Top Best Restaurants In Panama

1. Wahaka Restaurante, 2. Brutto, 3. The Wallace, 4. Lucca Trattoria Moderna, 5. Santa Rita Casco Viejo, 6. Bruttito, 7. La Vespa. Panama is a magnificent nation that connects Central and South America. It's a terrific location with waterfront attractions, cultural destinations, and an endless selection of delectable cuisine options. International delicacies, sumptuous sweets, wood-fired pizzas, fresh seafood, flavor-rich steaks, excellent salad bowls, local cuisine, and lots of other delightful selections are all available. There are restaurants with sophisticated ambiances for a high-end dining experience, laid-back vibes for a laid-back time, family-friendly locations with kid-friendly menus, and much more. Here are the top 7 of the best restaurants in Panama.

  1. Wahaka Restaurante
  2. Brutto
  3. The Wallace
  4. Lucca Trattoria Moderna
  5. Santa Rita Casco Viejo
  6. Bruttito
  7. La Vespa

Wahaka Restaurante

The Wahaka Restaurante is a vibrant Mexican eatery that first opened its doors in Panama City’s Oceania Business Plaza. Have a good time with your friends at Wahaka Restaurante, one of Panama’s greatest supper spots. This magnificent restaurant features a bright setting with lovely decorations, friendly service, and an amazing selection of contemporary Mexican food.

New sensations emerge, delighting the palate and the other senses with an exceptional combination of Mexican culinary history and cutting-edge technology. This restaurant, located in the Punta Pacifica neighborhood, serves exquisite food prepared with attention and attentive service. It has quickly become a gourmet reference and the centerpiece of vibrant party and celebration nights. If you want to try a flavorful tortilla, the Empanaditas is a great option. Pistachios, agave honey, Queretaro goat cheese, and beetroot rooster beak are all stuffed into a crispy corn tortilla. The Come Back to Life is a seafood lover’s dream come true. It’s a seafood salad with avocados, cherry tomatoes, and red sauce.

Address: Oceania Business Plaza, Torre 2000, Local C, Blvd. Pacífica, Panama City, Panama


Hours: 507 396 6847

Tel: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

top best restaurants in panama

top best restaurants in panama


The 2nd restaurant on the list of the best restaurants in Panama is Brutto. Brutto is located in Panama City, which is at the crossroads of Central America and the Caribbean. With a cutting-edge culinary proposition that combines global trends into a concept of sharing meals. The unparalleled ambiance will take you to one of the city’s most cosmopolitan settings, all while being surrounded by a sophisticated urban idea inspired by Maestro Gio Ponti and guided by architect Totón Sanchez of the renowned architecture company Sanchez & Sanchez. The site’s geometry and balance give it a distinct local flavor and personality; luxury without sacrificing simplicity in the same area.

The Brutto Restaurant is a sophisticated bar and grill that serves creative cuisine made with high-quality ingredients. Enjoy gourmet dining in Panama at the Brutto Restaurant on a wonderful, romantic evening with your spouse. It has an urban-chic vibe, a broad foreign wine list, elegantly prepared cuisine, and a fantastic sushi bar. Try Alaska, which is a one-of-a-kind sushi roll. Salmon, soybean paper, tempura flakes, and a whole lot more are included. To experience another fish-based meal, order the STT (Salmon Tartare Toast). Salmon, pita, edamame, sweet chile, ponzu, and hummus make up this dish.

Address: 74 Este Edificio Midtown, PB, Panama City 0812 Panama


Hours: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Tel: 507 390 5994

top best restaurants in panama

top best restaurants in panama

The Wallace

The Wallace is a tavern and restaurant that specializes in Scottish cuisine. It is located near retail malls and hotels. Are you a gourmet looking for the top restaurants in the city to sample European-style cuisine with your friends? Then head over to The Wallace. It has a cozy ambiance, themed design, great service, and a buzzing bar with inventive cocktails, rum, gin, vodka, whiskey, and more.

Order the Hooligan for a poultry-based hamburger. Crispy chicken breast, Monterey jack cheese, horseradish coleslaw, house-made sauce, pickled red onions, bacon, and beer-battered onion rings are among the ingredients. Creamy mashed potatoes, onions, spinach, melted cheddar, and cabbage are some of the components. In addition, the restaurant serves customers very enthusiastically, the space is extremely luxurious, giving customers a wonderful experience. Come here and enjoy your meal!

Address: Avenida Samuel Lewis 2 and Calle 54. building Eden Roc. first floor, Panama City 0807 Panama


Tel: 507 385 5383

top best restaurants in panama

top best restaurants in panama

Lucca Trattoria Moderna

Lucca Trattoria Moderna is a modern Italian restaurant in Panama City, Panama. Lucca Trattoria Moderna, or just Lucca, is a well-known restaurant that serves traditional Italian cuisine. Are you seeking the best Italian restaurants in Panama to feed your appetite? If that’s the case, Lucca Trattoria Moderna is the place to be. Beautifully prepared cuisine, high-quality ingredients, a modern atmosphere with elegant accents, and valet parking distinguish this great dining.

For pasta fans, the Lasagna Bolognese is a must-try. It’s a béchamel-sauced handmade sheet pasta with Neapolitan tomato sauce, cheese, and meat. To order a one-of-a-kind signature pizza to share with your friends, purchase the Imperial. Fried onions, Pomodoro sauce, goat cheese, and other items are included. Coming to this restaurant, you not only enjoy many delicious dishes but also experience attentive service. The space is luxurious, the staff is dedicated to serving guests. It will definitely be an interesting experience that you should try.

Address: Calle Jose Isaac Fabrega Al Lado Del Powerclub De Via Argentina, Panama City 07156 Panama


Hours: 507 381 2810

top best restaurants in panama

top best restaurants in panama

Santa Rita Casco Viejo

The Santa Rita Casco Viejo Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Panama that serves traditional Spanish food. Are you looking for wonderful meals to pair with fine wine in Panama? Are you seeking the most popular restaurants in the area where you can sample real Spanish cuisine? If that’s the case, the Santa Rita Casco Viejo is an excellent choice. It features an appealing décor, an exceptional wine selection, and meals that cater to all diets, among other things. It’s also one of Panama’s top birthday restaurants, with huge group bookings, live music, and a tastefully appointed environment.

If you enjoy white meat, the Smoked Salmon Rolls are a great choice. It contains shrimp, cream cheese, capers, and tomato filling and is served with a honey-mustard vinaigrette. Order the Roulade Stuffed Chicken for a classic poultry-based entrée. There’s goat cheese, basil, and sun-dried tomatoes in this dish. Have a wonderful experience!

Address: Avenida Eloy Alfaro Corner with Calle 11, Casco Viejo, Panama City 0801 Panama


Hours: 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Tel: 507 303 0991

top best restaurants in panama

top best restaurants in panama


The Bruttito is a well-known restaurant that first opened its doors to the public in Multiplaza Panamá, one of the country’s major shopping malls. Spend quality time with your significant other, friends, or loved ones while dining at the Bruttito, which serves the greatest lunch in Panama. It’s one of the country’s coolest restaurants, featuring cuisine produced with the best ingredients, a sushi bar, and a modern atmosphere with fashionable design.

In The Bruttito Restaurant, Sample the Panino from Prosciutto for a delicious panini. Arugula, tomatoes, stracciatella, creamy truffled mushrooms, prosciutto, and other ingredients are combined on Focaccia bread.Order the Tuna Poke for a one-of-a-kind meal. Radishes, shiitake mushrooms, sesame oil, avocados, cashews, roasted edamame, crispy wonton, quinoa, and many more ingredients are included. If you enjoy crawfish-based foods, the Shrimp with Garlic prepared in a flavorful sauce is a must-try.

Address: Comercial Multiplaza Plaza del Sol, Panama City Panama

Hours: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Tel: 507 390 2036

top best restaurants in panama
top best restaurants in panama

La Vespa

The JW Marriott Panama, a premium 5-star hotel, has opened La Vespa, an Italian restaurant on the waterfront. If you’re looking for the finest-rated restaurants in Panama to enjoy a stunning waterfront dining experience, La Vespa is the place to go. It has vibrant, well-presented food, a terrace overlooking Panama Bay, great beverages, kind service, and a diverse selection of delectable cuisine. If you wish to experience a house specialty, the Zuppa di Pesce is a must-try. Octopus, mussels, prawns, and clams are all included in this fish soup.

In La Vespa Restaurant, Fusilloni is a dish that should be ordered. A Modo Mio is the place to go if you want to experience a one-of-a-kind pasta. Arugula pesto, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, and Italian sausages are among the components. If you’re looking for something to share with your friends, go for the Chicken Flautas. Pico de gallo, country cheese, chicken, and coriander fill these five crispy flautas.

Address: Trump Ocean Club, Calle Punta Colon, Punta Pacifica, Ciudad de Panamá Panamá


Hours: See all hours

Tel: 507 6550 7232

top best restaurants in panama
top best restaurants in panama