Top Best Restaurants In Cyprus

1. Piatsa Gourounaki, 2. Hill View Restaurant, 3. Sienna Restaurant, 4. Ladi and Rigani, 5. Baths of Aphrodite Restaurant, 6. Maqam Al-Sultan, 7. Kanalli Fish Restaurant, 8. Fuamo Steakhouse, 9. Artisan’s Burger Bar, 10. La Maison Fleurie. From classic Meze platters to Kleftiko, seasonal vegetables, and fish to moussaka, Cyprus has a wide variety of cuisine to fulfill your hunger. Every day, you can gorge yourself on something fresh. Nobody can deny that Cyprus is a foodie's dream come true. Cyprus residents are both enthusiastic and somber about their meals. So, from traditional meals to five-star gourmet delights at exotic places, Cyprus restaurants are available in almost every corner to satisfy everyone's taste and money.

  1. Piatsa Gourounaki
  2. Hill View Restaurant
  3. Sienna Restaurant
  4. Ladi and Rigani
  5. Baths of Aphrodite Restaurant
  6. Maqam Al-Sultan
  7. Kanalli Fish Restaurant
  8. Fuamo Steakhouse
  9. Artisan’s Burger Bar
  10. La Maison Fleurie

Piatsa Gourounaki

The contemporary-style Souvlaki recipe meals are fantastically famous, and for good reason, as they offer the absolute freshest Greek taste in town, together with warm hospitality that adds to the restaurant’s notoriety.

Choose from a variety of delectable grilled meat skewers before moving on to the delectable meze and sides, which range from Bouyiourdi, a broiler-cooked feta and veggies with pickled peppers, to Tirokafteri hot cheese dip.

Piatsa Gourounaki restaurant is the best in town, and the quality is excellent. The attitude of the service staff is also very enthusiastic and attentive. However, it is rather pricey, and finding a table might be difficult at times because everyone wants to go there. This is one of the best restaurants in Cyprus that you should try once in your whole life.

Must Try: Meat platter, Greek salad, souvlaki

Location: Faneromenis 92, Nicosia 1011, Cyprus

Cuisines: Mediterranean, Barbecue, GreekGoogle

Rating: 4.7/5.0, 1,233 Google reviews


top best restaurants in cyprus

top best restaurants in cyprus

Hill View Restaurant

The Hill View restaurant is located in the village of Pano Pissouri, high in the highlands above the sea, and offers breathtaking views of the little countryside town, the surrounding slopes, and the sea, as the name suggests. This is also one of the best restaurants in Cyprus. Apart from that, the food here is second to none, having earned numerous awards for its high quality and delicious indigenous flavors. This restaurant has fantastic food and views. The service is very nice. Worth to try!

The spinach and blue cheese soup with croutons on the menu shared by one person was amazing. Then a salad from the buffet; there was so much to choose from, including prawns, potato salads, beets, village salad, pomegranate, feta, olives, and so on. Beef, Lamb, Pork (with crackling) and chicken were among the meats available from the Carvery, which came with Yorkshire Pudding, roast potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and gravy, as well as mint sauce, horseradish sauce, and apple sauce. All of this for €17.90, with an additional €3.95 for one of three desserts: apple crumble and custard, pavlova, or profiteroles. There are also a variety of wines, soft drinks, and hot beverages to choose from.

Must Try: Lamb shank pie, soup, Sunday roast

Location: Pissouri Pissouri CY 4607, Pissouri, Cyprus

Cuisines: European, British, Greek

Rating: 4.8/5.0, 145 Google reviews


top best restaurants in cyprus

top best restaurants in cyprus

Sienna Restaurant

The Sienna Restaurant is one of Paphos’ greatest restaurants, offering a relaxed atmosphere and a kind welcome. It offers both international and traditional Cypriot cuisine. It is an ideal location to savor the eating ordeal at Paphos restaurant, which is located near Coral Bay and faces the dazzling Mediterranean Sea.

To prepare high-class meals, the best ingredients, best cuts, and freshest foods are used. In comparison to other restaurants in Paphos, the Sienna appears to be the most special, as it caters to all types of events, from large family gatherings to romantic dinners for two.

Sienna is offering brunch on Saturdays and Sundays for the first time this year, with delectables like mini-beignets and a unique take on avocado toast with poached eggs and chimichurri sauce. Book the chef’s table to dine in the kitchen for a special occasion. Don’t miss Sienna’s monthly wine dinners, which feature a three- to four-course meal paired with chosen wines. The bourbon, tequila, and champagne feasts are also not to be missed by the daring. It can not be denied that Sienna is in top best restaurants in Cyprus.

Must Try: profiteroles, kleftiko

Location: Stadiou 60, Pissouri 4607, Cyprus

Cuisines: Mediterranean, European, Greek

Rating: 4.7/5.0, 241 Facebook reviews


top best restaurants in cyprus

top best restaurants in cyprus

Ladi and Rigani

The traditional Cypriot Kebab House is a family-friendly open-air café providing a variety of kebabs and Cypriot souvlaki in the town square. Enjoy a range of traditional Greek delicacies such as the home-marinated chicken Gyro, Sheftalia, pita Souvlaki, and much more on the menu in Ladi and Rigani.

Fries, a small salad, “tzatziki,” and Greek pita bread are included in the mixed barbecue “gyros” served as a plated meal. It’s a delectable culinary adventure.

This is a rare low-cost dining choice at Aphrodite Hills. Order at the bar, which has outdoor seating close to the beer garden, or take it home. Because of the large amounts, it is recommended that adults and children share chips and salad (1 between 2 people) and a kebab. Great bargain, however service is lacking because ordering is rigid (all mixed kebabs had to have the same sauce!) and slow.

Must Try: Doner Kebabs, Pita Souvlaki, Chicken Gyro

Location: Prevezis 15 Nicosia CY, 1065, Cyprus

Cuisines: Greek

Google Rating: 3.9/5.0, 8 Google reviews

top best restaurants in cyprus

top best restaurants in cyprus

Baths of Aphrodite Restaurant

In the area of the Baths of Aphrodite is the Baths of Aphrodite Tavern. It’s a fantastic spot to try authentic Cypriot and Mediterranean fare. The Baths of Aphrodite Restaurant, located on the edge of the Akamas Peninsula and surrounded by the legendary Baths of Aphrodite, provides guests some of the most remarkable views of the island’s west side, from Latchi to Kato Pyrgos, Pomos, and beyond. This is one of the best restaurants in Cyprus.

The restaurant serves superb local fish as well as traditional Cypriot meze. After descending to the baths and returning up, it’s also a great place to stop for a strong Cypriot coffee or an ice-cold Keo. This site is very popular with tourists, and it’s also a great place to observe the sunset behind the Akamas.

Must Try: Cypriot coffee, seafood

Location: Rd To Fontana Amoroza, Neo Chorio, Cyprus

Cuisines: Seafood, Mediterranean, European, Greek, Vegetarian-Friendly

Google Rating: 4.1/5.0, 2,273 Google reviews


top best restaurants in cyprus

top best restaurants in cyprus

Maqam Al-Sultan

What could be better than walking off the beach and into a restaurant serving delicious, high-quality food? The location of Maqam Al Sultan, situated on the Phinikoudes shoreline, could not be more ideal. It’s a lively area with a breathtaking outlook. Hummus, shawarma, moussaka, and falafel are all on the extensive menu, which is typical of a Lebanese eatery.

In Maqam Al-Sultan, the lamb and chicken dishes are particularly recommended. Maqam Al Sultan strikes that one note, as Lebanese food is noted for satisfying flavors without being overly flavorful. The staff is also friendly and helpful. Everyone’s heart will be won by a visit here.

Must Try: vegetarian mezze, fattoush, hummus

Location: Agkiras 7 | Phinikoudes Seafront, 2026 Larnaka City, Cyprus

Cuisines: Lebanese

Rating: 4.6/5.0, 1,136 Google reviews


top best restaurants in cyprus
top best restaurants in cyprus

Kanalli Fish Restaurant

The breathtaking holiday-brochure vista from Kanalli’s terrace is its main draw: the turquoise sea and the modest, refurbished dock with forested mountains in the background; romantics should go here at sunset. Fresh fish, such as sea bass, bream, red snapper, and red mullet, are served with freshly produced (rather than frozen) chips in the kitchen.

The homemade desserts are very fantastic; if it’s available, go for the beautifully moist carrot cake. Kanalli is prominently signposted from the town center and is located above the little dock. Gregory, the owner, and his waitstaff were exceedingly pleasant and displayed authentic Cypriot hospitality.

Must Try: Seafood, salad

Location: E704, Pomos 8870, Cyprus

Cuisines: Mediterranean, Greek

Google Rating: 4.1/5.0, 526 Google reviews


top best restaurants in cyprus
top best restaurants in cyprus

Fuamo Steakhouse

Fuamo Steakhouse is a meat eater’s delight, serving filet, T-bone, and rib-eye steaks, as well as a diverse burger menu. All of the meat is prepared in-house, and cuts are marinated to suit each guest’s preferences before being broiled to guarantee the maximum amount of liquids remain inside the meat. Fuamo’s Steakhouse’s concept is to give top-quality, comprehensive, tasty lunch and supper steaks at an accessible price, presented in a pleasant, comfortable environment with friendly service.

You may also enjoy live music here every Saturday; the atmosphere is sociable and enjoyable. “Our goal isn’t just to make our guests happy; we want them to be so happy that the last thing they say to themselves as they leave is, ‘I can’t wait to come back!'” Fuamo Dining is making a name for itself by giving a fantastic steakhouse experience. Our chefs take pride in offering carefully aged steaks that are grilled to order over an open flame. Superior quality and excellent service are more than a tradition at Fuamo Steakhouse.

Must Try: Steaks, starters, desserts

Location: Αθηνών avenue, Cyprus 14, Larnaca 6022, Cyprus

Cuisines: Steaks

Rating: 4.1/5.0, 7 Google reviews

top best restaurants in cyprus

top best restaurants in cyprus

Artisan’s Burger Bar

Gourmet burgers, steaks, nibbles, salads, and unique side dishes are served at this modern cuisine restaurant in Nicosia, Cyprus – Artisan’s Burger Bar. Burgers have never been associated with elegant cuisine or a high-class status. Artisan’s Burger Bar, on the other hand, intends to change that perception with its sophisticated, sleek eatery that wouldn’t appear out of place in a bustling metropolis like Paris or London. This cafe is located in interior Cyprus’ casual zone and is one of the best restaurants in Cyprus.

Ingredients like melted blue cheese or figs appear along the menu of progressively typical sauces that have historically expressed some dominance in burger bars across the world in a state-of-the-art approach to cope with the production of the little burger.

Must Try: Burgers, beef, fries

Location: Stasandrou 20, Nicosia 1060, Cyprus

Cuisines: American, vegetarian

Rating: 4.3/5.0, 273 Google reviews


top best restaurants in cyprus
top best restaurants in cyprus

La Maison Fleurie

La Maison Fleurie has been in business since 1986, and it was founded on a deep love for real French cuisine. Some have compared this fantastic French cuisine to a taste of France in Cyprus. When you go through the doors, you’ll enter an authentically French ambiance that will make you feel as if you’re in the heart of Paris, surrounded by wonderful French cuisine that properly speaks of French cuisine. During the summer, the restaurant has a fantastic garden where you may spend your evenings resting. Ideal for aficionados of true French fine dining! If you plan on visiting La Maison Fleurie, the scallops with wild mushrooms and lobster soup are a must-try!

The restaurant received the hard-won award ‘TOP NOTCH’ of Cyprus Best Restaurants 2019 from the well-known stringent ‘Toques d’Or’. Tripadvisor awarded the Travelers Choice award in 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2012 for the excellent reviews received by guests. The restaurant was named to Tripadvisor’s Top 25 Fine Dining Restaurants in Europe in 2014. Since 2004, the restaurant has been recognized as the 1st Top International Restaurant in Cyprus, and it is perhaps the best restaurant on the island. Fresh Tsarskaya Oysters, Seafood, Fish, Great Specialties on Duck, Goose Foie Gras, Wild Boar, Hare, Quail, Grouse, and many more original French delicacies are delivered twice a week by the restaurant from France!

Must Try: Oyster, duck, lobster soup

Location: Christaki Kranou 18, Limassol, Cyprus

Cuisines: French, European

Google Rating: 4.6/5.0, 97 Google reviews


top best restaurants in cyprus

top best restaurants in cyprus