Top Best Life Insurance Companies in Asia

1. Japan Post Insurance, 2. Nippon Life Benefits, 3. Metropolitan, 4. Dai-Ichi Life Insurance, 5. China Life Insurance, 6. Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance, 7. Life Insurance Corporation of India, 8. Cathay Financial Holding. The life insurance industry in Asia is changing like never before. Life insurance is important, no one knows what the future holds. However, with the following life insurance companies in Asia, we hope you'll have a good choice to protect your family and yourself.

  1. Japan Post Insurance
  2. Nippon Life Benefits
  3. Metropolitan
  4. Dai-Ichi Life Insurance
  5. China Life Insurance
  6. Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance
  7. Life Insurance Corporation of India
  8. Cathay Financial Holding

Japan Post Insurance

As the life insurance firm within the Japan Post Group of enterprises, Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd. commenced operations in 2007. Following the privatization of Japan Post and the formation of independent corporations for its various activities, this transition occurred. Japan Post Insurance, as part of the Japan Post Group, provides dependable insurance services to its clients, servicing individual customers through Japan Post Co., Ltd.’s countrywide network of post offices and corporate customers through sales offices handled directly by the Company.

The Japan Post Life Insurance Service was established with the social mission of “protecting the public’s fundamental means of livelihood through simple procedures,” and it succeeded in ensuring the stability of people’s lives by providing an insurance system that was relatively inexpensive, had simple enrollment procedures, and required no medical examination. Despite our metamorphosis from a government-run body to a private business in step with changing circumstances, our aim to support people’s lifestyles via insurance has not altered in the more than a century since our foundation. Japan Post Insurance will continue to provide insurance services as a source of protection to clients countrywide through a network of community-based post offices, ensuring that each and every customer’s well-being is protected by the power of insurance.

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Revenue: $32.57 billion

Number: +813-3477-0111


top best life insurance companies in asia

top best life insurance companies in asia

Nippon Life Benefits

Individuals searching for individual life insurance will have to go somewhere else because Nippon Life Benefits exclusively provides group life insurance. Employers can give their workers group terms, supplemental life, voluntary life, and dependent life benefits via Nippon. Employers looking to add life insurance to their benefit packages should choose this provider because of its economic stability and customer service.

Nippon Life Benefits is known for its excellent customer service. Customer satisfaction was rated 9.5 out of 10 in the company’s 2020 policyholder survey. Customer service is only offered in English for some businesses. You may access help in English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, or other languages with Nippon Life Benefits. If you qualify for Nippon Life Benefits insurance, you may be able to tailor your coverage by adding riders. Riders such as hastened death and premium waiver are available via Nippon Life Benefits.

Individual life insurance plans are not sold by Nippon Life Benefits. Rather, it provides group life insurance to firms that provide life insurance to their employees. Employer-provided life insurance might be enticing since it is often less expensive than individual coverage and may not need a medical exam. Nippon Life Benefits offers four different group life plans including Dependent Life, Group Term Life, Supplemental Life, Voluntary Life.

Headquarters: Osaka, Japan

Revenue: $74.048 billion

Number: 022-4882-7000


top best life insurance companies in asia

top best life insurance companies in asia


MetLife Life’s objective is to deepen their understanding of their customers’ diversified and rapidly changing demands in Japan, which is claimed to be 100 years old, and to meet their ongoing obligation to deliver long-term peace of mind to customers through products and services. As life expectancy rises, many people are concerned about their future prospects after retirement and old age. We will continue to be close to each customer through the initiative “transform old age,” so that people all across Japan can change their ways of thinking and prepare for old age, and have a good, bright, and prosperous old age. With various efforts, we will respond to the wishes of our clients. For peace of mind and a 100-year-old asset formation, Life Invest has been extensively improved. It is feasible to build money while minimizing investing risks and maintaining peace of mind in the event of unforeseen catastrophes. Furthermore, if you add a specific contract to your policy, you will be excluded from paying insurance payments if you suffer from three catastrophic illnesses.

Metlife provides 3 product services. You can prepare for death protection, severe disability protection, and three critical illness protection. You can receive the maturity insurance money depending on the performance of your own account. You can choose from 10 special account types to invest in stocks and bonds inside and outside

Headquarters: New York, United States

Revenue: $14.63 billion

Number: 8006-385-000


top best life insurance companies in asia

top best life insurance companies in asia

Dai-Ichi Life Insurance

Dai-ichi Life, Japan’s first mutual life insurance company, was established in 1902. In 2016, Dai-ichi Life switched to a holding company form after demutualizing and being listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2010. Dai-ichi Life Group has US$ 551 billion in assets and US$ 45 billion in insurance premium revenue (as of March 31, 2020). Dai-ichi Life Group has expanded its life insurance business in India, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc. The Dai-ichi Life Group has created offices in Singapore and New York for its Asia Pacific and North American regions.

Dai-ichi Life has several life insurance plans for you to choose. “Global Health Care Insurance” is an add-on insurance product that is linked to the main products and offers competitive rates and advantages. It covers medical expenses and protects consumers at any time and from any location. The new product contains two optional benefits, Outpatient Adjustment Benefit and Design Benefit, in addition to the core Inpatient Adjustment Benefit. Global health protection, insurance benefits up to 1 billion VND per disease/trade, health care for the entire family on the same contract, security system leading system throughout Vietnam and worldwide, protection term up to 75 years old are some of the most significant products incentives.

Revenue: 5.28 trillion yen

Number: +813-3216-1222


top best life insurance companies in asia

top best life insurance companies in asia

China Life Insurance

China Life Insurance is the biggest insurance company in China. China Life Insurance Company Limited (hereafter referred to as “China Life (Overseas)”) is a completely owned subsidiary of China Life Insurance (Group) Company, China’s largest state-owned financial insurance organization. China Life, the parent firm, has been a member of the Fortune Global 500 for 19 years and is placed 32nd in 2021, with a brand value of RMB 436.672 billion. With over 600,000 agents around the country, China Life’s cost of gaining new customers is quite cheap. China Life controls a significant portion of China’s group life and health insurance market, and its government links enable it to expand that market among state-owned firms.

They provide you with comprehensive protection. So that, you and your beloved can enjoy greater peace of mind. There are multiple types of insurance and each type also includes several plans such as Enjoyable Life Income Plan, Golden Saver (RMB) Insurance Plan, Successful Life Insurance Plan, Enhanced 18-Year Pay Whole Life Insurance Plan, etc. Simply 5 Years Term Life Plan is a common option. Preparing ahead of time is the finest method to show your loved ones how much you care about them. You can get high term life insurance coverage for a low price by enrolling in the Simply 5 Years Term Life Plan (the “Plan”). In the tragic case of the insured’s death, loved ones will get a lump-sum payout to relieve them of urgent financial problems.

Headquarters: Beijing, China

Revenue: 825 billion yuan

Number: 852-3999-5519


top best life insurance companies in asia

top best life insurance companies in asia

Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance

Taizo Abe, a former student of Yukichi Fukuzawa, founded Meiji Life Insurance Limited Company in 1881 in collaboration with Heigoro Shoda and other early Mitsubishi pioneers. Meiji Life was the first company in Japan to offer modern-day life insurance, with premiums calculated using projected death rates and other actuarial criteria.

Meiji Yasuda offers lifelong security with its insurance products and services. They believe that in addition to ensuring the payment of insurance claims and benefits, providing after-sales services that are finely tuned to the needs of customers is the most important mission of life insurance companies. Because of the unique characteristics of life insurance policies, the plan’s duration may be extended to the ultra-long term. From the moment of enrolment, all of their customers must be eligible to access such services. Furthermore, they believe that today’s goal includes aiding clients in their efforts to better their health.

Revenue: $38,003.6 million

Number: +171-4784-7301


top best life insurance companies in asia
top best life insurance companies in asia

Life Insurance Corporation of India

In India, the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the only public sector life insurance firm. In 1956, more than 245 insurers and provident societies merged to become the Life Insurance Corporation of India. The headquarters of the LIC of India is in Mumbai, India’s commercial center. Currently, the Life Insurance Corporation has 8 zone offices and 113 divisional offices. The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) offers a variety of life insurance plans, ranging from simple term insurance to savings and investment options. The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC of India) has a huge presence in both urban and rural India. “Yogakshemam Vahamyaham,” the Life Insurance Corporation of India’s motto, means “your welfare is our responsibility.”

The Life Insurance Corporation of India provides a varied customer base with a wide choice of comprehensive policy solutions that maximize the ability of the insurance holder to save. The LIC of India is primarily concerned with protecting the interests of insurance policyholders and acting as trustees in their individual and collective capacities. The Life Insurance Corporation of India provides many options such as LIC Term Assurance plan, LIC Tech Term plan, LIC Jeevan Amar plan, LIC New Jeevan Shanti plan, etc.

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Revenue: $74 billion

Number: 022-6827-6827


top best life insurance companies in asia

top best life insurance companies in asia

Cathay Financial Holding

Cathay Financial Holding is a Taiwanese financial services conglomerate that provides banking, insurance, and brokerage services. Cathay began as a life insurance company in 1962, founded by brothers Tsai Wan-lin and Tsai Wan-Chun. In 1989, the company’s life insurance division was so successful that it became the most expensive stock on Taiwan’s stock exchange. Life insurance is the company’s most profitable business to this day. Cathay merged its numerous divisions and was established itself as a financial holding company in 2001. Cathay has been expanding across Asia, particularly in China, in recent years, and it was the first Taiwanese firm to establish a life insurance operation on the mainland.

In regard to coverage, Cathay Pacific will protect you in the event of an unforeseeable accident leading to death, bodily harm, or medical expenditures anywhere in the world. In the case of an accident leading to death or physical injury, Cathay will pay the Insured. The insurance coverage is extended in the event of an accident caused by the Insured’s actions to save lives, save the State’s and people’s property, and take part in the fight against unlawful activities.

Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

Revenue: $22.55 billion

Number: 886-2-2708-7698


top best life insurance companies in asia

top best life insurance companies in asia