Top Best Restaurants In Modova

1. Popasul Dacilor, 2. La Taifas, 3. El Paso, 4. View Café & Restaurant, 5. Gok-Oguz, 6. Tucano Coffee, 7. Vatra Neamului, 8. Creme de la Crème. Moldova was a landlocked country in Eastern Europe that was once part of the Russian Empire. It is bordered on the east by Romania and the west by Ukraine. Moldova's delicious wine is one of the country's most well-known exports. Because wine is so embedded in Moldovan cuisine that most individuals create their own, wine cellars manufacture wines primarily for export to other countries. It's never simple to discover a single location that serves great, high-quality meals. As a result, Toplist has compiled a list of some of Moldova's greatest restaurants to meet your culinary needs.

  1. Popasul Dacilor
  2. La Taifas
  3. El Paso
  4. View Café & Restaurant
  5. Gok-Oguz
  6. Tucano Coffee
  7. Vatra Neamului
  8. Creme de la Crème

Popasul Dacilor

Popasul Dacilor is one of the most prominent gastronomic hotspots in Chisinau, Moldova’s capital, and is housed in an old manor house. This venue, which features gorgeous and genuine interior décor, offers a wide range of gastronomic alternatives as well as a friendly staff.

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Popasul Dacilor features two terraces from which you may take in the magnificent views of the city while enjoying your delectable dinner. It has a capacity of 150 persons in its indoor environment. So, if you’re looking for eateries in Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, don’t forget to stop by Popasul Dacilor!

Specialty: Halt Gauls

Address: Valea Crucii St 13, Chisinau, Moldova

Contact: 0691 50 543


top best restaurants in modova

top best restaurants in modova

La Taifas

La Taifas is a lavish three-story structure with diverse functions on each floor. The top floor is suitable for couples who want to spend a romantic evening over delicious cuisine and wine; the second floor is a banquet area for larger gatherings; and the first floor is the restaurant.

It serves traditional Moldovan cuisine; sample the mamalyga, plastindia, and chirba, as well as their wine, while listening to live Moldovan music. Visitors come here to get a true flavor of Moldovan cuisine while taking in the scenery.

La Taifas, actually one of Chişinău’s most prominent restaurants, is ideal for people interested in learning about local hospitality and cuisine. La Taifas was granted TripAdvisor’s ‘Certificate of Excellence’ in 2014 for its design as a Moldovan peasant’s house with cultural components that offer a museum-like experience.

The menu features Moldova’s most famous national dishes, including borsch specialties, polenta, meatballs, pork and lamb steaks, pies, and, of course, the best local wines, guaranteeing that tourists get a true sense of Moldova’s profoundly flavorful gastronomy.

Specialty: Chirba, Plastindia, Mamalyga

Address: La Taifas, Bucuresti, 67, Chişinău, Moldova

Contact: +373 22 22 76 92

top best restaurants in modova

top best restaurants in modova

El Paso

El Paso is a must-visit if you’re in Chisinau and in the mood for Mexican food. Their components are imported from Mexico, and their quesadillas and fajitas are well-known among the locals. Their interiors are designed with Latin and Mexican accents, and they even feature a patio for a real al fresco eating experience.

Their restaurants are filled with the delightful aroma of their food, luring passers-by in to sample their delectable fare.

Specialty: Quesadilla, Fajita

Address: Strada Armeneasca 10, Chişinău, Moldova

Contact: +373 22 921 166


top best restaurants in modova

top best restaurants in modova

View Café & Restaurant

As the name suggests, this lavish establishment offers a glorious vista of the cityscape located on the 8th floor of the Nobil Luxury Boutique Hotel. Their experimental kitchen stands out in fusing Italian and French flavors before adding a dash of local flavor, resulting in a tantalizing feast for your taste buds.

View Café & Restaurant provides one of the most exquisite experiences in the Moldavian capital, thanks to its spectacular views of the cityscape. View Café & Restaurant is definitely an elite treat in every manner, with a 24-hour kitchen and a menu based on Italian, French, and local cuisine. The varied menu and unusual panorama are enhanced by live piano music and excellent service.

View Café & Restaurant’s one of those restaurants in Moldova that has an elegant and posh diner with live piano music to keep the ambiance nice for you to enjoy your meal.

Specialty: Rabbit stew with tomatoes and apples in apple wine

Address: View Café & Restaurant, 49/1 Mihai Eminescu str., Chişinău, Moldova

Contact: +373 684 00 480

top best restaurants in modova

top best restaurants in modova


Gok-Oguz is the only restaurant in Chişinău that specializes on the cuisine of the ethnically different Gagauz and Bulgarian tribes from the southern half of the country, making it a must-stop while exploring the culinary attractions of Moldova’s capital.

Gok-Okuz is a place full of kindness and authenticity, with a cozy ambiance with many traditional characteristics and a grassy courtyard. The menu is well-known for its delectable lamb specialties, but don’t miss out on their delectable placinte, an Eastern European variant of savory pastries, and their excellent Moldavian wines. Gok-Oguz recruits a peculiar method of using animal skins to preserve meat, sheep milk cheese, and curd. The reason why their diet is dominated by dairy products and meat is their nomadic past.

Hence, Gok-Oguz offers several Gagauz cuisine and renowned for their lamb dishes, exceptionally hospitable staffs, and ambient courtyard setting. Their offerings also include private and semi-private indoor as well as outdoor seating arrangements.

Specialty: Lamb and cheese specialties (Gustarica “Budjak”, Shurpa, etc)

Address: Strada Calea Orheiului 19/A Chișinău MD, Strada Calea Orheiului 2059, Chișinău, Moldova

Contact: +373 22 468 852


top best restaurants in modova

top best restaurants in modova

Tucano Coffee

With their coffee chains all around the world, Tucano Coffee promote the notion of ‘Love.Peace.Coffee.’ Their coffee-making techniques are totally ecological, which is why they are members of SCA. They make coffee from 100% real Arabica sourced from African and Latin American plantations (Specialty Coffee Association).

Tucano Coffee create some of the best cheesecakes in town and have a large selection of coffees and treats to choose from. Their hippy mindset extends to the activities they host, which include photo exhibits, painting exhibitions, and musical performances conducted by local artists. As a result, you may sip your coffee while taking in some excellent cultural performance.

Specialty: Specialty Coffee, Oreo Cheesecake, Berry Cheesecake, Poppy Cheesecake

Address: Street A.Puşkin, 15, Chişinău, Moldova

Contact: +373 211 444


top best restaurants in modova

top best restaurants in modova

Vatra Neamului

When it comes to combining good service, culture, and local gastronomic delights, Vatra Neamului is a superb choice. Vatra Neamului is a magnificent wooden restaurant with pictures of some of Moldova’s best poets, writers, and artists. It was envisioned as a restaurant where appetite for flavor and desire for culture are equally satiated. The restaurant, which is divided into distinct thematic rooms, takes its visitors on a culinary adventure that includes both traditional and European recipes, as well as foods that are suitable for the religious diets of Eastern European Orthodox countries.

This restaurant is well-known in the neighborhood and has a large number of regular customers. As a result, many tourists continue to visit this restaurant to sample the Romanian food. The restaurant also hosts live music from a band and has a beautiful view of the city from its terrace, where customers may sit and enjoy their meal while sipping good wine.

This institution, owned by Nicolae Avram, offers some of the greatest services in the city, and as a result, Vatra Neamului has attracted a lot of attention from the residents, who can have a delicious, authentic dinner in a relaxing environment.

Specialty: Romanian inspire fish and meat cuisine

Address: str. calea Bucuresti 29, Balotești 077015, Romania

Contact: +373 22 22 68 39

top best restaurants in modova

top best restaurants in modova

Creme de la Crème

After a great meal, head over to Creme de la Crème for some delectable dessert. You could also eat a lunch here, albeit this place is well known for its dessert. It’s the ideal spot for a brunch. You could start with their steak platters before moving on to their excellent pastries and coffee.

It boasts a Parisian-style hall and interior décor because of its French-inspired look. Although it may appear to be a nice and pricey establishment, it offers a wide range of selections at moderate costs. If you’re in town, make sure to stop by Creme de la Crème.

Crème de la Crème is definitely the spot to go in Chişinău if you’re looking for delectable and indulgent sweets. This restaurant, which is housed in a three-story structure in one of the city’s most desirable locations, is fashioned in the style of an authentic Parisian patisserie. Crème de la Crème is well-known in the area for its must-try French pastries and Viennese coffees, but it also serves a delectable European menu that includes numerous fresh salads, pasta, and steak meals at reasonable pricing.

Specialty: Viennese coffee, French croissants

Address: Strada Alexandru cel Bun 98A, Chișinău, Moldova

Contact: +373 22 222 011

top best restaurants in modova

top best restaurants in modova