakes, mostly glacial ones, that are filled with water from the snow that melts in the springtime surround this lake. The lake’s water is exceptionally pure but also quite chilly because it is situated at a significant height above sea level. As a result, bathing in this lake is challenging, but you can cool yourself there after a strenuous hike to get there. Staying at hotels close to Peja, Deçan, the lovely Valbona, Teth, hostels deep in Shkodra, and Bogicevic in Montenegro will allow you to be as close to the Alps as possible while enjoying a wonderful weekend in the Albanian Alps and taking pictures at the Lake of the Heart are all options.

top best lakes to visit in kosovo

Photo: Wikipedia

top best lakes to visit in kosovo

Photo: Wikimapia


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