Top Best Restaurants In Cuba

1. La Guarida, 2. Los Naranjos, 3. Riomar Bar & Grill, 4. Restaurante Café del Oriente, 5. Lo de Monik, 6. Sensacioones Restaurant, 7. Mojito-Mojito, 8. Delicias Cubanas. Are you planning a trip to Cuba? And you also want to find the best restaurants in this country? With top-rated, best restaurants in Cuba, this list will help you make the most of your trip with hidden gems and local favorites. Let’s start with the first name on the list!

  1. La Guarida
  2. Los Naranjos
  3. Riomar Bar & Grill
  4. Restaurante Café del Oriente
  5. Lo de Monik
  6. Sensacioones Restaurant
  7. Mojito-Mojito
  8. Delicias Cubanas

La Guarida

The interior of La Guarida alone transports you back in time, and the restaurant serves both authentic local and international cuisine (vegan options are also available). Coming to La Guarida is a chance for you to travel through time in a place that values tradition while also looking to the future. An authentic space for those who want to learn about the real Cuba and immerse themselves in the culture, customs, and way of life. La Guarida has become a reference for new Cuban cuisine over the last 25 years, housed in a building from the turn of the twentieth century.

Weddings, rehearsal dinners, birthdays, corporate events, and receptions are all catered by the restaurant. La Guarida also has a bar and a smoking lounge where you can relax and enjoy a Cohiba cigar while sipping one of their signature cocktails.

Location: 418 Concordia, La Habana, Cuba

Type: Cuban, Latin, Caribbean, International

Best for: Anyone looking to dine in style in a historical setting should visit this family-style restaurant.

Phone: (+53) 78 66 90 47; (+53) 78 66 23 54; (+53) 54 14 78 52


top best restaurants in cuba

La Guarida. Photo:

top best restaurants in cuba

Los Naranjos

Los Naranjos is an exquisite gourmet restaurant and lounge bar located in the heart of Habana. This restaurant has a fantastic wine and cocktail list, as well as stunning interior design and outdoor seating for those warm Cuban evenings. Los Naranjos is the perfect spot for a romantic evening or a business dinner. All of the guests will enjoy the Caribbean and Cuban cuisines on the menu. To form an opinion about this restaurant, try the nicely cooked monkfish, laing, and seafood paella.

Travelers have praised the restaurant’s excellent service and stunning atmosphere, which came highly recommended by the hotel concierges. Besides, many visitors believe that the prices are low for what you get. Guests will feel at ease here thanks to the divine decor and pleasant atmosphere. Please keep in mind that Los Naranjos only accepts cash, so bring plenty and do not forget to tip!

Location: Calle 17, 715 Altos entre Paseo y A. Vedado, Habana 10400 Cuba

Type: Caribbean, Latin, Local cuisine, Fusion, Seafood

Best for: Couples in search of a romantic meal.

Phone: +53 7 8311360


top best restaurants in cuba

Los Naranjos. Photo:

top best restaurants in cuba

Riomar Bar & Grill

Riomar Bar & Grill was the winner of the Travellers Choice award in 2020, and it’s easy to see why. The terrace of this waterfront restaurant, which serves a mix of local, Mediterranean, and international cuisine, offers spectacular views. The best dish, according to visitors, is the seafood platters.

While most of the buildings in Cuba, including the restaurant buildings, are quite old, Riomar Bar & Grill has a very modern appearance. Vegan and gluten-free options are available, as well as a good selection of wines and cocktails. This lovely restaurant has a breathtaking view of the water, friendly staff, and delicious food—the perfect combination for a great dining experience. So, while you are there, make sure to try the delicious seafood and cheesecake and take in the stunning sunset!

Location: 3ra y Final #11, La Puntilla, Miramar, 11 Avenida 3ra, La Habana, Cuba

Type: Cuban, Caribbean, Latin, Mediterranean, International, Seafood

Best for: Couples and families. If you are looking for an outdoor setting with a view of the water, this is the place to go.

Phone: +53 7 2094838


top best restaurants in cuba

Riomar Bar & Grill. Photo:

top best restaurants in cuba

Restaurante Café del Oriente

The interior of Restaurante Café del Oriente was converted from a mansion to a gourmet restaurant while keeping the elegant mansion-style decor. With fine china, linen tablecloths, and waiters dressed in tuxedos, you will feel like a lord. The decor at Restaurante Café del Oriente is important, but it is not everything. You will be ecstatic to discover that the service and food meet, if not exceed, your expectations. The elegant ambiance at this premier restaurant, which is among the best in the city, is enhanced by candlelight, which adds to the intimate feel. There is a full bar that serves a wide range of local and international cocktails. As an appetizer, travelers recommend the garlic shrimp, and for the main course, the steak, pasta primavera, or lobster.

Restaurante Café del Oriente offers live music, private dining options, wheelchair accessibility, indoor and outdoor seating, and Visa and MasterCard are accepted. You do have to pay for all the extras, so keep that in mind when comparing this restaurant to others.

Location: 112 Calle Oficios esquina Amargura, Plaza de San Francisco de Asís, Havana, Cuba, 10100

Type: Caribbean, Latin, European, Local Cuisine, Vegetarian Friendly

Best for: Anyone looking for upscale dining, including couples.

Phone: +53 7 8606686


top best restaurants in cuba

Restaurante Café del Oriente. Photo:

top best restaurants in cuba

Restaurante Café del Oriente. Photo:

Lo de Monik

Lo de Monik is considered one of the best breakfast or lunch restaurants, and it is not just some people who think so; this restaurant also won the Travellers Choice award. Lo de Monik serves lunch and dinner, and there is a full bar. The style of this restaurant is Caribbean, Latin, Local cuisine, and Vegetarian Friendly.

Lo de Monik is best for couples or families with children. You should try the fish tacos, and if you have never had octopus before, this is the place for you to go! Visitors claim that this restaurant serves the best Cuban sandwich in town, making it one of the must-try local dishes. The Mojito Loco, a Mojito Frappe served with beer, is a recommended drink; loco means crazy, so it’s an apt name…

Location: Chacon y, Compostela, La Habana, Cuba

Type: Caribbean, Latin, Local cuisine, Vegetarian Friendly

Best for: Couples, families with children

Phone: +53 7 8644029


top best restaurants in cuba

Lo de Monik. Photo:

top best restaurants in cuba

Sensacioones Restaurant

Sensacioones Restaurant is the next name on the list of the best restaurants in Cuba that Toplist would like to introduce to you. Travelers recommend this restaurant for a romantic dinner or business meeting, and it has a private area for small groups, birthday parties, or simply enjoying cigars with friends. In comparison to most Cuban restaurants, Sensacioones has a more modern ambiance. Sensacioones Restaurant is famous for delectable pies, empanadas, and laing. Here, too, the mojitos are fantastic!

Sensacioones Restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Habana, according to Canadian and American visitors, as well as Cubans living abroad who returned to see family. This restaurant is unquestionably worth a visit when going to Cuba. Sensacioones Restaurant is best for families, intimate dinners, and birthday celebrations for small groups.

Location: Calle 70 No. 902 Entre 9Na Y 11, Habana 10600 Cuba

Type: Mediterranean, International

Best for: Families, intimate dinners, and birthday celebrations for small groups.

Phone: +53 7 2061831


top best restaurants in cuba

Sensacioones Restaurant. Photo:

top best restaurants in cuba


Mojito-Mojito is the next name on the list of the best restaurants in Cuba that Toplist has compiled for you. Travelers recommend Mojito-Mojito as the best place to eat authentic Cuban cuisine in Habana. Their specialty is mojitos, as the name implies, and their motto is “one mojito is never enough”. With local cuisine, drinks, and live Cuban music, this is a great restaurant to immerse yourself in local culture. Mojito-Mojito has a lively local atmosphere, so this restaurant is not the best place for a quiet romantic dinner, but it is great for a fun night out.

Because Mojito-Mojito is a small restaurant, no reservations are required (unless you have a large group), but this restaurant is cash only. The shrimp cocktail, tuna mojito, and Cuban pork have all been recommended by travelers.

Location: MURALLA # 162 Entre Cuba y San Ignacio, Habana Vieja, Cuba

Type: Caribbean, Latin, Local cuisine

Best for: Couples, Families, Groups of Friends.

Phone: +53 7 8018187


top best restaurants in cuba

Mojito-Mojito. Photo:

top best restaurants in cuba

Delicias Cubanas

If you prefer a quieter setting, Delicias Cubanas offers a more elegant and fine dining experience. Delicias Cubanas is a great place to go if you want to sample some authentic Cuban flavors. The food is prepared fresh every day with locally sourced ingredients and is always served hot. Some of the delicacies served here include chicken fajitas, Cuban mashed potatoes, and Cuban rice and beans. While the food is reasonably priced, the portions are quite large, and most visitors report splitting a single entree between two or even three people.

This is one of the state-owned restaurants, and it is on the top floor of the building, so you get great views of the area, especially if you sit on the balcony. Delicias Cubanas is known to get quite busy, so make a reservation ahead of time.

Location: Dositeo Aguilera No 78 entre Garayalde y Agramontes, Holguin 80100 Cuba

Type: Cuban, Latin, Caribbean, Spanish, Seafood

Best for: Couples, Families, Business Dinner

Phone: +53 24 46 4397


top best restaurants in cuba

Delicias Cubanas. Photo:

top best restaurants in cuba