Top Best Restaurants in Miami

1. Boia De, 2. La Mar, 3. Zitz Sum, 4. Stubborn Seed, 5. Mandolin Aegean Bistro, 6. Itamae, 7. Cote Miami, 8. LPM Restaurant and Bar, 9. Ghee Indian Kitchen - Downtown Dadeland, 10. Luca Osteria. Every day, local professionals comb the area for the best meals, deals, and insider knowledge. Fun, flavor, freshness, and value at every price point are things we appreciate. While Toplist typically updates the top restaurants list every three months, Toplist will also be making modifications anytime a truly amazing new restaurant opens. As new locations open, others close, and some of favorite spots come back, Toplist will do the best to keep you updated. Whether it's a highly publicized destination restaurant or a pop-up that has since become a permanent location, if it's on the list, we think it's amazing and believe you will agree.

  1. Boia De
  2. La Mar
  3. Zitz Sum
  4. Stubborn Seed
  5. Mandolin Aegean Bistro
  6. Itamae
  7. Cote Miami
  8. LPM Restaurant and Bar
  9. Ghee Indian Kitchen – Downtown Dadeland
  10. Luca Osteria

Boia De

Boia De, located in a modest but adequate commercial complex that is bordered by a mom-and-pop grocery store and a laundromat on the outskirts of Little Haiti, an immigrant neighborhood on the cusp of significant transformation, is one of the Best Restaurants in Miami. Reservations are required because the retro-styled restaurant only has 24 seats.

You may see Michelin-trained chefs Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer working at the black-and-white terrazzo counter: The two walk rhythmically around one another as songs by Neil Young and Paul McCartney are played on the speakers. Meyer slices porchetta for a novel salumi-style beginning that is topped with sunchokes and matsutake mushrooms, and Giangrandi painstakingly assembles the absolutely superb beef tartare.

The ingredient-driven menu, which doesn’t really distinguish between starters and mains, is designed for sharing, but you’ll want to save certain things for yourself. Eat a bowl of the silky tortellini en brodo, Italy’s take on a dumpling soup, which consists of tiny pasta pouches of foie gras floating in a luscious duck consommé. Divide the fiery grilled octopus with roasted peppers and the pillowy ricotta gnocchi with cherry pomodoro—the egg yolk is blended into the sauce, making it heavier than expected. These days, the trendy cephalopod can be found on almost every menu in Miami, but nowhere else will you find tentacles that are as soft; after being cooked sous vide for hours and then grilled, they can be cut with a fork.

  • What is it? A cross between an L.A. strip-mall gem and a cozy, narrow Brooklyn dive, Boia De sits on the edge of Little Haiti, where it serves modern American dishes with a few that lean Italian.
  • Why we love it: Michelin-trained chefs Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer pour themselves into this place, constantly reinventing the classics. The beef tartare, for example, is topped with a crunchy shallot-garlic concoction as well as capers, which are fried for a burst of briny flavor, and then the whole thing is smothered in a yummy tonnato sauce, a tuna-based Italian condiment that holds everything together like some kind of fancy picnic salad. The pasta is fresh and the wine list superb, offering a few skin-contact options to coax you out of your comfort zone.

Google Rating: 4.6/5.0

Address: 5205 NE Second AveMiami33137

Phone: 305-967-8866

Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Thu 5:30–10:30pm; Fri, Sat 5:30–11:30pm


top best restaurants in miami

top best restaurants in miami

Photograph: FujifilmGirl

La Mar

Diego Oka, a talented apprentice of Gastón Acurio, manages the cuisine at La Mar. Oka often changes the menu based on his inspiration from travel and the changing seasons. His whims have given place to iconic dishes like the chicha morada beef, which is carefully cooked and seasoned with traditional Peruvian ingredients, and the tiradito bachiche, which is snapper delicately dressed in aged parmesan cheese.

Presentation is important at La Mar, not to be outdone by the restaurant’s singular viewpoint. For example, arroz chaufa is brought tableside, steamed fish is unwrapped in front of you, and pisco sours are served with the restaurant’s brand emblazoned on them, among other surprises.

  • What is it? Gastón Acurio’s renowned Peruvian restaurant inside the Mandarin Oriental, Miami, where the supremely talented Diego Oka runs the show.
  • Why we love it: It takes serious talent to skillfully execute the complicated raw dishes La Mar puts out daily, and chef Oka’s got it in droves. His precision and technique are on display in every ceviche and tiradito adorned by foams and edible flowers. La Mar’s waterfront patio is another sight for sore eyes, offering diners a 360-degree vista of Downtown and Brickell. Swoon.
  • Time Out tip: Oka revamped the menu last fall after nearly two years, and he pulled no punches, adding instant favorites like a tuna tostada over a locally made blue corn tortilla and conchitas a la parmesana—plump jumbo scallops served on a nacre half-shell and drizzled with creamy aged parmesan cheese. And not quite new but new-to-us, La Mar’s ceviche bar is open for dining. Grab a seat and watch Oka and his talented team get to work on your meal.

Google Rating: 4.3/5.0

Address:500 Brickell Key DrMiami

Phone: 305-913-8358

Opening hours: Mon–Sat 11:30am–3:30pm & 6–11pm; Sun noon–3:30pm & 6–11pm


top best restaurants in miami

Photograph: Courtesy La Mar

top best restaurants in miami

Zitz Sum

During lockdown, owner and chef Pablo Zitzmann launched his one-man dumpling shop, and we are extremely happy for his accomplishments. Now that Zitz Sum has a physical location in Coral Gables, we can drop by whenever we’d like to enjoy his hand-rolled dumplings, scallion pancakes, and other Asian-inspired delicacies. Zitz Sum is a modern, Asian-inspired restaurant in Coral Gables. With unusual combos like charred cabbage with habanero butter and aged parmesan and chicken pot stickers with Oaxacan salsa macha, Zitzmann, who is of German-Mexican origin, lets his inventiveness run wild.

Zitz Sum, one of the Best Restaurants in Miami, is a family-owned restaurant that combines straightforward service with top-notch food and drinks in a fun and comfortable setting. It is owned and operated by Chef Pablo Zitzmann and Natalia Restrepo. Our beverage menu reflects our passion for sake and shochu and centers on a carefully chosen list of natural, biodynamic, and organic easy-drinking wines that enhance your dining experience.

Google Rating: 4.4/5.0

Address: 396 Alhambra Cir Suite 155, Coral Gables, FL 33134, U.S.


top best restaurants in miami

top best restaurants in miami

Photograph: Fuji Film Girl

Stubborn Seed

The seasonal menu at Top Chef alum Jeremy Ford’s eatery includes a variety of American dishes that taste just as wonderful as they look. The collective sigh of relief heard throughout the city’s gastronomic circles was louder than the celebration of Jeremy Ford’s new restaurant; the Top Chef winner who had quit his job at Matador Room months earlier was back in line. Ford’s second restaurant with Grove Bay Hospitality Group is in the works.

Stubborn Seed is his first restaurant by himself, and in a positive sense, he’s just like an obsessed dad caring over his new child. The eight-course tasting menu demonstrates how meticulously the chef has considered every aspect of the dining experience: small, expertly plated dishes that delight (a warm celery root purée with a crackling maitake mushroom explodes with flavor) and amuse (foam, like the green curry froth beneath Seed’s Maine lobster claws, really makes everything taste better).

Time Out tip: Budding mixologists will want to order the Silver Dollar old fashioned, a DIY cocktail whose ingredients arrive on a silver platter for diners to assemble themselves.

Google Rating: 4.5/5.0

Address: 101 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, U.S.

Phone: +17864605962

Opening hours: Sun–Thu 6–11pm; Fri, Sat 6pm–midnight


top best restaurants in miami

Photograph: Courtesy Stubborn Seed/Grove Bay Hospitality

top best restaurants in miami

Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Visit Mandolin for an authentic Greek dinner and a side of stunning, Mediterranean-inspired landscape. Particularly on warm summer nights, the bold blue doors and light touches of cerulean give the impression that you are dining someplace along the Aegean coast.

The food is light and fresh to match the carefree coastal atmosphere. A variety of traditional mezzes are available, along with full fried fish and other freshly caught seafood (the dips are all superb and created in-house). You can’t go wrong with a glass of freshly made sangria as a beverage.

  • What is it? Styled after the striking white-and-blue paint seen in Cycladic landscapes, Mandolin is a dreamy outdoor eatery serving traditional Greek food.
  • Why we love it: There’s no better date spot. The menu of shareable dishes—think mezzes, baskets of freshly baked pita bread and a fresh whole grilled fish for two—helps play up the romantic atmosphere. Mandolin’s satisfying homemade sangria really evokes the feeling of an island vacation, but don’t take too many sips: You might just confuse its whitewashed exterior for Santorini.

Address: 4312 NE Second AveMiami

Phone: 305-749-9140

Opening hours: Daily noon–11pm


top best restaurants in miami

Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Rodrigo M.

top best restaurants in miami

Photograph: Courtesy Mandolin Aegean Bistro


Itamae’s resurgence was well-deserved and eagerly awaited, from a perch in the neighborhood’s food hall, Mia Market, to a great location in the Design District’s Palm Court. The family-run, Nikkei-inspired restaurant is run by father Fernando Chang, daughter Valerie, and son Nando. There, the options for raw fish seem limitless. On the menu, you’ll discover a selection of cebiches and other traditional Peruvian dishes like torrejitas de choclo, which are served with a side of leche de tigre for dipping. The Chang gang is from the city of Chiclayo, where it is a staple.

Itamae’s packed and lavishly covered characteristic rolls made them famous, but what really sets them apart are the recently added baaditos (imagine maki-style rolls in a sauce bath). When you try to jam the conchitas a la parmesana (stacked with fish, grilled scallops, and avocado) all the way into your mouth, parmesan flakes start to fall out in a gloriously messy snowfall. Half the fun is in getting it everywhere.

Address: 140 NE 39th St#136Miami33137

Opening hours: Sun–Thu noon–6pm; Fri, Sat noon–4pm, 5–8:45pm


top best restaurants in miami

top best restaurants in miami

Photograph: FujiFilmGirl

Cote Miami

Every penny spent at the New York City-based, Michelin-starred Korean steakhouse is worthwhile. Cote brings together the delicacy and heart of a traditional Koren BBQ pit with the sophisticated dining experience of a high-end steakhouse, bringing it all together in a well-appointed room highlighted by blue-chip artwork because, well, why not? Cote, which has won numerous awards, gained notoriety for offering 45-day dry-aged beef, which customers can view from behind glass in the red light dry-aging area.

To remind you of the quality of Cote, each table has a custom, smokeless charcoal grill where skilled employees prepare different pieces of meat for you. For less than $60 per person, the Butcher’s Feast tasting experience is a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of the restaurant’s best dishes. The 10-course steak omakase, however, is always available for a delectable deep dive.

  • What is it? The Miami outpost of this Michelin-starred Korean steakhouse from New York City is every bit worth the splurge—and splurge you will.
  • Why we love it? Cote brings a new level of dining experience to Miami, one that’s upscale but approachable and with a high-end menu that’s still got plenty of heart. The tables are equipped with smokeless charcoal grills, where servers cook your dry-aged beef for you. Lest you forget the caliber of the restaurant, there’s no chance you’re going home smelling like you’ve been on the ‘cue yourself. (We can’t say the same about other Korean barbecue joints we’ve frequented.) First time? The Butcher’s Feast tasting experience is a great way to sample the restaurant’s heavy hitters for an accessible $64 per person. It’ll leave plenty of room in the budget to savor one of the excellent craft cocktails, such as the Esteban, a super smooth mezcal negroni.

Address: 3900 NE Second AveMiami33137-3622

Phone: +13054344668

Opening hours: Tue–Sun 5pm–midnight


top best restaurants in miami

top best restaurants in miami


LPM Restaurant and Bar

One of Nice’s most well-known eateries has relocated to Brickell, bringing with it all of its French flare and well-liked Niçoise food. If you’ve been to the original, you’ll recognize the delicious tomatini cocktail (a must!) and the ripe tomatoes placed on the table, which, for those who are unfamiliar, are there for you to slice into and eat with a piece of baguette brought to you by a lovely server carrying a basket of fresh bread. The next course is a combination of shellfish and fish prepared carpaccio-style, grilling, pan-frying, and en papillote.

Before you get to the heavy potato gratin (worth every calorie it contains) and the french fries, which are possibly the greatest you’ll ever eat, the majority of the meals are light and Mediterranean-inspired. Before they get to your table, these time-consuming potatoes undergo a day’s worth of soaking, baking, and frying. The cheesecake, which is likewise shockingly light and unlike any other you’ve tried before, comes in second on the list of menu standouts.

  • What is it? This enchanting import from London draws on the Mediterranean for inspiration, serving a medley of seafood plates alongside a smattering of Provençal dishes you might find on the French Riviera.
  • Why we love it? Try the escargot, the whole sea bream baked en papillote and the french fries, which are made with as much care as the entrées. In fact, the spuds cook for hours, going from boiling pot to fryer to oven.
  • Time Out tip: The fresh tomato and bread service will catch you off guard if it’s your first time dining at LPM, but don’t be afraid grab a knife and slice right in.

Address: 1300 Brickell Bay DrMiami33131

Phone: 305-403-9133

Opening hours: Mon–Fri noon–2:30pm, 6–10:30pm; Sat 12:30–3pm, 6–10:30pm


top best restaurants in miami

top best restaurants in miami

Photograph: Brinson Renda

Ghee Indian Kitchen – Downtown Dadeland

When he was the first to introduce sophisticated, contemporary Indian cuisine to Miami, chef Niven Patel struck gold with his Kendall restaurant. Its emphasis on regional foods—the majority of which Patel farms on his farm in Homestead—certainly contributed to the excitement. Pickling jars are arranged in rows throughout the spacious, modern dining area, and, you guessed it, Patel and his staff are in charge of creating everything that is delectable there.

What should you therefore order? The curries are fantastic, and you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but Ghee has a few standout dishes, including the cheddar naan (warning: it’s spicy! ), the smoked lamb neck (which takes about five days to make, according to Patel), and the green millet, which is similar to polenta and also happens to be the chef’s personal favorite.

According to Patel, “We buy all of the millet that can be produced in the small Indian village where my family come from; we maintain the entire village on this one meal.” Don’t overlook the desserts here, even though most Indian restaurants aren’t known for them. The ginger ice cream on top of the date cake elevates the classic cake and ice cream combination to new heights.

  • What is it? At Ghee, critically acclaimed chef Niven Patel doles out farm-to-table Southeast Asian food good enough to get folks to the ’burbs for dinner.
  • Why we love it: Patel grows about a quarter of his ingredients at his Rancho Patel in Homestead. And the whole operation is a family affair: His mother and mother-in-law can be seen whipping up smoked lamb neck, crispy cauliflower and steamed green millet, and other specialties in the open kitchen. The dishes are seasonal, the curries are made fresh, and the naan is so flavorful, it should really be savored on its own.

Address: 8965 SW 72nd PlKendall33156

Phone: 305-968-1850

Opening hours: Tue–Sun noon–2:30pm, 5–9pm


top best restaurants in miami

top best restaurants in miami

Photograph: Courtesy Ghee/Diana Garcia

Luca Osteria

You are invited to try the surprise and decadent food at Luca Osteria and Bar, which mixes the timeless spirit of Italy with a creative approach to flavors and freshness. Everything, from the warm ambiance to the distinctive bar and culinary selections, reflects this fusion.

Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli, one of the Best Restaurants in Miami,gives you Luca Osteria, a restaurant that he designed to honor the history of his family and their passion of authentic Italian food. With his guests, the Chopped champion reinvents Italian classics using a haphazard combination of ingredients and methods that, while rooted in history, result in opulent and unexpected new dishes.

  • What is it? Luca is Giorgio Rapicavoli’s delicious salute to his home country, serving up modern interpretations of Italian classics.
  • Why we love it: We know this is a restaurant list, but we’re going to lead with cocktails. Luca’s impressive list of Italian standards and reinvented classics deserves serious praise. We can never decide between the banana espresso martini or the Portofino, which is his take on a dirty with a delicate drizzle of super high-quality olive oil. Naturally, we get them both. The same goes for the pasta—from the tangy al limone and the cheesy cacio e pepe to the rich short rib bolognese, you’ll want to order several when you dine here.

Google Rating: 4.7/5.0

Address: 116 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134, U.S.

Phone: +13053815097


top best restaurants in miami

top best restaurants in miami

Photograph: Courtesy Luca Osteria