Top Best Mattress Manufacturer in Europe

1. IKEA, 2. Auping, 3. Hastens, 4. Vispring, 5. Octaspring, 6. Savoir Beds, 7. Sprout. Europe is known for its high-end craftsmanship and is always setting new standards in many areas, the most prominent of which is the mattress industry. Let's discover the Best Mattress Manufacturer in Europe with us in the following article.

  1. IKEA
  2. Auping
  3. Hastens
  4. Vispring
  5. Octaspring
  6. Savoir Beds
  7. Sprout


IKEA is a family origin Dutch headquarters multinational conglomerate. The company works in the industry and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories, among other goods and home services. Everything is well-designed, at low prices, so that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.

To meet the needs of customers IKEA has a worldwide business model and a franchise system operating in 54 countries to develop the brand and capture the needs of customers around the world. Around the world.

Nation: Netherlands

Founded: 1943


top best mattress manufacturer in europe

Source: IKEA


Auping is a long-established mattress manufacturer from the Netherlands. They have been in business since 1888 and have very rich experience in this field. Every Auping single bed is made with care and attention to detail so Auping offers excellent sleeping comfort at the highest level and combines optimal years of expertise with the newest developments that enable the beds to give excellent support and provide ventilation.

Auping’s bed is not overly focused on comfort and aesthetics, it is also focused on quality and long-term sustainability accompanied by constantly innovated designs in line with market trends currently.

Founded: 1888


Source: Auping Deutschland

Source: Boris Arcidiacono Ltd.


Hastens is a mattress manufacturer from Swedish established in 1852. Recently they started to operate more diversified in the field of beds, bed linen, pillows, and lifestyle accessories.

At Hastens, the mattresses are manufactured manually and use many natural materials such as cotton, horsehair, wool, and flax. From a business manufactures saddler belonging to owners of family, Hastens has turned to bed production and gained a lot of fame in this field.

Nation: Sweden

Founded: 1852


Source: TheLuxuryChannel

Source: Hästens Genève


Vispring is a manufacturer and supplier of mattresses that has always had many innovations in the industry. They have been around for decades, in 2012 they received the Queen’s Award for Business, which is seen as a real testament to their efforts.

Vispring beds come in four different spring specials: soft, medium, and firm. Today, Vispring still offers a luxury-style handmade bed-making service for customers who demand high standards and love being different. You can find Vispring stores in 50 countries with more than 500 stores.

Nation: London

Founded: 1901


Source: sleep. Luxury Beds

Source: THE Mattress Review


Octaspring is home furniture to automotive and aircraft seating companies, originating in Italy. They market their products as the Dormeo brand, which is distributed to consumers in more than 30 countries.

Octaspring becomes the leading provider of healthier and more comfortable solutions in the bedding and upholstery category to the automotive and aviation industry. They have successfully applied many advanced technologies integrated into the home furniture, mobile, and aircraft industry. Thanks to that, the enterprise has created a new level and standard for comfort, healthy eating, and sleeping across different industries on a global level.

Nation: Italy

Founded: 2016


top best mattress manufacturer in europe

Source: Dormeo

Octaspring Technology

Savoir Beds

Savoir Beds is handcrafted luxury mattresses and box springs, based in London, UK. This is a luxury brand in the Welsh bedding industry, set apart among the modern factories at Savoir Beds with no production line, no hulking machines, and no repetitive noise. This here only has just silence and lightness.

Each mattress of Savoir is created from natural materials such as curled horsetail, cashmere, lambswool, and cotton. The product is cared for by highly skilled craftspeople who work intently at individual oak trestle tables, the silence is broken only by the tapping of tacks, material in motion, and exchanges of ideas between colleagues.

Nation: United Kingdom

Founded: 1905


Source: Savoir Beds


Sprout is a company that specializes in hand-made natural mattresses and accessories, it is locally made in Canada. Sprout makes products by hand and uses only the best natural materials, and without mixing to create a well-ventilated mattress and guarantee a healthy, and comfortable rest.

To ensure that each layer of the mattress will be tightly held in place by the tufting and will not shift or diminish over time. Sprout has produced mattresses according to traditional methods and limited industrialization. Therefore, owning a branded mattress will be the right investment.

Nation: Canada

Founded: 2011


top best mattress manufacturer in europe


top best mattress manufacturer in europe