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Top best Music Games worth experiencing immediately

1. CRYTUS II, 2. DYNAMIX, 3. MAGIC PIANO TITLES, 4. Muse Dash. If you are a music enthusiast but still like to play games, music games are a perfect choice. With just one phone, you can unleash your passion. Here Toplist would like to give the 3 best music games on mobile phones.

  4. Muse Dash


The first music game worth experiencing is Crytus II. This is an Anime music game that is the next version of the once very popular Cytus. If you are a fan of Anime, you should not ignore this music game. This is also a match that is praised by fans as “the arena of skillful hands”.

Why is it called the “arena of skillful hands”? Because this is a music game where you have to apply the maximum ability to feel great music as well as the movements of your hand on the screen. You are like warriors dancing and gliding through the ups and downs of battle.

In the game, players will transform into cult characters in the game world and find the answer to AeSir’s disappearance through music. You can freely choose your favorite character to play as you like. Each character has its own personality and color. This is also one of the special features of Crytus II.

The game is simulated based on the future world of the human race. The game with different difficulty levels helps players satisfy the desire to become a warrior on the music battlefield. With a massive database of more than 50 articles and 150 articles, dating will bring you comfortable moments to relieve stress and devote yourself to passion.

Publisher: Rayark Games
Platform: Android, iOS
Game release date: 2018
Game price: Android ~ 45,000 VND, iOS is free

top best music games worth experiencing immediately

Game Crytus II official

《Cytus II》 Trailer – Rayark Games offical


Dynamix is a mobile music game that is the first published game made by C4Cat. Dynamix is seen as a new style of music game.This is a game that is no longer strange to the gaming community. With more than 1000 different tracks, players can freely choose. What is more special is that these 1000 songs are Asian with their own emotions and souls. This also creates a unique feature for this music game.

The game space is also very simple with the keys running from the top to the middle of the screen. You just need to be quick and quick to become a gamer with many different levels of difficulty in the game.Imagine that, at the beginning of the game, you will be participating in each level from easy to difficult. First, you will conquer some songs to unlock more difficult songs. The more you play, the more attractive the phrase to describe this exciting music game.

In terms of graphics, the game has pretty light graphics, the game capacity is only nearly 300 MB, a relatively small number compared to the current music game level.The game’s graphics are designed in a futuristic style, neon color style, each level changes the background based on the song.This music game promises to bring a great experience to players.

Publisher: C4Cat

Platform: Android, iOS

top best music games worth experiencing immediately

Game Dynamix



Magic Piano Tiles is probably the game with a good-looking and simple interface suitable for all ages and most interests today. The player’s task is simply to press the piano keys running on the screen to score the absolute score. This is also a game with a huge music store and many challenges to ensure your experience and desires whether in the soft or vibrant musical genre.

The songs in the game will not appear at the same time for you to choose, but you must play the available song to open the next song in a more difficult level. In addition, some songs require you to watch promotional videos, or use diamonds and money to buy them to open the song to play.

In addition, game effects with gentle color tones make you feel as relaxed as possible. When playing this game you get used to the rhythm of the song from slow to fast. Not only play alone, but you can also choose to compete with friends and many other people around the world right on this music game platform. However, to play this part you need to have Internet. The game looks simple but it is this simplicity that creates a special attraction for Magic Piano Tiles.

Publisher: Amanotes

Platform: Android 4.1 and above and iOS 9.0 and above

Release date: December 15, 2018

Game Price: Free

top best music games worth experiencing immediately

Music store in the game

Magic Tiles 3 – Counting Stars Endless Mode – Beast Sentry

Muse Dash

If you are looking for a traditional music game combined with an out-of-game park, this is an option worth considering. Muse Dash is a colorful music game with anime graphics.

Muse Dash is a colorful music game with Anime graphics. In the game, there will be the companion of 3 beauties. Rin is a very beautiful and hot girl with long blonde hair tied up in a high bun. Buro is a lovely girl with a petite appearance. And Marija is the hottest and sexiest girl, long blue hair is this girl’s trademark. Not only that, but you also have companions who are extremely cute creatures such as flying cats, tiny, cute, and loyal robots that can support players to achieve beneficial effects such as recovery. blood, destroy damage. like in a fighting game.

Your task in the game is to destroy monsters in each level, when completed you will receive many valuable gifts such as unlocking character skins. Sound is a very important part of the music game. All the songs in the movie are extremely catchy, and addictive and make you enjoy. The music blends perfectly with the visuals that lead the player into the game world.

top best music games worth experiencing immediately

Muse Dash by

Muse Dash Trailer by youtube PeroPeroGames