Top Best Places for Stone Crabs in Miami

1. Joe’s Stone Crab, 2. La Camaronera, 3. Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish, 4. Golden Rule Seafood, 5. Holy Crab, 6. Captain Jim’s Seafood Market & Restaurant, 7. Monty’s Raw Bar, 8. Captain's Tavern Restaurant. The weather in Miami won't change, people will still spend their weekends lazing on the beach, and it will still be nearly difficult to acquire a reservation at your favorite Miami restaurant. When October 15 arrives, the only noticeable difference is on menus and Instagram feeds: Stone crab season officially begins on that day, and it lasts until May 1st, when demand for this succulent South Florida delicacy will decline. Most of the greatest beachfront restaurants in Miami and one of the dishes at the city's best brunches frequently contain some claw meat. This list will show you some best places for stone crabs in Miami.

  1. Joe’s Stone Crab
  2. La Camaronera
  3. Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish
  4. Golden Rule Seafood
  5. Holy Crab
  6. Captain Jim’s Seafood Market & Restaurant
  7. Monty’s Raw Bar
  8. Captain’s Tavern Restaurant

Joe’s Stone Crab

Joe’s is one of the best places for stone crabs in Miami-and possibly the entire state of Florida. Despite the fact that walk-ins can always grease someone’s palm to get in before the typical three-hour wait period, reservations are scarce and only available online one week in advance. And all of the cuisines is delectable, from the moderately priced fried chicken to the incredibly expensive stone crabs. Old-school servers in coattails race back and forth as you leave Joe’s, a time warp of Miami luxury and hospitality, full, dazzled, and happy.

Joe’s serves seasonal stone crabs (October–May) with a “secret” sauce, garlic creamed spinach, fried sweet potatoes, coleslaw, and hash browns, drawing residents, visitors, and celebrities. Try the fried chicken or the liver and onions if you don’t like seafood. Since Joe’s does not take reservations, be ready to endure an excruciatingly long wait before receiving a table.

For the same fresh claws at the same price without the huge queues, skip the line at Joe’s Takeaway next door. Additionally, you can get some of the greatest fried chicken in town for less than $10 at this location.

Address: 11 Washington AveMiami

Phone: 305-673-0365


top best places for stone crabs in miami

top best places for stone crabs in miami

La Camaronera

When you visit La Camaronera for stone crabs, the greatest part is that you can match it with other seaside specialties like its renowned minuta sandwich (fried snapper, tail and all! on a lightly toasted Cuban bun) and the irresistible fried lobster tail.

Anything fried from the ocean-lobster poppers, fish fingers, popcorn shrimp can be found on the menu at La Camaronera. This local fish shack has grown from a counter service restaurant-and, one without chairs-to a fully-fledged dining that has been highlighted on Food Network and is popular with foodies from near and far. Most people wait in line for a pan con minuta, a fried snapper sandwich on gently toasted Cuban bread (tail and all!) that costs less than $10 and will keep you full for hours. A modest amount to pay for some of the freshest seafood in town, even if you do leave the establishment smelling like you spent the afternoon on a barge.

Address: 1952 W Flagler StMiami33135

Phone: 305-642-3322


top best places for stone crabs in miami

top best places for stone crabs in miami

Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish

Garcia’s is a straightforward riverfront eatery that has now essentially become a Miami landmark. This is one of those spots where a stadium might be filled with regulars and devoted patrons. Why? since the product occasionally comes from the owners’ own fishing boats, making it as fresh as possible. Garcia Brothers, a delivery-only competitor, provides same-day delivery in Miami and will ship delicious claws anywhere in the continental United States.

This fish shack is a hidden gem located down by the river, buried away behind a confusing network of city motorways and bridges. This house oozes charm, from the nautical décor and rustic waterfront deck to the passing fishing boats. For the entrées, which might include juicy grilled jumbo shrimp, grilled yellowtail, grouper, or lobster, buttery parsley potatoes, green plantains, Caesar salads, or fries, conch fritters, exquisite ceviche, and Florida stone crab serve as starters. One of the best desserts in town is the Key lime pie. It’s difficult to find, but it’s worthwhile. Keep reading to discover more best places for stone crabs in Miami.

Address: 398 NW North River Dr Miami 33128
Phone: 305-375-0765

top best places for stone crabs in miami

top best places for stone crabs in miami

Golden Rule Seafood

Golden Rule is a family-run business that was first established as a seafood shop in the same Palmetto Bay building where it is now. The family-owned restaurant Golden Rule opened its doors in 1943. There is no dress code at this neighborhood favorite, in contrast to some of the pricier options mentioned above. Dress to the nines and wear flip-flops. Just be certain that you are hungry. When the weather is great, Golden Rule’s spectacular backyard tiki hut is the ideal place to break open some claws, enjoy a cold beer, and imagine yourself in a tropical location.

The restaurant doubles as a market and a casual place for lunch and dinner. Pam Mullins and Walter Flores, a husband and wife team who the locals all know by first names, run it along with their kids. This South Dade haunt is crowded with hungry people looking for a refreshing beer and better-than-fresh claws during the stone crab season.

Address: 17505 S Dixie Hwy Miami 33157

Phone: 305-235-0661


top best places for stone crabs in miami

top best places for stone crabs in miami

Holy Crab

Holy Crab serves fresh, never frozen Stone Crabs to your house within 24 hours. The crustacean’s delicate, juicy flavor and high protein content make it very desirable. Only accessible from October 15 to May 1 while in season, the sought-after stone crab is in high demand. The Florida coast is where 98 percent of all Stone Crabs are caught.

The claw and the two knuckles of a stone crab can be divided into three pieces. You should hit the stone crab’s knuckle repeatedly with the mallet until the shell has broken. The founders of Holy Crab had the idea that by having fresh stone crabs delivered right to their door, they could bring friends and family together in the comfort of their own homes.

They take great pleasure in preserving and protecting the stone crabs by making sure that their fishermen follow the rules to only take one claw per harvest and by using packaging made entirely of recyclable materials.

Address: 1831 Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables, FL 33134, United States

Phone: 305-882-2600


top best places for stone crabs in miami
top best places for stone crabs in miami

Captain Jim’s Seafood Market & Restaurant

Captain Jim’s Seafood Market & Restaurant a distinctive seafood store and restaurant in North Miami with a fantastic menu of regional specialties. They have a reputation for serving the freshest fish in town, and their seafood is unmatched. Captain Jim immediately realized there was a need for a truly fresh fish restaurant in North Miami and began using it as a distribution point for his daily catch. People were waiting in line outside the warehouse entrance to purchase the freshest fish in Miami after a tiny display was put up in front of the facility.

All of the fish served at Captain Jim’s is reeled in each day and prepared to order. You can order the fish to be prepared just way you like it or sample one of their specialty meals. For the best flavor, their fish is caught nearby.

They offer more than just the freshest fish. Their delectable cuisine offers both traditional dishes and creative regional fare. Everyone will find something to like at Captain Jim’s, from full-fried fish to conch chowder.

Address: 12950 W Dixie Hwy North Miami, FL 33161

Phone: 305-892-2812


top best places for stone crabs in miami

top best places for stone crabs in miami

Monty’s Raw Bar

This well-known Grove hotspot is a great venue for drinks and seafood and is situated near a harbor. Miniature tiki huts with open walls and thatch roofs surround a stage where calypso and reggae bands try their damnedest to get the diners and drinkers to dance. It is best to stay away from alcohol on Friday afternoons when the happy hour crowd, which is largely comprised of thirsty University of Michigan students, is enthusiastically slurping up strong frozen beverages. However, feel free to bring the entire family on weekends. Send the youngsters off to dance to the live music while you get yourself a basket of fried seafood and a pitcher of beer.

During the stone crab season, there are additional reasons to visit the waterfront tiki restaurant Monty’s, which is a Coconut Grove happy hour staple, in addition to the usual strong ice beverages. Depending on their size, stone crab claws are sold by the piece at Monty’s. The scene is already beginning to take shape: the sun is setting, you are holding a rum runner, and your server has just placed a heap of stone crab claws on the table.

Address: 2550 S Bayshore Dr Miami 33133
Phone: 305-856-3992

top best places for stone crabs in miami
top best places for stone crabs in miami

Captain’s Tavern Restaurant

Bill Bowers, well known as “The Captain,” inaugurated his brand-new seafood restaurant in South Miami on April 1st, 1971. He had worked with a friend on turning an old post office into a restaurant for most of the previous year. Since 1976, the Captain’s Tavern Seafood Market has provided the finest seafood from nearby waterways and all over the world. Miami’s largest range of fresh fish and shellfish is provided by Captain’s Tavern because of its extensive network of suppliers.

The majority of the food at Captain’s Tavern is homemade, including the desserts and Audrey, Captain’s wife’s Jamaican-inspired scotch bonnet sauce. Now Captain’s Tavern is considered to be one of the best places for stone crabs in Miami.

Food + Wine magazine has named Captain’s Tavern as one of “America’s 50 Most Amazing Wine Experiences.” Great winemakers from California, Australia, and Europe have become close friends with Bill and Audrey over the years. Their capacity to provide excellent wine at fair costs is a reflection of these connections.

Address: 9625 S Dixie Hwy Miami 33156
Phone: 305-666-5979

top best places for stone crabs in miami