Top Best Restaurants In Senegal

1. Le Lagon, 2. Djembe, 3. Casa-Resto, 4. Farid restaurant, 5. La Guingette. Senegal is a melting pot of cultures with a range of restaurants as diverse as the city itself. From seaside shacks to fine dining, the city has something for every taste and every budget. Here are the best restaurants in Senegal.

  1. Le Lagon
  2. Djembe
  3. Casa-Resto
  4. Farid restaurant
  5. La Guingette

Le Lagon

Le Lagon, perched on stilts above the bay, is one of Dakar’s best seafood restaurants, serving oysters, sea urchins, chargrilled fish, and mixed seafood pastas. You can eat on the breezy waterside veranda or in the elegant dining room, which is decorated with hanging swordfish, brass sailing instruments, and an antique diving suit.

Le Lagon, is properly called because it welcomes you to the edge of St Leu’s beautiful lagoon with turquoise seas, where you will find a variety menu, as well as breakfasts and lunch set meals. Every Monday morning, they post an exclusive menu and cocktail on their social media pages to kick off the week. They are delighted to greet you on a daily basis, beginning at 12 p.m. Every day, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., breakfast is offered.

Location: Rte de la Corniche-Est

Rate: 4.5

top best restaurants in senegal

top best restaurants in senegal


This welcoming, colorful cafe, a block west of Pl de l’Indépendance, is the whispered insider-tip for anyone looking for a satisfying platter of thiéboudienne (rice baked in a thick sauce of fish and vegetables). Poulet yassa (grilled chicken with onion and lemon sauce), bissap juice (a purple drink made from water and hibiscus leaves), loud music, and a good mix of locals and foreigners are also on the menu.

In the 19th arrondissement of Paris, Le Djembé restaurant invites you to a gourmet stop with excellent aromas. You’ll find a vibrant landscape that pays homage to the magic of Africa and the West Indies, and it’s conveniently located near Parc de la Villette. The chef will design delicacies that your expert taste buds won’t be able to take their eyes off with his experience and sense of fun. Senegal is a destination well worth seeing.

Location: 56 Rue St Michel

top best restaurants in senegal
top best restaurants in senegal


Casa-Resto, located about 400 meters south of the town roundabout on the main road, may lack sea vistas and a spectacular setting, but it serves some of Cap Skirring’s tastiest meals. Casa Ristoranti Italiano is a chain of Italian restaurants run by a family that serves real Italian pastas, pizzas, salads, soups, sandwiches, lunch specials, and a variety of other Italian dishes. The Casaburo Salad is a must-try, as is the complimentary fresh baked Italian bread served tableside. They aim to provide family-friendly service, ample quantities, and freshly prepared products at an affordable price.

Jimmy D’Angelo and Tom Casaburo founded the Casa Restaurant Group in 1977, when they launched their first restaurant on Coldwater Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 1989, Jimmy D, as he was called, retired. There are four restaurants in the developing Casaburo business, which is now in its second generation. Casa has been a trailblazer, offering sauces made with butter and cheese, wood-fired pizza ovens, and wood-fired rotisseries and grills.

Manicotti, cannelloni, cavatelli, mostaccioli, capellini, tortellini, linguini, rigatoni, fettuccine, spaghetti, ravioli, and lasagna are among the traditional pastas available. The pastas are generally prepared with a range of vegetables, seafood, or meats and are served in traditional sauces such as meat, marinara, white cream, or butter. Chicken, veal, steak, and fish are among the dinner meals made in a rich Italian style. Every day except Sunday, lunch specials are produced, and monthly Chefs highlights are available every day.

Location: Casa Corporate Office7539 W. Jefferson BlvdFort Wayne, Indiana 46804

top best restaurants in senegal

Farid restaurant

This small sanctuary, tucked behind grey inner-city walls, delivers the tastiest Lebanese meze in town, as well as high-quality grilled meat and fish. Friendly service, outdoor eating, and live music are all available several times a week (currently Thursdays and Sundays). The history of this restaurant may be traced back three generations to the Milan family. A renowned table, a more than 60-year history, and a never-ending enthusiasm for cooking. To provide you more delicious enjoyment every day, they innovate, modify habits, and surprise you.

Farid restaurant aspires to be a haven in the midst of Dakar, with a big air-conditioned dining area that leads onto a patio to tempt the senses. Recognized for culinary expertise in both Lebanese and international cuisines. Lebanese cuisine is abundant and colorful, and it comes from the Mediterranean. Mezze, Lebanon’s culinary staple, represents all of the country’s hospitality, the foods that people like sharing with friends and family. Their workers offer a friendly customer experience that exceeds expectations since every gesture counts. They’ve cultivated their uniqueness through their pursuit of perfection.

Location: Rue Vincens, Dakar, Senegal

Rate: 4.2

top best restaurants in senegal

top best restaurants in senegal

La Guingette

La Guingette, tucked down a narrow lane at the entrance to Saly, is known for its wonderful, market-fresh cuisine as well as its colorful garden setting. Roxane, Jérôme, and Ophélie relocated from Paris to Bristol with the desire to bring the flavor of a genuine French bistrot with them. They know that exceptional food, simplicity, and a pleasant ambiance are vital ingredients in the formula for a great restaurant, having worked in the industry for years. They’ve created a real Parisian experience in the heart of Bristol, reflecting the best of what the French metropolis has to offer.

La Guinguette is a cross between a restaurant and a bar. It’s a pleasant environment where you may meet for a drink after work or a cheese feast with pals. Roxane and Jérôme, husband and wife, as well as their closest friend Ophélie, wanted to offer the best of simple and delicious French cuisine to Bristol. The trio serves French onion soup, steak frites, Duck confit, pichades (french pizzas), cheese and cold meat platters, rillettes and Croque Monsieurs, as well as the winter show-stopper: melted raclette cheese, in a laid-back ambience.

Location: Saly

Rate: 5.0

top best restaurants in senegal

top best restaurants in senegal