Top Best Restaurants in Montenegro

1. Konoba Ćatovića Mlini, 2. Ribarsko Selo, 3. Kole, 4. Konoba Feral, 5. Restaurant Conte. Montenegro is a Balkan country located on the Adriatic Sea. It is known for its stunning scenery, which includes towering mountains, tiny stretches of beach, and medieval settlements. Montenegro is regarded not only for having some of the most stunning tourist attractions but also for having some of the top restaurants in the world, serving delectable delicacies from a variety of cuisines. This country's major cuisine is the Mediterranean, and it contains a wide range of soups, meats, and stews. The best-known Montenegrin restaurants are mostly found near the shore and at Boka Bay. Toplist has compiled for you the top 5 best restaurants in Montenegro for you. Hopefully, you will find it helpful.

  1. Konoba Ćatovića Mlini
  2. Ribarsko Selo
  3. Kole
  4. Konoba Feral
  5. Restaurant Conte

Konoba Ćatovića Mlini

Konoba Ćatovića Mlini ranks first among the best restaurants in Montenegro. They provide a safe refuge from the stresses of everyday life, where time passes at your leisure. In perfect harmony, exactly like the perfect arrangement of sea specialties, as silky as a golden thread of handcrafted olive oil, as graceful as a bottle of wine that has been waiting for ages to be uncorked. The enjoyable hours spent here pass as quickly as a blink of an eye. Morinj is a small village in Boka Kotorska, halfway between Kotor and Herceg Novi. Morinj is well-known for its mills, which were once used to process olives and cereals.

Lazar Ćatović transformed the mill and the family house, which had been in his family for over 200 years, into a world-class tavern 20 years ago with a lot of hard work and love. Lazar’s concept to preserve the harmony and oneness that the local people and nature built together is what distinguishes Konoba Ćatovića Mlini. All work at the tavern was done with respect for local tradition and culture, as well as meticulous attention to detail. The mill continues to operate as a result of his vision.

This location is ready for you.

Address: E65, Morinj 85338, Montenegro

Phone: 032-373 030


Hours: 11am-11pm

Price: mains €12-25

top best restaurants in montenegro

top best restaurants in montenegro

Ribarsko Selo

Within Ribarsko Selo, there is a luxury apartment with its own pool and jacuzzi bathtub, as well as five bungalows of various sizes, all surrounded by greenery and gardens where the village’s veggies are cultivated.

Make a point of visiting Ribarsko Selo, no matter where you are staying or what you are doing. This magnificent new coastal “village” is more of an all-encompassing experience than a typical cafe, with no menu and daily meals based on whatever the local fishermen bring in (and whatever organic veggies the chefs have picked from their garden).

The fishing town offers guests a one-of-a-kind local experience. Fishermen visit the village every day between 11 and 12 o’clock, bringing fish and seafood that they captured that morning. All of the village’s culinary delights are made using the freshest, organically grown products, and a portion of the vegetables served are grown on the premises. Homemade ice tea is a specialty, and it is the perfect refreshment for a day at the beach.

The owners have turned this into a destination in its own right, with beach day beds, kayaks for rent, massages, and immaculate lodging (apartments €280, bungalows €110 to €150) for those who need to sleep off their meals (or are rightfully enthralled by the unbeatable location and relaxed atmosphere).

Address: 9HWH+X2Q, Herceg – Novi, Montenegro

Phone: 069-149 119


Hours: 9 am-1 am

Price: mains €8-26

top best restaurants in montenegro

top best restaurants in montenegro


Kole Restaurant is one of the most famous Montenegrin restaurants. This restaurant captivates tourists with its look and excellent decor, located in the area of downtown Cetinje, just a few hundred meters from Dvorski trg (the Palace Square – where many important historical and cultural landmarks of the Old Royal Capital are located). If you need a peaceful place to rest and relax after seeing several museums and monasteries, their helpful staff will go above and beyond to make your time at their restaurant even more delightful. You may spend wonderful moments while enjoying the vast variety of foods and drinks in Cetinje in a lovely ambiance with the sounds of Mediterranean music.

It’s recommended for you to try Crnogorski Merlot – a high-end red wine with the strict origin and quality control. It keeps the best features of the Merlot variety as well as the complimentary Vranac variety from Cemovsko polje. The wine has a dark red color, a harmonious fragrance, and plenitude, which distinguishes it as a notable Montenegrin wine.

Here, you can have unforgettable moments in a wonderful setting with the sounds of Mediterranean music. Enjoy the diverse menu of food and beverages!

Address: Bul Crnogorskih junaka 12

Phone: 069-606 660


Hours: 7am-midnight

Price: mains €4-16

top best restaurants in montenegro

top best restaurants in montenegro

Konoba Feral

Konoba Feral is one of the best restaurants in Montenegro. It was founded with a lot of love and history by the Ivani family. For over thirty years, it has established itself as one of the premier restaurants dedicated to the preservation of traditional cuisine. They want to share the charm of Mediterranean cuisine with you, as well as its incomparable flavor and smell. You can unwind in their inviting ambiance while having every member of the team at your disposal for casual occasions or ceremonies.

You can select between Mediterranean cuisine, which is characterized by seafood specialties such as fish, crabs, and clams prepared with olive oil and Mediterranean flavor, and Continental cuisine, which is dominated by a wide range of beef specialties. Along with their cuisine, they provide a diverse selection of original Montenegrin wines of exceptional quality to the customers. In addition to seafood and meat dishes, their bar serves delectable pancakes. You can also unwind with a cup of coffee or another hot beverage, beer, or juice at the tavern.

This location is ideal. The fish and all of the other dishes are delicious and fresh. The black rissoto is fantastic. The quantity and quality of the dish are well worth the price. Do not forget about the beautiful vista – and the pleasant music.

Address: Vasa Ćukovića 4

Phone: 031-322 232


Hours: 8am-midnight

Price: mains €8-20

top best restaurants in montenegro

top best restaurants in montenegro

Restaurant Conte

The small town of Perast, tucked between the sea and the sheer cliffs of the mountain Loven, was once a strong trading and nautical hub and is now one of Montenegro’s and the region’s most popular tourist sites. This lovely town is on the UNESCO World Legacy List for its illustrious history and rich cultural heritage, and several Baroque churches, palaces, and stone buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries are silent witnesses to its former glory, splendor, and prosperity.

The Kasalica family refurbished the old stone palaces and residences they possessed and turned them into the Conte Hotel and Restaurant Conte to add to the tourist offering of this tranquil town. The structures have been updated to create a comfortable living environment while maintaining their unique character, indigenous architecture, and historical components.

They bring classic Montenegrin dishes back to life via inventive taste and presentation refinement. They offer rare items such as red shrimp from Albania, oysters from Mali Ston, and Kvarner shrimps, in addition to fresh local ingredients. There are some menus for you to choose from Meat Menu to Vegetarian Menu, and also Beverage packages.

The restaurant offers catering services on the island of Our Lady of the Rocks as well as anywhere else in Perast that is acceptable. This service is available only if you request it. Restaurant Conte is definitely one of the best restaurants in Montenegro.

Address: Obala Marka Martinovića bb

Phone: 032-373 722


Price: mains €10-25

top best restaurants in montenegro

top best restaurants in montenegro