Top Best New Cars Coming In

1. Alfa Romeo Tonale, 2. Aston Martin DBX Coupé, 3. Aston Martin Vanquish Concept, 4. Audi Q6 e-tron, 5. BMW iX1, 6. BMW M2, 7. BMW M3 Touring, 8. BMW 7 Series, 9. Citroen Ami, 10. Citroen C5X, 11. Cupra Born, 12. Dacia Bigster, 13. Dacia Jogger. As we approach 2022, we've already got a good look at what automobiles we may expect, and the list certainly looks to promise a very exciting year ahead, with a wide range of vehicles ranging from inexpensive superminis to the next-generation sports cars.

  1. Alfa Romeo Tonale
  2. Aston Martin DBX Coupé
  3. Aston Martin Vanquish Concept
  4. Audi Q6 e-tron
  5. BMW iX1
  6. BMW M2
  7. BMW M3 Touring
  8. BMW 7 Series
  9. Citroen Ami
  10. Citroen C5X
  11. Cupra Born
  12. Dacia Bigster
  13. Dacia Jogger

Alfa Romeo Tonale

The Alfa Romeo Tonale will be released next year as part of the brand’s new product assault, which will also include another small SUV. The Tonale is the Stelvio’s smaller sister, competing against rivals like the Audi Q3 and BMW X1, and our spy photo suggests it will likely take on the Stelvio’s form.

The Tonale’s looks have long been a selling feature for Alfa, but it’s also likely to be powered by a variety of engines, including a plug-in hybrid option.

It’s believed to employ the same architecture as sibling company Jeep’s Renegade but modified for a more engaging drive rather than off-road capability. This is assuming that plans from the 2019 Geneva concept car haven’t changed significantly under the new Stellantis moniker.


Price: £30,000

On sale: 2022

top best new cars coming in

Alfa Romeo Tonale (photo: Wikipedia)

top best new cars coming in

Alfa Romeo Tonale (photo:

Aston Martin DBX Coupé

Tobias Moers, the new CEO of Aston Martin, has unveiled a roadmap for the firm that includes a new coupé version of the DBX SUV, maybe with plug-in hybrid propulsion, and even a long-wheelbase model.

We don’t know much about the DBX Coupé right now, but it’s a very common industry trend: look at the Porsche Cayenne and Cayenne Coupé to get an idea of how it’ll appear. The interior and driving experience are likely to be relatively comparable, although the body is significantly more attractive and the boot is structured differently.

Customers opting for a more sporty-appearing model are likely to be drawn to it, however still requires the utility of an SUV. Longer-wheelbase vehicles are popular in China because they provide additional rear legroom.

Price: £170,000

top best new cars coming in

Aston Martin DBX Coupé (photo: Max Earey)

top best new cars coming in

Aston Martin DBX Coupé (photo:

Aston Martin Vanquish Concept

Aston Martin is developing a direct competitor to the Ferrari F8 Tributo and McLaren 720S supercars, and the Vanquish Vision concept exhibited at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show provides a glimpse of what it might look like.

It demonstrated that Aston Martin was working on a new car with a mid-engined layout, and we were told at the show that the project was roughly 85% complete, implying that the new model should be presented quite soon. It will be built out of aluminum and powered by a V8 engine, which should give the kind of performance you’d expect from a mid-engined supercar. The design is similar to Aston Martin’s Valkyrie hypercar, which is also a mid-engined model.

Price: £200,000 (est)

top best new cars coming in

Aston Martin Vanquish Concept (photo:

top best new cars coming in

Audi Q6 e-tron

Audi is preparing to launch the Q6 e-tron, an all-electric SUV. It has been spotted in testing and appears to share aesthetic cues with the brand’s e-tron GT, as well as design influences from the Q4 e-tron. It will be built on the Volkswagen Group’s new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture.

This platform implies that it should be capable of 350kW charging and a range of more than 300 miles on a single charge. It’s also anticipated to be quite powerful, with early variants packing roughly 470bhp and later RS models packing more than 600bhp, as well as four-wheel drive.

Audi intends to deliver more than 20 electric vehicles by 2025, with the Q6 e-tron being one of the key new models aimed at customers of premium SUVs.

Price: £60,000

(est) On sale: 2022

top best new cars coming in

Audi Q6 e-tron (photo:

top best new cars coming in


The BMW X1 will be updated shortly, and as part of that, BMW will offer an iX1 variant with electric propulsion to compete with the Mercedes EQA and the Volvo XC40 P8 Recharge.

The electric version of the X1 is likely to appear fairly similar to the ordinary versions, but with the inclusion of some crucial electric-car characteristics, like a blanked-off grille, as with other I variations. The iX1 may borrow technology from the iX3, with up to 282bhp and a range of more than 200 miles.

A full charge in the iX3 takes roughly seven and a half hours using a home wall box, which is anticipated to be similar in the smaller model, while a 150kW rapid charge to 80% capacity takes about half an hour.

Price: £45,000

top best new cars coming in

BMW iX1 (photo:

top best new cars coming in

BMW iX1 (photo:


The new BMW 2 Series Coupé will almost certainly be followed by a high-performance M2 model next year. With a 3.0-liter straight-six petrol engine delivering roughly 400bhp, the new M2 will provide rear-wheel-drive thrills. The engine is most likely a tweaked variant of the one used in the most recent M3 and M4 models.

The BMW M2 will compete with the latest Audi RS 3 and Mercedes-AMG 45 S hyper-hatches, but its unique selling point for discerning drivers will be the availability of rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission. Buyers who prefer to let the car do the shifting will be relieved to learn that an automatic variant will be offered as well. According to spy images, BMW will not use the huge kidney grille design seen on the new M4.

Price: £60,000 (est)

top best new cars coming in

BMW M2 (photo:

top best new cars coming in

BMW M2 (photo:

BMW M3 Touring

For decades, BMW devotees have wanted an M3 Touring, and now it’s finally going to happen. The popular sports car’s estate version will feature the same engineering as the saloon but in a more practical body style.

According to spy photos, the M3 Touring will have the same big kidney grille as the M3 saloon and M4. Behind this will be a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged six-cylinder petrol engine with 503bhp and 600Nm of torque, as well as a four-wheel-drive system that may be selected.

The M3 Touring will have a slightly wider track than the saloon and enhanced suspension to enable a bigger cargo capacity. It is scheduled to arrive in 2022.

Price: £77,000

top best new cars coming in

BMW M3 Touring (photo:

top best new cars coming in

BMW 7 Series

The new BMW 7 Series is almost here. It is scheduled to debut in 2022 and will compete in the luxury limousine market with the next Mercedes S-Class. Both hybrid and electric vehicles are possible, though the latter is expected to bear the i7 nameplate, have a range of roughly 300 miles, and use technology comparable to the i4 electric car. There will be petrol-hybrid models available, whether 48V mild-hybrid or plug-in hybrid, as well as four-wheel drive.

This new BMW 7 Series is expected to feature a commanding appearance, plenty of performance, and a focus on luxury and quality. A long-wheelbase variant will provide more legroom, and the cabin will be outfitted with cutting-edge technology like twin infotainment displays.

Price: £75,000

top best new cars coming in

BMW 7 Series (photo:Youtube)

top best new cars coming in

Citroen Ami

Citroen’s little Ami electric car will go on sale in the UK next year, and it might cost as much as £25,000.

As little as £6,000 is required. The Citroen Ami is propelled by an 8bhp electric engine that is fuelled by a 5.5kWh battery. It has a top speed of only 28mph and a range of up to 46 miles, making it ideal for city travel. The two-seater has a turning radius of 7.2 meters and a flyweight of 485kg.

Owners of the Ami will be able to charge it with either a Type 2 EV charging adaptor or a standard three-pin outlet, and a full charge will take approximately three hours from either. Citroen is also exploring leasing the Ami and reckons it might cost as low as a mobile phone tariff per month, depending on the size of the deposit.

Price: £6,000

top best new cars coming in

Citroen Ami (photo:

top best new cars coming in

Citroen Ami (photo:

Citroen C5X

The X in the new, upscale Citroen C5 X is noteworthy since it alluded to the company’s objective for the car, which is to combine traits from many segments, including hatchbacks and SUVs.

Indeed, the aesthetic appears to reflect this, having parts of both in the design. It uses the same technology as the C5 Aircross SUV, but it’s a more mature offering, with petrol and plug-in hybrid powertrains and an all-new 12-inch HD infotainment display on the inside.

The C5 X is also intended to provide a level of luxury that, considering its low price, you may not expect.

Rivals for the upcoming big Citroen include the Peugeot 508 and Volkswagen Passat, while the C5 X may draw buyers away from SUVs like the Peugeot 3008 when it arrives in 2022.

Price: £27,000 (est)

top best new cars coming in

Citroen C5X (photo:Youtube)

top best new cars coming in

Cupra Born

The Cupra Born is the brand’s first all-electric model, and it will be available in early 2022. It shares the same underpinnings as the Volkswagen ID.3, and its style is similar, albeit with more dramatic bodywork and wheels.

The Born will be available with 45kWh, 58kWh, and 77kWh battery options, with the flagship model offering a range of up to 335 miles. Performance improves as you progress through the lineup; the top edition can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 6.6 seconds, albeit all variants are currently rear-wheel-drive exclusively.

With 125kW charging, you can charge from 10% to 80% in just over 30 minutes. The suspension will be tuned to provide a more focused driving experience.

Price: £32,000 (est)

top best new cars coming in

Cupra Born (photo:Youtube)

top best new cars coming in

Cupra Born (photo:

Dacia Bigster

The Dacia Duster will be joined by a larger sister in the form of the Bigster shortly This larger SUV variant will provide greater space; it is roughly the size of a VW Tiguan but will cost nearly £20,000 more. When it arrives in 2022, it will most certainly be one of the largest SUVs at that price.

It will be built on the same CMF-B platform as the excellent new Sandero, which means it will have engine options including the 1.0-liter turbo petrol and 1.3-liter four-cylinder petrol with 128bhp.

The Bigster will also have Dacia’s new branding and aesthetic cues, which will be pushed out to make the manufacturer appear more desirable, but the value-for-money aspect should remain intact even with the addition of this larger vehicle to the lineup.

Price: £20,000 (est)

top best new cars coming in

Dacia Bigster (photo:

top best new cars coming in

Dacia Jogger

If you’re looking for a seven-seater on a tight budget, the new Dacia Jogger will be the cheapest option when it arrives on sale later this year. Prices starting under £15,000 indicate that the Jogger will keep Dacia’s typical value for money, and owing to rugged-looking add-ons like roof rails and an increased ride height, it may even appeal to certain SUV fans.

Although the Lodgy was previously available in other countries, we’ve never seen a Dacia MPV in the UK. The UK debut of the Jogger is part of a range extension that includes the Bigster SUV and new Sandero, both of which will be based on a variant of the CMF-B platform shared by the current Renault Clio and Captur.

Price: £15,000 (est)

top best new cars coming in

Dacia Jogger (photo:

top best new cars coming in