Top Best Restaurants In Trinidad and Tobago

1. Veni Mange, 2. Caribbean Kitchen, 3. Kariwak, 4. Krave, 5. Aioli, 6. Blue Crab Restaurant, 7. Buzo Osteria Italiana, 8. Chaud. Trinidad and Tobago's cuisine is a unique blend of Caribbean, European, Chinese, Indian, African, and Latin American influences. There are numerous national foods to sample, like doubles (a fried chickpea sandwich), roti (flatbreads), coconut bake (sweet bread), shark and bake (a fish burger), and pelau (rice with chicken and spices). Here are some of the best venues to try both local and international cuisines, from Port of Spain to Buccoo Bay.

  1. Veni Mange
  2. Caribbean Kitchen
  3. Kariwak
  4. Krave
  5. Aioli
  6. Blue Crab Restaurant
  7. Buzo Osteria Italiana
  8. Chaud

Veni Mange

In this classic West Indian house loaded to the brim with Caribbean art, the best lunches in town are served. Rosemary (Roses) Hezekiah and her late sister, Allyson Hennessy, a Cordon Bleu–trained chef who was a local television celebrity, founded the restaurant. The inventive creole menu rotates frequently, but there’s always an intriguing and delectable vegetarian option (Roses is vegetarian). This lively eatery is infused with West Indian taste, art, and enthusiasm. It’s one of the greatest places in Port of Spain for traditional Trini food, serving classic Caribbean cuisine cooked with love.

Veni’s callaloo, Trinidad’s national cuisine, is widely regarded as one of the greatest on the island. The chip chip (a little local clam) drink is a restaurant rarity that is pleasantly peppery. The restaurant’s hallmark dish, stewed oxtail with dumplings, isn’t available every day, but if it is, it’s worth ordering. Local artists and sports personalities frequent the bar area. This is the place to go if you just have time to visit one restaurant and want to have a true Trinidadian experience.

Location: 67a Ariapita Ave, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago

Caribbean Kitchen

The Caribbean Kitchen is a casual dine-in or take-out restaurant located inside the Kitchener Farmer’s Market’s International Food Court. The restaurant opened in September 2004 in conjunction with the construction of the Farmers Market and has earned a reputation for delivering delectable Caribbean cuisine in the region. Caribbean Kitchen is located on a hilltop at Englishman’s Bay, about a 10-minute drive away. The tables are strewn around a veranda with sweeping views of Castara Bay and its electric blue waves.

The jerk fish of the day, which is created with whatever fish the local fishermen capture that morning, is always the highlight of the Caribbean menu. A local rum and a few chunks of chocolate from the Tobago Cocoa Plantation are the ideal way to cap a dinner here. Weddings, parties, BBQs, corporate lunches/breakfasts, funerals, and other gatherings are all catered by them.

Location: 300 King St E, Kitchener, ON N2G 2L3

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago
top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago


Kariwak, a charming green sanctuary of a hotel with an absolutely outstanding restaurant recognized for its inventive use of herbs fresh from the garden, first opened its doors in 1982. From the famed Kariwak rum punch with fresh lime and passion fruit to the handcrafted rosemary focaccia served on weekends, everything is freshly produced on-site.

The evening menu changes daily to suit what’s in season, but dishes like grilled fish with lemon curry butter are likely to appear. Hummingbirds and red-headed woodpeckers frequently flit across the grounds as you dine at these tables, which are set in an open-sided ajoupa, or thatched house. Local fruit, homemade yogurt, and muesli, as well as conventional favorites, make breakfast a treat. The renowned lunch and supper menus at Kariwak are created on a daily basis based on what is fresh and available. Salads and sandwiches of generous proportions are available all day… On Friday and Saturday nights, there is a buffet meal with live entertainment.

Location: Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point, Trinidad và Tobago

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago


With over 20 years of restaurant experience and a passion for cooking, Krave Restaurant was born. In the year 2020, Bridgeview welcomed Krave Restaurant. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all available. Squares dishes, glasses, and even squared pancakes have all been brought together under one roof by Krave. The true and guaranteed original Philly Cheese Steaks straight from Philly are one of Krave’s signature items.

The ceiling of this San Fernando restaurant is adorned with chandeliers. The meal is presented in a similar manner, on slates, boards, and occasionally even in coconut husks with edible flowers. Meanwhile, the menu features meals from all over the world, with Greek fish appearing alongside entrées like Cajun shrimp. If you’re celebrating, get the Kut & Katch, a platter with steak and fish of your choosing.

Location: 7022 S. Harlem Ave.Bridgeview, IL 60455

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago


With savory and delectable sandwiches, soups, salads, sides, and dinners-to-go, Aioli specializes in casual, locavore meals and gourmet to-go. Chef Michael Hackman, who has been a presence on the Palm Beach culinary scene for nearly two decades, carved out his own niche and established Aioli in West Palm Beach in the fall of 2014.

When Executive Chef and Owner Johnny Aboud established Aioli in Trinidad, he set a new standard for great dining and attentive service. The restaurant’s interior, with its deep earth tones and subdued lighting, feels worlds apart from its upmarket suburban mall surroundings. The Mediterranean-inspired menu contains attractively presented dishes ranging from budget-friendly risottos to lavish delicacies like roasted rack of lamb. While most restaurants in T&T serve Caribbean spiny lobster, Maine lobster enthusiasts will find their favorite shellfish here. The three-course lunch is a prix-fixe menu that is available Tuesday through Friday.

Location: 7434 S. Dixie Hwy.West Palm Beach, FL 33405

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago

Blue Crab Restaurant

The Blue Crab Restaurant & Oyster Bar is a new addition to the Lakefront neighborhood of New Orleans. The restaurant, which overlooks picturesque Lake Pontchartrain, is locally owned and run and proudly serves only the best Louisiana seafood. Since the 1980s, the Sardinha family has been delivering the best local lunches at their house. Alison entertains and hugs diners while her husband, Ken, prepares the meal. In the creole style, the meal is substantial and usually strongly seasoned. The sole downside is that the restaurant is predominantly a lunch destination, with evening service available just three days a week (and only by reservation); the upside is that you might not have room for dinner after lunch.

The Blue Crab harkens back to the glory days of the West End. Remember lounging on the dock with a nice beer and a plate of hot boiled crawfish and crabs? As old memories are shared and new memories are made, their ambience will transport you back to that place. They are thrilled to be a member of the community and to set a precedent for the restoration of the Lakefront area.

Location: Robinson and Main Sts.Scarborough, Tobago Trinidad and Tobago

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago

Buzo Osteria Italiana

This elegant café and bar is tucked away on a side street in uptown Port of Spain’s Newtown neighborhood, yet every taxi driver knows where it is. Cristian Grini, an Italian chef/patron, always has a selection of classic Italian favorites on hand—the real pizza is perhaps the best on the island and surprisingly reasonable. Young professionals and local hipsters frequent the bar, which is known for its superb cocktails and late-night pastries. The service is outstanding because this restaurant is affiliated with the even more premium Prime Restaurant.

The essence of Italian cuisine is brought to Trinidad by Buzo Osteria Italiana. The food is matched by an extensive wine list, and they produce inventive, tasty dishes from scratch using only the finest ingredients. Buzo was created to express their passions and values: a love of authentic cooking and a respect for the arts. Here at Buzo, it’s been a wonderful evening spent in a little Italian charmer. Buzo, a restaurant that seems to have been here for all of civilized history while being just 6 years old, is one of the most imprinted in the lives of its neighbors and customers.

Location: 6A Warner St.Port of Spain, Trinidad Trinidad and Tobago

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago


At legendary chef Khalid Mohammed’s restaurant, style meets substance. Mohammed, who is known for his extravagance, serves cuisine that rises from the platter like a Manhattan tower. Classic European cuisine, such as cassava (manioc) hash, are reimagined and coupled with distinctively Caribbean touches. Freshness is revered here, and customer happiness is nearly guaranteed. Despite the hefty rates, it is well worth it for a wonderful romantic evening. Those on a tight budget should have a dinner at Chaud Café, which is located at 1 Woodbrook Place.

Chaud Restaurant, owned by Chef Khalid Mohammed, serves sophisticated, worldwide food with a Caribbean twist. The guava BBQ shrimp and creamy cheddar grits with applewood-smoked bacon, as well as a tasting of three tartares (yellowfin tuna, Atlantic salmon, and Chilean sea bass) are just a few of the favorites. With meals like the tamarind-glazed double-cut pork chop and the maple-glazed double duck breast with apple butter, Chef Khalid prides himself on freshness, quality, and originality. Make sure to finish your meal at Chaud with some of the island’s best sweets! Chaud eagerly anticipates your arrival.

Location: 6 Nook Ave.St. Ann’s, Trinidad Trinidad and Tobago

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago

top best restaurants in trinidad and tobago