Top Best Movies of Robert Pattinson

1. Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire, 2. High Life, 3. The King, 4. Damsel, 5. Rover, 6. Cosmopolis, 7. Twilight - Breaking Dawn I. Robert Pattinson has made a terrific comeback with his financial and critical success, “Batman”. Today, let’s revisit some of the best movies of Robert Pattinson to date!

  1. Harry Potter – Goblet of Fire
  2. High Life
  3. The King
  4. Damsel
  5. Rover
  6. Cosmopolis
  7. Twilight – Breaking Dawn I

Harry Potter – Goblet of Fire

Robert played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter – Goblet of Fire. Not a very huge role, but it is still an essential one!

In principle, Cedric Diggory should irritate you with his flawlessness since he is the champion of Hogwarts. He is charming, well-liked, and athletic – what a Gary Stu! However, Cedric is also a noble, clever, and a gentleman. Even the main character Harry Potter – who considers Cedric to be his main competitor for both Triwizard Tournament and his crush Cho Chang – can’t help but have a favorable opinion of the guy.

Robert Pattinson gives the impression that he is more than capable of portraying this heroic guy with an effortless charm, in what is his first big film role. When Cedric offers Harry some advice on a clue while flashing a kind grin, the viewer quickly develops a soft spot for him on par with Moaning Myrtle.

Mike Newell, the film’s director, was aware that he needed a performer who could win the audience’s love in a short amount of time, so that his death could become emotionally devastating to the viewers. As a result of Pattinson’s great performances, Cedric’s memory will continue to reverberate throughout the remainder of the series. That is why many consider Harry Potter – Goblet of Fire as one of the best movies of Robert Pattinson.

Year of Release: 2005

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 88%

top best movies of robert pattinson


top best movies of robert pattinson

Source: Wizarding World

High Life

Robert Pattinson accepted the main role in Claire Denis’ first film in English, and since then, he has made a pattern of working with directors who create work that is both demanding and polarizing.

High Life depicts a group of convicts from Death Row who are transported into space to gather fuel from the black hole. The film is both mystifying and wonderful in equal measure. Because this is both a space film and a Denis film, nothing positive can possibly happen in it; and sure enough, within a short amount of time, there is death via suicide, murder, and even spaghettification.

However, Robert Pattinson’s role as Monte is not the same as the other characters. For one thing, his crime was to kill the person who was responsible for the death of his dog. In addition to this, he has chosen to remain celibate and is the sole person who does not make use of the infamous “f-k box.”

Still, this does not prevent Juliette Binoche’s character, Dr. Dibs, from seducing and raping Monte, which ultimately results in the birth of a kid. Scenes in which Pattinson interacts with his child are just as emotionally impactful as those in which he is by himself and speaks to himself. And despite the fact that the story is recounted in fragmented pieces, Pattinson’s acting is what keeps High Life moving in the right direction.

Year of Release: 2018

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 82%

top best movies of robert pattinson

Source: The New Yorker

top best movies of robert pattinson

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The King

Robert Pattinson makes his appearance as the Duke of France, in the closing part of The King – a detailed recounting of the rise to power of the youthful Henry V. He has long, flowing hair, accompanied by French-accented sentences that either sound absurd or wonderful (or both), depending on your point of view.

Some people may presume that Pattinson did the role because the director asked him to. In fact, it is true that Robert Pattinson performed this character as a favor to David Michôd, the producer of “The Rover”. However, this small favor turns out to be a gift to the viewer – an infusion of pure pleasure!

You can easily tell that Robert is having a wonderful time by the way he is tormenting Timothee Chalamet’s Prince Hal with remarks about his genitalia. These insults are typical schoolyard jabs, but they are made all the more powerful by the actor’s use of a French accent. According to what Michôd told Variety magazine, “That character is very much someone I totally embrace and adore in real life,” and “Robert Pattinson is the soul of that character.”

People used to fear that “The King” might turn out to be a disaster, complete with ludicrous French accents. However, upon its release, many viewers felt it was necessary for Robert’s character to have a ridiculous personality, which contributed to the movie’s critical success.

Year of Release: 2019

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 70%

top best movies of robert pattinson

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top best movies of robert pattinson

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Pattinson makes the final decision to take part in a fully developed comedy – after much internal debate and consideration. Naturally, given that it stars Pattinson, the humor in the Damsel movie is offbeat and strange, and it also turns out to be a feminist take on the Western genre. Those are the two things that make Damsel stand out.

Samuel Alabaster, played by Pattinson, is a naive and lovesick suitor in the film who is trying to find his sweetheart Penelope – she is currently being held captive by Mia Wasikowska. The time period covered by the story is the 1870s.

Samuel sets out on a journey that is full of unexpected and frequently absurdist turns. On the way, he is accompanied by a preacher with the name Henry and a lovable little horse by the name of Butterscotch.

It is possible that this is one of Pattinson’s most cheery performances, and it demonstrates that the actor is capable of playing bright-eyed characters in the same way that he is capable of playing sullen ones. The Zellner brothers’ film takes great pleasure in subverting the tropes and traditions of the popular Western genre, showing that not all damsels in distress want to be rescued.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 68%

top best movies of robert pattinson

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top best movies of robert pattinson

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From Rover – the very first picture that Robert Pattinson released after the “Twilight” series – it was abundantly clear that he was not going to take the conventional approach to his future projects. In the terrifying film that David Michôd directed, the action takes place in a desolate dystopian world (does David even want to do other genres?), and in this world, Australia has been turned into a barren wasteland.

Guy Pearce takes on the role of Eric, a guy whose vehicle was taken by three bandits, and the character is determined to retrieve his vehicle by any means necessary, willing to do anything in his power. He is accompanied by the character Rey, who is portrayed by Pattinson. Robert plays the role of the sibling of one of the escaped prisoners who was left behind and thought to be dead.

Robert Pattinson never undermines Rey’s credibility for the sake of dramatic effect, despite the fact that the character acts in many ways like a toddler and is prone to stumbling and tics. This is due to the fact that Pattinson is an expert in nuances. It is not an exaggeration to say that Rover is among the best movies of Robert Pattinson.

Year of Release: 2014

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 67%

top best movies of robert pattinson

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top best movies of robert pattinson

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This amazing thriller, Cosmopolis, provided an early hint of Pattinson’s resolve to devote himself to any role – no matter how strange it becomes. Pattinson later worked with David Cronenberg on the film “Maps to the Stars,” which was released in 2014, but Cosmopolis was their very first collaboration together.

In the movie, Pattinson’s character, the rich Eric Packer, had to get a prostate test while still discussing business and without ever having to step out of his fancy car. Pattinson owns the show for most of the running time, despite the fact that the film is a slow-burning picture that might not suit everyone.

Cosmopolis is based on the novel written by Don DeLillo and takes place over the course of just one day. The main character looks on helplessly as he slowly loses a significant chunk of his wealth and is unable to make his fiancee stay. Robert is so adept at seeming calm on the surface while really being utterly unraveled on the inside – an ability that will serve him well in his career. Though the movie itself is not perfect, we can say that it is still a remarkable turning point for Robert’s future profession.

Year of Release: 2012

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 66%

top best movies of robert pattinson

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top best movies of robert pattinson

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Twilight – Breaking Dawn I

There is a reason why the “Twilight” films turned their two protagonists into A-listed stars. And there is also a reason why Pattinson was chosen over numerous other candidates for the coveted part. Skeptics are free to complain all they want, but yes, everything happens for a reason!

If you are still one of those who are unconvinced by the high quality of the filming, we will tell you why we should have even more respect for the performers who have to carry off some extremely challenging plots in Twilight – Breaking Dawn I.

It is true that Edward Cullen, the vampiric protagonist of the Twilight film series, spends the first three movies moping and glum. But Twilight – Breaking Dawn I is the first picture in which he finally gets to shine.

After being married to the girl he has loved all his life, Edward eventually has a child but then tragically loses his cherished wife. The sequence in which he tries to resurrect Bella by doing all he can – even biting her to transmit his venom – is full of sadness and rage, and it represents some of Robert Pattinson’s greatest performances throughout the whole franchise.

Year of Release: 2011

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 25%

top best movies of robert pattinson

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top best movies of robert pattinson

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