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Top Best Shopping Malls in Paris

1. Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, 2. Westfield Les 4 Temps, 3. Westfield Forum des Halles, 4. Centre Commercial Saint-Lazare, 5. Bercy Village, 6. Aéroville, 7. Italie Deux, 8. Carrousel du Louvre, 9. So Ouest, 10. Le Bon Marché. Paris, along with a few other cities like New York, London, and Milan, is the ideal location for shopping because it is the capital of fashion. The city's numerous malls, quaint shops, and secondhand clothing stores are filled with the purchases of all compulsive shoppers. And here are the best shopping malls in Paris.

  1. Galeries Lafayette Haussmann
  2. Westfield Les 4 Temps
  3. Westfield Forum des Halles
  4. Centre Commercial Saint-Lazare
  5. Bercy Village
  6. Aéroville
  7. Italie Deux
  8. Carrousel du Louvre
  9. So Ouest
  10. Le Bon Marché

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

For shoppers who want to look well and add something unique to their wardrobe, Galeries Lafayette is a must-visit destination. The opulent emporium, which was first established in 1912 as a “luxury bazaar,” dazzled patrons with its spectacular displays of expensive goods and magnificent Art Nouveau building, which was topped by a sparkling domed window. The most prominent and obscure brands, the most exclusive and the most well-known, the oldest and the most recent, are all used to display fashion and beauty, the core of this historic department store.

The enormous main building of Galeries Lafayette is situated on Boulevard Haussmann. It covers more than 750,000 square feet and offers items including apparel, jewelry, cosmetics, household goods, food, and technology. The beauty section, located on the ground and first floors, carries the finest French perfumes and cosmetics from companies like Guerlain, Hermès, and Lancôme. Men’s and women’s fashion is featured on the second and third floors, and renowned fashion houses like Armani, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Kenzo are all represented.

French and foreign artists explore the intersections between fashion, design, and fine art at the store’s art displays at the Galerie des Galeries. Aficionados of home cuisine will appreciate the culinary classes offered by Galeries Lafayette, taught by chefs from prestigious Parisian cookery schools. Drinks and sweeping views of Paris are available on the rooftop patio where you can end your visit.

Address: Bd Haussmann, Paris


Area: 750,000m²

top best shopping malls in paris

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top best shopping malls in paris

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Westfield Les 4 Temps

The Westfield Les 4 Temps shopping center was refurbished in 2008 after being constructed in the early 1980s. In terms of sales, it swiftly rose to the top retail center in France. The busiest retail center in Continental Europe is Westfield Les 4 Temps, which is situated in the center of La Défense, a flourishing economic sector in the Paris region. Leading brands can be found at Westfield Les 4 Temps, which also offers individualized services and cutting-edge ideas like Click & Services, Digital Dream, and the Dining Experience.

Nearly 250 stores and 40 dining options are available at Westfield Les 4 Temps. The vibrant La Défense commercial sector in the western suburbs of Paris is home to the gleaming glass structure, which covers 4 stories and is a popular spot for shoppers. It is situated beside the Grande Arche there.

It is understandable why Westfield 4 Les Temps is one of the busiest malls as well as one of the best shopping malls in Paris. The shopping center features both worldwide and French brand-representing retail establishments in addition to a 16-screen movie theater, a 3-level hypermarket, and an outdoor terrace named Le Dome. You can take part in unique activities all year long, including everything from concerts to cookery demos with Michelin-starred chefs.

Address: Parv. de la Défense, Puteaux


Area: 130,000m²

top best shopping malls in paris

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Westfield Forum des Halles

A well-known retail center in Paris, France, called Westfield Forum des Halles has 150,000 people every day. The contemporary retail complex is mostly subterranean and is located on the site of the former central fresh food market known as Les Halles, which was destroyed in 1971. Locals and visitors can easily use the RER commuter rail and the Paris Metro thanks to a direct connection to the Châtelet-Les Halles transit hub.

The Westfield Forum des Halles is located in Paris’s historic market neighborhood, the Quartier des Halles. The enormous shopping center has a lot to offer, whether you want to browse the chic boutiques for the ideal item, see a movie at the theater, or have a bite to eat at one of the eateries and bars. It’s also worthwhile to explore the area around Westfield Forum des Halles.

Westfield Forum des Halles is close to Rue Montorgueil, Rue Quincampoix, and Rue Tiquetonne, which are all home to shops and eateries worth visiting in addition to being connected to the largest underground subway station in the whole world. The Forum des Halles draws tourists for a range of additional activities, some carried over from past iterations, aside from the obvious shopping. Locate the pool, where you can swim and participate in aqua cycling. Want to work out harder? Go to the parkour area. Additionally, the arts have found a home here, including recital halls and acting schools.

Address: Porte Berger, Paris


Area: 75,900m²

top best shopping malls in paris

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Centre Commercial Saint-Lazare

Next one in the list of best shopping malls in Paris is Centre Commercial Saint-Lazare. In the crowded transportation hub of Gare Saint-Lazare in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, the Centre Commercial Saint-Lazare provides a distinctive indoor retail experience. It is definitely worth seeing, whether your goal is to do a little shopping before moving on to another part of France or you simply want to experience the location for yourself.

There are over 80 different shops of different local and international brands of shoes, clothing, accessories, jewelry, purses, electronics, toys, children’s sections, and more inside the Centre Commercial Saint-Lazare. Additionally, there are numerous diners and restaurants available. Here, you’ll find fast-casual restaurants as well as anything from shoes to sunglasses.

Mobile shoppers were taken into consideration when the 10,000 square meter, three storey shopping center, which is smoothly incorporated into the train station, was constructed. Various restaurants, candy stores, and supermarkets are also nearby. You can shop there with your family or friends and buy everything you want; you will undoubtedly locate all you require there! This mall’s decorations change with the seasons.

Address: Cr de Rome, Paris


Area: 19,000m²

top best shopping malls in paris

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Bercy Village

Since Bercy Village is located inside of a 19th-century wine market with white-stone storehouses, a paved courtyard, and terraces, it provides a charming and historic atmosphere for shopping. This distinctive shopping center, which is located in the 12th arrondissement, has an open design that makes it perfect for stopping by the boutique stores whenever the mood strikes. On its 26,000 square meters of space, Bercy Village includes restaurants, cafes, and unique attractions in addition to being a shopping destination.

Along with bespoke businesses selling unique goods and retailers selling well-known brands, the area hosts fun activities like summer concerts and photo exhibits. With a range of restaurants, including Chai 33, a bar with an amazing wine cellar, Frog at Bercy Village, the capital’s well-known British pub, Le Paradis du Fruit for health-conscious diners, and Five Guys and its renowned hamburgers, Bercy Village is also a terrific place to eat and have fun. Additionally, UGC Ciné-Cité de Bercy Village, an 18-screen movie theater, is available for your entertainment.

The wine barrels of what once was one of the world’s greatest wine markets were kept in Bercy Village’s historic wine cellars. These 46 19th-century cellars have been totally refurbished and turned into more than 30 stores for your ultimate enjoyment. Bercy hamlet, with its cobblestone alleys, mix of old and new buildings, and white stones, is a true unique oasis that will transport you away from the bustle of Paris.

Address: Rue François Truffaut, Paris


top best shopping malls in paris

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Due to its use of geothermal energy, Aéroville will appeal to consumers who are environmentally sensitive. It is situated close to the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in Tremblay-en-France and Roissy-en-France. 200 retail, dining, leisure, and service establishments with names like Forever 21, Desigual, H&M, Sephora, and Habitat are housed within its 84,000 m2 of floor space. It features a 10 screen multiplex theater EuropaCorp with 3D projection, live show rebroadcasts, and a store selling movie-related goods. 4,700 automobiles can park in the shopping center’s parking lot.

Since its debut in 2013, Aéroville has maintained a high level of interest among both locals and visitors. There are well-known companies in casual eating, fashion, fitness, and cosmetics, as well as a kids’ area and a grocery for your convenience. Every day from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m., a variety of restaurants and the Pathé Cinema complex, which has 12 screens and shows a film every 10 minutes, are also accessible.

You are invited to the 4m700 space at Recreation Center Head in the Clouds to feel strange sensations! In actuality, this location caters to the entire family and features special attractions, arcade machines, and a dining service. Even your birthday can be celebrated there! That’s all about the sixth best shopping mall in Paris Toplist wants to mention.

Address: Rue des Buissons, Roissy-en-France


Area: 85,100m²

top best shopping malls in paris

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Italie Deux

With its selection of 140 stores and 50 restaurants in a welcoming environment, Italie Deux will appeal to shoppers. The modern center, which is close to the Place d’Italie plaza in Paris’ 13th arrondissement, is a beautiful place to spend some time.

You may find merchants carrying international brands as well as Printemps, a well-known French department store chain, at Italie Deux. There are a variety of items that catch your eye on its three levels, including clothing, high-tech equipment, and home furnishings. There are a number of cafés, patisseries, and the laid-back Iconik food court where you can grab a latte or lunch when the desire strikes. You may find festive events honoring many holidays all year long.

Discover the newest collections at Zara Paris, located just off Place d’Italie. Give your loved ones a gift from Boulanger Paris by purchasing cutting-edge gadgets and new recreational activities. Shop for your sportswear at Adidas Paris or Go Sport Paris, or stock up on interior design inspiration at Hema Paris. Last but not least, consider treating yourself to a beauty item from Sephora Paris or an outstanding jewel from Histoire d’Or Paris. Italie Deux welcomes you and is a great choice for gatherings with friends or family.

Address: Av. d’Italie, Paris


Area: 56,600m²

top best shopping malls in paris

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Carrousel du Louvre

Between the Place du Carrousel and its eponymous monuments, the Louvre museum and the Carrousel, the Carrousel du Louvre provides an excellent retail location. It is also considered as one of the best shopping malls in Paris. Even from afar, you can see I.M. Pei’s glass Pyramide du Louvre. The underground shopping center in Paris’s first arrondissement draws both locals and tourists. You may discover anything here, whether you’re looking for chocolates, fashionable clothing, or gifts.

The upmarket mall is open seven days a week and features dozens of stores, a gourmet food court with more than a dozen restaurants, and a classy, open atmosphere. Carrousel is a terrific option if you’re searching for a place to buy in the city of lights on Sundays, whether you’re shopping for clothing, jewelry, books, or a particular gift to bring on the aircraft.

There are more than a dozen restaurants serving international cuisine at Carrousel du Louvre. The center hosts exhibitions all year long, including the yearly Paris Photo show. The center’s famed skylight may be recognizable to you if you’ve seen the movie “The Da Vinci Code.” The famous inverted pyramid by artist Leoh Ming Pei can be seen head-on at the Carrousel du Louvre. The Carrousel du Louvre underwent renovation in 2016, giving it a fresh look while maintaining its cultural and historical significance.

Address: Rue de Rivoli, Paris


Area: 3000m²

top best shopping malls in paris

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So Ouest

Talking about the best shopping malls in Paris, So Ouest is not to be missed. So Ouest includes shops displaying national and international brands, as well as slick interiors with marble floors and leather handrails. The upscale shopping center is located in Levallois-Perret, which is about 3.7 miles from the heart of Paris, in the Haute-de-Seine department of north central France. The facility strikes the ideal balance between spacious, open rooms and inviting rest spots for tourists.

If you need a quick break from shopping, So Ouest has a number of places to unwind as well as a movie theater. You have a wide variety of delectable dining alternatives, from traditional French cuisine to Asian cuisine and more, to choose from. The center’s elegant interior design, which combines glass surfaces, marble flooring, and leather-covered banisters, seduces visitors and creates the perfect environment for high-end and international businesses. Therefore, in addition to a cinema, Ouest provides its guests with a distinctive selection of restaurants and services.

Address: Rue d’Alsace, Levallois-Perret


Area: 57,100m²

top best shopping malls in paris

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top best shopping malls in paris

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Le Bon Marché

The renowned store, Le Bon Marché, is only a 10-minute stroll from the Luxembourg Garden and a 15-minute stroll from the Tour Montparnasse. The first upscale department store in Paris, Bon Marché, made a significant contribution to the contemporary perception of luxury in France. Don’t be duped by the store’s name (“bon marché” means “cheap”), which suggests incorrectly that its products will be inexpensive. However, very few, if any, consumers have left the business dissatisfied despite the costs.

You are welcomed with an excellent assortment of accessories as soon as you walk into 24 rue de Sèvres, including leather goods, hats, scarves, but also jewelry and expensive watches. Under the Art Deco windows, the beauty area spreads out around the main escalator. With numerous new and unique brands, it provides an anthology of discoveries in the cosmetics and make-up industry.

On the second floor, the bookstore serves as a gathering place for admirers of beautiful books, and the shoe section showcases its high-end brands in a chic winter garden. You should go to level -1 for the Man universe. There, every aspect of manly elegance is stressed, including the latest fashions, custom suits, and first-rate services like barber and shiner.

You can buy high-quality food; everything is available, including the well-known macarons, cheese, and wine. The new 24 Sèvres distance selling business, which is entirely focused on fashion and feminine beauty, offers more than 150 brands, including Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton. In keeping with the unmatched customer care for which Le Bon Marché is renowned, 24 Sèvres provides express delivery in more than 70 countries, Click and Collect, which enables you to pick up your order in person, as well as a Personal Shopper that is readily available.

Address: Rue de Sèvres, Paris


Area: 30,000m²

top best shopping malls in paris

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