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Top Best Pocket Knives to Buy

1. Kershaw Link, 2. Opinel No.8, 3. Spyderco Delica 4, 4. Civivi C907A, 5. SOG Twitch II, 6. Kershaw Terran, 7. Benchmade 533 Mini, 8. SOG Ultra XR, 9. Gerber FlatIron, 10. CRKT Bona Fide. Regular knives are no doubt of high quality, but it is impossible to use them anywhere outside your house. You may want a more compact version to take with you during trips and vacations. Do not worry, as the marketplace has presented some of the best pocket knives to buy. Take a look!

  1. Kershaw Link
  2. Opinel No.8
  3. Spyderco Delica 4
  4. Civivi C907A
  5. SOG Twitch II
  6. Kershaw Terran
  7. Benchmade 533 Mini
  8. SOG Ultra XR
  9. Gerber FlatIron
  10. CRKT Bona Fide

Do you like a knife that deploys quickly? Then a spring-assisted knife will be one of the best pocket knives to buy. And so far, we have yet to discover one that is superior to the Kershaw Link.

As soon as we pressed down on the kicks of this Kershaw Link pocket knife with an index finger, the blade sprang open and clicked shut at full length. Indeed, this knife was so fun to open that we had to restrain ourselves from snapping it again and again – for the sake of not damaging the mechanism. Furthermore, the one-handed usage proved effortless with our non-dominant hand, making the Link an acceptable ambidextrous option.

Concerning the blade’s performance, the steel did not hold back, supplying evenly cuts for everything we required. Though it was not as adapted to finer precision work – such as coring apples – that was to be expected with a blade featuring this much belly.

Ratings: 4.8 stars (from 4745 reviews)

Price: $81.29

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top best pocket knives to buy

Source: 50 Campfires

top best pocket knives to buy

Source: Gentleman Reviewer

Opinel No.8

Due to its cheap cost, efficacy, and lightweight, the Opinel has stayed essentially unaltered for decades. You can get an Opinel knife with stainless-steel blades, but the No.8’s remarkably low cost (even with Opinel standards) makes it a no-brainer.

When we were cutting apples, the Opinel No. 8 gave one of the nicest cuts, and its extra-sharp tip made short work of cable ties and pierced packaging effectively. However, we had to exert quite a lot of effort to rip the cables, so keep that in mind! Also, the leash lock provided us with some peace of mind while carrying the knife in our pocket. There is no possibility of the 3.3-inch blades accidentally deploying. Even better, it maintained the blade wide whenever we required greater stiffness.

A major drawback of the Opinel No.8 is that the collar rotating and blade lifting (with the nail nick) called for some effort, which made this knife more sluggish than others.

Ratings: 4.7 stars (from 2982 reviews)

Price: $18

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top best pocket knives to buy

Source: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

top best pocket knives to buy

Source: Opinel USA

Spyderco Delica 4

For over 30 years, Delica knives have been a fixture of the Spyderco range. These knives feature diverse designs with a variety of blade metals, edges, and forms – as well as handle materials. The regular model of Spyderco Delica 4 we tested included a razor-sharp VG-10 blade that shined at slicing – thanks to its completely flat-ground design – and ripped effortlessly through materials, most notably our rope.

Furthermore, the blade deployed easily due to Spyderco’s signature circular thumb hole, which measures a nice and generous 13 millimeters. Even better, we like the glass-reinforced nylon handle of this Spyderco Delica 4, which has textured molding for improved grip, finger protection, and subtle finger grooves. When combined with the grooves on the spine of the blade, we never had to worry about our grasp slipping.

Finally, the firm belt clip on the handle is reversible – a wonderful feature for lefties – and may be adjusted for tip-down carrying (if that’s your style). Overall, this Delica 4 is an excellent pocket knife and a particularly good choice for folks who often get their hands filthy and want a knife that will remain firmly in place.

Ratings: 4.8 stars (from 2763 reviews)

Price: $88.20

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top best pocket knives to buy

Source: Youtube, Nick Shabazz

top best pocket knives to buy

Source: Deadwood Knives

Civivi C907A

Civivi C907A is unmatched in terms of cheap blades. It belongs to the bargain division of WE Cutlery, a company that has established a reputation for providing high-quality tools at a low price. And the Civivi C907A variant ($50) is one of the greatest of them, a genuinely excellent all-around knife for daily wear. Their 3-inch blades are made of D2 steel, which is one of the better alternatives available at this price point. Even better, the knife’s “motion” (blade opening through the flipper tab) is comparable to rivals that cost double.

If there is a disadvantage to this Civivi C907A, it is the D2 steel itself (yes, it has both upsides and downsides!) While D2 will retain its edge for an extended period of time, it is not the greatest rustproof of substances. To be more specific, it is a more upgraded version of the CTS-XHP knife – which means you will need to exercise the same safeguards and maintenance tips. Dry the blade thoroughly before re-tucking it between the flanks to minimize discoloration.

Ratings: 4.7 stars (from 2412 reviews)

Price: $50.15

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top best pocket knives to buy

Source: Amazon

top best pocket knives to buy

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SOG Twitch II

The SOG Twitch II has gained a large following ever since its debut, and it is easy to understand why. The knife is in a perfect size, simple to open, and consistently produced good results throughout our tests.

The stainless-steel blade is robust enough for a range of jobs – yet the knife maintains a moderate and slim profile. It fit well in our pockets and was firmly fastened to our belt. The blade may be deployed in a variety of ways, including by a thumb stud on either side (lefties, rejoice).

Also, we appreciated the kick of this SOG Twitch II knife. The triangular tab – also referred to as a flipper – is located at the tip of a knife’s tang and juts from the grip when the edge is closed. By pushing it down with the index finger, we could swing the blade almost completely out (aided by a casing); and with a slight upward pull, we secured it in place. When fully extended, the kick could even function as a fingertip guard. It is convenient indeed!

Ratings: 4.6 stars (from 1559 reviews)

Price: $49.11

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top best pocket knives to buy
top best pocket knives to buy

Source: DLT Trading

Kershaw Terran

The new Kershaw Terran is not flashy compared to other more colorful designs. Nevertheless, many customers appeared to appreciate the monochrome stainless-steel construction. And also, if you are looking for a midsize item that does the job without fuss, this Kershaw Terran knife is a decent choice.

When we pressed the kick, the spring-assisted blades flipped fast out of the grip. It showed to be quite sharp and skilled enough for carving chores throughout our cutting tests. In addition, the 3.1-inch edge was long enough just to cut through bigger apples in one pass – a feat that not every blade we tried was capable of. Nonetheless, the knife is not so massive or hefty compared to other larger options. Hence, it seems unwieldy to carry on a daily basis.

Yes, of course there are versions with sharper edges and more features available on the market. However, by sacrificing those characteristics, Kershaw has created an inexpensive and, most importantly, trustworthy item that manifested in this Terran variant.

Ratings: 4.6 stars (from 60 reviews)

Price: $33.49

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top best pocket knives to buy

Source: Knifeworks

top best pocket knives to buy

Benchmade 533 Mini

Benchmade introduced this little version of their renowned Bugout variant in 2020 – The Benchmade 533 Mini. The Mini is slightly lighter and also slightly shorter (the total lengths vary by more than an inch). And it has a nearly half-inch shorter blade compared to the Bugout. Nonetheless, the little knife is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to chopping.

Throughout our testing session, the CPM S30V blades of these Benchmade 533 Mini knives sliced cleanly and rapidly through foods, cardboards, and rope of various sizes. Even better, the rough Grivory grip felt safe and strong even when we lay onto it. We are also huge fans of the crossbar latching mechanisms, and Benchmade’s Axis proves to be the best in the Mini. The spring that disconnected the lock was firm yet smooth, allowing us to tuck the blades away neatly.

The vivid orange is hardly subtle, but we did not mind, particularly when stuffed inside our hiking bag. Even in dim light, the brilliant hue was easily visible.

Ratings: 4.5 stars (from 26 reviews)

Price: $135

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top best pocket knives to buy

Source: Benchmade

top best pocket knives to buy

SOG Ultra XR

SOG introduced the Ultra XR, a tiny but powerful EDC that succeeds the Ultra C-Ti. The new Ultra is even more elegant than the previous models due to its streamlined design. Meanwhile, premium features – like higher-quality blade metal and the simple-to-use XR crossbar lock -contribute to the knife’s performance (and justify the $25 increase in price).

With a weight of just over one ounce, the SOG Ultra XR boasts a semi-rectangular closed-form suggestive of a credit card rather than a pocket knife. That design is quite creative and practical – given that the Ultra’s huge belt clasp also serves as a money clip. This dagger is so small that it came dangerously close to disappearing completely inside our pocket.

Furthermore, the carbon-fiber handle of this SOG Ultra XR knife saves lots of weight by retaining a finger guard – but omitting the grooves seen on the C-Ti variant. There is also a cryogenically treated clip point blade for improved edge retention. We have not had enough time with our test sample to remark on this feature, but we can tell it is really sharp.

Ratings: 4.6 stars (from 20 reviews)

Price: $124.95

Buy it at:–SOG-Ultra-XR-XR-Lock-Knife-Carbon–105688

top best pocket knives to buy

Source: SOG Knives

top best pocket knives to buy

Gerber FlatIron

The Gerber FlatIron stands out significantly from the other blades on our list of the best pocket knives to buy. Most noticeably, Gerber forgoes the traditional drop-point form in favor of a clever design. Also, its edge is composed of D2 – a type of cutting steel with exceptional hardness and a reputation for edge retention.

In practice, the Gerber FlatIron also is the sharpest tool in our test, providing an astonishingly clean cut through the apple and effortlessly cutting through the rope. Even better, this item was ideal for the most typical activity of a small knife – package opening. Nicking the front of these blades – and utilizing our index and finger as a depth measure – worked well in avoiding damage to the contents.

A slight drawback is that the rectangular design made it a little more difficult to use the zip ties. Before the blade could shatter the plastic in half, we had to readjust it. Also, remember that the huge blade adds more weight and makes it more difficult to retrieve our wallets- even though the knife and the wallets are put together in one pocket.

Ratings: 4.5 stars (from 18 reviews)

Price: $44.95

Buy it at:–Gerber-FlatIron-Cleaver-Frame-Lock–105497

top best pocket knives to buy

Source: Youtube, Tctbnl

top best pocket knives to buy

Source: Hunting Knives

CRKT Bona Fide

The Bona Fide is one of CRKT’s 2021 releases. It is a straightforward folder, with the exception of the sliding lever on the handle – which is part of the newly developed Field Strip technology.

In 2016, CRKT first presented these tool-free assemblies, which were created by knifemaker Ken Onion. While the wheel-based technique simplified the process of cleaning a knife, it needed two steps: disengaging the hinge with a lever and rotating a spring wheel – before each end of the handle disengaged from the blade. Fortunately, the Oregon brand reduced this cumbersome procedure with Gen II tech. It requires deliberate effort and a little muscle, which meant we did not have to worry about the knife disintegrating in our bag or pocket.

To open the CRKT Bona Fide knife, we had to push down quite hard on the very modest kick – but when we did so, the D2 blades deployed cleanly and rapidly. Even better, we were thrilled with how firmly this CRKT Bona Fide locked into place without any wiggle or squirming.

Ratings: 3.9 stars (from 11 reviews)

Price: $99.99

Buy it at:–CRKT-Onion-Bona-Fide-Liner-Lock–119385

top best pocket knives to buy

Source: CRKT

top best pocket knives to buy