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Top Best Lakes to Visit in Taiwan

1. Sun Moon Lake, 2. Jiaming Lake, 3. Lotus Lake, 4. Qiandao Lake, 5. Liyu Lake, 6. Meihua Lake, 7. Longtan Lake, 8. Xiangtian Lake. This beautiful island on the edge of South East Asia is home to some of the most magnificent sites anywhere on the continent, but it is frequently disregarded by tourists traveling to Asia. Any journey to Asia should include a stop at Taiwan's gorgeous lakes. And here are the best lakes to visit in Taiwan.

  1. Sun Moon Lake
  2. Jiaming Lake
  3. Lotus Lake
  4. Qiandao Lake
  5. Liyu Lake
  6. Meihua Lake
  7. Longtan Lake
  8. Xiangtian Lake

Sun Moon Lake

Topping the list of the best lakes to visit in Taiwan is Sun Moon. Sun Moon Lake is a body of water in Taiwan’s Yuchi Township, Nantou County. It is Taiwan’s largest body of water. The Thao tribe, one of Taiwan’s indigenous tribes, resides in the area around the lake. Lalu, a little island, is surrounded by Sun Moon Lake. The lake’s name comes from the fact that its east side resembles the sun, while its west side resembles the moon. Because this region was a tertiary slate in caved-in zones, Sun Moon Lake, Toushe, Yuchi, and Puli were all once large lakes. Variable-sized basins were produced as a result of extrusion, which occurred often on the tertiary slate as the earth’s crust altered. An alpine lake developed as a result of water accumulating over extended periods of time. Lower-lying areas like Toushe, Yuchi, and Puli eventually dried up and turned into lush basin plains.

Sun Moon Lake’s pristine, emerald-green water reflects the calming views of the surrounding mountains and countryside. Sun Moon Lake is always stunning and amazing, whether it’s morning or evening, spring, summer, autumn, or winter, sunny, warm, cloudy, or foggy outside! The lake is shrouded in a dreamlike thin haze in the early morning hours. The murky lake gradually reveals the reflections of the mountain and tree profiles as the light rises over them, with the sounds of birds chirping and insects buzzing adding to the scene. The lake is transformed into a golden fantasy at dusk by the sunset. As night falls, the lake’s surface reflects light as the gentle rippling of the chilly evening wind.

Mountainous in its surroundings, Sun Moon Lake has long drawn visitors from near and far with its foggy mornings and stunning afternoon sunsets. In addition to visiting the lake by boat, you may also ride a bike around it to take in the scenery. The terrain of the lakeside bikeway rises and falls, making it occasionally difficult yet perfect for those of you who enjoy a little difficulty. Not only that, this place also offers lots of activities and places for tourists to experience.

Location: Yuchi Township, Nantou County

top best lakes to visit in taiwan

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top best lakes to visit in taiwan

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Jiaming Lake

Jiaming Lake is Taiwan’s second-highest mountain lake and one of its largest, rising 3,520 meters above sea level. The second highest point in Taitung County, Taiwan, Xiangyang, 3,603 meters above sea level, is also the Eurasian winter distribution of the southern base of the mountain. At the top of the mountain road, you can experience the white clouds gradually approaching the ridge trail, and then being submerged in the shock. Because of the oval shape of the lake, it is known as “Egg Pool.” Relatively speaking, climbers refer to it as “angel’s tears.” The lake was supposed to have been produced by a meteor strike at one point, but it was later discovered that it was actually the result of glaciers moving during the last ice age. It is a great two-day trek location in a more rural area of Taiwan, while being quite a distance from Taipei.

According to the Central Geological Survey, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Jiaming Lake was formed tens of thousands of years ago as a result of a meteorite impact since the debris along the banks contains glassy materials from high-temperature explosions. Another idea, however, contends that the lake was created by glacial erosion because it lacks any water supply from streams or rivers in the highlands but is constantly full. The lake glistens like a sapphire when the lush Yushan Cane grassland is in full sun. When climbers reach the lake after a long and difficult journey, all their exhaustion is replaced with sighs of gratitude. Only those who have come here to gaze at the immense expanse of heaven and absorb the waters and clouds can understand the gift of nature exchanged from every drop of sweat and strained breath as they sit next to the tranquil lake and blue sky, free from the responsibilities of the world.

There are good odds of seeing endemic yellow-throated martens and sambar deer there because it is 3310 meters above the main treeline. Humans are less common because the location can only be reached by driving about 60 km from Chishang and then hiking a demanding 13 km round trip mountain ridge hike that requires permits and reservations for at least one of the two cabins and campsites along the way.

Location: Haiduan Township, Taitung County

top best lakes to visit in taiwan

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top best lakes to visit in taiwan


Lotus Lake

The next best lake to visit in Taiwan is Lotus Lake. The Lotus Pond, commonly known as the Lotus Lake, is situated on the eastern side of Kaohsiung’s Zuoying District. It was initially built as an artificial reservoir, and it was finished in 1951. The several temples that surround the lake, notably the Spring and Autumn Pavilions and the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, are what give it its distinctiveness. To keep spirits away, there is a crooked bridge as well. Ghosts are only able to move straight forward. It extends over 42 hectares and is the largest “pond” in the world. It is one of Taiwan’s largest artificial lakes, though not the biggest, that distinction belongs to Sun Moon Lake. It would take hours to travel the entire network of pathways and bicycle lanes that surround the lake. The people enjoy this practice and like to partake in it in the late afternoon when the sun is at its lowest.

It has a sizable body of water and numerous beautiful piers leading to pagodas and temples. The lake, which derives its moniker from the abundance of lotus and lily pads in the water, is surrounded by a number of roadways that look like temples. The pond is very popular with people who wish to do just that, despite the fact that it’s not quite the kind of place that tourists would expect to sit outside and watch the dawn. If the sky is just right, it offers a magnificent perspective and some very incredible photo opportunities. There will be a large number of people on the trails that encircle the pond if tourists arrive here at 5 a.m. on any given morning.

More than 20 different bird species can be found in Lotus Pond. Sunbirds, common coots, small egrets, white wagtails, common moorhens, and pied kingfishers are a few of them. Just enough trees surround the lake’s edge to offer the perfect shade from the blazing heat. On that topic, it’s an ideal spot to watch the sunset, which happens over two twin temples every day and is a beautiful sight.

Location: Eastern Kaohsiung’s Zuoying District

top best lakes to visit in taiwan

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top best lakes to visit in taiwan

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Qiandao Lake

The upper sections of the Feicui Reservoir include Yong’anli, Shiding District, where Shiding Qiandao Lake is situated. Some of the mountains in Yong’anli served as water catchment regions, creating both large and small lakes, as a result of the nearby villages being relocated when the reservoir was established. The name refers to how similar it is to Zhejiang’s Qiandao Lake. Early on, Shiding Township served as both the primary location for matching and the primary location for the production of Taiwan’s renowned Oriental Beauty Tea. The tea fields are immediately visible to you after entering Shiding. Terraced fields have a fantastic, endless shape that creates a lovely scene. There are lush trees, crystal-clear water, and green mountains in the Qiandao Lake region in Shiding. The Yongan Landscape Trail allows visitors to stroll to the lakefront. It is calming to be on the hillside overlooking the entire lake region.

When the sun is out, Qiandao Lake has a variety of endearing styles that may be captured from various angles. An intriguing composition adds to the abundance of the image. It consists of the Emerald Reservoir and the neighboring mountains, with lovely lake views. Looking out from the snack department observatory, a number of seemingly solitary mountain cascades rise and fall, in near and far shades. It looks like a fairyland on the green hills and valleys, which is breathtaking, reflecting the little ripples of the green lake water generated by the breeze wrinkles.

Location: Shiding District

top best lakes to visit in taiwan

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top best lakes to visit in taiwan


Liyu Lake

Immediately south of Hualien, in Shoufeng Township, is Liyu (Carp) Lake. It is the largest lake in this area, covering an area of roughly 104 hectares; nevertheless, the size of the lake varies significantly depending on the quantity of rainfall. Liyu is considered as one of the best lakes to visit in Taiwan. A four-kilometer route that circles the lake can be walked in about an hour. Camping, picnics, and lake rowing are all common pastimes. When the conditions are right, paragliders launch from Mt. Liyu, which is located just east of the lake, brings splashes of color to the otherwise green mountain environment.

The 104-hectare Liyu Lake once had a large population of carps. It is Hualien’s biggest freshwater inland lake. In addition, the Liyu Lake is well known for its breathtaking landscape, which draws plenty of visitors. The number of tourists has decreased, meanwhile, as a result of the construction of out-ring motorways. Therefore, locals have worked to protect nature and build resort hotels in an effort to boost tourism near Liyu Lake. Camping and picnics are welcome at Liyu Lake. The beautiful and serene Liyu Lake is surrounded by mountains. In order to appreciate the beauty of nature, tourists can travel on boats. Visitors can walk or ride bicycles along the 4-kilometer tour route that encircles the lake. Additionally, gliders are also accessible here under the supervision of qualified trainers.

Liyu Lake is a well-known scenic location where you may take a leisurely boat ride, bike around the lake, or stroll along the waterfront. A variety of water sports and amenities are available at the lake’s western beachfront lounging area, where families may unwind and take in the view. There are various forest trails on the 601-meter-high Liyu Mountain that are walking paths for enjoying woodland bathing, bird watching, and flower viewing. The 5-kilometer-long bicycle path around the lake allows bikers to enjoy the wonderful view of the lake and mountains.

Location: Shoufeng Township

top best lakes to visit in taiwan


top best lakes to visit in taiwan

Meihua Lake

Initially known as Dapi, Meihua Lake is situated in De-an Village of Dongshan Township (Great Lake). It is a natural reservoir that is surrounded on three sides by mountains. President Chiang Ching Kuo visited the region in the 1970s, and while there, he was particularly taken by the lake’s likeness to a plum flower with five petals. He gave it the name Meihua (plum blossom) Lake as a result. Meihua Lake is situated on a large area of land and is surrounded on three sides by lush mountains, providing stunning views. There are around 20 hectares of lake surface in total. A trail circles the lake, allowing guests to wander calmly around and take in the beautiful landscape. Along the trail, cherry and willow trees have been planted, enhancing the lake’s allure. A suspension bridge connects a small island in the lake’s center to the circumferential route, offering a stunning vista.

To appreciate the surrounding landscape, take a stroll around Meihua Lake. You can take in the unspoiled environment by strolling along the trail or by renting a bike and riding around the lake on two wheels. The stores along the road going to the tiny but lovely lake sell snacks and beverages, so you may have a picnic there. On one side of the lake, relax in a cafe. Then, take a boat to the other side to see a little temple.

Location: De-an Village, Dongshan Township

top best lakes to visit in taiwan

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top best lakes to visit in taiwan

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Longtan Lake

Longtan Lake, also known as “Dapo Lake,” was originally known as Dapi and was one of “Lanyang Twelve Scenic Wonders” for its breathtaking scenery as well as one of the best lakes in Taiwan. It is the largest of Yilan’s five major lakes, with a total land area of roughly 20 hectares, and is located in Jiaosi Township’s Longtan Village. Tourists can take in the splendor of nature while strolling around the lake on the circular trail, watching water birds soar over the serene lake and colorful butterflies dance around the lush trees. Around the lake, there are numerous temples as well. Longtan Temple, perched high above the lake on the mountain’s midslope, offers peace for its worshippers to adhere to Taoist principles. Another well-known temple close to Longtan Lake is the Huangti Temple, which is dedicated to Huang-ti (the Yellow Emperor).

Visitors are immediately captivated by the bucolic beauty of the expansive area of rich green grass that stretches from the Roystonea regia palm trees at the entry to the lakeside, where the striking steel art installations of a ship and an igloo are erected. Beautifully paved wooden boardwalks in varying widths wind along the shoreline on the lake’s two sides. Two curved boardwalks in the middle of the lake properly link the twisting boardwalks, with some lookout platforms sticking out of the water.

In addition to Longtan Lake’s outstanding natural beauty, this well-known picturesque location also boasts the Distoechodon Tumirostris Eco Park. The environmental park is the only one of its sort in the entire globe, and it is situated on the lakefront. Distoechodon tumirostris can swim upstream to spawn in the 30-meter-long fish passage with the help of wooden fish ladders in this special eco park. Every year in May, a large number of people travel to Longtan Lake just to witness the amazing spectacle of tens of thousands of Distoechodon tenuirostris climbing the fish ladders simultaneously.

Location: Jiaosi Township

top best lakes to visit in taiwan

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top best lakes to visit in taiwan

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Xiangtian Lake

Xiangtian Lake is located in Donghe Village, Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County. The Saisiyat people made their home there. The lake was given the name “Xiangtian ” (towards the sky) by the ancestors a few centuries ago because it seemed to look up towards the sky. Due to its greater height, Xiangtian Lake’s water surface is sometimes obscured by mist and clouds between winter and spring, giving visitors the impression that they are in a fairytale. Maintaining Saisiyat Culture The Museum of Saisiyat Folklore is located beside Xiangtian Lake and hosts sporadic exhibitions of indigenous items, such as Saisiyat clothing and everyday objects, to assist visitors understand the knowledge of our ancestors and the lengthy history of these people.

To protect the priceless tribal culture from the outside in, the exterior of this historic structure is embellished with bamboo and Saisiyat totems. It is important to note that Pas-ta’ai involves little rituals held next to Xiangtian Lake every two years and larger ones once every ten years. On the lunar calendar, it often takes place in the middle of October. From dusk to dawn, the tribal people will dance together while jingling their decorative hip bells. Please take notice of the ritual schedule and visit Xiangtian Lake if you’re interested in learning more about Saisiyat culture. Having fun in the mountains and lake area By the museum, a wooden arch bridge crosses a lake. Standing on the bridge will allow you to see the lake and mountains. Visitors will pass through a tunnel of lush foliage up ahead, which is really lovely and soothing. The Saisiyat people created the Xiangtian Lake Tribal Market as a rural economic venture to market and sell regional foods to the community. Seasonal fruits, millet wine, and honey products are all great options for gifts.

Location: Donghe Village, Nanzhuang Township

top best lakes to visit in taiwan

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top best lakes to visit in taiwan