Top Best Restaurants in Morocco

1. Cafe Clock, 2. Amal Center, 3. Al Fassia, 4. Le Trou Au Mur, 5. Nomad, 6. Mechoui Alley, 7. Beats Burger, 8. La Table by Madada, 9. Souk Kafé, 10. Naranj, 11. +61, 12. Populaire Saveur de Poisson, 13. Anna E Paolo, 14. Henna Cafe, 15. Djemaa El Fna Food Stalls. There is no shortage of delectable cuisine in Morocco. Moroccan cuisine is influenced by the country's two primary ethnic groups, Arabs and Berbers, as well as the country's once-large Moroccan Jewish community, neighboring African countries, and previous colonial powers' cuisine. Most big cities have international eateries as well. Let's visit some of the best restaurants in Morocco to satisfy your taste senses.

  1. Cafe Clock
  2. Amal Center
  3. Al Fassia
  4. Le Trou Au Mur
  5. Nomad
  6. Mechoui Alley
  7. Beats Burger
  8. La Table by Madada
  9. Souk Kafé
  10. Naranj
  11. +61
  12. Populaire Saveur de Poisson
  13. Anna E Paolo
  14. Henna Cafe
  15. Djemaa El Fna Food Stalls

Cafe Clock

Cafe Clock, the younger sister of the original in Fez, is built in an old school with a rooftop that overlooks the Kasbah and offers sunset views. The food is decent, with vegetarian options including quiche and seasonal couscous – tourists rave over the iconic camel burger. Its appeal, however, stems from its busy calendar of cultural programs, which also draws a large number of young Marrakshis.

Cafe Clock hosts weekly sessions of hikayat (storytelling), inviting Djemaa El Fna’s last traditional storyteller to weave his magic while teaching a new generation this dying oral art form, in addition to ad hoc art exhibitions and live Amazigh and gnaoua concerts on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. The sessions are conducted in a combination of Darija and English.

A number of cultural workshops are also held at the cafe. Sign up for a 101 class on Marrakshi culture and language, a culinary class to learn how to make your pen dance over the page, or a calligraphy class to learn the fundamentals of playing the oud.

Rate: 4.4/5.0; 1370 reviews (Source: Google .com)
Address: 224 Derb Chtouka
Phone: 0524378367
Hours: 9am-11pm
Price: mains Dh60-90

top best restaurants in morocco

Amal Center

So many restaurants in Marrakesh portray Moroccan cuisine in a negative light, yet here you get the real stuff. And, thankfully, it’s all for a good cause: the Amal Center is a non-profit organization that helps and develops impoverished Moroccan women in the restaurant industry. The meals are served in a green courtyard setting with friendly service.

The menu changes daily, but there are always three starters, main courses, and desserts to choose from, with at least one vegetarian option; couscous is always the star of the show on Friday. Because the prices are set locally, the customer is a joyful mix of local families, foreigners, and well-informed tourists. If the spicy zing of your tajine has piqued your interest, the center offers cookery workshops.

Rate: 4.7/5.0; 788 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: cnr Rues Allal Ben Ahmad & Ibn Sina

Phone: 0524446896


Hours: noon-3.30pm

Price: mains Dh45-70

top best restaurants in morocco

top best restaurants in morocco

Chris Griffiths / Lonely Planet

Al Fassia

This Marrakesh dining institution-Al Fassia, which has been in operation since 1987 and is known for its all-female staff, is still regarded as one of the best. The menu has Moroccan classics like lamb with aubergine and beef with almonds and eggs, as well as lesser-known tajines like lamb with eggplant and beef with almonds and eggs, though we’ve heard that service can be hit or miss. It is necessary to make reservations.

Al Fassia Aguedal, a sister restaurant in Agdal, south of the Kasbah quarter, serves the same food as well as boutique hotel–style accommodations in a garden setting.

Rate: 4.3/5.0; 1174 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: 55 Blvd Mohammed Zerktouni

Phone: 0524434060


Hours; noon-2.30pm & 7.30-11pm Wed-Mon

Price: mains Dh110-175

top best restaurants in morocco

top best restaurants in morocco

Le Trou Au Mur

With its blend of rarely seen Moroccan delicacies, fusion cuisine, and worldwide crowd pleasers, the menu at this elegant yet laid-back contemporary restaurant is spot on. Stay cool in the modern dining area or climb to the rooftop for big martinis, Berber shepherd’s pie, mac & cheese, or mechoui, the house specialty (slow-roasted lamb).

The cherchma (spiced pulses with couscous), berkoukesh (couscous in tomato sauce), and mahensha (honey-soaked, almond-stuffed coiled pastry) are all specialties that are rarely found in restaurants but Le Trou Au Mur.

Rate: 4.6/5.0; 204 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: 39 Derb El Farnatchi, Rue Souq El Fassi

Phone: 0524384900


Hours; noon-3pm & 6.30pm-midnight Wed-Mon

Price: mains Dh100-200

top best restaurants in morocco


The multitiered rooftop of Nomad is one of the most popular hangouts in the medina, especially at night when its lights shine over Rahba Kedima. The limited menu has dishes like Agadir calamari in a cumin-infused anchovy sauce and whole organic chicken with house-made harissa and chermoula, which combine contemporary twists on North African ingredients and flavors.

Delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes include cauliflower with ras-el-hanout spice andturmeric butter. Nomad is really popular, so make a reservation in advance, especially for dinner.

Rate: 4.1/5.0; 3636 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: 1 Derb Arjan

Phone: 0524381609


Hours: 11am-11pm

Price: mains Dh100-130

top best restaurants in morocco

Mechoui Alley

Vendors at this row of kiosks begin cutting steamy sides of mechoui just before noon (slow-roasted lamb). Because English is not widely spoken, simply point to the best-looking cut of meat and request a nus (half) or rubb (quarter) kilo. The chef will slice off a piece of falling-apart lamb and serve it to you with fresh-baked bread, cumin, and salt.

At Mechoui Alley, takeout or dine-in at the seats behind the counter, next to the hot pit in the floor where the lamb is cooked.

Rate: 4.4/5.0; 2232 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: east side of Souq Ableuh

Hours: 11am-2pm

Price: roast lamb Dh45-70

top best restaurants in morocco

Beats Burger

A gourmet burger joint nestled among the souqs in Mouassine is a sign of the times. This cute French-owned restaurant serves juicy prime beef patties (or chicken or fish) with tongue-in-cheek music-themed names like ‘Notorious Beats’ and ‘Let it Beat.’ It has floor-to-ceiling windows for excellent souq-noseying and a small four-table roof patio.

Salads, fries, and bagels are also offered, as well as vegan, gluten-free, and kid-friendly options at Beats Burger.

Rate: 4.5/5.0; 330 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: 35 Souq Jeld Kemakine

Phone: 0666994789

Hours: noon-9pm

Price: mains Dh55-115

top best restaurants in morocco
top best restaurants in morocco


La Table by Madada

One of Essaouira’s top fine-dining restaurants, La Table by Madada, built in a historic almond warehouse, combines style and substance. The atmosphere of La Table by Madada is a mix of traditional Moroccan and modern European, and the cuisine concentrates on seafood and fish dishes, as well as modern takes on traditional Moroccan dishes like tajines and bastilla (savoury-sweet pie).

The service is polite, however it can be a little slow at times. Reservations are strongly advised before you reach La Table by Madada.

Rate: 4.6/5.0; 230 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: 7 Rue Youssef El Fassi, Medina


Phone: 0524475512

Hours: 7-11pm, closed Tue

Price: mains Dh100-220

top best restaurants in morocco

top best restaurants in morocco

Souk Kafé

Climb to the top of the building, doff your hat to the huge rattan tea pot, and settle in for a while: Souk Kafé is true local cuisine to be savored. The Moroccan mezze, which consists of six prepared vegetable dishes, is enough to feed two people – but wait till you smell the fragrant Marrakshi tanjia, with its slow-cooked, deliciously falling-apart beef.

A children’s menu is also available, so you and your family can enjoy the view as well as the marvelous atmosphere at fullest when you come to Souk Kafé.

Rate: 4.1/5.0; 334 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: 11 Derb Sidi Abdelaziz

Phone: 0664172456

Price: mains Dh75-120

top best restaurants in morocco
top best restaurants in morocco


On Riad Zitoun El Jedid, Naranj’s ultraslick interior with khamsa (hand-shaped amulet) mirrors, low-hanging copper lighting, and bar seating is quite a scene change. It wouldn’t appear out of place in a Beirut hipster enclave, which is exactly the goal, because the menu is a modern spin on Lebanese cuisine. Order everything with falafel and head up to the lovely split-level terrace.

The refined fresh products, mezes, grilled meats over a wood fire, dish of the day, group business dinners, conference space, and parking are all available at Lebanese Restaurant in Marrakech Naranj. In Lebanese restaurant in Marrakech, you may sample a wide range of delectable meals.

Rate: 4.7/5.0; 1684 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: 84 Rue Riad Zitoun El Jedid

Phone: 0524386805


Hours: 11.30am-10.30pm Mon-Sat

Price: mains Dh60-155

top best restaurants in morocco

top best restaurants in morocco


At trendy +61, where Australian chef Andrew Cibej seeks to portray his country’s laid-back attitude in a fully modern way, the menu is always growing. Dishes are meant to be shared and are made using locally sourced ingredients, with a heavy emphasis on seasonal greens. The dining room’s neutral color palette complements the food’s simplicity.

They let the ingredients speak for themselves, as ingredients mirror the quality of the dishes. Locally sourced and in tune with the seasons, there’s always something fresh on the table at +61.

Rate: 4.8/5.0; 185 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: 96 Rue Mohammed El Beqal

Phone: 0524207020


Hours: noon-4pm & 7-10pm Mon-Sat

Price: sharing plates Dh50-130

top best restaurants in morocco

top best restaurants in morocco

Mandy Sinclair / Lonely Planet

Populaire Saveur de Poisson

This quaint seafood restaurant lives up to its reputation, serving a delicious, full four-course meal in a rustic setting. At Populaire Saveur de Poisson, the fish soup is served first, followed by creative dishes of fresh fish, olives, and fresh breads.

All of this is washed down with a homemade fruit juice cocktail made from a dozen different fruits. Honey and almonds are served as a dessert at Populaire Saveur de Poisson . It was more than simply a meal; it was an entire experience.

Rate: 4.4/5.0; 1004 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: 2 Escalier Waller

Phone: 0539336326

Hours: 1-5pm & 7-10.30pm Sat-Thu

Price: fixed-price menu Dh200

top best restaurants in morocco

Jess Cherkaoui / Lonely Planet

top best restaurants in morocco

Anna E Paolo

It feels like you’ve been invited to Sunday dinner at this genuine, family-run bistro with Italian Tangier-born owners. when you set foot here, you can expect and enjoy a diverse crowd, plenty of cross-table discussions on the day’s events, and hearty fare including superb charcuterie and pizzas, homemade pastas, beef, and fish.

Anna E Paolo is a wonderful place for any gourmets.

Rate: 4.1/5.0; 384 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: 77 Rue Prince Héretier

Phone: 0539944617

Hours: noon-3pm & 8-11pm Mon-Sat

Price: mains from Dh80

top best restaurants in morocco

Henna Cafe

Herbal teas, cleanse juices, henna tattoos, book exchanges, Darija courses, and pleasant company… Salads, falafel, and khleer (cured lamb) sandwiches are all on the menu at this cozy upstairs cafe, where a local nquasha (henna artist) creates complex designs on hands and feet, and you can dine on the covered rooftop on salads, falafel, and khleer (cured lamb) sandwiches. All revenues are donated to local residents who are in need.

Henna tattoos start at Dh50 for a basic design and go up to Dh500 for a large design. The cafe uses only organic brown henna; the patterns were provided by top henna artists from across the world and are the best you’ll find in Marrakesh.

Henna Cafe offers locals education programs (its teaching room is located beneath the cafe) and is always looking for volunteers to teach French, Spanish, and English classes. For further information, go to its website.

Rate: 4.3/5.0; 331 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: 93 Arset Aouzal


Hours: 11am-7.30pm

Price: mains Dh40

top best restaurants in morocco

top best restaurants in morocco

Djemaa El Fna Food Stalls

At Djemaa El Fna Food Stalls, grilled meat and tajines as far as the eye can see, as well as snail soup, sheep’s brains, and skewered hearts: the Djemaa food vendors are not to be missed. Follow the crowds to the most up-to-date produce stalls. For fried fish, we recommend number 14, and for brochettes (kebabs) and tajines, we prefer number 1.

The whole thing starts around 4 p.m., when teams of men arrive in the square with cartloads of gas canisters. Within an hour, 100 little restaurants are open, with salesmen waving menus and pushing pedestrians to comment on the cleanliness of their grills, as well as the freshness of their meat, veggies, and cooking oil. Despite alarmist warnings, if you eat with your bread rather than rinsed utensils and drink only filtered water, your stomach should be alright.

Rate: 4.2/5.0; 101 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: Djemaa El Fna

Hours: sunset-1am

Price: mains Dh30-50

top best restaurants in morocco

top best restaurants in morocco