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Top Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

1. Chinesology, 2. Chicano, 3. Clarence, 4. Peony, 5. Yaichi Kura, 6. Mora (摩), 7. Grand Majestic Sichuan, 8. Woo Cheong Tea House, 9. Bifteck, 10. Hutong, 11. Chueca, 12. Sushi Hisayoshi, 13. Ppalli Ppalli, 14. Fireside, 15. Estro, 16. Moxie, 17. RadicalChic, 18. Margo. Whether you're visiting Hong Kong for business or pleasure, one thing is certain: you'll have a fantastic meal. Some believe Hong Kong is worth coming just for the food, and with 69 Michelin-starred restaurants, there are plenty of options. The greatest restaurants in Hong Kong provide a diverse range of cuisines that will keep you intrigued, from traditional dim sum to innovative East meets West concepts. Here are some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong.

  1. Chinesology
  2. Chicano
  3. Clarence
  4. Peony
  5. Yaichi Kura
  6. Mora (摩)
  7. Grand Majestic Sichuan
  8. Woo Cheong Tea House
  9. Bifteck
  10. Hutong
  11. Chueca
  12. Sushi Hisayoshi
  13. Ppalli Ppalli
  14. Fireside
  15. Estro
  16. Moxie
  17. RadicalChic
  18. Margo


Chinesology will take a contemporary look at the depth and complexity of Chinese cuisine. Chef Saito Chau, who has over 24 years of Chinese experience and has worked at restaurants such as Hutong, John Anthony, and the Queen, is in charge of the initiative.

The wide location, which has a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour and boasts planted oriental gardens and rich, colorful accents, is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, and the meals on offer reflect this sumptuous complexity.

Local three-yellow chicken is used in the Oolong Tea Smoked Chicken, which is air-dried for two nights before being tea-smoked for gently sweet overtones of Osmanthus and Oolong. Preserved Plum Mousse, Cherry Dressing is another inventive delicacy, consisting of plum mousse spheres ringed by hawthorn jelly and influenced by traditional Northern Chinese candied hawthorn.

Address: Shop 3101, 3/F, ifc mall, Central; ChinesologyHK

Website: https://www.chinesology.com/

top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong


Chicano is a cozy Mexican restaurant featuring comfort food and flavors inspired by proprietor Gabriel Perez’s grandmother (grandmother). Chef Edgar Viga’s no-nonsense Mexican cooking, with a tint of Los Angeles flavor that refers to Perez’s heritage, is served at this pleasant and cozy neighborhood eatery nestled away on Gough street. Choose from a juicy Birria taco with slow braised beef tacos served with a rich, spiced consomme broth or gooey Chicken Enchiladas with salsa verde, crema, and queso fresco.

The large portions encourage a family-style sharing arrangement, while the vast menu also features less familiar but nevertheless satisfying Mexican cuisine, such as chilaquiles (fried tortillas with saucy toppings) and Café de la Olla with Conchitas for morning (coffee from the pot with Mexican sweetbread).

Address: G/F, 15 Gough Street, Central; @ChicanoHK


top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong


At Clarence, Chef Olivier Elzer of the two-Michelin-starred L’Envol has opened a one-of-a-kind Asian-inspired French restaurant in Central’s H Code, which will be run by his protégé chef Simon So. Clarence will be divided into four distinct zones, with a sommelier, a raw and wine bar, a lounge, and a main dining space with an open kitchen.

To go along with his new restaurant, Olivier has developed and copyrighted a “Yakifrenchy” idea, which uses traditional Asian cooking methods to prepare classic French cuisine. Succulent bites of Challans duck confit, frogs’ legs pastis, and Burgundy snails are skewered and grilled over a robatayaki. The raw fish and wine bar serves light but elegant plates of premium seafood, such as Arctic char gravlax with bottarga muggine (a typical dried mullet roe), and the vast wine list reflects Olivier’s well-known passion for champagne and wine.

Address: 25/F, H Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central;


top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong


Peony is Discovery Bay’s first and only fine dining venue dedicated to traditional Chinese cuisine. With a noteworthy peony-inspired ceiling centre-piece, the spacious interiors reflect their namesake, oozing the beauty and refinement of the symbolic flower.

The area is flooded in colors of buckeye belle red, grey, and auburn, accentuated with bronze metallic elements, and boasts high ceilings and panoramic views of Discovery Bay. Authentic dim sum and siu mei are served using traditional techniques and seasonal ingredients by head chef Chu Ting Kwok, formerly of T’ang Court, and specialized dim sum head chef Tony Chan, formerly of Ying Jee Club and Duddell’s.

Chef Chu’s distinctive wok-fried lobsters with purple onion, spring onion, and shallot, as well as the healthful and flavorful double-boiled fish maw soup with sea whelk and black garlic, and Angus beef puffs shaped like small handbags, will be among the standout items.

Address: Shop 153A, 1/F, DB Plaza Discovery Bay, Lantau

Website: https://www.dbpeony.com/

top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong

Yaichi Kura

Yaichi Kura, a one-stop shop with four Japanese-inspired concepts, has opened in Kennedy Town. The izakaya, Toge by Jyungin, is managed by renowned chef Shimoji Atsuhi, who has spent 25 years in the industry, including time at acclaimed Tokyo robatayaki Inakaya.

With outstanding dishes like A4 wagyu beef tataki in uni sauce and French onion soup with a Japanese twist, Toge’s dining concept is heavily influenced by French cuisine. Eclipse by Luna Café & Bar offers all-day dining with meals like cod crab eggs benedict and Hokkaido uni carbonara, while Painduce, a renowned bakery company from Osaka, serves up unique baked concoctions like smoked chicken and burdock toast.

Finally, 81Station is a Japanese retail environment that brings all things Japan directly from Japanese vendors to complete the full and authentic experience.

Address: 1/F, Imperial Kennedy, 84 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town

top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong


Mora (摩)

TATE Dining Room’s Chef Vicky Lau has partnered up with Romain Hertebreau and Head Chef Percy Ho to create Mora, a contemporary Chinese restaurant that honors soybeans’ wonderful variety.

The restaurant’s Chinese name,摩, refers to the dynamic texture and remarkable malleability of soy as an ingredient, as well as its historic location on Upper Lascar Row in Sheung Wan. Many of the soy-based goods on the menu are handcrafted at MORA’s own factory, which uses cutting-edge technology to extract soy milk while preserving its powerful flavors and allowing for a thicker, richer texture.

From a light yet nourishing soy milk and chicken noodles to a baked sweet potato with soy milk ice cream, Chef Vicky Lau’s dishes are meticulously made.

Address: 40 Upper Lascar Row, Sheung Wan


top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong

Grand Majestic Sichuan

With the introduction of Grand Majestic Sichuan, Black Sheep Restaurants can add a tongue-tingling, mouth-numbing Sichuanese restaurant to their dining repertoire. Head Chef Robert Wong oversees the restaurant, and Fuschia Dunlop, who has authored two books on the intricate cuisine and appeared as a Chinese food expert on TV shows such as Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and David Chang’s Ugly Delicious, helped to create the menu.

Grand Majestic Sichuan is a luxury retreat set in the exclusive Alexandra House, where polished waiters make precise tableside movements, Champagne glasses clink in the air, and a joyous energy rushes through the dining room, temporarily suspended in fantasy under the glow of chandeliers.

The space’s theatre sets the stage for a fascinating voyage into the flame-fired depths of Sichuan cuisine, one of the most complete and complex of all Chinese regional cooking traditions.

Address: Shop 301, Alexandra House, 18 Chater Road, Central;


top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong

Woo Cheong Tea House

Woo Cheong Tea House, a brand new venue for exquisite Cantonese fare, premium teas, and tea-infused cocktails, has opened in the historic Woo Cheong Pawn Shop on Johnston Road. The new facility, which spans two floors and replaces the former tenant The Pawn, features revitalized floral decor inspired by a garden oasis. Pan-seared buns are infused with Thai tom yum soup flavors, while a classic egg tart is spiked with Bailey’s for a smooth, yet intriguing rendition of the Hong Kong favorite.

Certain dishes, such as char siu, are kept true to their roots, with the establishment’s chefs employing only pork shoulder blade for the ultimate char siu, which is the perfect combination of lean and fatty.

Address: 62 Johnston Road, Wan Chai


top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong


Bifteck, a modern steakhouse, is a welcome contrast from the sea of traditional cafes providing standard Western-style steak and fries. Bifteck is a French-Japanese fusion restaurant where the star dish is Japanese A5 snow-aged Wagyu beef, which is cured using the ‘yukimuro’ technique at an ice 1-2 degrees with 90% humidity.

The resulting beef is extremely juicy and soft, with a slight but unmistakable sweetness that melts in your mouth. Other unique dishes that highlight the restaurant’s top-notch beef include the A5 wagyu tataki Roll with Spanish red prawn & amaebi tartare, the A5 wagyu mini burger, and the porcini-crusted dry aged 35 days Belgium beef. Executive Chef Ken Kwok, formerly of VEA, CIAK, Beef Bar, and Wagyu Takumi, was intent on bringing something fresh and inspiring to Hong Kong’s eating

Address: 23/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai


top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong


Hutong, a northern Chinese restaurant, has moved to TST’s H Zentre to join sibling restaurant Aqua. While familiar flavors and techniques are meticulously kept, traditional Chinese recipes are upgraded with depth and complexity.

With the addition of salted egg yolk, a traditional sour fish broth becomes rich and creamy. Xiao long bao is made distinctive with a beef brisket filling, a bao is pan-fried and stuffed with mapo tofu, and a classic sour fish soup becomes rich and creamy with the addition of salted egg yolk. Hutong’s selections will please anyone looking for the perfect Asian dessert — a homemade tofu panna cotta and oolong tea ice cream round out the meal for a beautiful, “not too sweet” finish.

Address: H Zentre, 18/F, 15 Middle Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui


top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong


Chueca brings Spain’s vitality and vibrancy to Gough Street in Hong Kong. Chef Jordi Vallés, a native of Barcelona who previously worked for the aqua and Pirata restaurant groups, has created a delectable tapas menu that includes everything from Spanish snacks and charcuterie to moreish staples.

The lobster rice features an entire lobster and is cooked with tomato sofrito and calamari, while the Chef’s canelon features soft, truffled chicken, beef, and pork wrapped in a delicate sheet of pasta and smothered in a creamy, porcini béchamel. Yuki Yasukagawa of Design East designed the peaceful environment, which is bathed in pastel blue with delicate wooden pieces and elegant brass accents.

Address: 8-10 Gough Street, Central


top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong

Sushi Hisayoshi

Hisayoshi Iwa, a well-known and award-winning sushi maestro, and his pupil, Chef Tsukasa Kaneko, have brought their renowned Edomae expertise to Hong Kong’s Harbour City. The stylish, minimalist facility was designed by Junzo Irikado and has a commanding 30-seat sushi counter made from a 250-year-old Japanese cypress Hinoki.

The original omakase menu features 23 courses that take diners on an exciting trip through Japan’s rich history and culinary heritage, including trademark delicacies like abalone and ankimo (monkfish liver). The fermented Oo-toro (tuna) is another a must-try, as the fish is matured for two weeks before being delicately seared over charcoal for a flavor that’s both complex and subtle.

Address: Shop G111, G/F, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Website: https://www.sevenrooms.com/experiences/sushihisayoshi

top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong

Ppalli Ppalli

Ppalli Ppalli, a hybrid Italian-Korean gastropub concept, is the newest addition to Sham Shui Po’s expanding restaurant industry. Ppalli Ppalli, which means “Hurry Hurry,” has a futuristic facade with neon signage, glass bricks, and concrete walls, as well as an inventive menu that includes wagyu beef cheek sourdough, Korean steak tartare with pears, horseradish, cucumber, chilli, and honey, and homemade pain au lait served with fruits, lemon sauce, and white chocolate mousse.

Drinks are an essential part of the experience, with a wide selection of Korean specialty brews, makgeolli and soju cocktails, as well as a variety of mocktails to support the extensive drinks menu.

Address: 230 Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po

top best restaurants in hong kong
top best restaurants in hong kong



Fireside, as the name suggests, humbles each ingredient that enters its kitchen, relying solely on Hong Kong’s first Mibrasa Parrilla — a state-of-the-art open-fire grill. The restaurant, which is directed by Executive Chef Miguel Gallo, features a handpicked selection of rare meats and creatively cured seafood, all of which are dry-aged in-house or cold-smoked for added complexity and depth of flavor.

The Ora King Salmon encapsulates this idea, cured for 3 days, then smoked over apple wood and served bare to maintain its flavors without interruption. Another noteworthy delicacy is the Hokkaido surf clams, which are fire-basted in aged Mangalica pork fat employing a specific flambadou for succulent morsels of clam.

Address: H Code The Steps 5th Floor, 45 Pottinger Street, Central


top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong


Chef Antimo Maria Merone of the Italian restaurant Estro takes diners on a careful journey that honors his background while also delighting and surprising them. A pigeon is wrapped in burned artichoke buds and fig leaves and buried in clay before being baked in the ‘Pigeon Under Ashes’.

The resulting pigeon is soft and flavorful, with a tangy creaminess from the accompanying red-wine sauce and artichoke puree, inspired by the ruins of Pompeii and Chinese Beggar’s chicken. Make sure to reserve room for the petit fours, which are an unexpected pleasure.

While petit fours are sometimes an afterthought at restaurants, Chef Antimo’s have been meticulously considered, providing polished, smaller versions of famous Italian pastries and sweets.The pistachio gelato, which is created a la minute for each table and is a rich, decadent, and creamy treat, also deserves praise.

Address: 2/F, 1 Duddell Street, Central


top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong


Moxie, a fresh new restaurant in Alexandra House by The Arcane Collective, offers all-day dining in a clean, contemporary setting. Chef Michael Smith will lead the restaurant, which will serve largely plant-based, sophisticated European cooking inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian features. Michael’s love of inventiveness and foreign cuisine will be highlighted on the menu, as will his culinary ability as the former Chef de Cuisine of Michelin-starred Arcane.

Local farms and regional vendors will provide ingredients, and the vegetarian-friendly menu will include responsibly sourced seafood. While the dishes will be attentive and suited for the health-conscious, Smith has also created a menu that is full of delicious flavor and new ideas.

Address: Shop 203, Alexandra House, 18 Chater Rd, Central;


top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong


With Hong Kong’s stunning skyline as a backdrop, enjoy inventive Italian fine dining. RadicalChic is an innovative Italian degustation menu created by local Italian Chef Andrea Zamboni on the 101st level of the International Commerce Center in West Kowloon. The menu reflects Zamboni’s skill in Italian food, as he has previously worked with some of the world’s best Italian chefs, including Gualtiero Marchesi, dubbed the “Father” of Modern Italian Cuisine.

The Ikura, Uni, Caviar, and Black Truffle Egg in Four Ways is a creamy, tactile pleasure with a complex mixture of flavor nuances. The unique architectural architecture, which is meant to imitate a museum art exhibit, complements the odd and surprising meals. The private dining area is designed with unusual wallpaper and interesting light fixtures, and the walls are adorned with hanging art adding stunning accents to the otherwise modest space.

Address: Shop B1, Level 101, International Commerce Center, 1 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon


top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong


Chef Mario Paecke, who cut his teeth at Michelin-starred Luce d’Oro in Germany and subsequently SOMM as Chef de Cuisine in 2017, leads Margo, an intimate European dining concept. Premium ingredients are sourced from all over the world, including Japanese wheat, Swiss Alps cheese, and Yuen Long greens and honey, resulting in German-inspired cuisine with modern, international twists.

The Ozaki Rump Steak Frites are made with wagyu beef from Japan’s Miazaki region and served with thick-cut potato chips, kale salad, and a roasted garlic lemon sauce, while the White Peach & Jasmine Tea Crumble with yogurt sorbet is a standout dessert. The bar program, supervised by award-winning mixologist John Nugent, is a distinguishing component of the Kyle & Bain experience, with the same concept of recreated European creations pervading across the broad beverages menu.

Address: Shop 6, 9 Queens Road, Central


top best restaurants in hong kong


top best restaurants in hong kong


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