Top Best Restaurants In Oman

1. Al Mandoos, 2. Kargeen Caffe, 3. The Beach Restaurant, 4. Bin Ateeq Restaurant, 5. Al Kutaini Restaurant, 6. Bait Al Luban, 7. Qadri Restaurant, 8. Kurkum Restaurant, 9. Hello Karachi, 10. D’Arcy’s Kitchen. Muscat boasts a fantastic food scene, with everything from hipster hangouts serving loaded fries to historical restaurants providing Omani dishes reflecting the country's past. Taste modern flavors or go for something more traditional - whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here. Toplist has compiled a list of the best restaurants in Muscat. Prepare your knives and forks...

  1. Al Mandoos
  2. Kargeen Caffe
  3. The Beach Restaurant
  4. Bin Ateeq Restaurant
  5. Al Kutaini Restaurant
  6. Bait Al Luban
  7. Qadri Restaurant
  8. Kurkum Restaurant
  9. Hello Karachi
  10. D’Arcy’s Kitchen

Al Mandoos

Al Mandoos is a famous Omani food Restaurant which is located in Al Mauj St, Seeb, Oman. This restaurant was founded by celebrity chef Issa al Lamki, and though it has since changed hands, the food still bears its elegant touch.

In particular, authentic Omani dishes made with the freshest ingredients and modern twists, such as his shorbat harees, a traditional crushed wheat soup enlivened here with tender whole wheat berries in rich lamb stock. This is the perfect spot to try local delicacies like madroobah, spicy rice, and vegetable mash topped with crispy-skinned chicken, fried fish, or malleh, a dish of saltfish, lime, and onion served over rice.

Despite its inconspicuous location on a quiet suburban side street, the inside is a very stylish place furnished with traditional Omani textiles. And of course, the price here is reasonable and the service is wonderful. You will enjoy it!

Rate: 4.1/5.0, 431 reviews (

Address: Al Mauj St, Seeb, Oman

Contact: +968 9742 9972

top best restaurants in oman

top best restaurants in oman

Kargeen Caffe

Kargeen Caffe ranks 2nd on the list of the best restaurants in Oman. This is a popular restaurant that is tucked away behind a strip mall in the wealthy Madinat Sultan Qaboos area. This is a calm location to spend the evening feasting on Arabic and local specialties, sipping on an infused tea from their vast beverage menu, or smoking sheesha.

In the cold evenings, the garden, which is softly lighted with hanging lanterns, is excellent. Though the extensive menu includes everything from Arabic mixed grill to spaghetti, they also serve a delicious version of the Omani delicacy shuwa, which is the lamb that has been seasoned with spices and oil and then slow-cooked over embers in an underground pit overnight. Their za’atar bread is also delicious, and it’s one of the few places in town where you can try infusions of simmering cinnamon bark, ginger, or clove.

The service is excruciatingly sluggish, so don’t expect a quick bite here; instead, plan on a long, leisurely dinner.

Rate: 4.3/5.0, 2653 reviews (

Address: Al Bashair St, Muscat, Oman

Contact: +968 9925 3351

top best restaurants in oman

The Beach Restaurant

The Beach Restaurant, which is built on Atheiba Beach and overlooks the sea, is the most prominent of the Chedi hotel’s excellent eating options. High white walls, hanging lanterns, elegantly arched arches, and dark mahogany wood accents set the ambiance, while the outstanding cuisine accomplishes the rest.

Local lobster, fresh fish, and massive prawns are simply grilled and served with saffron rice; the blue crab is dressed in avocado and truffle mayonnaise; and playful, modern dishes such as “Asian-style” salmon gravlax with black in grissini and kombu granita and lobster “Cappucino” with rosemary whipped cream. In addition to shellfish, wagyu beef, organic chicken, and pan-seared foie gras are available, along with modern spins on steakhouse classics like creamed spinach and “deconstructed” fried potatoes.

Drink combinations abound, ranging from glasses and bottles from Oman’s largest wine cellar to cocktails and fresh juice mocktails.

Rate: 4.1/5.0, 105 reviews (

Address: The Chedi Hotel, North Ghubra 232, Way 3215, Street 46 Oman، 133 18th November St, Muscat, Oman

Contact: +968 24 524343

top best restaurants in oman

top best restaurants in oman

Bin Ateeq Restaurant

The famous Bin Ateeq restaurant in Salalah specializes in Omani cuisine (brands all over the country). This restaurant ranks 4th on the list of the best restaurants in Oman. Traditional Omani restaurants are hard to come by, and this one provides a rare opportunity to sample regional dishes in a traditional atmosphere. You may eat Oriental-style at this restaurant, sitting on the floor on carpets and cushions in rooms carpeted with bamboo. The place is basic, welcoming, and very local, as evidenced by the amount of Omanis that come here with their families.

The menu includes a wide variety of foods, such as slow-cooked meats with fragrant spices served with boiled wheat, as well as fish dishes, super-sweet desserts, and the rich cardamom-scented coffee served with dates to finish the meal. The quality varies, but the costs are reasonable. Salalah has four branches, two of which are located on 23 July Street.

Rate: 3.4/5.0, 330 reviews (

Address: 342X+VRP, Salalah, Oman

Contact: +968 23 225652

top best restaurants in oman

top best restaurants in oman

Al Kutaini Restaurant

Indoor seating is available at Al Kutaini Restaurant, which serves Pakistani food. This restaurant chain has a few locations, however their 23rd July Street location is the most famous one in the restaurant chain. This restaurant is located in City Center, directly across from the historic Sultan Qaboos Masjid, Salalah’s largest Masjid. Aside from this restaurant, numerous other Pakistani and Indian restaurants can be found in City Center.

There is a large free parking lot directly in front of Kutaini. Kutaini, like other Salalah eateries, offers a distinct section for families. The family area comprises 4 to 5 individual cabins to provide seclusion for families. Up to ten persons can be accommodated in the largest cabin. Breakfast is offered, and many types of paratha, such as plain paratha and alu paratha, are available, except Halwa Puri. Barbecue is a specialty here, however it is only offered at dinner. For lunch and dinner, Hyderabadi Biryani, Kadahl, Handi Paya, Daal Keema, and other dishes are provided.

Rate: 3.8/5.0, 359 reviews (

Address: 23 july street Salalah Oman Opposite to Dhofar Bank، Dhofar Salalah 211, Oman

Contact: +968 23 289229

top best restaurants in oman

top best restaurants in oman

Bait Al Luban

The exquisitely designed Bait Al Luban at the northern end of the Mutrah Corniche offers diners a taste of authentic Omani dishes such as grilled beef, chicken, and squid mishkak skewers; harees (a savory porridge of chicken or meat slow-cooked with wheatberries and spices, topped with fried onions and ghee); and rice kabulis (flavorful basmati pilaf cooked with whole cardamom pods, cinnamon bark, ground cumin, corriander, and other spices), as well as fresh seafood from the neighboring fish market and modern creations like as shuwa (Omani slow-cooked beef) lasagna.

The serene dining space is accented with traditional dark, carved wood decorations and colorful Omani pillows and tapestries, and the sound of Arabian oud music plays quietly in the background. During the milder months, a few tiny tables on the balcony facing the Corniche offer a lovely alternative.

This restaurant consistently obtains favorable praise for its superb services. And, of course, the food is always reasonably priced. You will have a fantastic time at this restaurant!

Rate: 4.2/5.0, 1375 reviews (

Address: harat a’shamal street مسقط OM MUTTRAH CORNICHE OM، 130, Oman

Contact: +968 24 711842

top best restaurants in oman

top best restaurants in oman

Qadri Restaurant

Qadri restaurant, located in the Sannayah (Industrial Area) near North Awqad and Salalah Gardens Mall, serves Pakistani food at reasonable prices. The eatery is largely frequented by Pakistanis, Indians, and locals.

There is also a large Family Section in the restaurant where you can sit with your family. Before going to Qardi Restaurant, there are two things you should think about. It’s in an industrial area, so the ambiance isn’t all that wonderful. On working days, parking is limited due to the proximity of mechanic shops to the restaurant.

Qadri is one of the Salalah restaurants that serves the classic Pakistani breakfast of Halwa Puri. Aside from Halwa Puri. There are also other types of paratha available, such as plain paratha, alu paratha, and keema paratha. In addition, Nehari and Paya are provided with Naan for breakfast. For breakfast, many sorts of eggs are served, such as half-fried, full-fried, and omelet. Scrambled eggs, for example. Almost all Pakistani dishes are served for lunch and dinner at this restaurant, including Karaha, Handi, Korma, Paya, Keema Daal Fish Fry, Kari, and Biryani, albeit with subtle flavor variations. Finally, for desserts, Al Qadri Restaurant provides Gulab Jaman, Rus Malal, Fruit Chat Faluda, and other options.

Rate: 4.0/5.0, 1866 reviews (

Address: 2393+2GG, Salalah, Oman

Contact: +968 23 212186

top best restaurants in oman

top best restaurants in oman

Kurkum Restaurant

Kurkum is a fine-dining restaurant, located steps away from the Mutrah souk and overlooking the sea, which stands in stark contrast to the cheap tourist trap cafés that line Al Bahri Road.

The interior is decorated with immaculate white banquets, but the outdoor tables provide the finest vantage point for seeing an eclectic mix of tourists and elderly Omani natives who still live in the maze-like neighborhood right behind the shops. You’ll pay a premium for the excellent service at this quiet oasis owned by a member of the royal family, but you’ll also find a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of old Muscat.

The cuisine is “Omanized” Indian, which means it is less spicy and incorporates rich coconut milk into many of the curries. The seafood is great, from the grilled hamour tikka (grilled fish) to the sumptuous prawn curry, but it is the personal touches, such as complimentary welcome mocktails and amuse-bouche, that truly distinguish the experience.

Rate: 4.0/5.0, 84 reviews (

Address: JHC8+6CM, Muscat, Oman

Contact: +968 24 714114

top best restaurants in oman

top best restaurants in oman

Hello Karachi

Hello Karachi is an Oman restaurant that serves Indian, Pakistani, and international cuisine and delivers throughout Amarat Phase 1.

Budget-friendly Pakistani cuisine in a casual setting. That’s it in a nutshell, yet there’s nothing else needed for fans of Karachi food. There is a good assortment of grilled meats and kebabs for a few riyals. A mixed grill of chicken tikka and lamb chops would make even the most hungry table groan under the aggregate weight of meats. Curries are equally as plentiful, with a variety of heavily spicy chicken, mutton, and dal dishes. Wraps, biryani dishes, and bread round up the meal.

This restaurant opens from 11.30 am to 3.30 pm and 6.30 pm to midnight (Saturday to Thursday); and on Friday is from 1 pm to 3.30 pm, 6.30 pm to midnight. If you want to go to this restaurant or if you need any services, you can contact the restaurant directly.

Rate: 3.8/5.0, 210 reviews (

Address: FFCG+3Q2, Al Amarat, Oman

Contact: +968 9099 9554

top best restaurants in oman
top best restaurants in oman

D’Arcy’s Kitchen

D’Arcy’s Kitchen is the last restaurant on the list of best restaurants in Oman. This is a famous restaurant which is located on a quiet street in Muscat, Oman.

This cozy street café and hangout has been operational for more than 20 years, making it a Muscat institution. Breakfast is well-served, with options ranging from early-morning burritos and pancakes to a variety of egg dishes. Throughout the day, there is a huge assortment of salads, sandwiches, burgers, and more substantial main courses. It is all reasonably priced and filling, which makes it popular among overseas expats. The interior is brilliantly adorned in what appears to be someone’s cartoon version of a rustic rural kitchen.

This restaurant also receives a lot of positive feedback for its delicious food and wonderful service. If you decide to visit this restaurant or if you require any services, you may make direct contact with the restaurant.

Rate: 4.4/5.0, 1065 reviews (

Address: Muscat, Oman

Contact: +968 24 600234

top best restaurants in oman

top best restaurants in oman