Top Best-selling Music Artists in Finland

1. Eppu Normaali, 2. Matti ja Teppo, 3. Nightwish, 4. Kari Tapani Jalkanen, 5. Kirill "Kirka" Babitzin. In the music industry, there are a few artists who always manage to rank at the top of the charts. And so is the music industry in Finland. Many best-selling music artists in Finland have all achieved significant success both at home and abroad. So without further ado, let's take a look at the best-selling music artists in Finland.

  1. Eppu Normaali
  2. Matti ja Teppo
  3. Nightwish
  4. Kari Tapani Jalkanen
  5. Kirill “Kirka” Babitzin

Eppu Normaali

Eppu Normaali is one of Finland’s most popular rock bands. In 1976, the band formed in Ylöjärvi, a small town near Tampere. The band is Finland’s best-selling music artist, with nearly two million certified records sold, and it has achieved particular success in the use of Finnish in rock lyrics. Eppu Normaali released live albums, DVDs, and over 20 singles in addition to studio albums.

Their 1996 release Repullinen hittejä, a greatest hits compilation sold over 240,000 copies, reaching the top of the Finnish charts. This record also remained on the charts for over two years, the second longest period in Finnish history. The band effectively stopped touring and performing live after its release. Sadan vuoden päästäkin, the band’s fourth album, was released in 2004 and became one of the band’s most successful releases. The band marked its 40th anniversary in 2016 with a documentary film, book, photo exhibition, and a massive show at Ratina Stadium. Over 30 000 people attended the stadium concert.

top best-selling music artists in finland


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Matti ja Teppo

Matti ja Teppo is a well-known Finnish folk duo composed of brothers Matti Tapio Ruohonen (born 8 August 1949 in Turku, Finland) and Teppo Ilmari Ruohonen (born 1 March 1948 in Turku, Finland). In their hometown of Turku, the duo studied violin and piano. Teppo became a lyricist while Matti studied guitar and songwriting. Matti ja Teppo, their self-titled debut album, was released in 1972. In 1975, they founded their own record label, “M & T Production”, and went on to become one of Finland’s best-selling artists, with many famous songs like “Kissankultaa”, “Et voi tulla rajan taa”, “Mä joka päivä töitä teen”, “Ensimmäinen”,…

Many of their albums have received gold and platinum certification. Mati and Tepo’s popularity has only grown in the new millennium, both on stage and in record sales. New hits have followed, and the incredible run of gold records continues to this day. They also receive numerous other awards, such as Dancer of the Year, Special Emma Award, and so on.

top best-selling music artists in finland

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Nightwish is a Finnish symphonic metal band from Kitee. Tuomas Holopainen, lead songwriter and keyboardist, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and former lead singer Tarja Turunen founded the band in 1996. After the release of their debut album, Angels Fall First, the band quickly added drummer Jukka Nevalainen and bassist Sami Vänskä (1997). Vänskä was replaced in 2001 by Marko Hietala, who also assumed the male vocalist role previously held by Holopainen or guest singers.

Nightwish is Finland’s third-best-selling band and musical entity, with nearly 900,000 certified copies sold. The group is also the most successful Finnish band in the world, having sold over 10 million records and receiving over 60 gold and platinum awards, as well as having six number one albums and thirteen number one singles. Nightwish was inducted into the Finnish Music Hall of Fame on October 26, 2018, becoming the 11th member of the honorary gallery.

top best-selling music artists in finland

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Kari Tapani Jalkanen

Kari Tapani Jalkanen (22 November 1945 – 7 December 2010), better known by his stage name Kari Tapio, was a Finnish schlager and country & western singer. During his career, he was one of the most popular singers in Finland for decades; having sold over 830,000 certified records (during his career and posthumously), he is the best-selling soloist in the country. Kari Tapio was born in Suonenjoki, Finland. In the 1960s he performed in his hometown Pieksämäki with the local bands ER-Quartet and Jami & The Noisemakers. In 1966 he took singing lessons from Ture Ara.

Kari Tapio finally broke through in 1976 with his single Laula kanssain (literally “Sing with Me”, a Finnish cover of Jackpot’s Sing My Love Song), which was followed by Viisitoista kesää (“Fifteen Summers”, a cover of Mort Shuman’s Sorrow) and Kaipuu (“Longing”, a cover of Mort Shuman’s Sorrow). Kari Tapio’s songs are heavily influenced by country music. He performed many Finnish versions of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson’s songs. Kari Tapio’s song Valaise yö was one of the candidates to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

top best-selling music artists in finland

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Kirill “Kirka” Babitzin

Kirill “Kirka” Babitzin (September 22, 1950 – January 31, 2007) was a commercially successful Finnish musician. He worked from the late 1960s until his death in 2007. Kirka was previously associated with Ilkka Lipsanen’s The Islanders band before going on to record a diverse range of rock and pop music. Hetki Lyö (Beat the Clock), Leijat (Kites), and Varrella virran (Down by the River) are some of his most well-known songs.

Kirka Babitzin had 78 singles and nearly 60 albums, including 15 compilations. Kirka’s album Surun pyyhit silmistäni (1988) became the best-selling album in Finnish history, but it is now ranked third in all time. He also represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1984. Babitzin received the Emma Award for best male singer twice, first in 1984 and then again in 2000.

top best-selling music artists in finland

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