Top Best Sculptures in Europe

1. Dancing with Dandelions, 2. Dunamis, 3. Another Place, 4. Melancholy, 5. The Angel of the North, 6. Mihai Eminescu, 7. Love, 8. The Force of Nature, 9. The Black Ghost, 10. Raindrop. When visiting any city around the world, you will often see the sculptures and steel statues appearing in many places in the city. Some of them are just for decoration, but many sculptures will leave you in awe. Even sometimes, nature favors the majestic landscape, making these works come alive and mysterious. Let's take a look at the best sculptures in Europe!

  1. Dancing with Dandelions
  2. Dunamis
  3. Another Place
  4. Melancholy
  5. The Angel of the North
  6. Mihai Eminescu
  7. Love
  8. The Force of Nature
  9. The Black Ghost
  10. Raindrop

Dancing with Dandelions

“Dancing with Dandelion” is a sculpture created by Robin Wight, an artist from Staffordshire. It is a breathtaking sculpture and many people fall in love with it. The original fairy of this design is called One o’clock Wish and is the most important fairy in FantasyWire. But after the name was changed to “Dancing with Dandelion”, the name went viral in 2014. This piece has such a popular design that 99% of all sculpting requests wanted a copy of Dancing with Dandelions. There are only four original Robin Wight versions of this sculpture, all of them are one-of-a-kind versions. This work is so detailed and sharp that you can only count on your fingers the things like this in the world.

The sculpture is arranged in various dancing positions and shows a fairy with wings. There seemed to be a strong wind blowing the dandelions away. They are constructed of wire that is stainless steel. Different diameters of thinner wire are then used to create a lifelike appearance after being initially secured and moulded with a thick steel frame. In order to resemble a heart, the artist inserted a stone into the sculpture.

Country: England

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The 9-meter-high contemporary sculpture was completed in October 2013 with a very meaningful message by Bushra Fakhoury. Bushra’s works are influenced by Picasso, Goya, Eduardo Paolozzi, and Elisabeth Frink. Her sculptures are in public and private collections in the US, UK, Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East. She has exhibited them in several galleries in London such as The Gallery Catto, Sheridan Russell Gallery, Sotheby’s Exhibition, and more.

“Dunamis” features a man lifting an elephant and is located at Academy House, 136 Hills Road. “Dunamis” means “power from above”. “It symbolizes the human struggle to achieve excellence, pushing boundaries to make the impossible possible. We need to prioritize, work hard, and relentlessly to achieve our goals and dreams.” Bushra explained. The statue stands for the ambition to achieve the impossible. To realize our objectives and goals, we must set priorities, work hard, and never stop.

“The image of carrying an elephant honors values that we share and gradually forget, such as family ties, solidarity, kindness, and cooperation. The man’s pointed hat symbolizes knowledge through the ages. We may not have the extraordinary memory of elephants, but we need to remember to support the survival of endangered species,” the author said.

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Another Place

“Another Place” is a modern sculpture by British artist Antony Gormley, located at Crosby Beach in Merseyside, England. It consists of 100 cast-iron figures. Each weighs 650 kg, is life-size, stretches 3 km of coastline, and faces the sea. The sculptures are simulated from the artist’s own body. According to Antony Gormley, “Another Place” is special because of its design and exploits the ebb and flow of the tides to explore man’s relationship with nature. All these statues line the beach, some are buried at different heights. Modern art installations are very attractive, and they will look impressive at sunset.

Each statue looks out over the sea as if lost in its own thoughts, perhaps influenced by forces beyond its control. In the evenings, the statues represent otherworldly stillness and silence – even sadness – somehow resonating with the inner world of human experience, and loneliness. Crosby Beach, where these statues are located, is not open for swimming and has a constantly changing tide. Please observe safety and protection regulations when visiting.

top best sculptures in europe

Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay

top best sculptures in europe

Photo by Brett Jordan:


“Melancholy” is a sculpture created by Albert Gyorgy, depicting the emptiness that pain brings to us. The sculpture depicts a bronze figure sitting on a bench, with a giant hole in the center. This hole represents the immense void we all feel when we lose a loved one, and many have expressed appreciation for this sculpture as it accurately depicts the emotions they feel, but perhaps it is difficult for everyone to put into words.

Albert Gyorgy felt excruciatingly sad and lonely because of the death of his wife. He continued to create this beautiful work of art as a way to portray his grief. Thanks to the statue’s profoundly meaningful energy, strangers have come together to share experiences of unfortunate loss, and express sympathy to each other.

For those who have ever felt the loneliness in the vast sea of people or the fatigue of losing a battle; to anyone who has lost their way to the point of feeling like an empty shell, or to anyone who finds themselves broken by the loss of something so precious; György is talking to you because he knows exactly what that feels like. “Melancholy” serves as a consolation to those who have experienced loss because they feel they can empathize with it.

As dark as this artwork is, it provides some comfort to those who have suffered a loss because they feel they identify with it. This well-known sculpture is located on Lake Geneva in Switzerland and is a popular tourist attraction. If you happen to be in Europe, consider paying a visit to this beautiful sculpture and understanding the deep meaning it portrays.

Country: Switzerland

top best sculptures in europe

Image by 🌼Christel🌼 from Pixabay

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The Angel of the North

“The Angel of the North” is a contemporary sculpture by Antony Gormley, located in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England. Completed in 1998, it is said to be the largest angel sculpture in the world and is estimated to be viewed by 33 million people each year due to its proximity to the A1, A167 and East Coast Main Roads. Once completed, despite many negative and skeptical reactions, it quickly became a local icon and a positive symbol of Gateshead’s resurrection and is the most viewed community work in England.

“The Angel of the North” is an epic project, weighing 200 tons and 20 meters high. It is approximately the size of a Boeing 747 and has a wingspan of 54-meter. Gormley is well-known throughout the world for his sculptures and other pieces of public art. His sculptures are frequently the result of his reflections on the philosophical and political connections between art, society, and the environment. Gormley claimed that the Art of Our Time would let us down if it depended on the unique features of each location where it is displayed.

top best sculptures in europe

Image by Littlerich from Pixabay

top best sculptures in europe

Image by K Bennett from Pixabay

Mihai Eminescu

The sculpture with the face of Mihai Eminescu is an impressive work included in the ranking of the most beautiful sculptures in the world. The work was done by Eremia Grigorescu, who was born in Onești and is known for his interest in monumental art.

The sculpture dedicated to Mihai Eminescu from Onești shows the poet’s face formed by the branches of two trees with the trunks embedded in a marble column. The author has tried to connect the monument with the surrounding space and nature, in every season or time of the day, giving it a special appeal, especially when the sun goes down behind. With the sunset or the early dawn, they create a magnificent and dazzling light scene.

This sculpture is a way to help us remember the great people who have left their mark on the world in one way or another. It stands out and becomes a true symbol of the places in which they are located.

Country: Romania

top best sculptures in europe

Photo by Dids:

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“Love” is a fascinating art project by Ukrainian artist, Alexander Milov. It represents the outer and inner manifestations of human nature. The main characters are two people sitting with their backs to each other. Their inner selves are depicted as children trapped inside metal adult bodies, hands reaching towards each other. The sculpture is a symbol of inner purity and sincerity, bringing us all together, despite our differences.

Alexander Milov’s work presents a conflict between people, but deep inside still wants to find a point of connection and harmony. The two kids will sparkle at night, which is a unique feature of this piece. This shine unites individuals and offers an opportunity to heal in difficult times since it is a representation of honesty and purity. Each person has a unique perspective on and interpretation of the sculpture, therefore you are free to come to your own conclusions regarding its significance. “Love” is well-known for its beautiful message as well as its original and innovative design.

Country: Ukraine

top best sculptures in europe

Photo by Dora Repanszky on Pexels

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The Force of Nature

“The Force of Nature” is a sculpture by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn depicting Mother Nature as a woman spinning the planet in circles. The highly symbolic sculpture is meant to remind people living “with a false sense of security” about the power of nature and that it can rampage at any moment. It is made from copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. Different versions of “The Force of Nature”, have been exhibited in public and private spaces around the world such as China, England, the United State, Singapore or Monaco. Each sculpture is slightly different from the others. This would be reminiscent of the statues that were originally made as peace offerings to the gods in hopes of easing their anger.

Quinn said his sculptures are reminiscent of statues originally made as peace offerings to the gods in hopes of easing their anger. He decided to create a sculpture dedicated to Mother Nature, after witnessing the devastation caused by storms in Thailand, the southern United States, and around the world. We live with a false sense of security, the artist shares, only to be awakened by Mother Nature’s wrath, as if she needed to remind us of her presence and our responsibilities to her child (the Earth).

Country: Italy

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The Black Ghost

A mysterious statue emerges from the water – “The Black Ghost” is located in Klaipeda, a quaint seaside town in Lithuania and the country’s third largest city. This huge bronze sculpture, called Juodasis Vaiduoklis in Lithuanian, is 2.4 meters tall. It was sculpted by Svajunas Jurkus and Sergejus Plotnikovas. The mysterious figure holds a lantern in one hand, while his long sinister fingers grip the dock. As a man without a face, he slithered fearfully.

“The Black Ghost” itself looks cool but a bit creepy at night. The Visitor Center will provide the history and story of this sculpture. The figure comes from an old legend (i.e.16th century). A Klaipeda castle guard saw a ghost who warned him that the town did not have enough grain supplies. Thanks to the warning, the city survived a difficult period. The story along with that sculpture gives Klaipeda a mystery atmosphere. You will feel the energy of the vampires and maybe you will also be haunted by a deep sea creature!

Country: Lithuania

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Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk created the 2-meter-tall sculpture “Raindrop” as a symbol of man’s communication with nature. This is a dialogue between humanity and the world around us. The bronze sculpture features an unremarkable man looking upwards, a giant glass raindrop placed on his face. This translucent glass sphere seems to be in perfect balance, a kind of calm communication that occurs between the drop and the solitary figure.

Rainy weather adorns the sculpture “Raindrop” in Kyiv. The work can be interpreted in many different ways, but as explained by Bilyk, the main meaning behind the sculpture lies in the relationship of people to the elements. “It’s dedicated to a man’s inner dialogue with himself,” the artist said. It symbolizes a guy being questioned throughout his life to discover his senses. The man is standing tall because of this. Raindrops represent the conversation that exists between all living things and mankind. You can find this work in Peysazhna Alley (Landscape Alley) in Kyiv Fashion Park.

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